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Just a very short poem about my recent break up

As I lie alone in this empty bed, I close my eyes to feel your touch. I wish for the taste of your dick in my mouth. I long for the sound of your mouth on my breasts, The sting of your teeth as they bite my tender flesh. I miss the way your hips fit between my legs When your length is buried so deep inside me, Touching places no one else ever has, Bringing me pleasure as only...Read On


For Lily For Loving Me

For all the times you kissed my cheek kissed my mouth and made me weak For all the times you held my hand pushed back my hair, strand by strand For all the times you kissed my lips and lightly kissed my finger tips For all those times you whispered in my ear that you would forever be right here For all the times you showed me love told me that I was someone to be proud of...Read On



I once told told you how a touch could flutter through time, become a seed, an explosion of stars to paint your universe with light. If I can give that to you, it's worth burning through all I am to know that fire isn't really the end, that you will still curl around the ashes until I form anew. In the framework of singed flesh you've carved your language, seared the most sacred...Read On



A young sub awaits her punishment!

Hands behind your back, securely tied. Blindfold attached, legs slighly wide. Your gown feels heavy, your nipples hardened, The next few minutes will see if you're pardoned. You feel his approach, his cologne you can sense, Your lips start to moisten, your body you tense, Your hem is pulled upwards, your buttocks are shown, You tighten them quickly, your punishment known, ...Read On


Paris Will Never Be The Same

More of a lost love poem than a love poem...where is Paris anyway?

I returned to Paris as in days gone by, Now that I’m here, I’m not sure why, For the city that once felt like home, Is a joyless place when you’re alone. I can’t help but recall the older days, Of sipping wine in corner cafes, Romantic dinners by candle light, That lasted well into the night. The walks along the river Seine, Huddled together against the rain, Hand in hand we’d stroll...Read On


Death's stealthy arrow

Bullets, blades, disaster and disease become nought beside the great deceiver's subtle weapon

I cling to speeding, spinning cones of lead That pierce the air and armour, skin and bone; Once deep inside, I ditch my deathly ride, Spread dark destruction, quell life's fragile wick. * I cleave to sharpened shards of stainless steel That separate the living from the dead. A scratch, a nick, a cut will let me in To fester in the ragged bloodied meat. * I steal by...Read On


Tiara Askew

A tear and a seed blow,  Planting and new grow, Gentle as trees bearing fruit And my muse... Tiara Askew.  In words, pollen divided  Like honey is too sweet  On beds of toast, Ever spreading romance. Hearkening my sayings  Of Georgia pines and saw grass,  I carry about me my soul,  Composing sensuality I compose. Crooning, the bloom of flower, Opening petals, caressing the hour, ...Read On


Forever and Always

Every time I tell you that I love you, I hope you don't take it for granted, It comes from my heart, Where I hold you dearly. From the first time we talked, I knew there was something special about you. The day finally came when you told me you loved me, I longed for this moment, You made me so happy. I knew I was in love with you, I knew you were the one and only man for...Read On


The Sailor and the Siren

A sailor makes his choice.

This poem only available on Lush Stories The darkening seas of jaded greens Peaked and troughed under gloaming skies; The whispers of the unknown dead Laced the waters with their sighs. He stood upon the deck, astern, And watched the sinking gold, Another age of life and death To add to dooms untold. The sailor stood, and gazed into The beckoning, vengeful seas As celestial maps...Read On


If I Could

Baby, if I could hold you close forever... if you don't mind, if I might, Then my days will never seem so endless and I will never feel so alone at night, Sweet heart, if I could only tenderly kiss your lips right now, a kiss so soft and sweet, Then my mouth could savour the taste of true love until the next time our lips should meet. Lover, if my fingers could caress your warm skin,...Read On


One Hundred

What I crave in one hundred words.

I have this need To help others To please Some say I’m too eager But if I don’t I’ll bleed Out Onto the carpet Love spills over And over again pleading Let me out Let me be This eager whore To please Giving only to you Don’t you see? How anxious it makes me? I crave your direction Gain desire and want from you Why can’t you give it to me? Be the guiding hand on My quickly confused head...Read On



You are everything I could ever need.

You are always there, Never leaving my side. You only see the best in me, Not allowing me to hide. You easily forgive, When I’m the one to blame. You truly believe in me, But all I feel is shame. You are strong and reliable, In the times I need you most. You are kind and understanding, Not the type that would boast. You fully trust me, Even though I’ve let you down. ...Read On


Walking up to Destiny

I never knew what I was missing...just that something was

Walking down a path at school surrounded by so many... laughing talking yet something is missing. Surrounded by so many... every week another party another hookup another "fun night". I feel so alone. Surrounded by so many... bodies entwined  kisses on lips moans from many. I feel so empty. Surrounded by so many... one man walks up to me takes me by the hand. ...Read On


A Thousand Miles

Distance doesn't matter...

A thousand miles of ocean blue, A thousand miles to be with you. A thousand miles to kiss your lips, A thousand miles to hold your hips. A thousand miles to dance all night, A thousand miles to make it right. A thousand miles to hear your laugh, A thousand miles to share your bath. A thousand miles to ease your pain,  A thousand miles to drink champagne. A thousand miles to share...Read On


How can we?

A man questions his lush-life.

How can we face this uncertainty, Running in its maze of dead ends? Fraught with the unknown. Hiding in shadows. How can we get past these barriers? Solid yet imagined, Holding back our passion, And burdening our spirits. How can we unleash our true nature? Simmering passion yet hindered. Truths of years waiting to be unbridled. Unsure, but steadfast in our unity. How can we love as we...Read On


101 wasted words

A Roman said it in 2 words; someone else in 3: seize the day! We know it, yet still run out of ti...

We have tonight, my lover said, To write a poem A poem to write Without a wasted word? said I Said I, said I, said I * Precisely so, my lover said,  A hundred words And one besides 'Tis not enough, I fast replied 'Tis not, 'tis not enough * If love were true, my lover said, You'd need but three Just three would do But I would die for you, I said For you I'd...Read On


What you do to me

Maybe some of you out there, share these feelings

The feelings you give me, are like none other The feelings of you against me Against my lips Against my skin In my head In my heart Throughout my entire body You make me smile from ear to ear Giggle and laugh, that sweet innocent giggle you love Love everything more; Hate, what I do, less You make me giddy Shake and nervous Yet, comfortable and relaxed When you’re touching...Read On


Red Silk Sheets

Pleasure From A New Perfect Lover

Oh, lay me down on red silk sheets, The way you kiss me makes me weak. Stiletto shoes upon my feet, I want to touch you, feel your heat. I take your cock within my hand Though this is far from what we'd planned, Your teeth rip my lace panties off, Now in my mouth I feel you throb. I swirl my tongue along your shaft Take you, suck you, God you're hard! You explore me with...Read On


Needed Love

The tears have begun to fall like streams I wish that this pain was just a bad dream My cries unheard by others I wished for this for so long Through all the pain and all the tears Until the day I finally met you When I see you smile It warms my heart You have given me strength to live You have shown me what it feels like to be loved You have touched my heart in...Read On


But A Whisper Away

Leaning back into the cushions, I blink and yawn. Watching yet another movie that I won't remember. The hour grows late, as it's wont to do, But my heart glows with happiness, thinking of you. "Insanely amazing," your voice whispers in my ear, And my lips rise in a contented smile. It's well after midnight, and I wait for you, Knowing here shortly your long day is soon over. In...Read On



I feel your power taking me over. Your eyes ask, “Can you feel it?” It is a conversation between our bodies; There is no need for words. Our bodies play their own game, I have no say in it, And as it is the most natural thing to do, Without a word being said You take my hand and pull me closer. Your touch takes possession of my skin, My body shivers as your grip becomes stronger. ...Read On


I Remember it All

I remember it all, now that you're gone. I gave you everything I had, you were my first. I never thought we could go wrong. I needed you. You were the one to quench my thirst. But as I grew dependent, you grew distant. Our love was naive and new. You questioned us, but I was insistent. Yet you promised me forever, almost on cue. You left right after you said you loved me. You were so...Read On


I Cried Tonight

I love him so...

I cried as I drove home tonight But you didn’t know. I left my heart out in the air And it cracked as it fell. But it’s not the first time My heart has been damaged or contused. Can you not see The pain that seeps out of me? Sometimes I think I love too much, And, while you love, it’s not as deep. Should I stay and be in pain, Or should I end it now while I am still sane? ...Read On


Concealed Souls

We readily took off our clothes And opened our minds To explore ourselves and each other In the Lush land of non-existence Hovering in a wasted no-man’s land Between substance and delusion What is authentic here? Connections seemingly in tandem Waiver badly when questioned or reminded That the words are unreal Concealing the souls beneath the facades Our heated skins did...Read On


Cum Enthusiast

Cum Enthusiast is my name I'm sure you can guess why I'll guarantee you one thing The name is no lie I'll rock your cock Like no one else can And when I'm done You'll be my biggest fan Hearing your moans As you slide all the way in Fucking my face Will definitely be a win-win You can have me on my back Or even on my knees It makes no difference to me Since I aim to please My lips...Read On



A reflection on a lost time Today is a warm day, One that would have been perfect For a stolen afternoon. In our private conversations, Where we would talk, laugh and hold hands, Kisses and making wet messes, Enjoying some stolen time. About a year ago, during a stolen afternoon, When the sun was shining, I remember how you stole my heart. And, every time I logged on, ...Read On

Recommended Read

Just Fuck Me

don't ask me for what i cannot give

Don't buy me dinner, bring me flowers, ask how my day was. Just fuck me. I don't need a loving word, soft kiss, tender touch from you. Just fuck me. Don't ask for time, for attention, for love. I used those things up long ago. Just fuck me. Take me against the wall, over the table, in view of the window. Make me moan as you bite my nipples, scream as you slam your cock into me,...Read On


Accept Me As I Am

First poem of the month...yet another love poem of sorts originally posted under 67Goat...

I never meant to take you for granted, Because you're the best I've found, I truly cherish every moment, Of the times you are around. But now and then we say and do, Things we don't intend, My actions were just misconstrued, I never meant to offend. We all regret from time to time, Things we do and say, I just wish I could turn back time, And take your pain away. You mean so much more to...Read On

Audio version available

Beach Freckles

be with me in the sea.... love me there....

The sky blue air is clear and cloudless and the day is like no other. You have left me on the beach where we shared touch and breath and the very essence of life. I watch as you leave a trail in the sand. Your ass is an object of male beauty. Suddenly I giggle and roll to cover my body in the moist warmth of our loving nest. Grains of sand make beach freckles ...Read On


The Velvet Room

Disclaimer: This poem is only available on Lushstories. (C) iszofia 2010 - 2012 Lead me to the Velvet Room Dance me down the corridor Tell me your fantasies Fill my mind with reckless needs The enticement in your voice I want to hear Stand me in the candlelight Tie my arms above my head Spread my legs apart Lash my ankles to the floor ...Read On