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Love Poems

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Show Your Face

You show your face and fill my eyes with tears  That fall like gemstones as my heart does quake With humble thanks that you have lost your fears And let your visage grace, 'tis for my sake. No more must I with bated breath request That you reveal your beauty to my sight, You simply filled my thirst and I was blessed Because I now am quenched with pure delight. I never more shall feel that...Read On




Walls of stone turn to glass with your heat shatter to a thousand bright shards disappear into the void a metal cage melts with your heat turns to molten lava Rolls away light breezes nurture your flame Bending your flame coaxing, nurturing a gentle hand feeds your fire fanning the passion Holding the warmth not caged or bound but held and caressed the fire controlled...Read On


The Power Of Conversation

Having that talk isn't always the best thing

The power of conversation Who needs a church Love and lust Doesn't always work I explain That I've felt rejected Now you hate That you neglected The love I feel I put down in rhyme But I've established Maybe is no longer mine? I don't know I think its over Can it work now You were my four leaf clover It's one sided Is what I told you You hated yourself ...Read On


To define that word love

To define love as it has been to me.

Love? Maybe I'm still young, Maybe I'm still dumb. I don't know if I really do know what love is. My definition may be wrong, But it is what love is to me. My definition you ask? To put a smile on your face, To make you happy, To be able to just see your face and tell you that you are beautiful, To be able to just laugh with you, To hold you, To be with you, To be...Read On


With You

If you could see inside my heart

If you could see inside my head You find out just how much in love I am with you If you could see inside my heart You find out just how much in love I am with you Inside my head you find The beauty that you bring to the world Laughter that you share Life is so great with you Inside my heart you find That life mean so much The world is brighter Sweeter,...Read On



Silent tears slip slowly, Rolling down my face, As I try to remember, The feel of your embrace. The tears hit my chapped lips, And sting every tiny cut place, It seemed in this relationship, That you were in a race. My body aches to touch you, To trace over skin so soft, Place kisses on your body, As when we hid out in the loft. I brush the tears aside now, But feel the tracks they...Read On


Sometimes A World

Sometimes the world is not enough, Sometimes a house is not a home, Material things don't count at all, When people exist with no joy. Empty hearts bleed little hope, No love or feeling runs through veins, A shadow cast o'er men in pain, As the world revolves again. A falling tree in a wood, If not a soul is there, Does it make a sound, As its branches crack on the ground? ...Read On


The Promise

The old story of love and betrayal.

A promise from my lover is the glass upon the floor, broken by my lover and his dirty, fucking whore. A promise from my lover is the glass beneath my feet which cuts me and unfolds to me my lover’s black deceit. A promise from my lover is the blood that wakes the dead, and dyes the hems of my long skirt in shades of dirty red. A promise from my lover is the vine that curls between...Read On


Soul of a Beast

Tears and blood That's what I have  A monster is what I have become Trails of love Of heartache left On the alter gazed By the Gods Cursed to transform  My face begotten  My body unrecognizable Seems I shall remain Frozen in my own Inward path of  Destruction. Through tinted windows Painted with money And carved with hate My lust for self  Knows no humility ...Read On



Being with you Is like savouring the sun Through the gaps In the clouds In a storm Only there for the briefest of moments Gone away again Too soon Leaving me Eagerly awaiting your return Unpredictable And unique as a snowflake The thunder sounds The flash of lightning The rain crashes and tumbles The wind blows But as you reappear The sadness I felt Falls down around me...Read On


Touching her soul

It is like he awakens her soul Every time he caresses her body, Touching something deep inside, Not just her skin. His fingertips rousing her nerves and her spirit, Her heart rejoicing when his desire shows. His kisses are like a breath of life, Making her truly come alive, Not just existing. When he holds her close to him, It is often like handing her a life...Read On


She Sings to Me

All of her gifts are special but there’s one that stands out…

She gives me love, She gives me hope. My day always starts with the kindness of her thoughts and prayers And ends with her tender, loving words and kisses. She’s a giver, not a receiver. She’s a die-to-self kind of woman. She will serve you until she falls over, Completely spent, totally exhausted. Yet of all the gifts she has given me There is one that stands out Perhaps above...Read On



Maybe in the darkness of the night, Is where I'll see you again. Where I'll feel Your breath on my neck, The tingle of pleasure Shooting through my body. The scorching heat of your hands Before they touch my skin, Your warm wet lips As they kiss the sensitive spot On my neck Filling my body with things I'll never be able to fully describe. Maybe in the darkness of...Read On


I Want You


The morning comes, I want you so bad. The anguish and desire keep driving me mad. My arms wrapped around you, clutching your hair, Gives me a pleasure that cannot be compared. Our bodies together, our hearts all entwined. Our lips kissing gently, you'll always be mine....Read On


Forgotten Nobody

You Lifted me high up In total defiance of Newton I Desired your desire Wanted your wanting of me You Made me forget Freed my inner self conscience  I Drifted amongst stars Felt euphoria whenever you came You Started doubting me Asked the question I knew would end me I Answered with guilt Came crashing back down to earth You I wish the best of luck To find the perfect women...Read On


Simple Warmth

The chill is setting in  I feel the loss again my life is good I know but I still miss her so It was no goal of mine never meant by design my heart is deep in pain because it's been in vain No more of the laughter that always came after  our sessions of frolic my heart's melancholic How did it end this way what did I ever say nothing seems to matter worlds are going to shatter The winter...Read On


Here Be Dragons

"Here be dragons." Ancient maps lack these words. One globe contains the words In Latin form. From the sixteenth century Of the Common Era. But what a great descriptor Of the unknown And the mysterious. Of the dangerous And the treacherous. These words came to mind When I thought of you. And I did think of you. And then rejected the words, And remembered the beauty. ...Read On


You Said Until the End

Hidden in the dark,unsure where to go. You said that you would love me forever, until the end. Now the end has come and you are gone, gone somewhere that I cannot find. You left me, left me far behind. My heart is broken, my mind is shattered. You left me for your new love and I am, hidden in the dark, unsure where to go. I need your love, I need your touch.  Forever, until...Read On



There was a time When we Loved Danced Laughed A time when All was Good Happy Fulfilled The time when All we Needed Was Ourselves It’s that time I now Remember Cherish Relish It’s the time I was Loved And Blessed It’s a time I will Never Ever  Forget...Read On


the reflection of the soul

Here I sit in a calm place, With the rain is coming down all around me; Cold, wet, and weak, Thinking about you and your smile...  And it warms me. Thinking of the way you laugh and talk and forget that, I am wet and tired. The reminder of the way you looked and smelled that night I took you to dinner. The long walks on the beach The conversations that we had, ...Read On


The Second Meaning

Treading in the lake Listening for a soft whisper To drift over the horizon Until it reaches its breaking crescendo And echoes through the hills and valleys You feel powerless I am consumed by you Wanting to immerse myself In all that you are Shared cries from longing lovers We are shared heart beats Awaiting the...Read On



Hot, sticky, and so very sweet. It is in me. I am complete. Thinking of the amazing love we made. A perfect moment that is portrayed. It begins with a kiss that is a true work of art. Making me want you right from the start. Clothes come off. Your hands roam me. You enter my body. I am free. Bodies pressed. We move in a steady pace. You hold my head. We are face to face. ...Read On


My Open Heart

I should love one man right from the start Be good to him and give him my heart My feelings are torn. I don't know what to do I want to give myself to him, but also do the same for you But I can't deal with the green eyes of envy It weighs on my shoulders and it is just to heavy I want to give my love as much as I can I want it to be possible with more than one man Is it...Read On


Thief of Hearts

Sonnet #4: In tetrameter and Spencerian rhyme.

Stroke of genius, delirium, The map stained by a final hex, Delicious pandemonium Flows like rain... The perfect annex- Launched on a navy of shipwrecks. Treacherous, wild, desperate, Beholden to an ancient lex; Each moment blurred, yet separate... Every friend a confederate. In outlawed kisses, voices found Chatter soft, dark directorate; Vertigo of the blossom-crowned. ...Read On


Please Be Mine Forever

I want to be your world and I yours.

Will you be my... Will you cherish me? Will you be faithful and care for me when I am unwell? Will you be mine forever? For you I will do all of the above Every day you are the smile on my face The bounce in the way that I walk The sparkle in my eyes The reason that I breathe When we are together I am in a dream I stare into your eyes and I just see affection I hold...Read On



The girl sits in the dark As she cries tears of loss Abandonment, desertion. Words filled with promises and hope, Deception is the enemy. So naive, Too innocent to have known, Boys do lie. Her cries and screams cannot be heard. Her jubilant and playful spirit, no longer exists. Replaced, instead, a broken heart and shattered dreams. No sleep tonight, The one who broke her...Read On


Four Remembrances

Remembering being young and in love...

Cafe, dancing girl, rich girl and Romeo, Cigarettes, whisky, cheap and grainy video, Neon, moonlight, long past midnight In Paris where, Syncopated second line And dancing to the ragtime, Make her head spin, And she though always splendid In silk and lace, Hides her beauty in another place. -  Riverside, fairground ride, laughing girl and Romeo With little...Read On


A Beautiful Cruelty

My July 04 2010

the harder you resist it hurts more when you fall ... it gives you hope yet it lets you down ... it picks you up only to rip you apart.  .. it tests your patience your feelings .. when finally you surrender it says "i like you" .. not the word longed for but enough to stay. ... love so beautiful enough to endure the cruelty for a taste...Read On


Accept Me

A love letter to my husband

I'm odd, I laugh, I cry and I sin. You take me back and love me again. For both of us that is a win. At night you cradle me in your arms, a hand on my hip. I know at any time I can reach out a finger and brush it along your soft lip. You accept me now knowing my failures, quirks and needs. You welcome me back making me love you more now, than when our marriage was just a seed. Stay with...Read On


Angel Of Innocence

You're a study in contradiction, Strong yet battling deep affliction, Hippolyte meets Euridice. You can bring the sun with a single glance, A knight would lower down his lance Your token, he would make all the world see So why are you so sad inside? What demons are trying to hide? How can I just help them go away? I'm here and I will never go. Let them just fade and know, ...Read On