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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Brain Betrayal

I will never understand or heed the voices bouncing around and ricochetting trying to lead Damaged connections and tissue warp any sense I ever have of me Self-worth not the only issue Fighting with myself at night Wanting all and nothing I can never find the light Value others see in me Perhaps they are blind And cannot clearly see I've just been cast In a life I never chose Each time...Read On


Moving In

Thank you for moving in with me, I'm so happy.

I’m just a girl who fell in love For that I feel no shame I told you that I loved you You said you felt the same   I asked you to move in with me To spend our time together Live our lives and share our dreams And ride out stormy weather   That night we drank Champagne We snuggled down real tight We got so very cosy It was such a special night   I gave you two of my keys With...Read On


The Halloween Party

Our first meeting Cara...(thank you Marylyn wherever you are)

To think I nearly didn’t go To that party where we met The thought of us not meeting That’s a thought I must forget   Who knew on that spooky night I would meet my life long mate Something must have made me go I think they call it fate   I went with that girl Marylyn She called me on the phone Wanted me to go with her But I ended up alone   I came over and I spoke to you You...Read On


All I Need To Know

All I need to know

In this fast paced world All I need to know is  That rain or shine  You love me  Life gets so busy  The distance can be so hard  All I need to know is  At the end of the day you are waiting for me and  We can get all wrapped up together  To discuss our day  All I need to know is  At night  I get to fall asleep against your chest  After we share a few minutes of passion  All I...Read On


We Have All the Time In the World

For my own lover

We have all the time in the world It is not denial But acceptance of a higher truth My eyes look upon you and know We will go on No matter what they say It is the only way to live our lives  To the fullest With each day that passes To live without seeing an end To love without crying again To laugh without doubting  And win We have all the time in the world    ...Read On

Recommended Read

Twisted tongue

Today, I decided I’m done. Twisting my hips away From your once loving tongue in anguish. My words, terse over breakfast Gentle nudges and sighs, won’t last. I ask it straight. Why? You’ve known me Forever. My me-ness? My mind and persona, direct as a pact. Tell me! You, the guilty one here flinched, Why has your tongue taken a life force of grit? Watching you flush; fork hovering Mouth...Read On


Me and You

Love is a treasure

We are experiencing this journey together Going from being one to being an us We are learning new things everyday Like what each other likes and dislikes We are enjoying being together without being in a rush Taking our time being a couple Dreaming of a future together Sharing our hopes and dreams Sharing our fears and desires Discovering what turns us on ...Read On


10 Seconds

How life can change for the better.

That moment when I first wake up Warm and snug in bed I’m happy and my mind’s at peace Then bad thoughts fill my head Ten seconds that’s all it takes My mind begins to fly The reason I’m not happy I remember why I cry I wish to be someone else Happy and carefree You broke my heart and let me down That’s what you did to me You took the love I thought we had You used me and you lied You...Read On


Your Poem

Showing my love and feelings for someone special

I thought that I would write A poem about  The feelings that I have for you There ain’t a moment In the day that goes by Where I’m not thinking  About you Every second of every minute Every minute of every hour Every hour of every day That doesn’t go by without  Having you on my mind When I first saw you,  I was afraid to meet you When I first met you, I was afraid to kiss you When I...Read On



To watch someone you love suffer in any way,  and then stand idly by your voice silent and thoughts unable to convey  Is the worst kind of torture, to pretend everything's okay.  My heart threatens to burst, at the mere thought of your dismay.  I just want to hold you and make it all disappear,  wrap you up tight in my arms and dispel your every fear.  My world has changed, because of...Read On


Take me Home

Full of sadness and emotion

I am just so wrapped up, So emotionally consumed  With my face in my hands  Not knowing where I should turn Because of all this hurt deep inside  But if you could ask me something, But not sure where I am going to start Due to all the anger deep inside. But confused by the love that’s within. Not knowing where I should turn. With these roads that just don’t, Seem to be going anywhere But...Read On


The Wolf

Dark nights of oblivion We shared them in silence We lived them in the shadow. Nothing prepared us. You sank your teeth in my flesh Feasted upon my weakness I heard you whispering, breathing on my skin and I couldn't say no. But in the comforting warmth of the night, oh such a forgiving mother, everything is different. The moon does not violate things with her light. Not like the sun,...Read On


Say it Again

Loving the fact knowing that you love me

Lying here in my bed, Next to my lover. Whilst our legs get intertwined, With our arms around each other  Whilst we hug and embrace. We had just made love. Combing my fingers, Through your soft and silky hair. Whilst I softly kisses you On you’re forehead. Hearing you whisper something, On your breath. Not quite hearing  What you had just said, Wanting you to say it again. You say it...Read On


The Things I Wish

The things I wish, Number only a few, A happy future, For me and for you.   That I could wake up One dark grey morn, And all light I need, Situated at my side.   To feel against me, The touch of your hand, Love, you don't know How much that is in demand.   The powerful caress, Of hands not my own, Writhing and pulling, Eliciting a moan.   But the things I wish, Not soon...Read On


Ode to the breast

Boobs they are so fine

Breasts that are so wonderful  Breasts that are soft and nice Breasts that go great with, Having a bourbon on ice. They come in all shapes Small or large Flat or round But they all feel great to the touch. Boobs they don’t come one at a time, They always double up two at a time I like to bury my face in them, And nibble, suck or lick getting the  Nipples nice and hard. Boobs that are...Read On


A perfect 10

Miss perfect but not as it seems

She was a perfect ten, Oh boy didn’t she just know it  Turning heads whenever she enters a room Male or female she just didn’t care, Knowing her looks got her everything  Looking in the mirror, Noticing the natural beauty That she is. Not requiring makeup to enhance Her beautiful facial features  Beautiful long locks of hair, With natural blonde highlights. Wearing short skirts that,...Read On



Dry lips I kneel still Your presence is all around. Intoxicating me. Slithers. The drop slithers down my forehead. Earthquake. My skin turns crimson Painted by your palms. Rough brush strokes. One. Two. Three. Do you want more? Slithers. My chin is the drop's precipice. To fall or to follow? You belong to me. Eyes. They speak my willing yes. Callous hands on my body. I stay. I am here....Read On