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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

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And this is what satisfaction tastes like...

My love for you is Sweetness Like honey suckled Directly from the comb Sweeter than sweet Unadulterated By exposure to mere air We lay upon raw silk Cleansed By the sweat of our own bodies Floating on the scent that intoxicates And the tastes that call us Back for more So sweet Is your touch That I am set anew Each time you reach For me Anticipation A fire spreading Beyond just heat...Read On

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Our First Kiss

Wanted this first kiss for so long.

Stares at my lips Fingers caress my cheek He leans forward Such longing Eyes closing He moves nearer Feeling his breath Mingle with mine, so close Both panting His fingers Tracing through my hair Pulling me in Hearts pounding Lips getting closer For our first kiss Pulling me nearer Lips barely touching So soft, just grazing Tip of his tongue Traces...Read On


American Cinderella aka Route 66 Heartbreak

You're not a true cowboy until your heart gets tossed into the desert.

Cinderella, oh Cinderella, I heard you went to the ball. You pranced and danced, twisted and shook your booty. In grand fashion, my Cinderella, you tripped the light fantastic. Dolled up, long legs and juicy red lips, you went grinding on the prince, twirling and parading in the spotlight. I saw you driving down Route 66 in an old Chevy, top down, wind in your hair, with...Read On


With Lampblack

It seems to me in dreams I see on distant horizons my Fata Morgana, and with lampblack and tales of the sea I scribe on parchment's scroll. Of beautiful be you bring to me with green eyes and starry skies,  emotional tides of sensuality and soft breeze of sea tomorrows. The whispers of promises we spent and where there are shores on forty winks, we kissed in last summer's swoon  ...Read On

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Crossing Boundaries

It's almost time...

Time, it’s trying my patience. I pace, I fret, choose my dress, paint my face, practice my smile. Time drags and skips simultaneously. How? One moment seconds grind insufferably, the next, whole hours  have been greedily swallowed, erased from existence whilst I blinked. Not long now. Less than three hours. One hundred and seventy minutes. Fuck! My poor heart pounds,...Read On



In my memories I reached back into the archives of my knapsack, as if I had lived the essence of you  and the rising tides... eventfully they do. All the while with smiles you cast upon amber meadows down below, with gentle kisses come my way as clover dance and rosewood sway,  and the sea-bells ring. As mist of the waves blow caroling of thee I write of our golden rings,  ...Read On


Couteau de l'amour

Cuts like a word

Stab me with your words again Give me what I deserve Make me hate me make me hate Fillet my every nerve Tell me truths that we both know The demon that I am Slay the lying laughing ghoul Within me while I stand Sobbing right before you My evil running forth Find the badness deep in me And kill it at its source But once you’re sure You’ve done the job There’s one more task at hand: Make...Read On


My Kitten Wakes

He watches me wake.

I watch as you stir from your slumber deep, just as a kitten rising from its nap. The gentle flutter of your eyes in sleep as from your slumber you try to unwrap. So slowly your eyes open as you wake; you stretch as though to reach to claim the sky. A delicate sound made then as you take a cleansing breath released as a deep sigh. But, then you notice, too, that I am there, and reach for...Read On



I don't often become aroused at what I can't see Except when it's beauty of the forest and fallen leaves As the breeze whispers halos about my neck The boughs dance on the honeycomb trees And kiss my memories of wildflowers and you As your soft breath lands on my soul And the buzzing of the bees loom With keynotes of love songs past...Read On

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Damaged Goods

Not an ending, but a beginning.

Now, That you have made love to me, Why do you withdraw? My light in this sea of darkness, That which flows around me And that which flows within, Why do you speak of endings When this is our beginning? Why do you issue warnings, Add addendums to explain That which is you? You and I need no excuses, No apologies, No confessions. Do you not know There are no souls Recognizable, Standing on...Read On


Half-Past Six

Gone are the knots that made my socks with loose threads, laying on my bed and gone are the posters that hung on my wall, of past rockers, names I can't recall.   Where have the place-mats gone, the ones with stains and state names, with graham cracker crumbs and noonday hums? Gone are the wind-up clocks with hands that glow in the dark, and wading pools in the park with chlorine? ...Read On


Upon My Sleep

The midnight hour as I rest upon my sleep and you in cuddle of my embracing arms, soft breath of the swooning willows bough...  apple dumplings taste good even in dreams. As streams of kisses lay on my chest and your hands gently bask my stones, on fields of quilt my limbs sway... apple dumplings taste good even in dreams....Read On


The Kite

Whatever the ties of strings that wind  the threads of life gently in the breeze twining love songs and caroling, whatever the ties will sing most poetic rhymes of spring. And I as the poet with the pen bring my torch from dawn of charcoal with my lips of moisturizing dew, the words of everlasting true shining my shadow on you. As the sounds of time pass by  and the ball of twine...Read On


Moonbeam Poet

As for as winds blow and whispers bring new sings and rhymes of spring,  the bees that be, buzz honeycomb trees as nectar drips sweet love,  I will be a moonbeam poet  and you my evening primrose. My words yearn for you  as my pen wiggles on grinning paper and soothing wine of my treats, sipping your nectar.  With blossoming red lips and soft fingertips swaying in midnight shadows,...Read On


Memories of His Kiss

Goosebumps appear Trailing down my legs Fear so dark and heavy Making my soul beg Midnight brings visions Remembering his lips Torture so pleasing Hands start to grip When fear becomes love Things start to blur No longer right or wrong Needing to be his girl No daylight to be seen For darkness is my home Surviving in this nightmare Fearing to be alone How does one live After this bliss...Read On


A Lady's Date with the Gentleman

part deux the lady's point of view

It was a lovely date And an amazing dance I am ever so glad I took the chance A blind date Isn’t usually my thing Especially after A horrid, ugly fling But my friend said Go, you will see This man is a gentleman Nice as can be So off I went Hoping it was true And lucky me That gentleman was you!...Read On


She Stirs Me

She's no ballerina But when she dances She moves me Like the wind moves the grass She doesn't have a famous voice But when she sings She stirs me Like the tempest stirs...Read On


Snake Charmer

When I met you Want and need Had teamed together Blinding me  Though learning that your girls before Were battled-scarred I was so sure The blame did not belong with you I missed the signs Ignored the clues And when the snake uncoiled and struck I was ashamed, yet so in love Your flicking tongue Your piercing eyes Have me feeling mesmerized Your flexing form So smooth and pale Winds around...Read On



Words alone of my breath fail to express the ways I adore you and just the who you were,  as I compose final chapters of our seasons and the inkwell runs dry. Until the blowing winds carry me to infinity and the last of the stirring leaves fly,  on my drying parchment I will scribe as my tearing eyes cry. It wasn't but an autumn ago wild geese flew over and beyond our livings...Read On



The play's the thing . . .

You’re so good at what you do They just fall in love with you All your words are so sincere Everything they want to hear You read them like you would a script You melt hearts by kissing lips Loving tender ardent phrases Warm sweet deep meaningful gazes You draw them in You lead them on They want to be your only one It’s just a game A bedpost notch You reel them in They’re hooked; they’re...Read On

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Words Don't Come Easy To Us

A labour, not of love

What use is distinction,  Between twilight and dusk? To ordinary people like us, They are one, They are the same state of affairs  We find ourselves in, time and again; You whisper these words  And I struggle  To hear your honest intent: I fear there will be trouble when we meet Tempt fate,  Dare the devil, We have no love for each other,  But we have something else to squander, No...Read On



Maybe in the darkness of the night, Is where I'll see you again. Where I'll feel Your breath on my neck, The tingle of pleasure Shooting through my body. The scorching heat of your hands Before they touch my skin, Your warm wet lips As they kiss the sensitive spot On my neck Filling my body with things I'll never be able to fully describe. Maybe in the darkness of...Read On


Invisible 2

Invisible, when did I become invisible to you? Your eyes stopped seeing me, you became blind to me. You became blind to my needs and tossed me aside, With much care as a piece of paper, tossed through a car window. You vanished from me without a trace, without a goodbye. I still search for you wherever I go, Hoping that I will find you so I can anchor myself to you. Can you feel the love...Read On

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I wish I could tell you my thoughts and let you in on the secrets I carry close to my heart, like cherry blossom's kiss to the spring. I wish my hands could travel along your skin and you could feel the need they have for you, like hummingbird's call for the flowers nectar. I wish I could let my soft lips seek yours and whisper the passion that flows through my body...Read On


Hope For Happiness

The air is warm the sunlight is bright, Maybe I'll see you later tonight. You never really know what you really want, Until the past comes back to haunt. All that love and all that hate is more reason to relate, I don't slander my past, I'm so much better then that. I used to think true love was a myth, But all those words just don't quit. You say one thing over the phone for...Read On


Making Love vs Sex...

A kiss is always better kept in the soul, that one that only touches the lips ...

The human body, beautiful, and perfect, only as He intended. The soul... immortal essence, life giving. Man, divine creation, strong and courageous. Woman, Taken from him, his peace, his breath. Sex, raw, lustful sinful, delicious, empty, and hallow... Love making... tender, sweet, meaningful, complete. Sex is not bad, but when used just for "experience" or pleasure. It...Read On



Intimate simplicity

You brush my hair  With gentle strokes Smoothed over by your hand You lift the locks up from my neck Divide them in three strands Then braid it loosely down my back A dark and shiny plait You kiss my shoulder tenderly As we anticipate I turn around to see your face The words can be unsaid You take my hand As if to dance And lead me to the bed...Read On



You may only get to see what I want to show you, I cannot name this heat, this pull between us, but hands can ask the body anything, its darkest and sweetest yearnings laid out through the beating within your veins. Within a flowering threshold surrendering the deepest secret you've owned, whispered to me in the most hesitant timbre. But you shouldn't already know the words before...Read On



Burned before reading

I hold in my hands A letter from you - Words on paper Not read - Heard - Hearing, hearing Needing quiet - I fold by half And yet by half again - Your words piling upon themselves Tumbling - Sliding together - Tighter - Folding and folding - Pressing away from me - Meaning less Hearing less Curves and lines of words fold Lines fold into curves fold into lines fold into curves And at last Fold...Read On


Currents Surrender

You've become the only current in me, infinite and unguarded with every embrace that makes it impossible to really know where you end, where I begin. I've become threadbare inside this, unable to know continents by their shapes, forgetting all the territories you've claimed because a name's memory cannot form alongside a scorched earth policy. There's a certain peace in such...Read On