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Love Poems

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Offer New Love

If you loved me then  But don't love me now, Did you really love me At all. If you touched my heart But won't touch me now, Did you really touch me At all. If you gave me trust But can't trust me now, Did you really trust me At all. If you cried each night But aren't crying now, Did you really need me At all. If you took my hope But are hopeless now, Did you really use me  At all. If you...Read On

Morning Star

Looking into the horizon... bright start to guide me

You are the magic, as the sun peeks in the east, and sweetness flows, You are my morning star. Illusions flying, between the stars and sky, lost in the heavens, as you are my morning star. Entering my life, solitude cast aside. Path illuminated, as my guiding morning star. Sincere, wonderful, simple and sensitive. Those are the words, of my morning star. Motives are plenty, to trust,...Read On

Weep Of Lost

In silence thee lay of the long sleep In company of misery comforting my wake Stones of glass shattering true love deep  Beneath the iris and nest of swallows Weep of lost passion for best tomorrows The passing of yesterdays sorrows And the rising soul of love fold  Tears of my eyes seeking out thee  Oh pity me not of my lusting staff  Ever denying me my cup of swill gin As my...Read On

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Four Currents Thee Blew

On four currents thee blew Without sense o' your weak Now you rest in your deep  On clover and scent  'Neath stone thee sleep Near Damson Plum tree  Loving thee my glow Rhymes of sweet glee  Thee 'low earth Me rising day sun Flowers in the meadows Weeping their sorrow's  Gone me maiden fair To the shores of 'ternity Baring me despair In my agony I weep  Valley o' orchards ...Read On



Please, Take me into your arms, Into your warmth, Hold me close, protected, Because tonight, I need your care. I just want to disappear Within you, Your scent safe and familiar As I nuzzle your neck, Rest my head on your chest, Listening to your steady heartbeat. Whisper with your soothing voice All those words You know I long to hear, Stroke my hair And caress me softly,...Read On


Captivating Beauty'

Awestruck by her beauty

To my lover… The orange glow on your face Cast by the flickering fire outlines your features and Captivates my eyes I’m mesmerized by your beauty As the fire dances through your hair And reflects in your eyes Making each darker, more seductive Tongue moving across full lips You hypnotize me with your smile I can’t take my eyes off you I’m paralyzed by your beauty I watch as your body...Read On


Back to the Violet Coast

A poem to Melissa, the Honeybee Nymph (and my writing-partner in the UK)

The nine muses sing 'round the fall faerie ring While we dance in a circle of stone And the embers glow red as we dance with the dead By the sidhes where the faeries now moan Our arms slowly raise to the Goddess we praise While the passions we share rise anew And my lover is filled with the nectar I spilled 'Pon her lips as she kissed at my dew The smoke from the fire where...Read On


At your feet

Deepening love

There is a very thin line between hope and despair. Yearning is a feeling with which I have become very familiar.  Everyday tasks are infused with thoughts of you.  Questions are asked of myself, no answers come forth.  It is all so hopeless, but then a sentence, Words gifted from the ether Bring you into my presence, and all is well.  It's imagined love, but what romantic...Read On

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So Much More

So much more lives in me than you'll ever know of,  even though you once drew so close to me,  whispering that I only know how to  look at the outside of things. But, when we're here as tangled resting skin,  you always seem to be just out of reach. My fingertips navigate every inch of skin  and know  these curves and valleys  do not belong to a stranger. Maybe that's what hurts...Read On


You Were Here

You were here, You were locked between my legs. Now spring has turned to fall, But the memory remains. My lips were swollen from your kiss, Stained from all our love, Now my lips are left to reminisce The sweetness of your thrusts. Making love out by the sea, How long ago it seems That you drove one thousand miles To love me in the spring. The rain drizzled on your face, ...Read On


Trembling Bridges

Into misty swirling drifts of doubting  creep the feeble fears that feed regrets remorselessly until the dawning. Droplets of lovelorn dread bedew your flesh while the shadows cover your vision of what might have been but is no more. Is there no pathway to regaining your bearings and rebuilding  the mansion of memorable embraces once found but now unredeemed  since the shade crept in. ...Read On


Free Falling

Free falling, Down through the air, Worry is nothing, I live without a care. I know your arms, Will catch me when I fall, Make my landing safe, Your love will hold me. Your sweet cushion, Your gentle embrace, I'm your only mission, The love shows on your face. No playing safe, We don't need to, All anyone needs is to see, That for you I was meant to be. I will fall...Read On


Before a Marriage Proposal

Thoughts before asking her to be my wife...

It was warm today in our house by the sea, the smell of chili, bread rising by the fire. Outside, the wind was howling. Birds shivered on the wire and a few leaves dangled against the coming storm before falling to the piles of death around us. Beside me, you were slicing broccoli and did not see me take a breath and step away with a carrot in my hand and go to...Read On


Gone Alone

It happens too often

Something happened today, Strange in every way, You up and left, You’ve gone away, Again today. What did I say? Why didn’t you stay? Was it all pretend? No beginning or end, I should have known, You weren’t my friend, You weren’t anything then. Who are you? What did I do? Will I ever find out? What filled you with doubt? Did you know all along, What this is about? Imaginary clout. ...Read On


A new year

A journey is easier when not taken alone...

 A new year starting, Blank slates laying ahead. Hearts full of hope, Dreams of what may come, Worried of turmoil to be faced. Like all others, She knows not what will pass, Yet she meets the new year With smiles, Knowing she doesn’t meet it alone. Facing the unknown Can be exciting or scary. She feels at peace, With her love by her side, She can deal with anything. All...Read On

Of Reds and Browns

In Autumn days, of red and browns,  My dear maiden of dreams, I reach, With dried corn stalks and gourds  And acorns on the ground. Of jack-o'-lanterns smiling,  Laying dormant until Spring  And nutmeg kisses you give to me, Sweet jasmine scent in your hair. Soft breezes whispering poetic love, As wind-songs blow in the air, Joyful jubilation and sensual wiles, Beneath the...Read On


Music, Dance and Spices

My life is full, Wondrous and bright. And I am thankful For it all-- Friends, Lovers, Family, Sisters, Brothers, Big and small, Old and young. But most of all I am thankful for you. You guide me, Protect me, Love me, Cherish me, And always feed My lustful desires. Now I sit here Thinking, dreaming, hoping To be the bright spark In your day, Your want, Your need, Your desire. Together we...Read On

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This Boy and this Girl

The thrill of strangers, falling in love...

This boy (and this girl) Are in the first Flush of love. His heart Beating hard To hold her hand (in his.) (This boy) and this girl Are in the first throes Of desire, Walking together on the beach, And listening to the waves Crashing, calling out to one another, Love Love Love. (This boy) and (this girl) Are in the first expression of passion, Craving the saline tang Of each other's...Read On

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The light your presence made pulls away from my heart, lingering inside and swelling for years, the spaces between promises growing like rings loosening from our fingers. This ghost knows me well, so please do not reach for me anymore, the trails I've made are not yours, your steps only make tremors when walking along darkened roads. In the distance there are still glimpses at the edges,...Read On


There, Not There

Walking down a long hallway, Glancing furtively about, Feeling the loss, She is gone. Floorboards creaking with each step, Rooms empty and dusty, Furnishings missing, She is gone. Crying out to the corners of the house, Echoing in the dim light, Drifting dust motes, She is gone. Twilight is coming quickly now, Darkness is leaking in, Eyes are searching, She is gone. Sleeping in tangled...Read On



She walks her life through light and shadow, Night and day, With His warm whisper in her mind, Her heart.  As dawn breaks, He is there, Greeting her, in her thoughts, Putting a smile on her face,  Her body on fire, Knowing she is His,  That they will talk later. Her good days get brighter, Her darker days vanish When she spends time with Him. Laughter and joy fills her Along with a...Read On



being left what happens

What happens when the heart is left Behind beating All alone What happens when the loving ends The hurting starts And the dream is lost What happens when the words stop The silence begins And the pain sets in What happens when the love ends And the road ahead of you just stops What happens when you are left...Read On


Cliff Diving

Words cannot do justice to how you make me feel, It is like going cliff diving, You make me nervous, Maybe a little scared, Not in a bad way, Just a tiny bit apprehensive, But then you take me, I just jump, And I am in your arms, Like the wind, Cutting through the air, Just sailing on through, Adrenaline coursing through me, Falling into the deep blue waters, Ready to feel...Read On

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It was something so very simple, only complicated by memory's kindling when we sought out what torches would light the way back to each other. So I'll tell you what I remember, no sugary wistful longing because I'm already too tempted to mythologize you and I into something else. You'd rather know I was clutching the raw epicenter of this instead. I remember your hand reaching out,...Read On

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Lock And Key

There's never been a start or conclusion, only a lock waiting for a key, whether buried beneath earth as hard as frozen clay, or as unknown shapes spiraling just out of reach. You are already as familiar as the cells coursing through the rivers inside me that cannot end until we truly begin, until we chart the specific turnings. A pulse beating softly against mine, morning's first hints...Read On


The Venetian Map

"...for she had eyes and chose me." ~ William Shakespeare

You'll sail through my blood,  the first time I've ever  been so entirely consumed,  an exotic element to you as  you pulled me away from monsters  As if the telling of those tales  spilled war's memory from me.  There will be no solidarity to me, love,  no origin without cracks or foreign blood  coating my restless blade.  But you come to me without pretension,  with ceaseless devotion...Read On


Fragile and Broken

I never asked

I never asked for anything, I really didn't want you to know. Didn't want a commitment, Wanted to take it real slow. Just wanted for us to talk, To share and to learn. To become friends we could count on Before anything else would burn. I didnt want a week or a month, No, I wanted so much more. Wanted to build something to last. Something we could hold on to. Wasn't...Read On


In The Dark

A knock on the door, as soft and hesitant  as your first touch winters ago,  when I was falling apart,  when my secrets could keep me safe from what comes after we turn the lights off. It would be wrong to give so much of myself away,  just to summon the heat  of you so near again. To take all I am in the dark  and hope it's enough to not cast a shadow  over what we were supposed to be. ...Read On



Like so many women She always tried to be perfect, To be everything to everyone, A wonderful wife, A resourceful employee, A trusted friend, A hot lover, A good daughter. In the middle Of trying to play all these parts, Be there for everyone, Somehow she forgot herself. She rarely took time To do things for her, Or love herself The way she loved others. Setting...Read On


What I Want

My very first piece. Honest opinions highly regarded.

To have love, to have been loved To want and to be wanted Is this what it is to have lived? Is this who I am, or am I without a path? A nomad in this world, a wanderer, a Ronin Are not the best destinations found without a map? To follow free will, a whim, or a myth Does knowing what to want defeat all purpose? It is the journey I need, not the trophy awaiting Am I in this alone? 7...Read On