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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


With Lampblack

It seems to me in dreams I see on distant horizons my Fata Morgana, and with lampblack and tales of the sea I scribe on parchment's scroll. Of beautiful be you bring to me with green eyes and starry skies,  emotional tides of sensuality and soft breeze of sea tomorrows. The whispers of promises we spent and where there are shores on forty winks, we kissed in last summer's swoon  ...Read On


Upon My Sleep

The midnight hour as I rest upon my sleep and you in cuddle of my embracing arms, soft breath of the swooning willows bough...  apple dumplings taste good even in dreams. As streams of kisses lay on my chest and your hands gently bask my stones, on fields of quilt my limbs sway... apple dumplings taste good even in dreams....Read On


Making Love vs Sex...

A kiss is always better kept in the soul, that one that only touches the lips ...

The human body, beautiful, and perfect, only as He intended. The soul... immortal essence, life giving. Man, divine creation, strong and courageous. Woman, Taken from him, his peace, his breath. Sex, raw, lustful sinful, delicious, empty, and hallow... Love making... tender, sweet, meaningful, complete. Sex is not bad, but when used just for "experience" or pleasure. It...Read On


Our First Kiss

Wanted this first kiss for so long.

Stares at my lips Fingers caress my cheek He leans forward Such longing Eyes closing He moves nearer Feeling his breath Mingle with mine, so close Both panting His fingers Tracing through my hair Pulling me in Hearts pounding Lips getting closer For our first kiss Pulling me nearer Lips barely touching So soft, just grazing Tip of his tongue Traces...Read On

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I wish I could tell you my thoughts and let you in on the secrets I carry close to my heart, like cherry blossom's kiss to the spring. I wish my hands could travel along your skin and you could feel the need they have for you, like hummingbird's call for the flowers nectar. I wish I could let my soft lips seek yours and whisper the passion that flows through my body...Read On



Words alone of my breath fail to express the ways I adore you and just the who you were,  as I compose final chapters of our seasons and the inkwell runs dry. Until the blowing winds carry me to infinity and the last of the stirring leaves fly,  on my drying parchment I will scribe as my tearing eyes cry. It wasn't but an autumn ago wild geese flew over and beyond our livings...Read On


Stumbling Through Visions of Her

What do you know?

What do you know of drunkeness? Have you stumbled down city streets Drunk on her voice  Drunk on her eyes  Drunk on mere minutes of her time? Have you stumbled through visions of her lips Dying to be drunk on them too? What do you know of drunkeness? What do you know...Read On


I Remember

Alone in the night, the poet is filled with longing for his bride far away

Some lines for my sweet love Lying here in the inky dark, In the warm embrace of the night,  My mind moves, and I remember, Other nights like this, back home, with you. But I am far away, alone, Beneath an unfamiliar moon, And foreign stars, unknown patterns Shining down on my loneliness. You begged not to come, and leave you, Though it was just for a brief space, Soon to return...Read On


I Am Here

Honor her and complete her.

Gazing out to the distant shore, Wondering from whence her comfort may come. It is my honor to aid and assist her every need. My lady, my deepest most profound respect and admiration, my duty, to complete you and compete for you, to repel your enemies, and to fulfill your needs, whatever they may be. I am here. I have been here awaiting your request, your need. I am here. Ask and it will...Read On


Small Talk

I'm terrible at making small talk, the fumblings with introductions, the polite dance around countless casual conversations. It makes me nervous to merely graze the surface. I'm better one on one, whether on a silent walk through the cool spring night when your hand slips into mine, or when you lie so close that every breath warms my face. That's a language I can understand, ...Read On


Happy Birthday To My Dearest Wife

Happy birthday to my dearest wife. As you waken each morning, I'm here. Peaceful hope is my wish for your life. Please, just know this. I'll always be near. Yes, I know our voyage has been rough, But the good always outweighed the bad. If our pathway through life has been tough, Recall those sweet moments that we had. Tomorrow may not have time to spare. Have faith, we'll handle all that...Read On


As Black As Her Hair, and As Smooth As Her Skin

I see her Standing in a poem God wrote. I stand too, uneasily and nervous. I look at her - I look away. What poem is this? I order another Guinness. I fiddle with the straps of my hoodie I try to regain my footing. "Drinking Guinness is like drinking bread!" Someone in the bar makes commentary. "I could get drunk on Guinness I love it so much," I say, And I take another sip. "I bet you...Read On


Become As One

When our lives are done, may we leave together as one.

Knowing you are always there makes my life seem complete. I feel so secure in your arms that I am afraid of nothing. That aura that I see surrounding you sooths my empty aching heart. It fills it full of love to overflowing, showing my pride to the world. Whether we are in the same room or separated by time and space, your life force envelops me and allows my mind to laugh. I feel...Read On


A Lover's Doubts

raw emotional thoughts

What do I do with this hurt inside. How do I make things alright. Nothing seems good anymore. I feel lost and alone in a sea of people. Don't want to move, don't want to stay. Just want to be gone. Wish his voice didn't make me want him. Don't want to like him right now. I am still hurt and angry. Didn't want him to call. Didn't want to hear his voice. The voice that feeds a...Read On