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Love Poems

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I'll Miss You

I thought I had to do it on my own But you showed me I wasn’t alone Day in and day out I could count on you without a doubt For months it was just you and me I always thought that we would be When times were tough You came through sure enough When every day seemed a trial Only you could make me smile You helped me greet the day And got me on my way Before I...Read On


Stolen Moments

A love gone wrong

Stolen Moments I lay in bed naked and alone Missing you even though You just left my side. I can still feel your mouth on me, Sucking, kissing and tasting My body from head to toe. Your hands traveled from my face to my thighs Leaving a path of electricity Making me tremble and shake with desire. I can still inhale the aroma of your cologne Still on the pillow beside me How...Read On

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A Spontaneous Connection

Work can wait... Our love cannot, so run away with me now.

Shining stars brightly hung On a black velvet night, Compares not to the gleam In thine own darkened eyes, When playfully your mind Muses afternoon love. Heavy butterfly wings Pounding dense sky whilst The delicate movements Of thine lashes whisper Seductively into mine eyes, And I am lost as in a trance. Tender lips doth lightly curl, Revealing that smile which Thieves brightness from...Read On



Sometimes, getting away is the only answer

Holed up in this town With a one-track mind    I’m thinking only of you I’ve got to get out I can’t stay a day more    I’m thinking only of you The places, the streets In this town  Drive me wild    They all have me thinking of you So I’m leaving, I’ll go If I stay, then you’ll know I’m thinking only of you And I’ll let you say That I’m running away   But...Read On


Truly Blue

Another SONG from Steffi!

"You've got one of those pretty faces, That causes a man to fall in love in some very strange places And I never meant it to happen Not you, not here... And I find I'm just compromised All bedazzled and inspired Quite overtaken I surmise I must be fallen in love... My heart beats like a Evil Dad, I miss something I never had And never missed until I met you... Jesus, girl,...Read On



There are no good-byes, where ever you'll be, you'll be in my heart. ~ Ghandi

Tumbling along You crept into my thoughts today You haven’t been there in quite awhile I thought I had put you to rest Tumbling days upon days Turning weeks into months I still find myself in the darkness Wishing for you Tumbling along I still whisper your name Wishing to feel your need Strong and dominant against me Tumbling down Just another nothing In a sea of nothings A...Read On


My Unwanted Bedfellow

Sometimes you don't get to choose your bedfellow

While the rest of the world sleeps Pain creeps in like a villain in the dark It is a formidable opponent to battle The contrast it creates is quite stark My curvy body, is so readily sexual But it now betrays me while lying here I can feel the pain's grip on me so strong My whole body shivers as I also feel fear My veins are filled with liquid adrenaline My body ignited as the...Read On


Save me

You made me realize, That I have been moving along, As if on autopilot. Following the crowd, The flow of things. Trying to live each day, Trying to understand everything around me, Yet failing to do so. You made me realize, That another day has passed, A week, a month, a year. What the hell did I do, During each day? Why can I not remember? Can you help me? Do...Read On



I stand before you crying Hanging my head in shame This isn't what I wanted My love is not a game My intentions are to leave To slip into the mix And live among the chaos What's broken can't be fixed And as I turn to walk away You reach out and grab my hand I stop, completely frozen and, now, I understand Nothing Absolutely nothing Your hand is ice cold Mirroring my heart I no longer...Read On

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This Path

This is the road I am destined to wander until the day I die.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. The golden glory of the sun is just a distant memory now. I traverse this waking nightmare Under the celestial gaze of a billion starry watchers, They who glitter in my tears with icy blue-white sanction As I lift my face for hostile acknowledgement of my failings. The path I’ve trodden through...Read On

Mystifying Rhythm

A Sensual Tempo

Lips reaching, seeking, finding truly touching Fingers entwined, legs wrapped tight pulling closer Breasts firm full of want, of need to have those Hands trace his name, his scent, his desire Stamping his print deeply on her skin Finding that special spot that makes her scream Running the length of her smooth untainted canvas With hot lust pouring from the sound Of his voice as she...Read On



The physical rushes of rejection and love lost

The world spun Uncontrollably and Illogically The blood drained Feeling Numb and Disbelief Swallowing the lump Of Rejection and Shock Breath held in With a Shiver and Coldness Releasing the breath Still Counting and Struggling Tears slid down Love trails and Ending Releasing clenched hands Trying to wave Goodbye...Read On


Goodbye my Love

A man reluctantly leaves his lover

Goodbye my love, I'm leaving, I'll be gone when you arise. Your perfect form still sleeping, tears now in my eyes. Your body still breathtaking, as your breasts gently rise and fall. My tongue will no longer be tasting you, my love, my life, my all. We met when you were hurting, I fell quickly, and fell deep. Your intellect and elegance, made me take the leap. I thought that I...Read On



Reflective Thoughts...

Natural light shines in, lending a soft warm hue The walls, a climate of cool, pale blue A reflection, tarnished and flawed Naked and exposed, there is no fraud Bruises are many, scars are more Healed, faded, mending but ever sore A friend of years, a lapse in thought All was lost, for a moment of naught A misguided trust, a lover untrue So many said, but who...Read On

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The Way You Always

Missing You

The way I always felt your touch even before you touched me. The way I always felt your breath on my skin when you spoke to me. The way I craved your attention when you were busy. The way I longed for you when you were away. The way I felt safe when you touched me. The way I felt when you held me. The way I felt when you gave me your attention. The way I felt when you were all mine. You...Read On


My Longing for You

I found my heart.

It is just past 6:00 A.M. I stretch and as you come into my mind, I smile.   Last night was so much more than I ever expected. We talked and shared and loved, Until the wee hours of the morning. Your arm comes around me from behind and nestles between my breasts. Gently, you pull me against you. I lean my head back and sigh. You are everything to me now. I cannot believe how right,...Read On


“Imagine,” they said.

“Imagine,” they said. And I listened. “Imagine meeting someone." "The one." "Your other half, your other self, your immortal beloved.” I thought about it long and hard. I ached. One day, something whispered to me, deep inside. One day, she was revealed to me. “It is her,” the whispering voice proclaimed. Fate, destiny, serendipity and all the Gods, smiled upon us. Two,...Read On

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Our First Kiss

Wanted this first kiss for so long.

Stares at my lips Fingers caress my cheek He leans forward Such longing Eyes closing He moves nearer Feeling his breath Mingle with mine, so close Both panting His fingers Tracing through my hair Pulling me in Hearts pounding Lips getting closer For our first kiss Pulling me nearer Lips barely touching So soft, just grazing Tip of his tongue Traces...Read On

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Past Pluperfect

Can the past be overcome?

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. ” (F. Scott Fitzgerald) The past is prologue so they say It informs our present and our future.  It makes me wonder if there is a way To escape the past and its pain.  Some memories warm the heart,  Others make anguish live again.  There were times so very warm,  Of unconditional affection,  ...Read On

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you. are. magic.

Your hands caress my rousing body And I feel your mouth Softly kiss a path to my waist.. Your breath washes me in  One.  Perfect.  Magic. And my arousal fills the room With invitation.  I dare not open my eyes  Because the sight of your tenderness  Will overwhelm me. Come love me.  Come bathe my soul. Come fill me with your perfection  Because there will  ...Read On


The Moment

Did the moment pass you by. Too late, and the moment is gone. You had a moment, the two of you had a moment, didn't you. But it slipped away. Smiles shared, true happiness glowing from both as you lived the moment. The room, the meadow, the world, melted away, and you were there, in the moment. Complete, utter happiness in that moment. Was it at the bar where she brought you a...Read On



Sleep my love, Close your tired eyes and Rest your head upon my chest. Close your eyes as I keep you safe, From harm, I softly sing into your ear. You are my heart and my loving angel, I promise to keep you out of harm's way. In me you've found a forever home, You won't ever have to leave. Sleep my love, Never leave these arms for too long. I vow to take care of you so tenderly. You're...Read On


Love Song

You are like music that plays in my head You have brought a melody to my heart When the road was long and dusty You brought light and music My heart wants to sing a song I never thought I would feel this composed I have found my melody A musical note to the love tune A song to keep us going A beat that cannot be stopped Our hearts dance to the beat of the music Leading us to an...Read On



Please Stay....

I was about to leave  when you reached out, grabbing my hand.  Pulling me closer, placing me on your lap. I looked in your eyes,  as you wrapped your arms  around my waist.  Resting my head on your shoulder,  as you rest your head against mine.  Enjoying a brief moment before turning to ask. What can I do?  A tear runs down your cheek, and you said "Please stay,...Read On


Can She Forgive Him?

In his misery, a lover begs for forgiveness, and a chance to make amends for his crimes against love

Bound to the cruel wheel of fate, I weep bitter tears once more, As if there existed for me some deep inexorable law, A decree that condemned me to drive away those I adore. O fairest lily, in your sweet kindness you gave me your trust To hold and to cherish, but yet once more, as it seems I must I threw it away, trampling your beauty down into the dust. I allowed suspicion and envy to...Read On


The Eternity of Love

True words spoken from the heart

With every flake of snow that falls, My heart cries out for you. For every bright star that twinkles so, I have more love to show. If I could make a purple rose,  I'd name if after you. And plant it in our special place, Beneath yonder yew.  No names or days can make me real, Only feelings in their time.  The flowers of your heart so sweet, They lift my heart divine. Perhaps...Read On


My Heart Weeps

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. Unknown

it's heart-wrenching to love someone you adore who takes for granted the love in my eyes the lust on my lips the desire in my heart it's heart-wrenching to love someone from afar life is full of adoration missing its mark giving some a lesson, needed or not, that love is foolish and unattainable it's heart-wrenching to know their heart does not return my love holding my weeping...Read On



You wash  the grit and grime  from my heart. Every kiss,  every hug is like  soap upon my soul. You exemplify  the traits  that have been lost to us. The traits  that have been lost,  through time. Lips  that are worth  Kingdoms,  eyes  worthy of  treasure. A heart  that could rival the  purest of people. Kings have killed for less. Finding love is a  ...Read On


Indulge Me

Hoping to tell her how I really feel…

You and me We spend a lot of time together It’s hard to come up with the words That express just how important you are to me I have something on my heart And that’s exactly what I tell you You sit down beside me here in our hotel room And I take your tiny hand in mine Your reaction is part excitement, part fear I notice your angst immediately “I just have something to say,” I begin “So...Read On

Gypsy Queen

She’s the Gypsy Queen, looking for him in the crowd, dancing to her destiny

While you are dreaming of the moments to come, I write verses. These lines I pen are from the heart, and when it starts I cannot stop. Although my soul is a wandering nomad, my passion is that of a Gypsy Queen. Many have tried but failed to dance alongside the mystical music I choose. For none have the words that capture the rhythm of my hips so smooth. As the music plays, my...Read On