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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

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You can reach out to find me But I may not be there Think what you want of me But I just might not care Put a strain on my heart And it just might tear My body may be here Yet my soul, nowhere No call for help Not even a flare Dying so suddenly It just isn't fair The ending of "us" no longer a pair And all I can do is sit there and stare Watching as it vanishes into thin air No...Read On

Happy Anniversary 2017

Our Wedding Anniversary is today Eighteen years on this date We've enjoyed each other many ways Meeting you that night was fate We have a wonderful family now Love that fills our house Remember reciting our vows We're each other's spouse Sometimes our lives are not easy But we work out our problems together Unfortunately, in life there are no genies We've made it through stormy weather ...Read On


The Witching Hour

The full moon casts long shadows.

The moon sits high in the night sky. The wind through our bedroom window rouses me from my sleep. In our room the full moon  casts long shadows of images I dare not speak. The crickets chirp as the willow sways drawing my mind to days of past. Love lost, love found, awoken to dreams that can never come true. The hoot owl calls to love unknown in hopes of catching a mate. A soft rap...Read On

A Kinda

As the Yeoman of the clouds sails a marshmallow sky A kinda unwinder of my mind-spring wound tight As dandelion seeds blow and honeysuckles trumpet The Forget-Me-Nots grow at half past Autumn On the slide of a night's rainbow we kiss As the heavenly stars of chandeliers glow We tie the knot with Forget-Me-Nots And when the Yeoman calls for sprinkling rain A kinda unwinder of my...Read On


Desperate Times

Springtime, determined to win her,  Keeping her firm in his sight,  With the mantra  Desperate times call for desperate measures Only content when she was his every night.   Spending their summer in love, Tender moments increasing desire, Desperate times call for desperate measures Hungry need fuelling their passionate fire.   Autumn brought heartbreak and tears, Begging him to...Read On


Locked Up Tight

Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime - Mineko Iwasaki

My heart has been locked in a steel cage Inside a vault and buried deep inside Everyone had the combination but me It was always their playground and never mine Most promised everything, and delivered nothing They would take it out and throw it all about It has been stomped on, burnt and stabbed Some even dangled it from a string  And used it as their fucking punching bag It would sit on...Read On

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Is That Okay?

Sometimes we just need to walk away...

No longer dream but silently scream Wake sweaty, sad, and unclean  Did you hear me?   Were you even listening? Kept me at bay so I left you today Impatient, hurt, and astray  Do you miss me?   Are you aware I’m gone? Appears to be true I meant less to you Sinful words, song, and our view  Was it just me?   Am I the fool again? Don’t know why there was no try So I walked away...Read On

With The Whiting

With the whiting of the clouds I blew a wafting marshmallow And a sweet hint of dew on the petals of a mornings' sunflower As the knees of the bees genuflect while spreading sweet pollen And the shadow of you dance on my chest with love's silhouette While the Gods in heaven blow on cue a summer shower choir And the honeybees raise their umbrellas Before the grapes ferment a ambrosia's...Read On


Friend Zone

You're just headed to the friend zone

You think you got it together You think you got a lock on it But you forget to call and Think it's no big deal But you find yourself in The Friend Zone You find him callin', Tellin' you about this girl he asked out and How much he wanted to bang her? You say two can play that game  And tell him about a hot guy How much you want to get tangled up in the sheets How the new guy...Read On

Recommended Read

Poem #437

everybody is driving home from work maybe one of them is that quiet girl who doesn't really fit inside her skin glasses that hide obsidian eyes she has faith in love stories but no faith in love everything that happens in the world always happens to somebody else no one told her she's pretty today or that her eyes are like dark jewels some drunk angel lost in the alley behind...Read On


The Betrayal

A dagger plunged so deep, Twisted inside a bleeding heart Already injured.   Pain shielded by rage Pride broken to pieces, Breaking me The same way I’ll break you When I leave....Read On



Paying the price

Swishing through the air, Thwacking, biting, stinging, burning. Spreading heat across milky globes, Squirming, anticipation building. Swooshing, striking again, And again, And again. Turning globes pink,  Spreading fire, glowing red. Yelping, whimpering, crying, Falling tears rain down. Pausing, waiting, listening, Holding still, craving. Speaking softly, pleading for more, ...Read On


A Glorious Morn

With every dawn that breaks  The sun peeks out Illuminating the sky In a bounty of hues. My heart beats strong As my mind races  To catch up with the morn. The birds begin to chirp A beautiful melody Awakening the world  Awakening my mind, body and soul Under a smiling sun With beautiful dancing rays That sparkle that golden glow Grazing the tip of my nose Through the...Read On


Folded Flag

Memories are forever

  A folded flag is all that remains Someone came into my life and totally changed me He showed me what love was and gave me hope for a future He was gone too soon He left before we could have our dreams come true  One last night of passion before he went to help  One last night of being tangled up in the sheets together  One last long kiss That's why he is a hero  He knew the cost...Read On



We have our moments When it's all roses and moonlight, We have those moments Where we argue and fight, We have our moments When we grow closer, We have those moments When things seem to be over. We have those moments When we can't stand each other, We have our moments Where we still love one another, We have those moments When doubt and anger fill our hearts We have our moments...Read On



Gone but not forgotten

Fell in love for the first time with Montgomery Gentry playing in the background A night of passion that didn't last but The memories remain Montgomery Gentry became a part of the soundtrack of my life Windows down music turned up loud Driving down the back roads Raised a little hell to Hell Yeah Bonfires and long nights Dancing under the stars Then all of sudden in a blink of eye...Read On


What These Eyes See

You are blinded, my love. What you don't see beneath the skin...

What your eyes see   Always a mystery  I don't see the same Beautiful girl in the mirror You see when looking at me  Only an old face of a girl  Who used to dream Voluptuous you say? I can't see that  Only the humps and bumps of my flab   Deep scars from my skin  To the depths of my soul  I only see This empty shell of a body Whatever your eyes see They deceive you  The beautiful girl...Read On


The sweetness of your lips

The melancholy beauty of the fall

The olives and the ochres of withered blades, Of conkers and hazel all through the glade Dark evenings, too soon the clock going back, Squirrels secreting their nutty snacks A ring of fairies dancing on the lawn, Appearing in the early dawn     The cool breeze brings a dash of rain, Like tears on the window pane A double rainbow a lucky sign? Watching with your hand in mine   ...Read On


Pretty Woman

Walking down the street noticing a beautiful woman coming your way

Stopping I notice this Beautiful woman Walking towards me I notice how elegantly She moves  The way her hips sway  As she walks down the street I can’t help but to  Stop and stare At this beauty Before me Noticing her perfect Ample frame with Her small but pert breasts And perfectly toned bum Looking up, seeing her Beautiful smile,  Small but cute nose  And big and sexy eyes, To die for ...Read On


The Moon

Originally written 11/15/2015

You are like the moon, on a dark starless night. A stark source of brightness, a brilliant point of light. Every evening you reveal, a different version of you. Your glow giving life to the night time, as the sun concedes the day is through. You're smiling from above, as the twilight comes alive. Glimpse my heart waking from its coma, happy to see you arrive....Read On


Star Crossed Lovers

Because sometimes, you love the right person, at the wrong time.

How can I miss you when you aren’t mine to miss.  A song brings back every memory of you.   The feel of your hand, running through my hair,  The way your lips felt against mine  As you devoured me  Memories flood my mind, I can see you standing there  Holding my hand, like it was meant to be  We should have known better,  Perhaps, we are just star crossed lovers  Soul mates, maybe ...Read On


Promises made should not be broken.

It's said love demands a lot from you But reality suggests it's not at all that true Two very simple things in love are a must Devoted loyalty and a faithful trust Trust in your love make sure it is deep The returns you get are yours to keep The stronger the bond the harder to break Has to be when there's so much at stake Loyalty plays such an important role A soothing kindness to a...Read On



Originally written 8/27/2015

My heart is an inkwell, overflowing with feelings I've known. Occasionally revealed by my pen. Both a gift and a curse, this fuel for my words. Spilling everything both real and pretend. Does any of it matter, or am I wasting my time? Pouring it all out for deaf ears, and stone hearts. Will it ever be enough, these memories, shadows and echos from my mind? Or will it continue to matter to...Read On


Better way

I heard it again, "We can still be friends"! That cringe worthy phrase uttered, when a relationship ends.   They never mean it. Yet everyone pretends, that the band aid will hold, till your heart mends.   Your in-box remains empty, the phone deathly silent. Yet you puff out your chest, and flash a grin clearly defiant.   Beat me up, tear me down,  ignore my feelings and anything I have to say....Read On


New Year's Kiss

It's that time of year again  The old ends and the new begins.  Standing amidst our friends,  We glance across the distance separating us    The room disappears as our eyes meet.  You are all I need. All I want.  But the timing has never been right  So here we stand,  In a world all our own  Despite the crowd, flowing around us.     I can read your mind,  Even as we look around...Read On


The Proof

Your eyes seemed to melt into the dark needful pools of my own. The kiss was beyond feverous, so quiet but moving with something primal, an ancient fury and desire to conquer suddenly sealing over my parched lips. You wanted it to leave a permanent mark, to feel your fire and signature taste, to keep something in the end, it's how I know you loved me. You must've know then, how I ached...Read On



I look at you and my heart races my mind yearns to know if how my eyes perceive you is real and how close we'll ever grow You exist just beyond my reach as I try to catch your eye a foolish dream, a wishful thought culminating in a sigh I know you've seen how I look at you as I laugh and flash my smile but there's more to me than an impish grin and a hint of mischievous guile I offer you...Read On



What can I say, that hasn't been said? How can I describe, what you do to my head? what can I do, to take my mind off you? I close my eyes I see you there, drifting to sleep, I smell your hair. And then I dream  we're together. But I wake alone and it's worse than ever. Longing, to know your touch. Never, wanting anything so much. Hold me, kiss me, love me,  then dismiss me. Play with...Read On


Time's Delicate Folds

Reaching you will unmake us, it is the end and start of our impossible divide, placing our every mistake in a clouded hourglass and hiding flaws in time's delicate folds. All of these moments have their own weight like stones of different shapes and sizes, decorated in glyphs and runes of the languages we lost, each can build a road and towering castles for us one day. I've broken time...Read On



Slipping, Fairy dust and fairy tales are long gone.

Slipping, Through my hands. Slipping, Like sand. Slipping,  Knowing that we can't. Slipping, Our time has past. Slipping, Unspoken truths. Slipping, Walking away from you. Slipping, So much more to do. Slipping, Fairy dust and fairy tales are long gone. Slipping, No more, it's time to move on....Read On