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Love Poems

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Home Again

Lovers separated by a job overseas.

Our marriage torn asunder, blessed union alienated by circumstance. Economic downturn, corporate downsizing. Financial theories turning dreams to dust. Divided by ocean, she chases that dwindling aspiration. Here I remain, each second a lifetime. Until she's home again. Meals for one, my appetite diminished, every mouthful tasting of ash. The lustre faded from social...Read On


Two Hearts beating as one

You leave a smile on my face with your delicate embrace your kisses soft and pure. Two hearts beating as one words that cannot be spoken desire burning deep within our very souls hours pass and time seems to truly stand still the embers burn a crimson red your skin on mine a lover's touch a heart that knows no other in the background a sweet melody. You fill me up with anticipation of what's...Read On


I truly love you

I have said it so many times To others near and far Saying the words Not meaning them  Only playing their game No game has been played  When I was with you  I meant every word I said  Heart pounding every time I would see you online  When I tell you I miss you That is the truth When I say I love you  It was not just to say those words I will love no other the way I...Read On



When you look at me with those eyes, with that oh so insinuating smirk, and that damn sexy, deep voice. That's when you can take away all my will, all of my reasons to not continue. That's the way you took away my past, showed me how pleasurable your dark and relentless world is. That's why I'm totally in lust with you. ...Read On


New Country

Tunes and songs, poems and connections, that hold us together

No depression, That country sound, A true freedom, All mine, all mine. A gypsy smoke filled light in a dark world, A voice in the wilderness, A lone guitar, A lone guitar song, All can sing, And make you cry, Don’t call it nothing, It keeps you sane, No depression, That country sound, Perfection to see, again and again, Perfect harmony, Honey...Read On

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If your words are painted across my heart,  if your face is drawn along every wall I'll go on to build around myself,  then I could still hold on to  some semblance of you. Some parallel echo I may be able to record and mimic,  create from scratch again and build any way I want,  but each one of those possible timelines  would always carry a flaw sewn in somewhere. The color of your eyes...Read On


Hints And Flashes

Time moves and unfolds behind your eyes,  I see myself when those fragile colored orbs begin to blossom and constrict  before you pull away from me. If I am to be nothing more than  a bright flash across your sky,  hold on to that split second  where I am pure energy. Where I make the above an intricate patchwork  of electric veins singeing the oxygen,  strobing across the land and...Read On


A Cherished Memory

Remember that night When you pulled me in Wrapped me in your arms Our bodies so close That I could feel your breathe On my back As we lay side by side Enveloped in love Your hand in mine As our toes danced To the music of love Your magical embrace Sweet gentle kisses Across my back The warmth between us Electrifying my soul Tickling and exploring Laughing, smiling, loving Enjoying a...Read On


Nuanced Ambiance

A ripening unveiling of sweet perfume and wanton hues

Polyphonic offerings exchanged Affecting a softening to pangs That rearrange demeanor in chords Harmonize an orchestration towards relief Like some parched penstemon Pang for wet realize Offering its fuchsia trumpet To the Gods of symphonic thunder This bashful hue of scarlet Invades the paler cheeks Doles out a parsimonious frequency Where claritas rings and chimes the heart ...Read On


Her sorrow

An endless battle fought inside, The deep longing for love, For passion, desire, heat, Arms to hold and protect, Someone to cherish her. Yet she can’t pretend To be anything but who she is, She won’t hide her feelings, Her opinions, dreams, wants. She needs to be herself. But herself doesn’t seem to be enough. She is far from perfect. Filled with sadness ...Read On


If This Was Mine

written for Ange'

Softly I kiss you on your shoulder as you sleep. My arm around your waist as I rest my head on your back, hair entangled with yours. A smile escapes my lips as I drift into the sweetest of dreams. Dreamily you find my hand and lace your fingers with mine. I wake to the feel of your warm body turning to face my own. Gentle kisses on my neck and lips as you pull me closer to you. Our...Read On


A Do Over

Lovers should never pay For the mistakes of our pasts Damage done by others Meeting you was by chance Finding a love so beautiful Was purely a miracle  Love is a gift given with care Sometimes opening a new world The possibilities seem endless Past abuse and unspoken fears Faded slowly thanks to your love Each kiss soothed my soul The past can not be changed Do overs are not promised...Read On

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That one perfect moment.

Breeze on the deck, Rocking in a steady rhythm, Waves crashing on the side. To and fro, Up and down, Holding on the rigging, Fingers interlocking. The sun dipping low, My head on your shoulder, Sighing contently. As the rain sprinkles my cheek, Pleasured smiles dancing on lips, As the sun dips below the horizon. One moment to hold, To remember...Read On


Valentine's Day is Over

Poems don't rhyme anymore

You remember the day we met? Once upon a time, down all the years Up along the road .. By my Uncle’s gate Riding your bike back from the town On the wall watching you go by Keeping the smile from my lips Ever the James Dean wannabe .. My persona cracking as you stop Your eyes, your smile, your laugh .. How we danced without music Each stepping to...Read On


Maria Elena

Inspired by song Maria Elena, performed by Ry Cooder and by Him, the one that makes my heart sing

The sweetest thing begins with the guitar Twangy and slow Fingers supple on the strings A song he has not known The melody begins Rhythm starts to flow  I begin to fall into him Under his fingers He pulls with no relent The horns start Deep and strong like a man I begin to feel the tears within He exposes my soul He touches, reaches in Piercing depths so low ...Read On


Backlash of love

someone coming and going in and out of your heart the pain it causes..

Caught in a backlash of love Left the back door of my heart open He stepped inside and set me on fire A riddle of desire I could not deny Then he vanished like smoke in the night He changed his mind He loved me He hurt me He left me A feeling of devastation so blinding real it left my world in cinders Burned to the ground nothing of me remaining A burnt out empty shell ...Read On


My evo_l

I'll always love you My pain for you is love No one can compare They can try if they dare. Test me and see what happens My time in heart, Makes up for what I lack in mind, But it's only a matter of time. You bring me quality peace Peace in hope Believing and then seeing You are true, a true being. I never thought, Never thought I'd find you But you are the one The one...Read On



I want to be your everything.

My sexy one You want to know why For valentines day I chose to eat thai You said to me It's your favourite Spicier the better that you crave it I'm all into spice The hotter the better It makes you hard And makes me wetter Kissing you so hard You make me complete Loving you so hard when you fuck me deep I swear to god You threw me Orgasmic lust You totally drew me I want you so madly...Read On


Is It Gone

With joy in my heart I started singing Of a friendship, unexpected, so bold, How to express the joy and fresh ringing That resounds in all the halls of your soul. When you are the one someone wants to know, When you are the one that she seeks to meet, It gives you a reason to shine, to glow, To think that you have achieved a great feat. It happened to me several months ago, Out of the blue...Read On


Sweet Water

dedication to praise the temple of womenhood

To drink from your sweet body would be my pleasure Just you and I alone in the dark As I drink you up Like sweet water Nothing more than your satisfaction As I lick your sweet tender spot The whole night through I don't expect anything from you  Except your sweet water As you twitch and moan, climax after climax Squeezing me tight with your legs Allowing me the honor to drink you...Read On


When Love Goes

Tension mounts Tempers flare  Words once said  Can’t be recalled  Too old to leave  Too young to stay  What does one do  When love goes away? Cry in the shower  That way you can’t hear  Every day seems like  The end’s drawing near.  Trying to hold on  Hope for a change  Never at ease  No one’s to blame Dancing around you  Careful what I say  I may think it’s safe  It...Read On

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Another Victim

I can’t help but stare And watch others care I know you are there Those secrets that you hide Create the void you feel inside Another victim of one’s pride The boundaries you have crossed Along with the fables you exhaust Will leave you forever lost You spin and you collect All that love that you reject You will never gain respect I can see you pretend Becoming a new friend ...Read On


Opened My Heart

You opened my heart Showing me the light Falling for you Giving you all my love The words you said  Filling my head I give my heart For you to keep  I trusted you to keep it safe You proved me wrong  When your love was taken Wanting to blame you For your cheating and lies I hate to love, love to hate The feeling that grows deep inside Wanting to hate you  ...Read On



We tie so much of ourselves and memory to sensations  whether they're made together or are the surroundings framing you,  eyes watching raindrops trickle along the windshield as I drive us home. The stars furiously wheeling above,  your hand squeezed mine and I never knew what  you were thinking then and maybe I'm not meant to,  maybe I can never know the things that send your...Read On



For someone special

I close the curtains and put out each lamp,  my Sunday morning window's gray with ticking ages,  the cool mist of the season nearing. Each cell and promise chilled down to the marrow,  turning to ice in me when you only deserved warmth. I can barely endure building it for you,  the bonfires telling the truth to  every intricate shadow but my own,  the violent flickering...Read On


Right Behind Bars

Right now I'm stuck behind bars, Not the real bars, The stupid ones that are in my mind. The ones that it is harder to break through, The ones that need two, The ones that may need you. I know what you're thinking,  "How are you alone? "It isn't like you don't have people with you at home." But you see it isn't like that, They don't see the things I feel, Especially the things...Read On


Still Spirits

There's a stillness here now breaking,  glows through the cloud's dark paths,  as a hush falls over our home there are whispers of you in every room,  filling the hollows you made in me. I don't know if they're really just in my head,  or if the echoes dancing between the walls  are beyond understanding. If what makes and sustains them is the same invisible force  that draws people...Read On



I take a deep breath. My world starts to shake. I look in your eyes, Give you my soul to take. A sweet kiss lingers, Slowly getting stronger. I don't know if I can take this, If I can take this any longer. My heart starts racing. This is the world I'm facing. But I let you in. My heart's for the taking. I can't stop these feelings. What is the meaning? I'm opening up slowly, Wearing my...Read On


Beautiful Dreams

Searching for sleep It evades me Eludes me Defying logic In the quiet moments Thoughts of you Fill my heart Vivid in my mind I close my eyes Hearing your voice Tasting your kisses The taste of ecstasy You feel like home Comforting Welcoming Familiar If I let my imagination Run freely Our soundtrack Plays music in my heart Images flash Steamy showers Breathtaking kisses And...Read On


Free Falling

Free falling, Down through the air, Worry is nothing, I live without a care. I know your arms, Will catch me when I fall, Make my landing safe, Your love will hold me. Your sweet cushion, Your gentle embrace, I'm your only mission, The love shows on your face. No playing safe, We don't need to, All anyone needs is to see, That for you I was meant to be. I will fall...Read On