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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


True Love

I am saved from the darkness of depression by the constancy of her love

To the one without whose constancy and love I would be lost forever in despair. ***** Inexorably I can feel myself falling Into the darkness that always lurks, sinister And out of sight, there at the corner of my mind, A place of demons and unnameable horrors, Where my worst nightmares wait, eager to claim my soul. Like a condemned man on the way to the scaffold, I see the...Read On


My heart's desire

You don’t have to offer me the moon, The sky with all its shining stars. I just want you to hold me As we lay on our backs, Gazing up at the beauty of the night, Millions of twinkling stars Sharing our quiet moment. You don’t have to buy me expensive presents. The greatest gift you can give Is your time and attention, The sweet words you whisper just for me, Gentle...Read On


Piece of My Heart

I gave you a piece of my heart Forevermore You gave me a piece of your heart Such treasure The greatest gift I ever received Then you pulled it back You didn’t tell me I was too blind to see Blinded by a love I had never known before A love I will never forget A love I will never regret You were my dream come true And you were true And real And genuine I came to you across the miles...Read On


Mind over matter

Day after day Pain rips through her body, Relentlessly Pecking away at her soul, Her sanity. Sharp stabs, Like a dull knife Sinking into her flesh, Crippling cramps, Tensing every muscle. At times She feels defeated, That she can’t take it anymore, Wanting to give up, Give in to despair. But as darkness falls, A small voice in her mind whispers, Reminding her of the paradox,...Read On


Should It End?


You enter into a marriage Believing your love will never end You will be always and forever With your lover and best friend However, life happens Sometimes gets in the way Then what do you do? Leave, stay, or maybe even stray Can your partner tell? The feelings within your heart Would they even agree? That you should be apart Or would they fight For what you’d had And if...Read On


Melancholy Heart

 Don't want to forget the day we made love Don't want to forget when I said your heart fit me like a glove Don't want to forget sitting on your lap for a sweet kiss Don't want to forget when we had pure romantic bliss I want to remember what we once had I want to be happy. Don't want to be sad I'm sitting here with a melancholy heart It once was together. Now it's broken apart ...Read On