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The Comfort of You

passion of slumber

It starts in my sleep, this comfort of you. My body sensing you near, your heat ebbing into me like fresh brewed coffee in a mug. Your leg slides to mine and I wake, not yet dawn, but the dusky light of new morn cast shadows in the peaks and valleys of your body. My eyes trace the familiar mounds and contours that are you. I listen to the rhythm of your breathing and...Read On



Something smolders beneath the chit-chat

Coffee and cigarettes sociable vices I don’t smoke, alas but you look so gracious sitting at my table that I can’t not inhale  your secondary smoke and something else besides (pheromonal or otherwise primal) or maybe it’s just the gray glitter of something ashen silver yet quietly smoldering (too faint for any alarm now on the market) behind your crudely sooty lashes that sends shrill...Read On


Overwhelming Reality

The side effects of distance…

Thoughts are heavy, head is cloudy, gut is empty. Heart is weary. Distance is chipping away - slowly but steadily. I bear witness to the crumbling of yesterday´s love Like a dream unhurriedly fading with time. You visit me when silence is to loud to tolerate I sense your desires when darkness falls. I crave your bliss when dominated by love. An attempt to occupy...Read On



Random daydreamer thoughts

I'm always living in my dreams, Day and night they flow. Picture starry nights, starry nights, Painted by Van Gogh. I have a wanting in my soul,  With a humid heat like Cuba. Naked underneath the moon, Like a poem written by Neruda. I have an addiction that won't set me free. "Find what you love and let it kill you". Written by Bukowski, Words that felt so true. My head is...Read On


Laying Here Awake

It has been a long time....

Laying Here Awake I lay here awake Unable to sleep and I have my Master on my mind, As I do every day. Oh I know it’s "as it should be" And “of course", And all those answers You always give me. But please allow me to say How much I miss my Master Without the standard answers and responses You surely must have saved into your phone. And before you get angry at me ...Read On


Good bye My Friend

The loss of a friend never goes away...

Good bye my friend, lay down to rest You served your time, you did your best. You gave us laughter, you gave us tears You gave us memories to last our years. You took the time to love and care For many others, yet didn't dare To turn your back on a friend in need A very true friend you were indeed. So, good bye my friend, lay down to rest You served your time, you did your best. You may...Read On



Please take me, Love me, Cherish me, Adore me. I have so much to give, Plenty to offer. I need to know, must know, To whom I am giving it all to. Baby, love me, See me, Hold me, And please don't let me run away. *Great Thank You to delightful Gypsymoth, who become to know me so well and what am I trying to express with my writing, without explanations....Read On


Loving Sundays

Longing for the fall

A crisp fall Sunday Sitting on the couch with you Cuddling under a blanket Keeping us both toasty warm The rain and wind raging Knocking down the last of the pretty leaves We share an over-sized mug of coffee. You nestle against my chest I kiss the top of your head and sigh most contentedly You twist so your back is against me You grab the coffee mug and blow the coffee cooler Watching...Read On


Sweet Morning Dream

One fine day... As the sun slowly rises on this crisp autumn morn It is calm and so peaceful; you can hear the birds chirp. The water outside is so smooth and so still It looks like a sheet of glistening glass. I look over beside me as I reach out my hand wishing and longing you were able to be here too. This weekend however we both needed our space, to think and decide if “us”...Read On


love is a flower

just a simple poem

the sun filters downward through the trees  rays of color dancing on leaves flickering greens and yellows before finally reaching outward it stands alone, apart from the rest stem bending, browning purple leaves curling inward darkening on the edges once upon a time the flower stood tall bathed in bright sunlight caressed by the breeze fluttering and swaying, dancing light as...Read On


The Touch

That touch! The touch that made me believe The touch that made an assurance The touch that made me go crazy  The touch that made me your little pet The touch that made my adrenaline rush  The touch that has a care The touch, which is so gentle and loving ... I miss them!...Read On


Find the one

Find the one who will call you Just to hear your voice, Someone who holds you close When the thunder roars And you feel a bit scared, He who checks for monsters under the bed, Who loves you at your best, But also at your worst. If he loses himself in the depth of your eyes, Listens to your stories And warms as you giggle and blush, He might be the one...Read On


Love's last quatrain

Occasionally, even little pigs may recognise pearls amid their sty

I built a poem from Lego bricks Perfection! Not a hole to fix Each room I filled with emptiness Each plastic rhyme with hopelessness * Hey, lover! (who builds poems from sticks) I built a poem from Lego bricks He read, his face - a doleful mask - Proclaimed I had not met the task * 'To beat the wolves, my lover dear Do more than to the rules adhere I built a poem from...Read On


What will never be

Your skin on my pillow  My tears on your breast Your child in my arms My love for your child Your eyes lost in mine My eyes lost in your soul Your laughter in my heart My heart in your life Your life in my hands My hand in your hand That will never be But yet I shall dream and wish  and hope and want What will never be ...Read On



My heart hurts. My head tells me to be realistic. It was not meant to be. The tears flow, for reason unknown. The heart wants to blame, Wants to hate, Wants the hurt to go away. Logic will prevail, one day. Hopefully soon. The unknown heartache; Unbearable, Tiring, Relentless. Time is needed. To accept. To get past. To move on. Heartbreaks, Can not be the end. A...Read On


Sweet Serenade

Sweet serenade of my heart Like heated lips on the skin of my thigh Those brassy tones all soft and mellow Tender music of my lost soul Reaching out from the past To touch me on the morrow. Sweet notes that cascade and fall, And tumble Across my dreaming flesh like A soft caress That fills the void inside of That loving heart of yesterday. How my spirit...Read On


Lonely Heart

My lonely heart lay heavy Upon the breast of my existence As the sickle moon rests softly In an orange Harvest sky. The black top of my life Roams like a coiling snake Searching, seeking Across the barren Landscape of my mind Where is my lonely heart? Adrift and forgotten Under a darkened star, Or hidden away in the depths of Long ago? Lost to what is...Read On


Tomorrow This Dream

Whispers upon my pillow Faded lines of you I trace Magic sweeps across my mind I close my eyes Its you I find Smiles of silent silhouettes Lost in a world of no regrets Swirls of laughter as we dance Above the stars in a trance Your arms the blanket of my sleep I slip into your eyes so deep Passion flows within deep folds Bitter truths my mind escapes This moment right now...Read On



There is a constant pressure To do great, to be perfect, To fit a certain mould, From society, from ourselves. She knows she could never reach perfection, No mould ever quite fit. She keeps searching, Trying to find someone, He who could like the woman in her, The thinker and intellectual, Yet also cherish the girl, Who needs to be held and protected. She hides so much inside, ...Read On


Until you

I never believed in a lot, I guess that started my troubles. But I thought I didn’t have to, I realise it made my problems double. I never really wished, I guess that’s why I never received. I never understood the concept, I was wrong in what I perceived. I never really dreamt, Is that why nothing came true? But I thought I...Read On


Recommended Reed

Reed is a lover, a bounder, a rake, Where hearts are wanting, he’s there on the take.  In low conversations of hearts in need,  Whispered enquiries: “Have you tried Reed?”  Effortless grace and boundless urbanity;  He thinks of himself, a gift to humanity.  This little boy blue will blow your horn,  A smile to wear for one's rivals to scorn.  Simple gratification with minimal fuss,  A tick...Read On


Our Love

Comments are always welcome, please be kind this is my first attempt.

Looking into your eyes, feeling my heart beat gradually faster... As your hands reach for me... Your fingers softly caressing my cheeks. Our lips meet, softly brushing against each other. Our kiss growing more intense, our hands roaming over one another's body. Moaning softly I feel your fingers brushing the inside of my thighs, slowly moving higher. I moan baby, as I...Read On



A man longs for a stranger

Every single morning, For three weeks now or more.  You are sitting at the station,  In the same place as before.  You never see my glances.  You never feel my eyes.  You never know how much I want,  To hear your tender sighs.  My mind it starts to wander,  As you lose yourself in books;  A new one every day it seems,  oblivious of my looks.  You are not the world's best looker.  ...Read On



I am too tired for sex, but...

Wiped. It's only 4:00 p.m., And my body is saying Midnight. Who am I to argue with my body? The faxes didn't stop, they are still Coming, And heaven help me if the phone Rings again, And "she" wants to know if I am Available. Is there something unclear about "I am not in this afternoon"? E-mails, letters, files, binders, The onslaught of paper Has numbed me, Exhausted me, And now all that...Read On

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Lifes Greatest Gifts

The greatest gifts in life are those closest to one's heart

The greatest gifts bestowed to me Are nature’s gifts for me to see. The beauty of the land and sea, In its great diversity. The Moon and Stars that rest above, The Swan the Eagle and the Dove And my Heart with which to Love The fairer sex, the best of us. For nothing moves as pleasantly, Not wind nor water nor the tree, as a women who gracefully lives her life in harmony. ...Read On


What I Want

The answer to what I'm always asked....

I was asked yesterday... "Why do you do what you do, "What makes you make those choices?" I look with questions in my eyes and confusion on my little lips... "You mean my life style, Or what I wore today?" I jested. Then my look sobers and I reply, "I am asked all the time either on net or in real life." I pull out my phone and show a picture of my love. Most reactions given are...Read On



Never mind about the dirty pipes

If I said something before about the plumbing Well, please, kindly disregard any such concern. I won’t bring it up, if it comes up I’ll waive it away For though there is some problem with the drains It really really ruins My peace of mind taking it from behind Hard up against the wall, wet Having to think about fungus spores Gore-green, mustered in flakes shaken loose Or clotting your...Read On


My Sin

More than just a tear.

In front of me it sits, in a glass, two cubes of ice, a smooth golden drink. I stare at it taunting me, Over twenty years its been, but tonight, I gave in. The glass touched my lips, my eyes closed, FIRE, down my throat. A tear wanting to roll, the knot I feel, Does not let me breath. Whiplash, Hot, cold, Confusion. Yes No A memory comes to me, I tremble from within, those...Read On


The Bite

To see you.

To some it is a thing that is not understood, To others a necessity. To me, It is to carry his burdens silently within me, To let him release each one, to weigh on me. He can be free to run, to be himself, to find himself. When a bite is accepted, And surrender is given, It is not to be weak; It is to balance each other. At times he will be lost, And it is then I will need my strength To...Read On


Dry Tears

probably not my best, just kinda wrote itself...

I should not, But still I care. I wonder where, I wonder why, Then I think, What went wrong? Now I remember. It was there, But now it's gone. Forgotten and lost, Moving away, Hanging by a thread. Thread can be cut, But this one can't. First love doesn't die, But you can forget it. It just wasn't meant to be. You said no for a reason, So now it's my turn. For once in my life, I will stick...Read On