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Stanzas and Blue Notes

In the vestibule of my mind I'll be waiting. Writing of love and psalms, I have for you. Between stanzas and blue notes. I'm calling.  Words of praise  and our yesterdays. For many more 'morrows. I scribe. Suffering not melancholia.  With your gift of sensuality. I sympathize to all others, because I don't squander or waste my lullabies. Between stanzas and blue notes. ...Read On


Simple Warmth

The chill is setting in  I feel the loss again my life is good I know but I still miss her so It was no goal of mine never meant by design my heart is deep in pain because it's been in vain No more of the laughter that always came after  our sessions of frolic my heart's melancholic How did it end this way what did I ever say nothing seems to matter worlds are going to shatter The winter...Read On


Out Of The Shadows

A love poem for an on-line lover

In the shadows  For 16 months A secret we kept, Even from friends In this other world Who was to know That your comment On my story Would see us Move so quickly To create our own The conversation Was so natural The curiosity,  Subtle at first, Words unspoken Building anticipation, Filling the space Between our words And so began Our gentle dance Of mutual seduction ...Read On



The ultimate heartbreaker

Trust. A simple word. A simple meaning, A short word,  A huge responsibility, An even greater commitment. Some don’t understand The impact, The hurt, The release, The want, The end and The beginning. It is just a word, one would think, But without this word, This world would not exist. Mine, yours, only, always. Simple words, yet powerful  Powerful beyond all imaginable thinking. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Could I be?

Could I be all this...?

Could I be The first thing dawning on your mind The morning sun as you draw the blind The first words upon your lips The touch beneath your fingertips The easing of your furrowed brow The skipped beat that your heart allows Your saviour in your hour of need The meal that satisfies your greed The rapture in your aching breast A longing only I can suppress The hands that...Read On


I love you more...

dedicated to my love

I love you more than the moon loves the sun Because without the sun it could not shine I love you more than the flowers love the rain Because without the rain they could not grow I love you more than the air we breathe Because without the air we could not live I love you more with each passing day Because without our love my heart could not be whole...Read On


Captivating Beauty'

Awestruck by her beauty

To my lover… The orange glow on your face Cast by the flickering fire outlines your features and Captivates my eyes I’m mesmerized by your beauty As the fire dances through your hair And reflects in your eyes Making each darker, more seductive Tongue moving across full lips You hypnotize me with your smile I can’t take my eyes off you I’m paralyzed by your beauty I watch as your body...Read On


Just a Glance

Oh how we fall in love, at one touch, at one glance

Just a momentary love affair, As wicked as any, Just a glance across a crowded room, A stranger catches my eye, And steals my soul. I am forever lost, In her deep blue eyes, I am forever lost, In the hint of a smile, I am forever lost, lost in her beauty, I am forever lost, lost in her dream. And that is the agony, and beauty Of living, That you...Read On



Sometimes she just feels small, Like she can’t meet the day, Overwhelmed, haunted by memories. She has worked hard to get away from pain Both physical and emotional, sometimes crippling, But some days it is like hitting a wall, Climbing it seeming an impossible task. Those days, having His strength means everything, Having His lap to curl up on, Arms to hold her close and safe. If...Read On


I'm a believer

You only find that person who can love the real you once and it has nothing to do with age

Wake up, blink sleep out of your eyes, look around and see, it is a whole new day and I am here to stay. The sun is up, blazing burning bright, It fades the darkness if only for today. You only get one chance, one moment to make a dream last, So take it, grasp it between your hands, take a breath, close your eyes, take a leap. What does it hurt to say okay, give love a fair chance, we...Read On


Believe In Fate

You know I don't believe in fate But somehow it must be the truth For how can this go unexplained The way I found my life in you. Adrift without a path to trod The mists of drifting raindrops fell And dampened all my dreams of joy It was an aimless way to live. Dreams came and went within my mind Of soft caressing hands so fine That touched my face and fed my soul With tenderness and...Read On


The Way It Hurts

The way it hurts, Has made me turn to nicotine and alcohol, Made me go against everything I am, All because of the pain you gave me, The day you left. I don't know what I'm meant to feel, Broken, or sad, or alone, Because you took away the ability to tell, The difference of one emotion from the other, All I know is I'm not happy. Down a whisky, Light the stick, Why did you have...Read On


On Love I No Longer Wait

I waited on true love all my life. It finally has come.

On love I wait. I thought I loved. I loved not. Now I love in truth. Now I love in truth. But still I wait. Not ON love any more do I wait. But now I wait FOR my love. But now I wait FOR my love. Her time is scant and fleeting. Mine is spent on her behalf. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. For but moments of loving focus. Me thinks at times I...Read On



Take my hand and lead me into the night, Kiss me under the moon, Lay me down in soft grass, Running your hands all over my aching body. Undress me, covering my naked flesh with yours, Nibble my neck, my collarbone As my legs tangle with yours. Taste my skin as I tremble with desire, Longing for your every caress and kiss. Drink from my core, Let my moans fill...Read On



I enjoy baking, It is good when it is just me, But, It is great when I do it with you. When I bake alone, I just get flour everywhere, Unattractively, A mess. When I bake with you, You place the flour, The sugar, Specifically. Hand prints on my ass, Sugar on my lips, Though we know it should just end up on our hips, I'm sure it'll just fade away. Your sharp spank makes...Read On


Lion's Tooth Soars

Where do dandelion seeds go when blown away? Long lost and forgotten across meadows  Long lost in tall grass Like spirits with souls and lost in direction When the lion's tooth soars  Sweet of the clover florets nestle in your hair Nectar on your lips my tongue taste My gleaming dear of passing years In shadows upon the new mowed lawn Long lost in tall grass  Sun rainbows of the dying...Read On


Difficult moments

There are moments When sadness hits her, Memories flood back, Things she can never take back, Re-do, un-do. Tears pressing, She tries to fight them, But sometimes they need to fall. She tries to let go. No one can change their past, All anyone can do Is move on, Make better choices, Learn and grow. She knows all that, Yet it is hard to do. Inside her darkness, He is her light....Read On


Coloring Book

Fantasies... A to Z Like crayons on a coloring book As if pantomime in silent shadows Whispering pages Bringing faces back to life On currents of my mind And tides of tomorrows in my sleep Forever love of rainbows correlations And hint of hue Our love remains a fantasy Like crayons on a coloring book A to Z...Read On



As He shackles her wrists He doesn’t imprison her, He sets her free, Gives her peace of mind, of heart. The collar around her neck Is not of oppression, But her greatest pride, Worn as a reminder, She is His, She is protected, She is loved. When she falls to her knees, It is not out of fear Or because He makes her. She offers her submission freely, ...Read On


Upon the Strand

Next to the strand, upon the tortured shore, I wept the tears of wretchedness once more. His faithlessness had me bereft and torn, While wavering be-chilled beside a bourn. A wistful face was drawing him away, She did not care that he was drawn astray. Delighting in seduction and deceit Her deft destructive power was complete. My lot was such that life felt drear and dour With nothing left...Read On


I Give Myself

I give my hand to my love.

My dearest love, my life is yours; I freely give without demand. Just, please, allow me by your side as gently now, I take your hand. Please lead me where my footsteps go; and, if the path get rough with stone, just take my arm and coax me on; please, never leave me all alone. You are my life, my one true love, my soul mate now for all of time. I trust you, dear, to lead me on o'er each...Read On


Silly girl

Silly girl, When will you finally learn? You don’t really matter, You never did. For a moment in time You believed, Again, That someone really cared. Silly girl, Have history taught you nothing? It is never about you, It is about someone, anyone. You have no real value, A mirage in the dessert, A wonderful fantasy for a minute, But fake, not real. Silly girl, Stop giving...Read On


Weep Of Lost

In silence thee lay of the long sleep In company of misery comforting my wake Stones of glass shattering true love deep  Beneath the iris and nest of swallows Weep of lost passion for best tomorrows The passing of yesterdays sorrows And the rising soul of love fold  Tears of my eyes seeking out thee  Oh pity me not of my lusting staff  Ever denying me my cup of swill gin As my...Read On


Parallel Dell

Silence echoes passing years The quiet hours of the day Beneath the yew we lay Six deep till midnight we rest In parallel dell On carpet of mint spray Aura of fragrance scent In meadow of planted stones  And twinkling psalms Of the sweet bye and bye Honeysuckle nectar taste  Wind chimes choir  Shadows embracing our love Whispering breezes sigh Dandelions seeds snow Like ripples...Read On



Please, Take me into your arms, Into your warmth, Hold me close, protected, Because tonight, I need your care. I just want to disappear Within you, Your scent safe and familiar As I nuzzle your neck, Rest my head on your chest, Listening to your steady heartbeat. Whisper with your soothing voice All those words You know I long to hear, Stroke my hair And caress me softly,...Read On


Crystalline Dreams

Asleep I stray to crystalline woodlands,  On moonlit paths bestrewn with sparkling sands,  In search of the Lady who wears the crown.  My precious Princess to whom I bow down. Her palace is made of sapphire and jade. For her my life has been lovingly made. She cares not for the sins I'm confessing With pearl like smiles she bestows her blessing. Upon her throne of topaz and turquoise, ...Read On


Above, around and under

Like the sun Sustaining and warm Emitting wondrous rays No matter how far Like the breeze Changing and swift Causing a stir With the slightest of shifts Like the rain Cleansing and fresh Creating a flood Drowning my flesh Like the trees Majestic and strong Just as the birds In his limbs I belong Like the stars Bright and divine Casting a spell With...Read On


Nightmare's Cure

She is my cure for life's past horrors.

I begin to write subdued and meek but ever grasping the ring I seek. As we circle back a final time I grab the ring. It’s finally mine. I was told the ring would bring reward, that the quest could end in death by sword The modern sword a mortar shell. Hit the ground or run like hell. Tuck and roll as I hit the ground to distant exiting chopper sound. Extracting wounded...Read On

Recommended Read

So Much More

So much more lives in me than you'll ever know of,  even though you once drew so close to me,  whispering that I only know how to  look at the outside of things. But, when we're here as tangled resting skin,  you always seem to be just out of reach. My fingertips navigate every inch of skin  and know  these curves and valleys  do not belong to a stranger. Maybe that's what hurts...Read On


Love Story

Every Love has a story....

Let me paint you a picture In just a few words Letting my ideas flow Free to be heard My thoughts placed across your heart So that you will always know How very deeply I love you so Tiny whispers of silk Across your skin As I trace the marks Placed by my pen Each stroke becomes a letter Each letter a word The words form our story So ‘twill always be heard A love for...Read On