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Love Poems

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What will never be

Your skin on my pillow  My tears on your breast Your child in my arms My love for your child Your eyes lost in mine My eyes lost in your soul Your laughter in my heart My heart in your life Your life in my hands My hand in your hand That will never be But yet I shall dream and wish  and hope and want What will never be ...Read On


My unrequited Love

When love just can not be...

I watch you from across the room, your every word I do consume. Your smile makes my cheeks softly bloom. My unrequited love. I long to touch your flowing hair, you look so fine, beyond compare. Of my lost heart, you're unaware. My unrequited love. You hold yourself with grace and style, with perfect teeth and perfect smile. I long to hold you for a while. My unrequited love. My heart...Read On



A poem about the aftermath of being hurt

TORN Your voice echoes, still softly around the room The smell of your essence, and fragrant perfume Lingers silently, within these four walls with no escape As I lay upon my bed, closing my eyes, and remembering your face The way you whispered sweet words, embraced me in your arms And the moment you departed, taking with it my beating heart Stomping it into pieces, unable to glue it back...Read On


The Second Meaning

Treading in the lake Listening for a soft whisper To drift over the horizon Until it reaches its breaking crescendo And echoes through the hills and valleys You feel powerless I am consumed by you Wanting to immerse myself In all that you are Shared cries from longing lovers We are shared heart beats Awaiting the...Read On


Tender Is My Love

My precious girl needs me…

Such a tender heart With a sensitive soul This girl whom I love and adore I love your gentleness And the way that you attend To each need as it walks right through your door Yet this tender one Is so often neglected Very few ever recognize your needs In spite of how much you give And the way that you serve They ignore your pain even as you bleed You live in a house ...Read On



The ever recurring cycle of the heart

I am cosmic dust I spread across the sky You are a glowing nebula Your beauty makes me cry I’ll be a brown dwarf I’ll not be seen, nor be heard You are a twinkling pulsar In heavenly tales, you’ll be referred Of you, murals they’d paint You’d brighten up their lives Of me, they take no prisoners And thus cast me to one side The warmth you bring to me The way...Read On


One And The Same

I know the power blooming  inside just a single whisper. The dangers awaiting beneath  the valleys of your skin, where handing over a heart and body  have become one and the same. And I never quite say your name,  I breathe and exhale it,  the letters of your identity  forever joined with mine. When I'm alone in the night,  you become an incantation,  a hushed prayer against the...Read On


In Silence

She is a poem  One you'd expect to be Rhyme and meter;  The usual poetry. But alas! She is wild Untamed, fiery And I am loving her In silence As I shall always be....Read On


My Open Heart

I should love one man right from the start Be good to him and give him my heart My feelings are torn. I don't know what to do I want to give myself to him, but also do the same for you But I can't deal with the green eyes of envy It weighs on my shoulders and it is just to heavy I want to give my love as much as I can I want it to be possible with more than one man Is it...Read On


Don't Move Yet

Don't move yet, I want to keep the precise moment  I slip through the bedroom door and see the  hallway's narrow slant of light cover your sleeping body,  the glimpse of your bare leg outside the blanket,  locks of hair that have fallen over half of your face. But there's a danger that comes with being so drawn in by someone. You recede when I get near enough to summon what love...Read On


Angel Of Innocence

You're a study in contradiction, Strong yet battling deep affliction, Hippolyte meets Euridice. You can bring the sun with a single glance, A knight would lower down his lance Your token, he would make all the world see So why are you so sad inside? What demons are trying to hide? How can I just help them go away? I'm here and I will never go. Let them just fade and know, ...Read On



Sort of a continuation of my last one

I want to live in the space where you draw your  oxygen in and reach for me; that uncertain fraction of a second where your lungs ache and the quickening race that is your heart floods each vein beneath your skin like The grazing of ancient plates under the earth before all we know begins to shake. It's the many places we cannot see beyond or into  that drive us the most and those are...Read On


Through His eyes

It is wonderful And scary at the same time When someone sees you as special, As someone of great value. On one hand it makes you fly, Find belief and joy, Pride in that you matter. At the same time, The worry is there, Of not being able to live up to it, Afraid you will fail or disappoint. He sees her In a way she doesn’t understand. She is a bit of a broken soul, In a broken...Read On



The Magic of it All.

Do you know what abandonment is? It's crazy I need to explain it. It can take on many forms. Come in many different ways. Most assume it is leaving. Did you ever think of the silence? You forget; It's the absence of something. Something you need. Something you crave. What are you missing? The touch. The feeling. The magic of it all. The touch, Where did it go? The feeling,...Read On


Allow me to stimulate your mind's clitoris.

Allow me to: Intoxicate your mind. Inebriate your fantasies. Leave realities far behind. Feed your lust with sips of phrase. Sate your desires, permeate your skin. Observe as you perform your polonaise. Quench your thirst with nature's wine. Raise your soul above the universe. Blind your wits with psychedelic design. Hold captive in hallucinogenic haze. Separate you from your...Read On


Celebrating One Precious Life

I love you my darling woman…

Long ago it was preordained That this world would receive a gift He crafted it in such an amazing way That the fruit would be significant and swift For this complex beauty, this lovely girl, Was unique in all the earth She was a game changer in every fathomable way Since the very day of her birth She still doesn't know how special she is For she is humble to her very core She...Read On


A Beautiful Cruelty

My July 04 2010

the harder you resist it hurts more when you fall ... it gives you hope yet it lets you down ... it picks you up only to rip you apart.  .. it tests your patience your feelings .. when finally you surrender it says "i like you" .. not the word longed for but enough to stay. ... love so beautiful enough to endure the cruelty for a taste...Read On



A poem about how I feel right now. Hope you like it.

Cherish I'd given up on everything. I tried to turn and hide. Your absence nearly killed me. I need you in my life. What started out as friendship turned into something more. This lost ship out at sea has finally reached the shore. The future now, we cannot see, looks to be so bright. How can it be? Is it true, that you've become my light? What happened to the person, so many...Read On


The Faithful Abide

In the garden, by the french doors, watching the path,  Waiting for the one and only one who won't come. Life is a long, unending glimpse of the future Without her, with no exemption or resumption  Of the love we shared, we lost, she took it away.  Wasted time, wasted life, it may seem so to you And I have felt the same myself, but nevermore. I have seen, down the lane, a shadow as my...Read On


Brighter Days

Reflections on a relationship.

I hear the words but they don't sink in. My mind can't hold what you're saying. Feeling the years, I'm holding back tears. You're putting a voice to my worst fears. Days used to be brighter and we could laugh at time. Years have gone, we're getting on, being old's a crime. Life burns out in a smoky haze, It gets shorter as the memories fade. One door closes, another one shuts, ...Read On


Why do you turn?

A very old short piece of mine from about 1989..

Why do you turn, and why do you cry, And leave all the fools to figure out why. Why are you lonesome, why are you sad,  When you got what you wanted, And lost what you had. How can you love, But with the very same breath You twist in the knife, and rip out my life, Until life becomes death, Until nothing is left, Until all that there is, is all that there was, And...Read On



How I see

I am parked, I wait for you to come sitting in this lot I see you in a red dress, in red 5" heels with the perfect smile I see your brown beautiful eyes  shy smile sexy ass and legs I walk up to you  take you in my arms  stop you in your track  kiss you on the lips I look at your eyes  your breasts  your beautiful body I tell you that you are mine  I want you  ...Read On


I read a poem

A tiny ode to the lovely poems

I read a poem, It made me laugh A clever, silly thing How I really wished that I could write like that I read a poem It made me weep Exquisite words, speaking to my pain I could only read it once, but I bookmarked the page I read a poem It made me sigh It spoke with rare and tender words I sat quietly in wonder, then I read a few more times I read a poem It made me feel...Read On


A Window To Your Heart

I wish that I could climb into your heart if just for one day I wish I could know you the way you know me What I would give to just have one day just a kiss I wish I could live inside your heart and make you feel complete If I could hold your hand and look into your eyes then you would know that everything I said was true and that the moment we met everything changed I want to live in your...Read On



And I knew…

You aren’t my type. Every time my eyes met yours, I felt like a mouse facing a giant snake. Yours were a vicious and beautiful green while mine were a meek brown. For a second, our souls touched, barely brushed, hardly shifted, imperceptibly so.... And in that moment I knew... But I was enthralled, fear true utter fear consumed me, …..I was intrigued. I was fascinated….. And I knew… ...Read On



There was a time When we Loved Danced Laughed A time when All was Good Happy Fulfilled The time when All we Needed Was Ourselves It’s that time I now Remember Cherish Relish It’s the time I was Loved And Blessed It’s a time I will Never Ever  Forget...Read On


This Dance

Can I have this dance? I see you, And I know. I know that I want you. I want to know you. I want to dance, To have this dance with you. To smile and to dream, As our bodies are close. I want us to sway to the music, That only we can hear. I want us to know each other. I want you to know me. The dance will not last, It never does. But I want to dance with you. ...Read On


With You

If you could see inside my heart

If you could see inside my head You find out just how much in love I am with you If you could see inside my heart You find out just how much in love I am with you Inside my head you find The beauty that you bring to the world Laughter that you share Life is so great with you Inside my heart you find That life mean so much The world is brighter Sweeter,...Read On


I Once Had a Dream

I’ve changed my way of thinking

Ever since I was a young man Actually, since I was but a youth I've had a dream about the beauty to come The one who would fill my cup with her presence It was a sweet dream This season of longing and identifying Defining what it was that I was looking for, Longing for, needing I thought I knew I knew my needs and desires What looked good, what felt good To my body, soul and spirit ...Read On


A Sensual Embrace

Whips and chains Will leave their mark But her whimpers and moans Excite Me. With a swish of My wrist There's a sensual twist As the tail's embrace Excites her. The "CRACK" in the air Forces her wide eyed stare And her knees to buckle and bend. But she knows what's in store 'Cause she's been here before Longing for the Tail's embrace....Read On