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Love Poems

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For Amie, forever

A declaration made. A promise to keep.

What was I, before I saw you? Was I even truly alive? What was dead, now breathes anew; For this love I can strive. If only it had been you from the start, When in darkness I was bound. Now that you rule my heart, Only in the light, can I be found. No need for heaven, in your embrace. Only to my goddess can I be devout. Aphrodite weeps at her disgrace; From your eyes,...Read On


Will You Gambol?

Will you gambol along with me? Frolic with glee galore. Playfully romp across the fields of freedom. Frisk about with no thought of embarrassment, No blushes of shame, Cavorting with your lover, Liberated by eager spirits of joy. Will you? I am here and we could be open And happy once more, Just take my hand, We can be released from our existential Madness, Our emotions on exhibition,...Read On


Home Again

Lovers separated by a job overseas.

Our marriage torn asunder, blessed union alienated by circumstance. Economic downturn, corporate downsizing. Financial theories turning dreams to dust. Divided by ocean, she chases that dwindling aspiration. Here I remain, each second a lifetime. Until she's home again. Meals for one, my appetite diminished, every mouthful tasting of ash. The lustre faded from social...Read On


Symbols of love

As the day grows near, I wonder Is it really happening? Long we have planned, Had items made To be carried as symbols of love. How will it feel To have the cool leather around the neck? To wear the ring as its symbol always? I can’t quite imagine, Or understand, How the moment will be. A meaning so deep Hidden within leather and metal, How can items carry so much? I humbly...Read On



For someone special

I close the curtains and put out each lamp,  my Sunday morning window's gray with ticking ages,  the cool mist of the season nearing. Each cell and promise chilled down to the marrow,  turning to ice in me when you only deserved warmth. I can barely endure building it for you,  the bonfires telling the truth to  every intricate shadow but my own,  the violent flickering...Read On


My Heart Rests

Breaking up is never easy to do.

Confusion Disillusion Misconceptions Delusions Illusions to my eyes Punishment and lies I hold my head and sighed Quite often I do cried Weakness, I can't abide it Strength, I will find it For I cannot Endure Any More My heart aches breaks Shudders Shakes It's like Devastation From my heart Evacuation Running away Coming back How dare I move on So attack I dared and cared When I did so...Read On



In love is absolution.

In his eyes she saw what could believe; That in his body she’d find reprieve. The chase was short, for they knew; that lust was theirs and love was due. A message here, a calling there; fatal attraction beyond compare. His lengthy fingers and big full member; It saw desire and ignited the ember. The burn was long and all consuming; Stopping the need and then resuming. The...Read On


fire of love

Dedicated to the one I love

The flame of my love burns bright, The storm of the night lays behind us. All obstacles and perils couldn't blow our love away, even sometimes we burned ourselves on our flame. The flame of my love burns hot, The fights for our future were never easy. All hopes seem to fade sometimes, but our love always found ways to survive. The flame of my love burns high, The time will show us our...Read On


Shall I Sculpt You

Such divine glory to behold. Your body and soul manifesting such beauty. To see you with my eyes and my heart. To know who you are. Am I able to sculpt you, Able to tempt the gods with your exquisite charms. To use my fingers to mold a semblance of you. To caress the clay, Enjoying the deliberate strokes. Spreading the moist substance Into the image of you. Will you pose for me Just...Read On


The Promised Land

There are many paths to The Promised Land

You smile that smile. Reach for my hand. Lead me down the hall. To the promised land. Lips touch mine Gentle, soft, So sublime. Tempting me Unwrapping me As if a gift A slip falls A bra, slowly, straps pushed down by one finger, Panties, ah, for panties you kneel Use your teeth, not a hand, Your lips so very close To the promised land. Your kiss brushes my mound  ...Read On


Appreciating You

It has never been my fashion to be a man of passion. It just never has been my style; but when you came along you sure proved me wrong. You sang me your love song. It rang to the hills giving me thrills showing me who I was. I showed my relief and showed my belief and my heart became fulfilled. Now passion is mine our bodies entwined forever and a day. I won't...Read On


A Special Love

You wrap your arms around me,  Make me feel safe and warm. I am safe and protected. Your words are sweet and sensual. I count the minutes Until we speak again. We may be worlds apart, But it often feels like you are right here. We have a bond that is hard to explain. When you're not around, things aren't the same. To hear your voice can always bring a smile. Even in the bad...Read On



an ode to the love of my life

Beloved: Music to my ears Angelic, soft and warm Rekindling the dying embers Your name that spells charms! Amidst silhouettes, overshadowing the past Nostalgic, real so vivid and fast_ Never ending, instead eternity last! Gifts of joy, friendship and love coming from above Are we then to doubt the wisdom of God?...Read On



I want to be your everything.

My sexy one You want to know why For valentines day I chose to eat thai You said to me It's your favourite Spicier the better that you crave it I'm all into spice The hotter the better It makes you hard And makes me wetter Kissing you so hard You make me complete Loving you so hard when you fuck me deep I swear to god You threw me Orgasmic lust You totally drew me I want you so madly...Read On


Opened My Heart

You opened my heart Showing me the light Falling for you Giving you all my love The words you said  Filling my head I give my heart For you to keep  I trusted you to keep it safe You proved me wrong  When your love was taken Wanting to blame you For your cheating and lies I hate to love, love to hate The feeling that grows deep inside Wanting to hate you  ...Read On


Real This Time

This time it is for real, for sure, you know. This time it truly has to be for real. Of all the times before when you have lost, This time at last it has to be your time. These thoughts pass through the minds of many here. These thoughts give hope to those who seek true love. Of all the times they tried and lost before, These thoughts tell them that finally they win. Just give yourself a...Read On


Summer Night

In the silence of the summer night

In the silence of the summer night  I love the way you look at me  Your eyes deep but so bright  If I could have just one wish for me I would wish to be with you day and night  I love the way you kiss me  Your lips so luscious, I want to bite  I love your heavy breath over me  And the ways you show delight  The warmth of your lips on my cheek  I love the way you make me flight  I...Read On


The Best of Me

So much to consider . . .

I cannot bear to see you Hurting in this way Come here and let me comfort you And chase your fears away You must know I love you Why do you doubt me so? I have been here by your side When it matters most Don’t I show affection? Provide stability? Remember anniversaries? Furnish all your needs? The others? They mean nothing Just foolish wild oats You know I’m never gone for long I...Read On



We were young when we first came, With throbbing hearts and beating drum, But now we're old, we're here again, We've brought our drum beat once again.  We met and danced the night away, At the club down by the quay, So much sadness came to pass, Life sent us both a different way. It was years before again we met, Funny how we each found our regret, Never having held so tight, And tried...Read On



When we're this close in bed,  arms and legs as loving tangled knots,  I wish you could breathe in all I am,  a singular exhale of air to embrace  with the ferocity of curious lungs. Then you would know everything that forms me,  memory upon memory before you became  the axis and gravity gently holding my world,  you would know where to place every kiss on the spaces scarred inside and out. ...Read On



There are times I do not know where I stand, There are other times that I do, But when I find myself around the beauty that is you, I find that I need to be given a helping hand. I love that I love you, But I hate that I love you too, I find myself constricted, And wish your words were listed. You confuse me but captivate me, Throw me and hold me, Keep me and control my mind all day,...Read On


Now Was Once The Future

Now was once the future, Our dreams that we should be living, Now was once every hope and prayer, Now was our vows constantly filled. Now is now, Our dreams crumbled behind us, Now we pray new hopes and prayers, Now our vows lie in the dust. The future is the future, Our dreams different from before, Now we hope and pray separately, Now, new vows are being written. The past...Read On


Phantom Shores

Near the beach years ago

We met years ago on the shore,  boardwalk planks creaking beneath your feet,  skin still damp and beaded with the ocean,  your shoulder grazing mine once when passing,  looking back to flash a tiny smile. There were dimples in your cheeks,  the final orange glows of sunset splashed along your perfect frame,  tangled black hair almost hiding your face as I walked over, and you...Read On

Recommended Read

101 Words: Unsaid

Think it’s best left Unsaid How you stroked the depths of another Finding release While I slipped under slumber’s spell Ten thousand miles away I should let it go Unspoken How the beast that pummeled her raw Marks you as a man and Trains the primal desire that will take me When summer sets and autumn arrives again. ‘tis not a secret when things Unmentioned Are known...Read On


Forever Yours

Could it possibly been a decade that moment life changed forever Do you recall it as I That magic moment of submission branding me Forever yours Of hundreds present Friends colleagues acquaintances Most I had known for ages I remember none from that evening save you From the instant you took my hand speaking so elegantly Not a word was heard lost in your emerald eyes and...Read On


The Hills Of Nostalgia

Is it possible to remember a time and place you have never seen. She is like the mist, in a past not there; in a vision, a guise of love. Is it nostalgia, true nostalgia, to yearn for that  which you never had. Neither known nor unknown, she is my own, above the heights, the lost sights and sounds and smells of love. The rolling hills are there, and passing through...Read On



If silence speaks volumes then it doesn't matter  how much oxygen is expelled from my lungs for you,  if one breath can strip you to the bone  and shake each monster you've molded my face to. Whatever you've shaped us into,  I'll be in the dark and would rather keep  the moments where I looked into the bare essence of someone,  someone who could return such a rare gaze,  and never flee...Read On


I truly love you

I have said it so many times To others near and far Saying the words Not meaning them  Only playing their game No game has been played  When I was with you  I meant every word I said  Heart pounding every time I would see you online  When I tell you I miss you That is the truth When I say I love you  It was not just to say those words I will love no other the way I...Read On


In our heart

You are in my heart

Intertwined, Our tongues like our heart. Winding around each other, Afraid to be apart. Laid bare to each other,  All within on show. We crawl in one another,  A different life we know. We hold each other in our heart,  Our hands transcend the distance. Apart but still together,  In our hearts we dance....Read On


To The Moon And Back

How do I tell you how much I love you? What way would you understand? If I were to write you a sonnet, I don't think you'd comprehend. I would take you to the moon and back, To the stars you love so much, I would show you the wildlife in the wild, The way they were meant to be. I could hire a plane and write letters in the sky, Declaring my love for you, Or I could buy you diamonds,...Read On