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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Froth On My Beer

For the good of my mind And poetic atmosphere In my writing creativity I raise a good cheer For the love of a woman Bringing omens of lust And froth on my beer As she mellows my ambiguity Untangling my words And wetting my taste With a caring orderly Blowing the froth off my beer While the shadows of dusk Play heavy on my soul With a walk in the dark On the good...Read On


Breath Of The Equinox

The nomenclatures of words  Are written in pages of books  But the emotions I share with you Are gently scrolled from my soul With a scent of bliss  Giving thee my heart With an effigy of a pin Feeling warmth of our sins As breezes blow so do my stanzas  With a falling of the autumn  And frost on the window panes  In moments of devil's wonderment I print a poetic hue of love  ...Read On


Maiden Smile

And the winds howl a distant mourn Down below a hellacious blow  Faraway, faraway a lustful tune While a tempest yawns a fare-thee-well As the open eye of the storm winks a kiss In the valley of the noonday brume Caressing your breasts Your maiden smile bliss I'll be singing a love song for you While whispers bring me to my knees As the buoy bell rings an echoing moan ...Read On


A Song A Distant Smiling


  Once awhile in my poetic style Wiling away in stanzas aisles With words screaming for you In my anfractuous chicanery Near the aquarium 'neath the stairs Twining on curlicue of knobs As a tempest blows on horizon A song a distant smiling Wooing me to a deepening lair On high tides of a siren's cry Fringing poetically in deep onyx Most obsidian my prosing harks In pitter-patter...Read On


My Promontory

It was in my coronation of a scroll  When my thumb sought out goth  And dark dreams I beheld Yet I was blinded But now that I've seen the truth With my eyes of Godspell's cue A love has called me home No more my lust to roam And with touch of your compassion  A new dawn on sun's rising crown  Will lead me to my promontory  As we lay down on bed of round...Read On


Once Was Golden

As the autumn leaves fall, like a chronicle of prose on earth's seasonal solstice,  and my aged eyes. Where once was golden, my pen has turn to rust, but your love remains  as if it's eternal spring. And in my ancient tea cup, I see your beautiful shadow when my memory slows, vaporizing into dust. With life's little quibbles,  while my sanity dies, in my eyes I cry as my...Read On


A Wisp Of Mint

As if a dream, an opus it seem An opus of romance we shared In haze of summer daze Now I suffering melancholia For it wasn't but a fortnight hence Before the calling of last tense And sometimes past I gasped Of times together we spent  And now all is naught  Hovering above my closing eyes The shadow of a broken halo  A lost breath in disguise As love cries, my balling sighs Now...Read On



As the dreams visit...

Every night as you visit  You teased me as I have teased you I knew where It will lead us to. Sweet kisses on your eyes, Sweet kisses on your nose, Sweet kisses on your lips, That linger in my heart. Hot kisses on your lips, Hot kisses on your chest, Hot kisses on your abs, That go a long way down. Kissing my way down, Licking you there, Sucking you up, Pleasures you like ...Read On


Soul Close...Yet Soul Far

Distance makes no difference to hearts on fire...

Magic happens in the moments between dreams and dawn. I awaken when you sing your siren song. Over oceans and countries your call is so clear. No matter if I’m sleeping it’s like you're right here. “Time to awaken my pet. I need to hear your voice. Whisper your thoughts to me my darling. You know we have no choice.” I awake with no bells...just your soul kissing me awake. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Twin Flame

“Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along” ~ Rumi

I wonder if you too recognised how effortlessly we breached the surface, burrowing into more intimate clutches as though we had always belonged. How we danced beneath a curious calm during the swift but gentle tensioning, finding comfort in the magnetism  that enraptured us – a balance of delicate forces to which we beckoned no resistance. As we strayed across the threshold we...Read On


Beautifully Flawed

To, Tony, the one who taught me to see the world differently.

They say that the mirror never lies. In the mirror I saw every imperfection. But is the world's truth really within the mirror's unforgiving reflection? Or does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder? I grew to hate my body's imperfections. In the reflection I could only see scars, flaws and countless shortcomings. Was my reality in the beholder or mirror? Inundated with...Read On



Have you ever been fortunate to feel this way?

Are you a dream Or are you real? Do you even realize How you make me feel? Loved unconditionally It is in your every touch, every kiss How did I get so lucky To get to experience this bliss? Protected within The strong circle of your arms I rest easy Knowing you will allow me no harm Cherished forever Loved for all eternity That is how I feel When you look at me Desired...Read On

Flight 5894

Peering west at the evening sky that's deepening into a dark wine. The lights of a jet catching my eye, does it have on board the love of mine? My pulse begins to increase pondering on our greeting. Will the tension and nerves cease, our first face to face meeting ? She walks through the door, her head turning and seeking. I dash down the floor waving my arms, not speaking. Amid the...Read On



Just one word, but it's such a strong word.

One word that needs to be said. One word that needs to be heard. One word won't fix it all. One word to clear my head. One word its not that hard. One word to start to heal. One word to start to feel. One word carries so much weight. One word just five letters. One word I feel inside. One word I cannot hide. One word to seal my fate. One word that cannot wait. One word...Read On


Walking Hand In Hand

Walking together on a beach.

As they walk together hand in hand The sun setting in the distance tonight Enjoying the moment as they stand Holding each other feels just right Hands are locked, fingers entwined The waves calm and in their reach The waves rush together and collide They walk together on the beach Summer nights dwindling by Fall days on the horizon Walking together with her guy Her boyfriend proposes with...Read On


The Empty Shape of You

haunted by memories...

In you I always lost myself but I never knew A heart could turn to blackened dust and I’d be losing you The feather touch of memories that swirl around my head And there’s an empty shape of you lying in my bed Where once our hearts were synchronized Our promises were atomized A love that turned to empty words When once your voice was all I heard Our fingers...Read On


Heart Tears

All she has is her tears.

She can't sleep. All she can do is weep. Her tears wet upon her cheeks. Face down in her pillow to silence her cries. All she wants to do is run and hide. The pain washes over her like the tides. Body shaking, her mind quaking. Her heart breaking. Her soul for the taking. Darkness settles in. Will she ever see light again. How it all makes her head spin. Alone in her sorrows. She...Read On


Uncontrollable Emotions

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power,but because of its persistence. James N. Watkins

I'm as a flowing river crystalline, and calm or turbulent and murky yet uncontrollable You are as a mighty mountain the rock which cradles, guides, and contains the flow of my journey Sometimes waters rush as a kiss in a frenzy as the rapids, or a waterfall as my feelings come crashing The rocks, and the waters keep each other's secrets, caress each other in a dance, give and take,...Read On


Recipe For Love

Follow this recipe for happiness.

Communication is key To keep love on track You won't always agree You must have each other's back Always tell each other you care Showing love in lots of ways Your love for each other is rare Offer each other lots of praise Spend time with one another Listen to what they say  New things each day you'll discover Enjoy the love each and every day Make sure to talk on...Read On


Happy Anniversary My Love

Seventeen years together.

My love for you is wider than the ocean You're the apple of my eye Our love causes lots of emotion You're my wonderful and amazing guy Will be married seventeen years In just a couple of days Let's celebrate and share a beer You've always been my sunny rays We have a lovely family Two children in our house We met rather casually You'll always be my loving spouse Will...Read On


Big Faker

Faking it isn't nice

You don't know me Although you say you do You will never understand The things that I go through You don't hear me But yet you still pretend Offering up false empathy You pretend, just to pretend You talk about me Like I'm not even here Then wonder why I am angry Please stop faking it, dear. You talk about them Like you've walked in their shoes And battled those inner demons Knowing...Read On


Mutual Reflections

A beautiful young wife enjoys the company of another man

Her smile looks innocent enough Until you lean in closer See the reflection in her eyes Mirroring your wanton self Drawing away slowly and shyly She turns her head slightly Her gaze still fixed and intent Knowing that you will follow Her buttocks swaying gently She ascends the wooden staircase Pulling you like a puppet Without even needing strings The trail of perfume in the air Drifts...Read On


Thursday's Trilogy of Love, Love, Love

1, 2, and 3 makes a trilogy of love.

1. Clear As A Bell It finally dawned on me, why I feel this way, since I heard her voice, just the other day. It's a feeling that stays with me, regardless what I do, both concealing and revealing, antediluvian and new. Clear as a bell she told me, "Man, you look so fine!" What I'm feeling is a feeling, as old and bold as time. Feeling cold when I first saw her, I feel forever young....Read On



This is where I put things  Everything that has no other place  Here's a tiny spate of gentle rain  Coming at the end of a hard spring  And here's that moment  I sat beside her  Studying the lines of her face  While the world was burning down  To nothing we could use anymore Here are all the silences  Between the words we gave away  And here are the remnants of my heart  ...Read On



After the sudden shuddering, the flash between that leaves us luminous in spent arms, I never tell you where I go. I'm not sure you'd want to know. I can't tell you with words that it's ecstasy in retrospect, the rush slowed down with a surgical precision frame by frame imprinted only where you can see. It's why I'm so still in the moment after where your arms cradle me so tight,...Read On



These richly complicated tapestries and their intricately woven threads have been effortlessly loosened, as if each strand was composed in error or missing some vital precious element that we neglected in the weaving. It is in this gentle undoing that I am only beginning to understand the vast irrelevance of time, and how the continuum of our story has no tangible end...Read On


Dance With Me

I felt your touch, but your feelings they...

I felt your touch, But your feelings They were never the same. I seem to forgot, How it felt with Your warm embrace. So remind me again How it used to be Loving and warmth. Just this one song. Dance with me Like we used to do. Give me your hand. Place them where You used to love them. I missed that touch. The feel of you palm That warms my heart. Ah, the lust it...Read On

Recommended Read


"How we danced..."

Our loop is much like faith, invisible yet painfully palpable. But when freighted with the knowledge that the fluttering of the smallest wings can send immeasurable cracks through time, I have to close this dangerous circle. I have to learn how to let you go How it once went... A bullet took you, your eyes still brilliant in defiance of the dark, a dimpled smile before whispering...Read On


Life is Wonderful

Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful

His intention is to make me smile  And the song is really a happy one.  But when the song started to play  And the lyrics with the melody flows To my ears, it reaches to my heart. Tears started to flow freely from my eyes  And my heart is breaking. "Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle Ha la la la la la life is wonderful" What is wrong with...Read On



Two become as one

It is the dawning of a new day As we stand hand in hand Watching the sunrise Both barefoot in the sand Tendrils of love From your heart to mine Are strengthened each moment Now forever entwined Arm in arm we stroll Down the sandy shore Loving each other Always and forever more As the sun begins to set And the day is nearly done Two sets of footprints Become forever one...Read On