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Love Poems

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Thinking Dreaming

Thinking and Dreaming Lying here naked Dreaming of you Together forever Just us two. Our love was right there Like a star in the sky Shining a path so clear Neither of us could deny. I imagine you here Right next to me Arm and arm we are As happy as can be. My heart beats stronger Feel it pound As we chat, talk and moan Our most sacred sound. Day in and day out I long for your touch...Read On


Sign On The Line

I need you to sign this contract, Before I commit to love you, Because I know from second hand news, That it isn't what you do. You play around with feelings, Betray none of yours to me, You want me to believe that I'm "The One", But you admit to others, you'd rather be free. I am not the first you have come to "love", And I sure as hell won't be the last, So why do I put...Read On


Winter Star

When you wish upon a star...

Darkness, Silence, A blanket of snow. Muffling all sound, Glittering, Like a million diamonds, Under a pale moon, A cold winter’s eve. She knows She is lucky. A nice house, Warmth, Never hungry, Family, Friends who care, Loving arms to hold her. Out in the night, There is sadness, Despair, Those struggling To eat, To keep warm, Fighting, With every breath Simply to...Read On


Won't You Please Touch Me

Longing for that touch ... the things I miss.

I miss your ... Fingertip across my lips shushing me for a kiss... Kiss so gentle it can barely be felt ... Hands, fingers cradling my face, turning it towards you for a kiss... Soft squeeze on my arms, fingertip under my chin... Wet kiss on my neck, soft breath teasing my sex... Cradling, fondling my sexual center, my sexual being... Finger nails lightly raking down my back,...Read On


Do You Know?

Do you know what it feels like? Know how it feels to have your heart torn out from your chest, Stabbed by a steely blade, Flung on the floor, Stamped on by muddy feet, And abandoned to the wolves? Have you ever had to watch someone you love, Walk away from you, Knowing full well you could see them, Slink over and flirt with someone else, Take them by the tongue, And break your...Read On


Disposable Plaything

I hate you, but I love you

Well I guess it didn't take you long to forget, Everything that we shared and knew, I dare you to try to replace me, Because no-one is going to put up with your shit, I loved you, but all I got in return was a slap in the face. How much time did I waste, believing all your lies? It is a hard pill to swallow, see the truth is a bitch. Fuck you and the games you play, Fuck you and everything...Read On


Fallen Angel

Trapped within a terrible dream I dream my pet lay not by my side My thoughts race with a chilling scream The void she fills won't be denied Heaven, hell and purgatory And every realm in between I scour...unforgivingly With raging fury never seen With my every step, the ground does quake Both gods and demons dare not test Why a mortal man, is in their wake I'm a man possessed, by his quest ...Read On



I was never closer to anyone before, both light and immense with your presence, certain we turn as all planets do, beyond our dense human understanding, rotating alone through immeasurable space. Adrift and finally aware of our own frailty, even the slightest touch is enough to promise us we are never truly alone, that some core in us always remains aglow. And carved through it all, ...Read On



I thought I needed more. But what I lost, Was ten times greater. I thought that his needs, Would be worth the risk. My need was nothing, I learned, Compared to my despair. Thought I had conquered acceptance. But my heart is finding, I have no clue what it means. The depth of this pain, Has taken me to my knees. This throbbing emptiness. Worse than any I have ever known.   ...Read On



Being with you Is like savouring the sun Through the gaps In the clouds In a storm Only there for the briefest of moments Gone away again Too soon Leaving me Eagerly awaiting your return Unpredictable And unique as a snowflake The thunder sounds The flash of lightning The rain crashes and tumbles The wind blows But as you reappear The sadness I felt Falls down around me...Read On


Soft, So Soft

Soft, so soft the skin on your cheek, with the down of desire so silky smooth to the touch. I lightly stroke you with the tenderness of a lover transforming your tears to smiles, tracing down your face from each bedewed eyelid to your lips, tasting the salinity of loss. I fulfill. I am the one to bring you forth and bear you up into the heights of passion, with a forgetfulness of...Read On



Sometimes a song can take your breath away

Words Notes follow You My heart Torn wide You Still No breath You Chill  Inside You Blush Of heat You Heat  Does rise You Gasp  Of wonder You Sweet  Surprise You Turns To knowledge You Then believing You....Read On


Dance Me

Please, dance me to heaven.

Come dance with me one final time; I'll dance you up to heaven's door. We'll waltz around the moon and back and tip toe o'er the stars that soar. The lightning will enhance our steps as thunder rolls to set the beat. The Milky Way will be our guide while gentle breezes lift our feet. Come dance with me, I'll hold you tight in love's embrace, you'll never fall. One last love's glance,...Read On

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Nothing Will Be Safe Again

Nothing will be safe again. For in that magnified moment where we are an irreversible two, we've also become something much deeper than just ourselves. And for better or worse, all that has ever haunted me will somehow become yours, A silent contract made, signed with the body. I'll see the mistakes you've made, you'll be imprinted with the echo of how I once hurt you, there can be no...Read On

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As the year turns over and some things are put to rest, I made a list just for you. You always did love the things that were just ours to hold, beautiful vignettes that lit your eyes, dark scenes that clipped your heart. I'd list last new year's eve, your finger hushing my lip before saying what can't ever be taken back. "Let's keep this simple and just enjoy this...Read On


Heart Storm

When the Heart cant decide...

Lightning zips across the sky As I stand inside The bright light arcs I continue to hide I hear the thunder boom Feel the house shake Is this weather a sign? Of the steps I should take? The storm sounds so angry As it continues to scold Makes me reconsider Having my feelings told Now comes the hail Along with the wind I wonder with whom Tonight I will spend Storm has finally passed...Read On


It's Love

Your mind is gone and you can't breathe; you're so confused you start to seethe. Your head is fogged, your eyesight dim, you start to giggle on a whim. Now nothing seems to feel the same, you can't remember your own name. Your stomach heaves, your chest does too. You're lost and don't know what to do. You hear but you don't understand. You swallow but it feels like sand. You try to talk...Read On


She Is

I can't. I don't. I won't. Figure it out. I have no doubt. She is. What words. Can't describe. I try. I want. I need. To finally find. No peace of mind. She is. Still nothing. Words can describe. I search. I wander. I beg. For some phrase. All is a haze. She is. Everything. I can't describe. Higher than heaven. Stronger than expression. More descriptive than writing. I struggle...Read On

Toasting Rum Libation

Muted passion  is all the fashion, when writing pleasures behind closed doors, as tapers drip musk. I thirst. Toasting rum libation.  Destined to arouse and palpitate libidos. Scribing with quill, the paper wrote on.  Masturbating into my inkwell.  Sensuality is the key, when titillating that which is. Eroticism in dark places, upon a dais, shrouded by web.  If...Read On


The Day You Saved Me

The day She saved me

The loneliness, the despair and emptiness surrounds me, A million words and yet not one touches my soul I read but I feel nothing, a chasm opens before me, As words for the sake of words spew out, meaninglessly I try to see some beauty, or order, but all I see is darkness It envelops, cloying, a fetid miasma it is I want to run, but the walls close in, an evil thesaurus I cry...Read On

Gathered Dust

Prose is only as meaningful as the words expressed. If from the soul, of sensualities keep chest. At times they have set, and gathered dust. Upon the shelves of time, but never forgotten.  Now years have past. Time has caught up with me.  My memories have remained, as if yesterday's kiss. Poetic love, bundled and tied. Like ribbons in your hair, never turns mellow. ...Read On


They Must be Angels

They know who they are, and they've changed my life.

I've been down the road of deception, where lies are a way of life. The darkness seduces and entices but always cuts like a knife. *** That road is crooked and leads nowhere and most always results in pain. The lies pile up, the stories get twisted to the point where you cannot explain. *** For to go there is only to fool yourself again and again and again. Eventually...Read On


Through His eyes

It is wonderful And scary at the same time When someone sees you as special, As someone of great value. On one hand it makes you fly, Find belief and joy, Pride in that you matter. At the same time, The worry is there, Of not being able to live up to it, Afraid you will fail or disappoint. He sees her In a way she doesn’t understand. She is a bit of a broken soul, In a broken...Read On


Dark Matters

Something familiar hangs between us, a certain palpable charge hinting at a wealth of untold histories, a spark that becomes a violent light. Perhaps too beautiful to last, too far away to hold, but I still see all of you, I still know you in the dark. You'll hold on long after we part, I'll feel it all over my flesh like beautiful phantom limbs, something too sacred to let go of. A mark...Read On


If thou would be here with me

Man wishes the woman of his dreams could be with him

If thou would be here with me Wearing silk eggshell flows I would have played Pachelbel’s Cannon Taken your hand as if a sweet rose Roaming ‘cross the dance floor In sweet flowing elegance The candle lights flickering Illuminating your face Every delicate feature Alive in its grace… Your heart beat I’d know it As it races like mine Look to each other And see the divine Your...Read On


Forever Love

You opened my eyes to your love, lost and alone till you came and picked me. Over everyone else you showed me a better way to live and love with all my heart. You're my everything, my true love, my world, a breath I take, and my soul. Nothing will stop me from loving you for the rest of time in this place. Wrapped in your embrace tightly, holding me forever in your arms. ...Read On

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One Night of Grace

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Hush and soothe this night away; Kiss the velvet skies to day; Hum a lullaby of peace And let my love for you increase. Smooth my cheek and rest awhile; Sing a heart song, sleepy smile. Hold me closer, kiss me soft; Sweetly hold my dreams aloft; Ease away the tautened worry; Send the nightmares...Read On



Sleeping in on a Saturday... A bird chirping a sweet song Wind whipping through my hair The smell of fresh clean laundry A rainbow glowing across the sky Dancing to my own beat The thunderous applause of the crowd A crispy apple Juice running down my chin The heat of the sun on my back The crunch of freshly packed snow under foot Laughter, laughter, laughter! The excitement on...Read On


Lost Cyber Friend

Should the passing of a friend into the cyber darkness remain so emotionally intense?

Not huge, this wound my heart endures this hour Not like the gaping hole a blade might leave Nor even close to wounds from rude gunfire Yet hurt, I truly am, and I do grieve. Her memory finds me when all is quiet When life’s endless demands are held at bay When I have shut my book, turned off the light In predawn hours before the break of day Her endless joy, her boundless zeal for life ...Read On


Is it Better?

They say it is better to have loved, and lost, than to never have loved at all. Do our hearts have to choose?   It is better to have loved?   Loved the feeling of electricity from the first time our fingers laced Loved the taste of your lips when they melted against mine Fire in my eyes, as I looked into the lust and cherish in yours, the moment we became one Belonging to you,...Read On