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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Kiss from a rose

I receive a kiss from a rose

A kiss from a rose, On a beautiful sunset night As the sun casts down, It’s golden rays of light. Upon the cotton candy clouds, Turning them bright red; fire red As they dip into the sea, Disappearing over the horizon. As the waves crashing, Upon the cliffs  Breaking the silence, As my English Rose kissed me. As we held each other, In a lovers embrace Locking lips as we kissed, Sealing...Read On


She's the one

She's is the one that I love

She’s the reason, for the smile That I have across my face The brightness and the sparkle That I have in my eyes. She’s has got the key to my heart, The key that I gave her With the unconditional love That I have for her. She is the reason for my happiness, She’s the exclamation mark  In the sentence, the happiest That I could put down in words. She is my angel, So very beautiful  It...Read On



You leave me breathless

You leave me breathless, Every time we are together You are everything that, Is good in my life. You just don’t realise how special, You truly are to me I pinch myself, I can’t believe your mine It’s just like you walked out of a dream. The moment that we speak, It’s like for a second I lose my voice I am so speechless, lost for words Upon hearing your voice it’s so beautiful. It leaves...Read On


Cherry Blossom

My beautiful princess Sakura

There was a girl, So beautiful and sweet  She was so mysterious  Strange like a daytime dream. She was so remarkable, I could see a beautiful princess Dressed in a kimono  Covered in Cherry Blossom leaves. She was floating down river, Underneath a canopy  Draping either side of the river bank Of pink and white Sakura trees. She is so beautifully extraordinary, As unique as a double rainbow...Read On


Over the horizon

Longing to be with the one that I love

As I lay here on the beach, As the waves brake upon the shore I dream and wonder What is just over the horizon. Closing my eyes, Dreaming of what lies beyond the horizon Over where I just can’t see Fearful to move close knowing, It’s always just out of reach. The thought that feel it beckons me close, The chance of a new life Is an offer I can’t refuse A world in which I am reborn,...Read On


Risen from the Ashes

She has risen from the ashes

There was a girl, So perfect and sweet So very beautiful, With beauty that  Shines so bright. She grew stronger, Day by day Finding a place  Where she could grow To withstand everything, That was thrown her way.   She withstood the fiercest storms The thunder, the hail, the snow She was much stronger Than before, blossoming Into a beautiful rose. How could she possibly survive, She opened...Read On


Backroad Song

Driving down a backroad

Driving down a back road Looking for a quiet place to  Give into our passion Leaving the big show  Both feeling the rush  The natural high  Looking to add to the memory  That the show left etched on our soul Finding that perfect place  In the middle of hay field  The passion so intense  We give in and the passion  Could set the world on fire         ...Read On


When I Am Without You

When you're around, I smile a lot more

Sometimes the only thing that can make me feel better  Is imagining you and I together When you and I are together  Hours seem like seconds But when we are apart A day feels like eternity to me  When we are not together I want to feel your arms around me hugging me  I want to feel you brush your lips over mine and kiss me  I want to look in your eyes and see you smile I would just like...Read On


This Morning

Waking up to a beautiful day...

Morning air of the north wind blowing, awakens me Blindly looking for my salvation to this chilling cold Crawling up underneath the blanket, getting warm Making my shuttering body calms me back to sleep "Wake up my cinnamon girl." Dreaming of your lips press a kiss on my cheek Breathe life and warmth to my throbbing heart Beating fast from the touch of your fresh smell Beard gracing the...Read On


Will You Wait For Me

Will you wait

Will you wait for me? It was the question Spoken in a whisper in the dark. The answer was yes, I'll wait for you, No matter how long I'll wait. She dried her tears after the call Telling her the news. She knew. He was gone. Before the call She felt her heart slowly breaking. But she smiled Through the pain Recalling the special memories. The nights of love, The passion they shared. ...Read On


Virgin Lips

Virgin lips I have tasted         Not a drop was wasted.   Somewhere in this world I met a girl With a curl. The girl With the curl Threw me in a whirl. It was her Virgin Lips I have tasted The hunger in me Making sure not a drop was wasted....Read On


After Midnight

I go on walking after Midnight

I go on walking after midnight Under the moonlight With my handsome knight We are in the moonlight When my knight Frighten me only a slight In a flash of a light He turns to me with feverish eyes so bright And tells me that everything will be alright My handsome knight Looks at my neck as if he wants to bite I try to put up a fight With eyes so bright I cling to him with all my might Then...Read On



For my love.

Across the deserts of lust, for lust is a sort of desert, there is an oasis, lush and verdant, where we lounge.   With rippling fountains, in a courtyard, where sherbet and pomegranates  are to be found.   I want to lie there with you, in your arms, on your breasts, to forget the desert heat, in your lush oasis.   And there, an hour or two, we shall forget the heat, the...Read On


I Wish For You To Meet Me Here

If only you could

I wish for you to meet me here Where the warm wind blows over our sun kissed skin I wish for you to meet me here So we can explore the deep blue ocean, and feel the water over our bodies I wish for you to meet me here Where we can walk in the sand, our hands together fingers intertwined I wish for you to meet me here So you can hold me close, as the sun sets watching the...Read On