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My Vows

These are my vows to you, my dear.

I know that I will always love you there has never been a doubt. Without you, I felt as if a piece of my soul were missing. I could never doubt the way my heart beats and my skin flushes whenever you are near. My entire body seems to know that we are meant to be. Here we stand, wrapped in each other’s arms saying the words lovers say, on their wedding day. ‘til death do...Read On


Won't you tell me?

Won't you tell me that of which, crosses your mind? I keep wondering, Why your eyes glaze over, That crooked smile, I love so much, Appears on your face. You have said before, You think of me often. Is this one of those times? Won't you tell me, that of which, occupies your dreams? I keep wondering, Why you always smile, A sweet, endearing smile On your face. ...Read On



As always, for him

Something happened in my head Maybe something that was said Something happened in my heart Sadness filled, began to spread Reality of distance, miles so far apart I tried to hide and smiled instead But you read pain in my heart I felt the hurt of words unsaid Your quiet as you wait with care  Trusting you, baring self  I said that I am sad Open arms, you drew me near ...Read On



There are times I do not know where I stand, There are other times that I do, But when I find myself around the beauty that is you, I find that I need to be given a helping hand. I love that I love you, But I hate that I love you too, I find myself constricted, And wish your words were listed. You confuse me but captivate me, Throw me and hold me, Keep me and control my mind all day,...Read On


Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news, Spreading through the streets? Young Mary-Kate's had a man betwixt the sheets! They say young Tom, To whom she's betrothed, Found him in there in just his underclothes! The poor young lad, His 'art is broke, 'Tis a downright shame - he's a right top bloke! Now young Mary-Kate, She's lost both men, 'Cos she went and told both that she loved only them. ...Read On


The Geographer of Souls

The paths of love can be most hard to find  When hearts have lost fidelity once known. So many routes have hindrances unkind That trip you up and turn your trust to stone. Each person wants the sureness of love's touch That leads the way through trackless wilderness, And gives each lover one more needed crutch When life has dealt the blows of harsh duress. But we shall always have our...Read On


Phantom Shores

Near the beach years ago

We met years ago on the shore,  boardwalk planks creaking beneath your feet,  skin still damp and beaded with the ocean,  your shoulder grazing mine once when passing,  looking back to flash a tiny smile. There were dimples in your cheeks,  the final orange glows of sunset splashed along your perfect frame,  tangled black hair almost hiding your face as I walked over, and you...Read On



Here at the helm Surrounded  Laughter and jubilation Sweeping the halls I stand eternally  In thought. Maning the helm Companionless Unattended Unchaperoned Alone Without  Your embrace Your kiss The inner reaches Of my mind Have yet to prepare me For the sublime  Organic touch that you Provide. Twisting and turning My heart strings  Broken upon...Read On



We were young when we first came, With throbbing hearts and beating drum, But now we're old, we're here again, We've brought our drum beat once again.  We met and danced the night away, At the club down by the quay, So much sadness came to pass, Life sent us both a different way. It was years before again we met, Funny how we each found our regret, Never having held so tight, And tried...Read On



When we're this close in bed,  arms and legs as loving tangled knots,  I wish you could breathe in all I am,  a singular exhale of air to embrace  with the ferocity of curious lungs. Then you would know everything that forms me,  memory upon memory before you became  the axis and gravity gently holding my world,  you would know where to place every kiss on the spaces scarred inside and out. ...Read On


To The Moon And Back

How do I tell you how much I love you? What way would you understand? If I were to write you a sonnet, I don't think you'd comprehend. I would take you to the moon and back, To the stars you love so much, I would show you the wildlife in the wild, The way they were meant to be. I could hire a plane and write letters in the sky, Declaring my love for you, Or I could buy you diamonds,...Read On


A Cherished Memory

Remember that night When you pulled me in Wrapped me in your arms Our bodies so close That I could feel your breathe On my back As we lay side by side Enveloped in love Your hand in mine As our toes danced To the music of love Your magical embrace Sweet gentle kisses Across my back The warmth between us Electrifying my soul Tickling and exploring Laughing, smiling, loving Enjoying a...Read On



Surprise You ask if you can have me. I ask if you'll be my valentine. Now i'm yours,  And you are mine. I think of you all the time, Day and night. When I see your text, Makes my day shine bright. I really like you, Yes, it's true. We're not in a rush, I love making you blush. This was a surprise!  I'm happy we met. With my eyes, Upon you, there set....Read On


Last meeting

Something about a man.

The last time we met, Sometime in April I look back at that meeting, Feeling lost inside, Missing you more and more Sitting next to you on the couch, having you hold me close Whispering sweet nothings in my ear Making me blush and and snuggle closer to you You told me your ambitions, you told me your story I told you mine, and you didn't turn away from my dark past You gripped me tighter and...Read On



How could I describe you, With your ethereal mystique? Words could not do justice, Or manage to compete. Your form is of wondrous beauty, The like which no words can describe, Your voice sounds like an angel, But just a whisper from above. Your soul dances with mine, To a slow and rhythm-less tune, Courting and embracing, Losing track of time. Your love comes in waves, Ebb...Read On


Unspoken Love

I wanted more than coffee, but it was not to be;.

Oh, the waiting is sometimes more than I can stand. I yearn to see his face, his smile. I yearn to hear his voice, his laughter. He does not know how I feel nor dare he ever. He is married, so am I, but that does not stop the yearning, the desire, the need to feel his touch and warm embrace. A quick hug, a shared coffee time, chatter about life, a hug goodbye, till next time. All...Read On


The Hills Of Nostalgia

Is it possible to remember a time and place you have never seen. She is like the mist, in a past not there; in a vision, a guise of love. Is it nostalgia, true nostalgia, to yearn for that  which you never had. Neither known nor unknown, she is my own, above the heights, the lost sights and sounds and smells of love. The rolling hills are there, and passing through...Read On


Your Love

My mind is spiraling like an ill fated flight Can't get you out of my thoughts, can't get you out of my sight. Missing how you would kiss and touch me. Making sweet love, and making me free I should give up. I know I should let go I can't, cause it's your love I need to know One with appreciation and kind words Not one that crowds my heart with tiny swords It is the sweetest...Read On


Your Hands Your Eyes

I watch your hands as we talk I watch your eyes as you look at me I watch your hands as they reach for mine I watch your eyes as they look through me I feel your hands as they touch my face I feel your eyes as they follow me I feel your hands move along my body I feel your eyes as they undress me I feel your hands remove my clothes I feel your eyes as my body unfolds I...Read On



His. We. Us. Seemingly small, Insignificant words. Yet as they are spoken, They tear down walls, Sink into her soul, Disarming, As she comes apart, Unable to withstand Their power. Tiny words of promise, Stirring deep within, Speaking to her very core, A longing, A need, To belong, To be loved, Desired, Not alone, Someone by her...Read On


My Princess Valentine

I love you

I have never met you and fear I never will, And yet, it seems, I love you so, a love so deep and real. To meet would bring disaster, and yet to part would be so hard, This love I feel inside me tears my heart just like a shard. I always said I'd be okay, if ever we should end, As long as we were talking, then I'd always be your friend. But then, one day, you said goodbye, explained,...Read On



We are both suspended in the fractions of a clock's ticking hands,  the collections we've acquired of one another and  if I move between the unframed photographs strewn all  over the desk and through books without bindings  to graze the handwritten and typed letters I will know you beyond the still statue your heart  grew into and my skin placed entirely against yours  will be...Read On



I once told told you how a touch could flutter through time, become a seed, an explosion of stars to paint your universe with light. If I can give that to you, it's worth burning through all I am to know that fire isn't really the end, that you will still curl around the ashes until I form anew. In the framework of singed flesh you've carved your language, seared the most sacred...Read On


Because of spark

The way you love

Spark that's what you call it, Strange it's what I feel So it is true Between you and me, we have that And yet you chose to be with somebody My world brighter with your smile Warm with your hug How dare you, let me feel this way Crushing my heart in to pieces Am I not meant for you? Looking in your eyes, I'm damned I see that glow I've fallen deep, in a trance Scared...Read On


An autumn walk

The jewelled tones scattered on the trees, Every leaf like a blossoming flower Against an ice blue sky. Air sharp and crisp, Filled with the promise of frost. Wrapped up in cosy knit She walks through the leafs on the ground, Rosy cheeks, ruffled hair, Thinking of the night to come, Tangled up with her lover. A low sun makes everything glow, Like a fire; yellow, orange, red. ...Read On



Competition Entry - sort of to the point.

Valentine, oh valentine, Your arrival shook, nay massacred my life, I'm eternally joyous now that you, Have become my wife....Read On


A Tender Caress

A tender touch means so much.

Sexy licks Passionate embraces Tongues collide My pounding heart races Exploding through my chest And though I like My kisses slow Soft and sensual So emotional Tender caresses So devotional Gentle touches And a soft caress Make me feel special I must confess Tender touch May not seem like much But for me They seem as such A hug, A kiss A...Read On



I have to learn how to let go,  unwilling to fade away with you, if this is how we'll scream,  pull the air from my lungs. I'd rather just be left alone  in the enveloping dark to no longer carry the flame,  the torch that could once ignite  entire valleys and mountains,  snuffed out the moment I could sense you Pulling away one fragment at a time, first noting...Read On


I Pledge Thee My Troth (acrostic)

I pledge my love.

In my heart, I hold a Place that only you can Locate with your love. Everyday, I open that place, Drag out all our memories, Gather all my feelings, Envelope them with my love, Then, safely, place them back in my Heart again and I smile. Everyday, I thank you for Entrusting me with your heart. My love will hold You for all eternity. Tomorrow is ours. Rejoice with me as I Offer you...Read On


Dancing Electrons

In my dreams she exists and she is truly real Then I wake In a daze. Someday I will realize she stopped being there When she left In a mist. But my mind is a frangible substance that will Break into  Tiny bits. While sustaining my visions of what could have been She is here Alive still. Systematic resistance to the truth brought me Where I am In denial. You must not tell me it is...Read On