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Love Poems

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Tintinnabulation: ringing or sounding of bells; the sound of bells You, my friend, You are like bells to me, You are always happy, Always lovely, Always warm and welcoming, You help me so much, You cheer me up, I look forward to time with you. I know when you are here, Even when you hide, You sing to me from a distance, From so very far away, I hear your beautiful sounds, ...Read On


I miss my Valentine

Come home to where you belong, with me .

No, we could not be together this Valentine’s Day. I miss you so much now that you are gone. My sweet T, I'm waiting patiently for you to come back to my loving arms so I can kiss those sweet lips. I think of you morning, noon, and night, tears flowing, they just don't stop. I’m missing you so very much. This organ in my chest beats and aches for you every day and...Read On


Writer's Block

Oh, haven't we all been here

Damn blank page. This is supposed to be a story. About something romantic, Christ, even something gory. Or if not romantic Then about cock, about pussy. Please, God, I just need words! What the fuck rhymes with pussy? One page a day. I’m not asking for glory But I’m failing myself If I can’t work on a story. Does a poem count?...Read On


A Way To Forget

Together, over the years, half a lifetime, half a life, our life,  together. She was first among equals, the best woman, the answer to all I had dreamed of in my time. The sparkling gem set in the gold setting of womanhood. A work of feminine art and  of the incarnation of kindliness, a kindred spirit, in one incomparable soul. She was. The past lives on in memories, but not as...Read On


Nightshade and Blackberry

Sonnet #2: In hexameter and Petrarchan rhyme

Hunted in starlight, haunted, consumed by shadow; Night overwhelming, all bodies awakening. Fluttering eyes blink like butterflies, blackening- Onyx with enlarged pupil, piercing the window. Darting swift, sharp like icicles, through ebb and flow, The storm has come, and the ropes are fast weakening. Gasping, grasping, and breathless efforts quickening... Awake again and twice...Read On


Hymn to an Angel

My angel rescues me from the dark night of doubt

To my angel, who is always there for me. At the morning of the world we were one, Secure in our love, no dark, only light Shining around us, lives warmed by the sun In whose radiant beams our hearts burned bright. Oh my sweet love, How could we know, That darkness soon would blight our day. On the far horizon, so far away,  Unseen a cloud was growing, a dark stain Which soon would...Read On



Learning from a bad break up

User, I can't tell you how much it sickens me to think of how you use people. Brings tears to my eyes and puts a knot in my stomach. Using your sexuality and others desires of you, to get what you want and make you feel better about yourself. All the while you burn those around you, filling their heads with desire like the Pied Piper, calling to them like the Sirens from Odysseus. ...Read On


wide awake

I close my eyes but I can't fall asleep how can I sleep next to him when I despise him thinking of the right way to tell him that I do not love him anymore even though he’s the reason for my tears it still pains me to know that my love for him has faded away I tried to hold onto his love but it slipped away from me if only he was there when I needed him the most to hold me ...Read On


History's Symmetry

Someone from years ago.

You learn to no longer trust any flicker emanating nearby, sweeping over mysterious blueprints each time, memory is the victim of histories crashing and splintering into one another, as these engines tremble, begin to grow venomous. You should have known better, love, than to rewrite such delicate narratives over and over, losing track of scribbled pages inked on the skin and walls...Read On


His Armor

The Armor of my Knight

Standing on the ledge, Waiting for the knowledge. It never comes, Only wonder, Only worry, Only darkness, Full of fear. Riding up below the ledge; There you are. The Armor of my Knight, It protects me, It loves me, It honors me, It saves me, It has my heart, And has vowed to; Always be mine!! ...Read On


Nature's Embrace

  You lay on the grass—their soft blades tickle playfully against your skin As you close your eyes against the bright sunlight To watch the afterimages dance their show. The heat caresses your skin as it beats down upon you, warming you from the outside in. The soft breeze carries the scent of lilacs to your waiting senses. Crickets chirp lyrics under the soft rustling of...Read On


Belong to you

Just, for no reason, I walk and dream. My thoughts linger round, thinking of you. Want to be with you. Only a smile from you. Will make my day. Laying next to you. I want to seduce you. Can't keep my eyes off you. You are the one that I want. Took you in my arms. My eyes full of love, I melt away. Knowing what's going to happen. My body shivers at your touch. Your warm lips as...Read On


Of Fair Warning

Of Fair Warning my words are daring my thoughts are bold my temper is flaring my heart of gold Nobody but you can understand the complexity of my heart. Nobody but I can understand your want and need for a fresh start. Can you feel my passion and yearning from so very far away? No longer can I feel pleasure without you involved with me each day. How can I say the words, I...Read On


She Sings to Me

All of her gifts are special but there’s one that stands out…

She gives me love, She gives me hope. My day always starts with the kindness of her thoughts and prayers And ends with her tender, loving words and kisses. She’s a giver, not a receiver. She’s a die-to-self kind of woman. She will serve you until she falls over, Completely spent, totally exhausted. Yet of all the gifts she has given me There is one that stands out Perhaps above...Read On


Caring for her Sir

With a soft whisper into the night, Feel better, my Sir...

He always looks after her, Cares for her, Making sure all her needs are met. Tonight, as His face is hot with fever, She looks after Him. It is her time to care for her Sir. Gently she caresses His hair, His head cradled in her lap, Soft words of comfort and love whispered. Hot soup, drinks, medicine and cold cloths, She gladly gets it all, Hoping every little thing helps a bit. ...Read On


Torn Apart

So wrong. Not right. I feel so weak. I just can't fight. Like a rag doll being pulled. Not wanting to do what I am told. Deep down I am torn apart. Can't get rid of the ache in my heart. I want to run, but I don't have a choice. I am out of words. I feel I have no voice. All I know is I am hurting inside. That is one thing that is difficult to hide....Read On



Offered Hapless plans for glad-handed panhandler. Sifting through frayed remains -- reminders of unravelled travels. This sojourn -- a journey of burned yearning, turning worse, spurned, until I adjourn to her antechamber's lecturn, spilling forth all that is worth to offer what I've pondered, in thoughts begotten and lost to her endgame, star-crossed. ...Read On



There is a constant pressure To do great, to be perfect, To fit a certain mould, From society, from ourselves. She knows she could never reach perfection, No mould ever quite fit. She keeps searching, Trying to find someone, He who could like the woman in her, The thinker and intellectual, Yet also cherish the girl, Who needs to be held and protected. She hides so much inside, ...Read On


Light Reflections

a short poem for my mother.

The memory flashed in the mind, Glimpses of the truly sublime. The trickle down sensual effect, As recollections seem so perfect. If memory serves correctly, Time and place was a problem indirectly. But the perseveres kept them fated, As they tried hard but couldn't help but be mated. A sexy glimmer in his eye, Hiding hers, she didn't even try. Tentative fingers with a...Read On


You Said Until the End

Hidden in the dark,unsure where to go. You said that you would love me forever, until the end. Now the end has come and you are gone, gone somewhere that I cannot find. You left me, left me far behind. My heart is broken, my mind is shattered. You left me for your new love and I am, hidden in the dark, unsure where to go. I need your love, I need your touch.  Forever, until...Read On


It Can Be Renewed

It always seems to be the way You don't try hard and lose the day. She asks so little from you now  Perhaps she has forgotten how.  A loss, a hurt, an ache she shared  But you were slow to show you cared.  Away, she goes away to think And leaves your love life on the brink. This is not lust, but much, much more And barely have you tried before.  Sweet dear she is, a part of you ...Read On


To define that word love

To define love as it has been to me.

Love? Maybe I'm still young, Maybe I'm still dumb. I don't know if I really do know what love is. My definition may be wrong, But it is what love is to me. My definition you ask? To put a smile on your face, To make you happy, To be able to just see your face and tell you that you are beautiful, To be able to just laugh with you, To hold you, To be with you, To be...Read On


The Commissioning

Sometimes we are called to do a little bit more...

As I gaze upon her, just take in the beautiful woman before me, I must confess, there’s a sadness that overtakes me. This lovely girl, this incredible creature, this woman I love with a heart of gold Doesn't even realize who she is, what she has to offer. And there it is again… I can see it in her countenance, in the words she chooses, the way she speaks, How her shoulders at times...Read On



I I remember meeting you during the Christmas holidays many years ago. A fire burned in the fireplace but you had a glow that tugged at the moth–in-me. Behind your cherub mask your dark eyes darted, searching, I suspect, for affirmation of your beauty, and beneath the bell tones of your laugh I sensed the broken pieces of your past. II And now,...Read On


Meet Me On A Wild Street Corner

Running away with love...

Meet me on the wild street corner on a rainy night, When the wind howls and the midnight train Calls it’s lonesome song, Meet me on the crossing with your possessions packed, Your hair tied back, And tell me that your fears are gone. Steal a rose from your garden, To hold against your heart, And let your wild eyes speak of love and passion, And we shall tell no one...Read On


Declaration of love

Dedicated to my great love NickC

"When you find me, You hold my hand. Sometimes I see a crow; He squawks and my ears burn. Why does love find all of us? No it does not. It is a thing innocuous, Holding and holding. But it is not there or here. It is a cloud, A mystery. You love me, And so do I." "When you find me, You touched my heart. My love for you is like the ocean; Wide, deep and untamed. ...Read On


The Want

A man forgets for a moment.

Corporeal and cerebral; A siren of the net.  Is this a dance we are having,  or a thing to forget? Enticing and escaping; Words arouse and enthrall. My senses are filled.  I see colour in all. Grace and tenderness; My heart is undone. No point now in hesitance.  The race is now won. Scintillating and Undulating, Hypnotic, refined;  My cock is transfixed and so is my mind. ...Read On


Always Only

I left, I walked away. I found me, not all of me. I was still missing. You were missing. I needed you. I wanted you. Time with you was scary. Time without you was lonely. There were three months. I needed you. I didn't know what to do. I was lost. Then… One day, turned to night. There was a spark. It was strong, like lightening. The talks were crazy, great, real. We spent...Read On


Passing The Test

Restore your life, you tell yourself this day, Forget what you were told, it was a lie. The love you knew you earned has walked away,  And will not come again. You don't know why. They come into your life and touch your heart,  And tell you stories that you find aren't true. Just let them go, allow them to depart. To lovers who don't love, you bid adieu. Your faith in people should not...Read On



Sometimes you almost get too close

We charted the lonely contours along one another,  provinces that may have been better left undisturbed,  because the shape of lands can lie as longing bodies do,  familiar horizons weathered into strangers. I'm still on fire when I'm near you,  our forms helpless elements reaching and scorching,  sweeping around the damage we'll cause one another. When the starless sky settles, ...Read On