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Love Poems


What You Took

What you took from me.

You took from me a lot of things, my loneliness and tears it brings. My life of pain, you took it all and would not even let me fall. You took from me an uphill road, regrets on life, a heavy load, a heart that broke some time ago, a spirit lost among life's flow. You took from me the frown I wore and all the anger that I bore; the dark cloud hanging over me, you took away and set it free. ...Read On


Today My Heart Went Wandering Astray

Today my heart went wandering astray. Containing muscle, valves and blood behind a cage of bone, tissue and flesh. My heart should be able to stay. Unwilling to be restrained, I feel it reaching past my ribs. Unbidden in its search of the food that it needs. Leaving behind a mass that so easily bleeds. Today my heart went wandering astray. Organic brain matter a poor custodian of something...Read On


Mixed Up Mess

Here I sit alone, thinking. You're always on my mind. I am a mixed up mess Of emotions. You're all I think about. You have entwined my heart Around yours so perfectly tight, It feels as though it might rip apart if I go, Or lose myself if I stay. Your love is strong And has always kept me Warm and safe. It's where I want to be. I know I am hard to handle. I know I let my...Read On



And on it goes . . .

We circle like We’re packing heat Slow movement in Then quick retreat Not knowing if we need to draw Will there be peace or all out war? We forward feint Uneasy laugh Then back away But don’t relax I look at you You look at me Not knowing what the other sees You could be friend I could be foe Continuing our strange limbo Yet neither makes the choice to flee And so we circle, endlessly....Read On


You Gave Me Life

This is a nonet poem with love as the theme

You took my heart that was cold as stone, teased it, tempted it, opened it, put love in one little spot, stirred it to spread around, nutured it to life, forced it to bleed, taught me how to love you, with patience you gave me the will to live, the desire to love, the joy in being held, the ability to laugh, the need to feel passion from you, with the cold stone lifted from...Read On


Never Ending Love

There is a love that never ends A love that is deep inside Love that you can not hide A burning desire that is seen by all That kind of love that never ends The kind of love that controls your heart Love that you can not shake  A love that will last through all time A love sending shivers up and down your spine  A kind of love that will never end That kind of love that...Read On


Will you be the One?

With Love there is hope

Will you walk with me?  Will you hold my hand? Will you be the one who leads me on? As I find my way As I look around I seek your eyes  and hear your sound. Your warm embrace Your gentle touch Your kisses soft... I need so much Like a flower in bloom  A butterfly’s wing  I open my heart  and let you within So here I stand free of will Charmed by your love  and your skill ...Read On


Heart Storm

When the Heart cant decide...

Lightning zips across the sky As I stand inside The bright light arcs I continue to hide I hear the thunder boom Feel the house shake Is this weather a sign? Of the steps I should take? The storm sounds so angry As it continues to scold Makes me reconsider Having my feelings told Now comes the hail Along with the wind I wonder with whom Tonight I will spend Storm has finally passed...Read On



It’s such a shame We never touched Or heard the other speak It’s such a shame We fell apart Before we got to meet It’s such a shame Words on a screen Were all the love we knew And such a shame Those words are gone In cyberspace, with you....Read On


Star Angel

To 1CuteMedic4U

I wonder what Your home is like Up there in the stars With the other angels Like your self. Watching you rush Across the sky, With your love tailing Behind you so lovingly, Wondering how sweet you look, So innocent So pure of heart So... delicious In so many ways then one. I reach up to you Making a sweet wish, As you shoot by Sweet Star angel, Wishing you can find Love, Friendship, And...Read On



One last dance to hiold you close.

Come dance with me a final time; I'll dance you up to heaven's door. We'll waltz around the moon and back and tip toe o'er the stars that soar. The lightening will enhance our steps as thunder rolls to set the beat. The Milky Way will be our guide while gentle breezes lift our feet. Come dance with me, I'll hold you tight and never ever let you fall. One last embrace, one final kiss, to...Read On



Where friendship and love meet

Whispers of the night, Of the heart, Where our love lives So many nights. Our hearts whisper of love, Of that perfect moment, That perfect kiss That takes our breath away. So many times I come here, Following the whispers of your heart, Following your sweet love, Waiting for you, Waiting for your sweet kiss That steals my breath away. For that perfect hug That makes my heart skip. I...Read On


Sunset beach

Sometimes a loss isn't really...

As the sun begins to set Beyond a sea of blue Once again, As always My thoughts turn to you I don’t remember now Why or how we chose to part All I know for certain Is you broke my heart Each day that goes by My melancholy grows Despair envelopes my soul Worse, now everyone knows That you have gone Left me all alone My poor sweet horse Gets to listen to me groan The...Read On


Scattered Pages

A sad start doesn't mean you can't have a happy ending

Majella rests by the cherry tree, a diary by her side. Her lover is gone, now she'll never be his bride.  A broken heart can linger, hurt far more than broken flesh. Some are never mended, Never able to start afresh. Dark stormy clouds surround, The pages, the wind betook. Rain drenched the love in a broken old book. * * * Stormy winds scatter  the miserable leaves  of a tired old book;...Read On


Emotional Affair

If there were no chains binding my feet I'd fly to your side so I could be free Free from this life that is dragging me down And free from the eyes of this proper wife town Our love would be strong like the suns for the moon An affair worthy of fairytale roses in bloom A king and his queen so destined to be I'm searching for that heavy love’s freedom key I imagine an escape...Read On

Recommended Read


While you are the collection, the narrative stays here, always close to our skin, no one gets to know the rest of the story, lover Of how every cell in my body sang like a fevered secret that I'll always carry with me, you could never know this. Because there was so much held back that could've bloomed between the pauses, the words and countless moments that I wasn't able to give you....Read On


Distant Echoes

Where the silence of winds whisper distant echoes my prose will blow words still as soft as new mown hay,  in the meadow of stones where people lay.   And my words being trumped by manmade sins as my quill drips my life's journeys  at the gathering of all my wool, and there I will gather all my thoughts.  The poet master weeps on darkening fall  as scribbling ink squall graying flesh, ...Read On


Magical Moments

Feeling your muscular thighs around me Caressing me Kissing lip to lip Making magic the distance between us Zero I feel your warm breaths against me Your strong body as mine tender to you Exquisite love Voice from the soul Your tender kisses Lips tug at my hard nipple Carrying me in the rain Making magical love...Read On


Bright Shining Sun

You appeared from nowhere, You brought me out of this horrible despair I was in, And you changed me. It was like a light switching on, Bright shining sun, Lighting up everything about me. People see a smile in my eyes, Stretching from ear to ear. A piano newly tuned, Music joyous coming from deep within, Resonating and expanding, Moving out and out. Sunshine that appeared in...Read On



Love for some friends

By the moon I sit to seek your glory, The white rose I see creates a new story. Seasons are many, Their reasons few in between. What remains is that I always Love you! For all to see, No matter where we're at, No matter the time But this moment That we seek. For this moment In the moonlight, I'm loving you, No matter what they say No matter what they do. Your the one whom I love, My...Read On


Cloaked In Shadows

She cuts through me like glass. She thinks to love is not to live. My nerves are exposed, I feel them twitch and ache. She cloaks herself in a dark shroud, Masked and hidden from the world. I wish I could wake her from her dark slumber, But she is having none of it. She shuts out the light, Like a Vampire, it burns and stings. She hides in a crypt, cold and alone,...Read On



It's not over . . . yet

Vipers slither from your lips Twisted into clever quips Fueled by petty vengeful ire How is it that you haven’t tired? Every chance to take a swipe There you are with caustic bites Briefly do your serpents rest Retract their fangs, coiled in their nests But never are they still for long Spring forth anew, to right the wrongs They perceive were heaped on you And help to heal the gaping wound ...Read On


Lavendar Fields

Love's ties transcend even when life's light is extinguished.

Lavender fields, A fragrant purple haze,  I'm drawn to you  As if in a daze. The skies of blue An expanse of clouds,  A beautiful day Yet silent of sounds. Lost in a collision  That we cannot undo,  I'm eternally fused  With the idea of you. Scorching sunlight  Its rays no longer burn;  A reminder to protect  Lessons to learn. Dandelion fluff releases  And then wafts away. ...Read On


Everyday Without You

Missing that irreplaceable person

In this lifetime I only wanted you Loving you everyday made my world Your scent, touch, taste, voice and your beauty Slowly fading away from my memory As I try hard to hold on to what I have left of you I only want you to be the one by my side No one else can compare to you You are the reason I can smile Everyday without happiness is far away My heart aches for an answer I can't...Read On


I Found You

There can no one be like you...

You're my all lands No matter where I go,  My eyes stop at you. Besides you, where will I go? Any path I choose,  My eyes stop at you. I found you, all the moments stopped I found you, all my sorrows went away I found you and I had a reason to smile. I found you, I felt magic spread I found you, I felt alive I found you, I felt I had God. In you, I see a shore I see a support...Read On


My Vow

My eternal pledge written in mirror poetry form.

My thoughts I'll pledge to you each day as through the years I hold you near. You'll always know how much I care cause now beside you, here I stand. I'll prove to you our loves okay through strife and trials and any tears. We'll add some faith and mix with prayer; together we will walk this land. My thoughts I won't allow to stray, renewing my vows every year. Our feeling we must...Read On



Feeling lost, When you're not around When you're not by my side, I go throughout My days Feeling lost, Not knowing what To do, What to say, Or think. You're my everything, My friend, My love, My angel, There's no one Better than you. When I'm lost, I only have to think, Think of one thing, One person, One moment When I'm lost Lost of heart I think of you. I reach out my hand Hoping to...Read On


Along The Strand

Walk with me along the strand Feel the spray upon your face Drag your toes through drifting sand Smile at me and hold my hand Leave tomorrow far away Live this moment in this place Listen close to what I say This is ours this brilliant day Lowering skies will come and go Storms must rain and leave a trace Threatening winds all gust and blow Life is harsh as we both know We may plan our...Read On


Dream Man

Don't wake me

Shatter my illusions Trample on my dreams Show me that the you I see Is not a real being Be a thoughtless dullard An egotistic cad Be the one about whom I Was warned of by my dad Break my heart in pieces Utter only lies Cheat and flirt behind my back While I sit home and cry Instead you are a wonder An ongoing delight Supportive, entertaining Adoring, sexy, bright You’re there each time...Read On



And then the meadowlarks tweet in the Autumn the pumpkins lit beneath the marmalade moon,  as we danced on dew  and cornstalks too. Quite the whispers of fallen leaves scattering in patterns of new found love,  whisking away our soft kisses  as shadows define our whimsical bliss,  and then the meadowlarks tweet....Read On