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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Let Me Be

  From above thunder rolls A gentle melody whistling in the wind Light raindrops sprinkle a little Let me be, your choice of shade Embracing you with my presence   Water is drifting in the streams Different time and places Floating endlessly  Let me be, the peace Within your soul This magic and love we share Silently dancing through your thoughts Hear me as you breathe Let me be,...Read On

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To entice, lure or ensnare by artful talk or inducements

My heart cries out, tears trickling down my cheeks, And looking through the weeping window pane, I whimper, furtive tears flowing unsought, But there is no sign, for I have lost you, And my soul splinters in shards of anguish.   You inveigled me into surrender, And captivated by your love, I fell, Enraptured by your hypnotic presence, Caught in a net of yearning for your touch,...Read On

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And if I watch you, maybe you will notice Feel the weight of my stare and turn And maybe you will smile and recognise something Unspoken and unnamed   And if I kiss you, maybe you will kiss me back Graze me with your hard fingers and soft tongue Trace me in morning sunlight and evening moonlight Blurred edges defined beneath your hands   And if I love you, maybe you will love me too We...Read On


Everything's Fine

Our lives run Like a movie on repeat Reels whirring Days blurring Into one another It’s all the same The same ideas The same sick fears I cling to everyday things The weight of his arm On my shoulder Until it's gone And everything's calm But everything's colder Just another suffocating day A box office bomb Delivered without aplomb I don’t remember the premiere All I know is the grey...Read On


Whatever She's Got

Whatever she's got, you want

She's complicated She changes her mind constantly But She never changes How she loves She loves unconditionally When she falls It's hard and fast She falls head over heels When she hurts It's a deep hurt When she gives her heart away It's forever, but be gentle with it When she kisses you You will know everything she feels When she touches you, it Will have you seeing stars ...Read On



There are times I feel adrift Not quite alive, Not grounded Not feeling much of anything Then you reach out A text A call A touch And I exist again, In the curl of your smile And my answering grin Maybe we ground each other, In this swirling, blurring world, With a love so quiet  So powerful That sometimes it  Doesn’t need a voice But a touch  A look A kiss My heart is yours During all...Read On


Sweet Dream

Dreams can be a reality

She searched looking for The One, She had all but given up until he came along, They crossed paths online and connected instantly, He was everything she dreamed about, He wasn't Prince Charming in the fairytale sense, He was Prince Charming in jeans and boots, He was different from the rest and opened her eyes, To things she never realized, He unlocked all the secret places in her...Read On



A poem of penance

Kneeling in perfect Nadu, I offered myself to you. The collar around my neck now marks me as yours.  Yet I forgot myself, forgot my place. A feeling of contrition, for I took something that wasn't mine. Needy and without thought, I touched without permission. And felt the disappointment from you, my Sir.   I confessed to the crime and now must pay the price. My body is yours, the...Read On


Love Like Crazy

Love like crazy

You met in an unexpected place You didn't expect to fall for each other But you love like crazy  People say you are crazy That it can't be real love No one expects it to last But you know different Your hearts are connected Your souls are intertwined The first time you touched The souls whispered To each other "Mine" Nothing else matters   You know it's real love and Nothing can change that...Read On


What is love ?

Love is sweet

What is love ... A lover's touch The gentle way the tips of your fingers skim my flesh A lover's kiss Whispered words of love Sharing day to day things Sweet passion Intense love ... Just lying in the dark Sharing our dreams and hopes Sharing our fears Sharing cuddles and tender moments Making sweet memories Dreaming of the future Love is making memories with the sweet people...Read On


Broken Hearts

Broken heart , live and learn

Broken hearts Broken promises Broken dates Empty words spoken Passions gone unfulfilled Dreams shattered in an instant Relationships destroyed Leaving you wondering why But You live and learn Realizing good bye is for the best Saving your heart from more pain But Pick yourself up This pain is only temporary, it will only burn for a little while The world keeps spinning as you...Read On


Move Mountains

If I love someone I would do anything to be with them

I would do anything to be with you Climb mountains Sail the ocean blue Swim the mighty rivers If you call I will be there for you If you need me I am here for you I am always here for you Even if you don’t need me I would do anything  To be with you Cross the vast deserts No lake too deep  No jungle too thick My shoulder is your pillow when you’re  feeling down I will comfort you when...Read On


From Your Flesh

Something not anchored in love  drifted far beyond our reach,  exempt from our careful touch,  I'll be able to understand you one day.  I'm still here in this dark room,  broken by such little things,  a stray strand of auburn hair,  the most brief hint of perfume. Forever here on a late November evening  when you suddenly opened up to me and became a lock at the same time,  bare warm...Read On



There's more than anatomy between us, there are spaces both microscopic and vast, inches and inlets that were once whole but have cracked to drift apart and become jagged continents unknown to one another. The equivalent of vanished civilizations  will remain buried in our hearts, carvings on walls that only we can read,  to others it will all be a mystery, a short history...Read On



Sometimes I worry.

Sometimes I cry for no reason.  Sometimes I worry am I all you need you and want. Sometimes I feel lost and alone. Sometimes I reach for you and you aren't there. Sometimes I feel so loved. Sometimes I like a burden. Sometimes I wonder if you would be better off without me. Sometimes I miss you so bad it hurts. Sometimes I think you can do better then me. Sometimes I just want to...Read On



I only know it when we touch,  the heart becomes fissured as if by a lightning strike,  it only takes patient fingertips  To generate this infinite current storming  through channels no other can reach,  the pursuit is never going to be singular,  to ignite delicate blazes through your limbs,  to possess you to the most raw core.  You once burned for this,  a starglow almost too radiant, ...Read On


Caring hearts

A reason to carry on..

She stands on the edge of a virtual cliff inching closer with each new day Thinking life is just getting too difficult and no one would miss her anyway.   Taking another step closer feeling the pain closing in not just her own but those she holds most dear to her heart.   Starring out she thinks about how she will miss them some have been more like family than her real blood ones....Read On


Let the Wind Caress Your Cheek

May the time come

Let the wind caress your cheek When I am not here When I must be far away Knowing I will return if I may To touch you with my fingertips Once more Caressing your cheek The way that only I can Let the wind caress your cheek And dry the tears of loss When I am not here When I must be far away Let the wind caress your cheek Until my lips may kiss away your pain Until my love may wash away...Read On


Our Love

Our pure love.

A love like ours is hard to define. It's like standing in the sun our arms stretched wide. Basking in the heat of our love. The only sound, our beating hearts. The moment you take my hands in yours our fingers laced my heart begins to race. The gentle brush of your lips on mine, time stands still. We touch memorizing every curve, every line of one another bodies. Touching, teasing,...Read On


I Hate It When We Argue

This poem summarises a bad dream that woke me up several nights ago.

You scared me when we had that tiff By storming out my door You told me that you hated me Didn’t love me anymore   I hate it when we argue It always ends the same Both of us spit venom As we try to place the blame   Why do we have to fight Say all the things we said I lie here cold and naked now Without you in my bed   Why can’t we just agree To never scream and shout It...Read On


What About

What about everything we did

What about now Why did we argue Why did we say  What we did What about feeling Why did hurt each Other with what We said and did What about love Can we make up Can we forgive And forget what was said What about today We were hurt We forgave  We were sorry What about us Can we survive  Can we get though  All the bad times What about tomorrow We get through  We make up We hug and kiss ...Read On


Doomed Love — Book 2

In hindsight, there was an inevitability To the tragedy that unfolded that day, And no doubt that responsibility lay, With the magnate’s conceited pride, In proposing a match of such unsuitability Just to restore the company’s image, Regardless of the feelings of the bride. Despite his own family’s humble lineage As a child she had been strictly forbidden To associate with the grubby children...Read On


Your Love

I love to watch your love The way you talk about her And glow when she’s around Your eyes glued to her no matter where she moves The laugh you get when you think of something funny she once said How you swoon over a song that reminds you of her When you describe everything that makes her amazing to you The way you blush when I call you out on your feelings This love This true love I admire it...Read On


Doomed Love — Book 1

Barely visible in the inky gloom, The cold bodies of the young lovers lay, Just a glimmer of pale flesh in the dark, The watery fastness their woeful tomb. Unmoved by the sun’s warming ray, Never again would they rise with the lark And in the meadows laugh and play Like innocent children out of school, Or lie on shady banks beside the brook On hazy afternoons where the air was cool Happily...Read On


Coming Out

Something I had to do...

By default on the day we’re born We’re labelled up as straight That really puts the pressure on If you find a same sex mate There’s a fork up in the road ahead I have to choose my way Stay as I am and live a lie Or come out that I'm gay I have to tell my parents first I don't know what to say I’m not sure how they'll take to it The fact I feel this way They’re from a generation Where...Read On

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Can’t tell you I love you  Though your voice lives in my bones Your words upon my breasts Your touch, forever lingering The days I drank of you, Rebuilt upon your breath Live now in reflections, Mosaics of memory Buried in the abyss  That used to be me. I drape my love over you Like armor But vault the words, Protect me from them Protect me from you So fold me up like paper And toss me...Read On


Dream, Girl

Everyone deserves the love of their dreams...

It would be so hard to sleep next to you Is it possible to sleep with a smile? That would be me smiling thru the night Smiling Into my dreams waking to my dream girl Then I would count the minutes till we met up again when our days wound Down Memories of you carrying me thru the mundane Pushing me Propelling me Back into your arms Back between your legs Where I belong  ...Read On


Impossible To Tell

You can't stay here anymore. The words become a pattern, a reluctantly whispered hymn that is too foreign to me. All I can hear is the calm thunder within, my ear pressed tight to your bare breast, you once asked why I do this, wanted to know exactly what I hear in those countless dark rivers rushing beneath, I've been listening for hours or years. I can't tell anymore. I can't tell anyone....Read On



I may not remember everything, every single detail we shared, dates grow vague along with some words that may have slipped. But I remember you in the best way. The songs you played when telling me how they broke your heart for the first time, the notes that seemed to seep through skin and wrap around your core with nostalgia. I remember some things with painful clarity. I remember the...Read On



You were like a drug to me Now I'm going through withdrawal Sleepless nights I lie curled into a ball Crying and shaking on a cold wooden floor Feeling like I still need you Just a little bit more. My body is numb fighting This strong urge to go back Oh Lord, have I been struck by lighting? Feeling like the walking-dead I crave one last taste of you Just one little bit.  ...Read On