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There are moments engineered by things beyond us,  there's no other shape I want to be near,  no other form I want to know all of me. Earlier in the dark falling snow,  it was almost like soaring through stars,  it all makes a pattern I can almost decode,  assemble to see secrets always moving  just underneath every living surface. In tangling bones,  in the muscles they cage,  in...Read On


Like a feather

Random and Free, She's floating on a breeze, Adventure is awaiting her; She without a destiny. Deep and shallow, She is flawed in her dimensions, Her head's too filled with wonder, She delights in imperfection. Flowing and tumbling, She's never quite at ease. The question's always there; Should she stay or should she leave? Falling like the stars, Rising like the...Read On


Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news, Spreading through the streets? Young Mary-Kate's had a man betwixt the sheets! They say young Tom, To whom she's betrothed, Found him in there in just his underclothes! The poor young lad, His 'art is broke, 'Tis a downright shame - he's a right top bloke! Now young Mary-Kate, She's lost both men, 'Cos she went and told both that she loved only them. ...Read On



From Nothing to Everything

Solitude. He was alone. No friends. No lovers. A life monotone. Empty. She was hollow inside. A husband despised. A trapped life. Only her children filling her with pride. Chance. An unexpected post online. A first meeting. A second and third.  Each becomes the other's Valentine. Romance. Forgetting the dark past. Living begins. Lives merge. Togetherness to last... ...Read On


Fragile Still Center

I want you to swim through my veins like you're learning them for the very first time, absorbing the pulse and the contained heat that makes me. You would find yourself there, see that you're somewhere within every reflection of me that others will see, that you hide in my eyes whether they're blinking or watching you in the memory of the first time we met. When you had no name to paint...Read On


To The Moon And Back

How do I tell you how much I love you? What way would you understand? If I were to write you a sonnet, I don't think you'd comprehend. I would take you to the moon and back, To the stars you love so much, I would show you the wildlife in the wild, The way they were meant to be. I could hire a plane and write letters in the sky, Declaring my love for you, Or I could buy you diamonds,...Read On


The Bite

To see you.

To some it is a thing that is not understood, To others a necessity. To me, It is to carry his burdens silently within me, To let him release each one, to weigh on me. He can be free to run, to be himself, to find himself. When a bite is accepted, And surrender is given, It is not to be weak; It is to balance each other. At times he will be lost, And it is then I will need my strength To...Read On



There's more than anatomy between us,  there are spaces both microscopic and vast,  inches and distant islands that were once whole But but have cracked to drift apart and  become jagged peninsulas unknown to one another. The equivalent of vanished civilizations remain in our hearts,  carvings on walls and statues only we can read,  to others it will all be a mysterious...Read On


My Life's Valentine

True passion shines in life long Valentines.

You were my Valentine when we were teens And when we married at twenty-one, my Valentine you remained Each year without fail I gave you nature and greens And when we were thirty your presence my soul barely contained On each anniversary I painted you my feeling The reds of passion and the blues of lust Each year you had me reeling From my depths I craved you, to have you I must ...Read On



Childhood innocence,  orgasmic feelings barred. Stuck behind this fence, body left, scarred. For years and years, sexual expression, fighting. Always taunted, so fierce,  one day, lightning. Shielding eyes, hurting, Exalted feeling, all so bright. Bars crack open, disconcerting, angel wafting, bathing in light. Atomic heat, searing, embracing pure ecstasy. Gazing around, fearing, ...Read On


My Precious Angel

The gift from the heavens...

I have a sweet, clear vision Of this other-worldly girl She's a treasure to behold Donning freckles and white pearls She's my precious angel She carries her beautiful self With such style and such grace She is all woman at every curve Every part sensually laced She's my precious angel While she’s definitely a princess She will get dirty too Whether out working in the yard Or...Read On


The Geographer of Souls

The paths of love can be most hard to find  When hearts have lost fidelity once known. So many routes have hindrances unkind That trip you up and turn your trust to stone. Each person wants the sureness of love's touch That leads the way through trackless wilderness, And gives each lover one more needed crutch When life has dealt the blows of harsh duress. But we shall always have our...Read On

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If your words are painted across my heart,  if your face is drawn along every wall I'll go on to build around myself,  then I could still hold on to  some semblance of you. Some parallel echo I may be able to record and mimic,  create from scratch again and build any way I want,  but each one of those possible timelines  would always carry a flaw sewn in somewhere. The color of your eyes...Read On


Guiding Light

Shines bright through the night fog.

A night journey home, tall flickering light shines bright through the night fog. Guide us through the remnants of once majestic vessels; broken and laced across the shallows, as if a reef. Love destroyed long ago. Torn apart and smashed into 1000 shards of Suspicion, Resentment, Lies, and Whores. A reef of grief. Each sunken barbed fragment, a shard of once whole Love, ...Read On



You are in everything around me,  the spaces between remind me of you  because that blink and unseen shape of time is just a crack in a doorway to the worlds  within that we rarely see. I can feel the hints of a loving presence always surrounding,  cradling the stars and sun. And when each star eventually falls and burns out,  I'll see your face in the shooting  trails of light left...Read On



There are worlds behind your eyes,  I long for them to envelope me,  draw closed the lonely spaces separating our hands,  the words we've been scared to say to each other. Like sonnets written with your voice,  place your lips on me so I can feel the lovely verses made that can fill  the cracks made by cold exits. But I will not reach for you out of pain, it's because you found me exactly...Read On


In Focus

There are times When your mind gets clouded. Thoughts, what you know, Get blurred, out of focus Feelings scream so loudly, Being heartbreakingly overwhelming, Drowning out anything else. Then there are moments Where everything snaps into focus. Finally seeing clearly, What you knew all along sinks in, Becoming real. Mind and heart at balance, Everything gets so much better. ...Read On


An autumn walk

The jewelled tones scattered on the trees, Every leaf like a blossoming flower Against an ice blue sky. Air sharp and crisp, Filled with the promise of frost. Wrapped up in cosy knit She walks through the leafs on the ground, Rosy cheeks, ruffled hair, Thinking of the night to come, Tangled up with her lover. A low sun makes everything glow, Like a fire; yellow, orange, red. ...Read On


Princess and Porn Star

I am your princess, I am your porn star I will be sweet, and give it to you where ever you are You treat me with such beauty and grace I could be a good girl, or sit on your face Make love all day and all night It isn't wrong, but so damn right My body is yours, do what you want with me Let's be naughty for everyone to see Out in public showing our pure lust and need Taking...Read On


The Hills Of Nostalgia

Is it possible to remember a time and place you have never seen. She is like the mist, in a past not there; in a vision, a guise of love. Is it nostalgia, true nostalgia, to yearn for that  which you never had. Neither known nor unknown, she is my own, above the heights, the lost sights and sounds and smells of love. The rolling hills are there, and passing through...Read On


I'll Keep The Winter

I'll keep the winter with me,  each night you added me to your heart when I kept wanting to know more,  for you to tell me what you saw when  staring for hours out of the dark windows  of your bedroom while still in my arms. Maybe I already lost you by then, eyes transfixed on some secret oblivion  sweeping through those late hours,  tightly tied to places I could not reach. Maybe you...Read On


Now Was Once The Future

Now was once the future, Our dreams that we should be living, Now was once every hope and prayer, Now was our vows constantly filled. Now is now, Our dreams crumbled behind us, Now we pray new hopes and prayers, Now our vows lie in the dust. The future is the future, Our dreams different from before, Now we hope and pray separately, Now, new vows are being written. The past...Read On


Nuanced Ambiance

A ripening unveiling of sweet perfume and wanton hues

Polyphonic offerings exchanged Affecting a softening to pangs That rearrange demeanor in chords Harmonize an orchestration towards relief Like some parched penstemon Pang for wet realize Offering its fuchsia trumpet To the Gods of symphonic thunder This bashful hue of scarlet Invades the paler cheeks Doles out a parsimonious frequency Where claritas rings and chimes the heart ...Read On


Rose Gifts

Bunches of yellow roses Yellow for her: friendship The best smooches Always up for fellowship   Bunches of white roses White for her: pure desires All her playful teases Constant sexual bonfires Roses, roses, roses For her – pink Her body exuded femininity Her body so elegant and graceful Roses, roses, roses For her – lilac Her enchanting flirtations Her lust ...Read On



Heart jumping Sensation of flight Blood pumping Ceiling floats in sight Straining to flip over Limbs fall numb Hitting sober Pain striking like a drum Suspended mid-air Hooked through the heart An emotional snare Dangling like a piece of art Universe rushing in Going through withdrawal Neurones searing, burning Stripping lust in brawl Left with pure love Hooks start melting Free like...Read On



I have to learn how to let go,  unwilling to fade away with you, if this is how we'll scream,  pull the air from my lungs. I'd rather just be left alone  in the enveloping dark to no longer carry the flame,  the torch that could once ignite  entire valleys and mountains,  snuffed out the moment I could sense you Pulling away one fragment at a time, first noting...Read On


The Last Illumination

You carry a certain light inside of you that I barely understand  the glow of when it pours from you to cover me,  and it can be the last illumination I give myself over to. The loving radiance crossing every bridge I labored  for years to construct inside that have collapsed one by one And you can shine where no one else has had a chance to see,  the deep chasms others carved in...Read On


Will You Gambol?

Will you gambol along with me? Frolic with glee galore. Playfully romp across the fields of freedom. Frisk about with no thought of embarrassment, No blushes of shame, Cavorting with your lover, Liberated by eager spirits of joy. Will you? I am here and we could be open And happy once more, Just take my hand, We can be released from our existential Madness, Our emotions on exhibition,...Read On


The Girl Without A Name

nameless she stalks the cage of her shadow a predator waiting to pounce but once was prey on the fringes of reality blurring the lines she cannot remember from whence she came or to where she is headed she feeds on the sins and fevered nightmares of childhood's end forgetting, sometimes that her own blatant hopes burned in the flames she now consumes and they taste sweet ...Read On


How Much?

You will never see

I lie awake and dream that things won't be the way they seem, Emptiness behind my eyes with no tears left to cry. How much must I give of me? Still you will never see, Everything I keep inside would it be better to live or die? The anger flows so free brings out the best in me, Outside is heaven though inside the pain will grow. How long will you hang around? Selfishness just brings...Read On