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Love Poems

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Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Against My Window

When I sent her a song of love She released a turtledove  Into the air it flew with a coo As she autographed my heart And when she sang a melody Her fingers played strings of harps  Beyond the sunset of her smiling kind As the turtledove nest against my window And in the melancholia of the dusk Everything was all starry-bright When I sent her a song of love Over...Read On


On Our Pillow

A whispering pulse traced a path to my heart As the twitter-down of dusk fell And lowered its crown over the clover As your lips parted and warm breath touched And the cockle-shells echoed a rising tide As poetic thoughts lay easy on my mind In titillation of a summer eve As love and serenity lulled me to sleep And when the white clouds of Hanover Rained down a silent shower ...Read On


Diamond Embers

Feeling bucolic in my solitude As sorghum boils the harvested cane The sweets just forested from fields of stalks Stiring my emotions sparking the tenders Of undying love In the inglenook beside the hearth As you quilt a patching flannel And your eyes sparkle as if diamond embers My words derive from costal tides and blue skies In tall timbers of a green forest Sensual...Read On



Only in my lonely I pined In my solitude forgotten 'Neath gabfest of perching fowls Whispering innuendoes Now as the time choir the hour Feeling you near, tenderly As your kisses take me away I disembark from a shroud As you lay your head on my chest Giving up the sheets To the zephyr of your breath Asleep in bed Feeling you near, tenderly ...Read On


Trail Of Antiquity

As I fell a step in love on a trail of antiquity While trekking a gait in my wayfaring canter Beneath the medallion sunset As I felt a soft brush touch with a blush The easel of my soul while over the moon In my poetic medium fostering midnight stanzas And with it came lips of gold with a kiss Varnishing a smile and wearing a halo As I fell a step in love on a trail...Read On


Night Divine

The titie says it all, I believe.

I could hardly wait, tiI I knew you were mine, until we climbed on high, on a night divine. On a night divine, beneath a starry sky, I saw a gentle soul, reflected in your eyes. Reflected in your eyes, I saw what we could be, and that the finest prize, was what our eyes could see. What our eyes would see, in the days ahead, was not for us to know, as we lay in bed. As we lay in bed, and...Read On


Never Finding

Biting steel but soft Are his eyes as they shine In the darkness where Wanting is still a Perhaps. Lips curved and strong, Breaking smile, Breaking me, Breaking heart When I wake to a room Without him. Lines of his jaw, Harsh and tempered with life Where the dreams of his soul Make their mark on my skin. Shadow tense on his turned neck, He weakens my gaze As he stares and examines...Read On


Like a King

What she did for him.

Before you came into my life, T'was nothing to live for. I'd lost all joy and peace within; so empty to the core. But when I first laid eyes on you, I felt just like a King. You took the blackness from my heart and taught it how to sing. You set my feel on solid ground then let my lost soul soar. All sights and smells around my world gave something to live for. I promise you that all...Read On


O, What A Night!

I believe that the title to this one will say it all - and link it to the piece that came before it.

It was a night fit for a queen and king, The evening we shared everything. We held nothing back, We revealed it all, We shared our dreams, Both big and small. As naked as December's trees, sans ice and snow and Autumn's leaves, we laid together face to face, in a very sweet and special place, for a touch and taste of all we were, as she held me as I held her. As she held me as I held...Read On



Love's predation can be cruel

Its covert voyage has disguise Under currents harbor decree Stalking flow to all the humbled Intent on catching those lonely Glimmer lures the weakened ones Hope’s reflection of what might be Cunning waves then crash down upon And pull all screaming out to sea Wicked tides rip each from their life Confusing ebbs quash their plea Tumbled drunk by teary oceans Much too salty to clearly see ...Read On



Heartbreaking love

So close to you Yet that wall is between us Your safety net wrapped around me Drowning me in this lake of despair Him always present Life as you know it Just a tower I push with a finger It would crumble down All that is You know all the secrets All the hidden places My darkness I get crushed against your shell I crush on you This pain unbearable A glimpse of hope...Read On



There is no premeditation to you, no myth to be carved into stone. I'll feel you everywhere I go. It's like your name is carried on through an early December wind, spelled out through scattered leaves, the invisible hearth continuous, flaring and refusing to acknowledge the cold. It's like remembering a kiss in the rain, all but the meeting of lips washed away as furious beads of water...Read On



My Blues Moods Songs

Touch me I beg Looking deep into your eyes Shuddering I feel Your fingers brush my thighs Sighs Soft moans Biting my bottom lip Shaking Completely As your fingers dip Dancing Upon me Begging, I implore Touch me Deeper now Let this love explore Our depths And shallows Bring me to the brink Kiss me Once more And I'll no longer think...Read On

Field of Dreams

Naked, souls bared, hand in hand walking together.

I was walking in my field of dreams, This place where I can be anything. Walking beside whispering streams, I love to hear those sounds it brings. Walk with me among the wild flowers, It is here I could spend so many hours. Dreaming that you are here with me. Birds sing sweetly in this field of dreams, But only we dreamers hear them it seems. In my field of dreams I can feel you close,...Read On


The Trials of a Faithful Man

It's not always easy being always faithful

Loyalty binds me so say I, It defines me and guides me in everything I try. So what is left of me if I were to stray? How could I live with myself every day? Any yet I find myself constantly tempted and it’s not by the thunderbolt for whom I melted. No, it’s every fine lady that I come to meet, of every age, colour and creed. My desires become nightmares as I dare to dream, about each...Read On


Choices of fear

What does it take to be your first choice?

Your choices hurt The monster is your first choice It growls hell You are so blind by love You don't see its depravation A second stereotype to follow It does what it says on the tin Still you spend your time With its nasty behaviour I am your last choice Only when the ocean runs dry You don’t want to be looked at Yet you stare at my deviation You are too close to...Read On


I Dared To Dream

When your dream come true

I listen to you breathe as you soundly sleep beside me. You’re the one I always dreamed of, but I never dared to hope. You give me all you have to give trusting me not to break your heart. I return the love you’ve given, my trust also is complete. I’ve heard couples say I love you but it was merely words. Now, those words have a meaning I completely understand. ...Read On


A Song of Despair

Sadness sweeps, hurt slowly creeps everything begins to crumble. To prevent demise, smiles: clever disguise, a saviour from the stumble. On sorrow's brink, this flood could sink it all, what was revered. Secrets have marred that reality: now tarred, instead overthrown by fear. The silence scars, through verbal spars, please, disengage all pretences. More bended truths will sting,...Read On