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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

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Missing you

I'm not sure what woke me,  Not certain I was asleep.  Eyelids fluttering, fighting fatigue, I strain to see through the gloom,  Unfocused eyes merely picking out  Shapes skulking in the shadows;  Silhouettes devoid of colour and texture, Lacking substance.  Awake or dreaming?  Still, the uncertainty. The softly purring central heating  Lulls me, luring me towards sleep's abyss, Until...Read On



I think we'll last

Fortune smiles on me.  I'm blessed.  Alone with my thoughts,  I peer at the image displayed  On my laptop; your smiling face  Calling to me from the glowing screen.   I study your features  For the thousandth time: Kind eyes that shine with inner radiance, Skin, creased from a lifetime of laughter. Lips that have whispered, "I love you,"  Then sealed the moment with a tender kiss. I love...Read On



New galaxies were born tonight The angels sang on high All lovers took to bended knee New colors filled the sky The forest creatures stared in awe The birds were mute as stone The waves were frozen at their crest A weeping willow moaned Hand in hand we flew above The quiet earth below The buck who saw our shadows pass Bowed to honor his loved doe Verdant carpets spread 'neath our feet...Read On


You Could Be That Girl

You could be that girl

  You could be that girl that Steals his heart You could be that girl that Makes him wanna settle down Or You could be that girl that Is his best friend You could be that girl that Is his little partner-in-crime You could be that girl with that rebel potential  A little bit of a bad girl or an angel  Or You could be that girl that He turns to when his life gets crazy And he...Read On



There's a piece of you  Here's a piece of me  Where do I fit in Why can you not see    Parting words each day  To stay safe, stay strong  Mantra in my head  I've tried for so long  A strength for you to see  Keeping away my fears They're fighting inside me  I hide behind my tears  Finding a peace within  In your arms I am whole  You are my twin flame  I feel you in my soul  Waiting, arms...Read On


Place In This World

Looking for your place

Do You ever wonder what your place in this world is? A place can be so many different things ... Your place in this world Could be a role as loving spouse, mother, or submissive Your place in this world Could be on the lap of your special someone.  They could be your beloved significant other, or your Dom/Master  Whatever your place is, make it your safe happy place  Your place in...Read On

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Rowing Boat

Drawing us to where reeds sweep, and bowed willows gently wither weep

The sun ascended to its apex high Traversing dawn’s rich clementine sky Burning off the morning veil Of misty haze so thin and frail That it hung amid the old oak trees Motionless without a breeze Ethereal as a silken shroud And humid as diluted cloud That rolled in from the verdant shore To creep across the forest floor Drawing us to where reeds sweep And bowed willows gently wither weep...Read On


The Curve of My Back

An often missed erogenous zone blooms forth

  It only took a glance from your hypnotic eyes Your voice deep, in my ears, so mesmerizing The warm of your smile igniting my heart like flowing lava The dulcet caress of your sizzling, callused hand along The curve of my back   I hear your whispers in rustling leaves and the swirling wind Heaven is your breath that flows between your supple lips Hearts racing in unison,...Read On


Do I still belong?

For those questioning where they fit...

    I don’t know what has changed But something has In the past few weeks, Because you promised You would always be there But when that was tested You were nowhere to be seen.   So now my heart Which was so full of love, Is doubtful and unsure As many questions Are left unanswered Leaving me wondering Exactly where I belong?        ...Read On


Nothing more important!

I will love you, forever and a day

  Although in a past relationship  I have been a submissive With you, however, that is not my role.  From the very first day  we have always said we're equals, but that is not how it feels.   You are the one  I spend the most time with  because I need you and want you  Close to my heart and soul But now that seems like it's not enough.   I hope that you realize  that if it was...Read On


Her Search for a Soul mate

Only wish her the very best...

  He was everything she wanted Kind, Thoughtful Passionate and made her feel safe! But why did people question this, Was it because they believed she deserved more than he offered? To be a priority a one on one instead of a second choice or fill in for someone else! Maybe they believe, she deserves a person who with each and every action makes her feel special proving...Read On


In my arms

For you all...

Here I lay in my bed Cuddling up under my blankets Thinking about you... Wishing Wanting Longing to be near. Able to take your hand Then wrap you in my arms. Just so you know That some one is nearby And you're not facing anything alone!...Read On


Step By Step

Each step brings us closer.

Long years trekking the wilderness My emotions torn my mind a mess Longing and seeking Seeking and not finding   Parched for the touch of another Seeking my soul sister my lover   A chance encounter in an oasis I see you with my mind’s eyes You who I have been searching for Eyes shining with an inner luster   Beckoning me from afar in subtle ways Intensely alluring gentle...Read On


This Key of Gold

He who holds the key will unlock my heart

My heart has a lock without a key A key I require to put my heart at rest As I have traveled over life’s roads Rocky, random, rough and rogue I have paused to gather keys along the way   At one point my heart was made of glass My hope had withered, worthless and wasted Corrupted by a syphilis of heart and mind The mask I wore was coated in red My corrupted heart corseted in crimson  ...Read On


Safe in His Arms

Always safe

Late night calls  Whispered words of tenderness Early morning messages  Letting her know she's special  She knows she can trust him  He makes her past seem a million miles away  He holds her if only by words to makes the nightmares go away  He whispers that she is safe and he's got her  Whispering everything is going to be okay  He lets her know all the things he loves about her  She lets...Read On



Your eyes sparkle, backlit by love’s joy Full lips part, spreading into a warm smile. I walk toward you, arms and hands ready To hold and caress you once more. We embrace. On tiptoes, you snuggle into me. I inhale your familiar light fragrance, Golden hair pressed against my cheek. Pulling you close, I’m in heaven. It’s two years since we first stood here Nervous, on wobbly legs,...Read On



All was lost, I was undone

A thousand poets could endless write and never find words to capture the sight of heaven in eyes of deepest blue, that I adore and inspiration drew. They beckoned me closer to the edge of love's unstable rocky ledge, where my fate was sealed with a single kiss as I quenched my lips in clinging bliss. A smile as warm as the summer sun and all was lost, I was undone. I am yours, my maiden...Read On



Asking for help...

  I am confused  and need your assistance  So please hear me  As I make this, my plea. I need your help  to know what I did wrong? As I ask for your guidance Understanding and patience. You know I have issues  Deep insecurities from the past I hope to save us  through working together.      ...Read On


Love Lessons

I wanna learn all there is

Smiling and remembering all the loves  I have had in my life Every love has brought something different to me  I've grown and discovered things about myself  The love making and passion was different with each one Sometimes soft and gentle  Other times rough and dominant Smiling at the many different types of relationships in the world ..  Love lessons come in different ways  Taught...Read On


You've Got My Number

You've got my number

You've got my number You know everything I love You know me so welll You drive me crazy with your touch You've got my number When it comes to passion You know my friends You know where I spend my time You know all my favorite things You do all the right things to turn me on You and I spending time together is a new experience every day  ...Read On


Broken Promises

Wasted opportunities...

  Secrets  Lies  Deception  Broken hearts  Eyes brimming with tears  Lost friends  Lost loves  Neither needed to happen  If lives were lived Secrets were shared People fell equally  Promises kept  Questions were answered  Not simply brushed aside.    ...Read On


My Open Arms

Magical memories Yearnings & yielding Openly at one Perfectly positioned Enriching & energising Naturally needed Always available Richly rewarding Mystical moments Safe and secure...Read On


Just A Dream

Am I just a dream Will I fade away Like the fog in the morning sun Or am I a lasting dream For many nights to come How I want to be real Only for you Be more than a dream More than a foggy mist How I long to be real Real for you To make your wildest dreams Come true I'm sitting here quietly thinking How your sweet words have played their part Somehow I knew that they would When I...Read On


Broken Wings

You came, you stayed Blowing in as her hips swayed. Flaunting, flowing like a guilding light Fluttering in only at night. Lights shined when she heard him sing Exuberant and charming after he gave her the ring. Witty and chaotic when he lays down Her soul once bubbly but now saddened like tears of a clown. Desires and needs of a younger nature Why wasn't I enough I ask myself for him...Read On

Audio version available

First Love

A true story of my very first love - remembered with fondness

Let me say these things now, as I Throw these words down on this electronic canvas.  Words that are written in internet ink, and Words that have stayed in my head, Stagnating and idle, Clogging up my life, and my soul... For far too long. Words that I should have said when I was young, But these words did not come easy then. In my silent and unforgiving shyness  I could not utter those words...Read On



our goodbyes were spilled  gently  through  eternal pauses shattered syllables  and between breaths  screaming of weakness voices achingly wavered  some cruel balance of an immeasurable yearning and the bitter traces of deep regret that we must unravel  and so we clung to ideals held full of unspoken declarations  and memories never made sharing silent tears in the deafening stillness...Read On


"Without You, I Can Be Me"

You are dangerous and forever must remain an unrequited love...

When you entered my life I was lost Aimlessly wandering Confused, empty and afraid But from seemingly nowhere So effortlessly And oh so painlessly You filled me with your love I fell in love with you And you made love to me. You called to me And I could not resist You or your temptation For you did not hide from me  Who you truly were There was no dance of seduction It was plain to see The...Read On