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Getting Married

Let’s start with some information about me. I am a thirty-something divorced woman. Some call me beautiful, others don’t. I have rich chestnut hair and piercing green eyes. I am not considered thin, and some may even call me fat. I think my curves are perfect. I spend quite a bit of time in the gym and am resolved that this is my body. Love it or hate it. After my divorce, I tried...Read On


Parisian Surprise - Part Three

Robert and Juliana enjoy Paris and a game of control.

This is the third part of Robert and Juliana’s “Parisian Surprise”, written in collaboration with Alphamagus. To best understand the story, we suggest that you read the preceding two parts before reading this one, but this story may be enjoyed on its own. Robert and Juliana have already had some sexual adventures on their flight and during their first day in Paris. They have agreed to...Read On


Learning My Lesson: The Beginning

I made my decision on a rainy day...

It had been a hard week. My boss asked, “we need you to work an extra day and we need you to work extra hours.” I still had my normal house work and papers to do at home on top of these work requests. I glanced down to the clock on the dash...8:35 P.M. I let out the longest sigh imaginable as I thought of all the things I still needed to do with so little time left in the day...well night....Read On


EXIT 33 --Trusting More

Expanding 'trust' through new experiences....

EXIT 33 -- Trusting More After chatting with you over the computer and ‘hearing’ a story that you made up on the spot, I turned back over and drifted back to sleep. I had a smile of satisfaction on my face as your sweet countenance once again occupied my dreamy sleep. The aftereffects of your story on my body soon had me ‘asleep’ and once again dreaming. After releasing your hands, I help...Read On


My 16th Birthday- part 2

Things heat up on my 16th birthday, true story...

*If you haven't read part one I'd recommend you do!* We stood still together, on the rink. He looked into my eyes, and I looked into his, both of us blushing slightly. "Skate on, guys!" shouted someone that worked there. "Oh, sorry, didn't realize that was you, Jake, but you guys need to skate on. You are blocking the rink." "It's cool, Drew," Jake said, skating off, with my hand still...Read On


My 16th birthday - Part One

Sorry I haven't written in a while. This is a true story, and there's more to come...

This was it, the day of my 16th birthday! I was filled with joy, as I made my way to my party at the local roller skating rink. I hadn't booked out the place, instead people were just showing up and having a laugh. Roller Rink is the name of the place, and I go there most weeks. There's this guy there, Jake, and boy is he fit. He has short brown hair, and is about 5'11. He has the most...Read On


Less Than Professional

A relationship goes from professional to something personal.

She sits in her chair looking down at her feet waiting for her professor to show up to give her last lecture of the day. She has out on her desk, her pen and notebook. The students from the previous class are crowded around the front of the room waiting for their chance to talk to their professor. She looks up and sees her professor who is too familiar for another class walk in slightly...Read On


EXIT 33 -- Trust

The setting is very real. The issue of 'trust' is real on-line. She will know who she is when she

We are having a slow day on the ‘big road’ due to the usual traffic snarls along the Interstate highway. My favorite truckstop is just ahead 3 miles down the road. These people go out of their way to make a driver feel welcome … from the manager(s) to fuel clerks to convenience cashiers to floor sweepers. Everybody is so friendly here. Their big neon sign is truly a welcome sight for me. ...Read On


Parisian Surprise - Part Two

Robert and Juliana enjoy Paris and playing a game of control.

This is the second part of Robert and Juliana’s “Parisian Surprise”, written in collaboration with Alphamagus. In order to properly understand the story, it would be best to read Part One before reading this. The couple have had an exciting flight to Paris. Robert has inserted remote-controlled love eggs into Juliana as part a bargain made between them allowing each to dominate the other...Read On


Immense Pleasure

This man who gives me nothing but immense pleasure.

The sheet is barely covering me, I’m wearing nothing but panties. I sleep soundly as you quietly enter our room. You come to me, sitting on the bed as your hand runs over my leg up to my thigh, resting softly as you caress me. Your fingers slowly run up to my panties, tugging on them. I begin to stir awake as I see you a soft smile appears on my face as you look down at me. “There you are,...Read On

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Forever His

My First Story - A Birthday Gift To Bunny

I feel you slide your hand along the curve of my rib-cage; I’m shivering in pleasure from the simple touch. I watch your hand move along my skin, taking my breath away with each movement. You slide your hand up along my rib-cage to my full breast; the palm of your hand skims along my nipple forcing it to become rock hard instantly. I gasp out, pushing my breast up towards your hand with a...Read On


First College Romance Part 2

Second and final part to my first story

Thomas inclined his head towards his bedroom. I unwrapped my legs from his waist, and he helped me up. He pulled me close to him and kissed me deeply. My nipples rubbed against his shirt and became hard. He placed his hands on my ass and squeezed, almost lifting me off the ground. He moved his hands to my waist and walked backwards, leading me towards his bed. He sat me down and took his...Read On


The Novelist

I discover a book loaned to me has very special significance.

My ex-girlfriend Cynthia, or as her friends called her, ‘Cyn’ and her boyfriend JJ were over for a barbecue I invited several of my friends to and were the last people remaining at my home at the end of the night. Cyn had offered to help clean up the kitchen with me and JJ was sitting on the other side of the breakfast counter enjoying a soda while we worked. JJ said, “Cyn, did you tell...Read On


First College Romance Part 1

Mel and Thomas go beyond the friend-zone for the first time

This is my first story. The characters and story are fictional. Hope you like it! Thomas and I had been friends for a while. We met in my first ever college class, physics. We were randomly selected as lab partners and hit it off quickly. We talked for hours that night and soon became inseparable, especially when we found out we lived in the same apartment complex; neither of us wanted to...Read On


That Summer by the Pool

Romance under the sun

This summer is shaping up to be the best summer of my life so far. I started working at a gated community's pool as a lifeguard. I was being paid to watch rich brats swim and work on my tan. The pool only went to 5 feet deep and we had a strict age and swim skill limit on the pool so I mostly just told them off for running or doing something stupid – and, of course, staring at the gorgeous...Read On

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Series Award

Parisian Surprise - Part One

Robert and Juliana visit Paris and take their sex life to a new place.

This story is the seventh in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love. It is different from previous stories in the series as it is the first part of a much longer story. We hope that you will enjoy it and look forward to the next chapter when you reach the end of this one. Juliana came into the house around 9 PM, exhausted...Read On

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

As I watch my woman in the kitchen, I can't stop thinking about sex...

(This story is only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere then it has been stolen) It was early, Sunday afternoon. The sun was streaming through the window, silhouetting my lovely missus, as she bustled around the kitchen. Since we'd had an early lunch, the kids were off out, playing with friends. It was delightful, just the two of us. She'd just poured boiling water...Read On


The letter part 3

I checked my email everyday for three days and on the third day is when I got a response. ****** Little One, It was happy to see you sent me a response back. In such detail as well. What do you mean I wouldn't be able to find you? Are you doubting my ability to have found you? You found me didn't you? Alright then! Getting back on track here. What do you mean you joined the carnival?...Read On


The Battle for Carnal Delights...Getting Lucky!

I finally got 'lucky' in the morning...fantasy tale from a real life trucker!

A new day dawned and there was no alarm clock to wake us from our sleep. I woke up, laying on my side, to the feel of a warm and very naked female body curled into me. My cock was hiding away stretched out between her thighs and against the outer lips of her pussy. My lower arm was stretched out and being used like a pillow while my upper arm was across her warm body with a nice handful of...Read On


The letter part 2

4 weeks have gone by and I still haven't heard anything from you. Just for the heck of it I check my email that we used to use for communication, wondering if you by chance remembered what it was. "You have a new message" pops up across my screen. My heart starts to pound in anticipation. I click open and the message appears across the screen. ******** Little one, It indeed has been a...Read On


The Letter

It has been 9 years since we last had contact and I am finally writing the letter. I have been throwing the idea in the air for a year now of whether or not to do so since our last conversation was awkward and unfinished. I have been wanting to explain to you why I did what I did and wanted to apologize for the hurt I caused you. I reread the letter one last time to make sure everything I...Read On


Simply love

I had a much longer, more detailed version of this story but unfortunately it got deleted. You text me once you get off work. You've been up since 4:00 a.m. It's almost 6:00 p.m. I know you've had a long day so I decide to pick up some food before meeting up with you. You greet me with a long kiss, and I ask if you'd like to go sit at the the beach for a while. You say sure, so we do. ...Read On


A Sweet Seduction

A romantic evening of seduction

This story was written in collaboration the gorgeous Sydneysider. Closing one eye, I glanced back at my reflection as I curled my lashes with black mascara, until I perfected my look. Madonna’s ‘True-Blue’ blasted from my iPod speakers. Jumping up on the bed, I began dancing, my dark curls bouncing softly around my shoulders. The adrenalin was pumping as my excitement grew. Our first...Read On


The Battle For Carnal Delights

“Holding / hugging you from the rear, I love how the curves of your body mold into mine as my cock…”

I’ve never considered myself to be a real writer. The writing(s) I’ve done over the years have been short speeches I’ve had to make for various meetings and have reflected what I felt most passionate about. This being mostly civic minded stuff and far, far away from LUSH type topics. Thus, I’m a little at a loss for words and ways of expressing myself in a LUSH like arena. My...Read On


Come Wake Me, Baby

You come home and give me the attention I deserve...

You don't have to read my story, Soapy Bubbles, but this is a continuation of it... Hope you enjoy it! Something wakes me from my slumber, disturbs me, but I do not feel upset. My body is warm, I'm snuggled under the duvet and not yet ready to be dragged from sleep. I feel a touch, fingers feathering the length of my hip. I've been waiting for you, I've missed you. Mmm what's that? An...Read On


And I Thought We Were Over

Toxic relationships, driven my lust

This is a story near and dear to my heart. I will remember it forever! It had been 5 months since we had said goodbye, it had been 2 months since we stopped sleeping with each other and it had been 6 weeks since we had spoken. You were with HER now, well let’s be honest you had been with her for 4 months now and I needed to try and move on. Last month would have been our 2 year...Read On


A Sweet Love

Isabella and Aman finally make love after being apart for a year

Isabella grabs her bag and watches the crowd move towards her. She is in the Casablanca airport. She sees Aman finally and she stands still. She does not know how to react; it has been a year since she last saw him. He comes to her and throws his arms around her like the first time they met. "I waited for you a long time." He says and takes her bag. "My friend brought his car." He looks at...Read On


A European Beauty PT 2

Guy loves European woman and almost has sex with library manager

Like I said at the very beginning I’m just a guy, like any other guy, who adores so many features, or should I say facets of a woman, but I never know where to begin when I see the woman for me. However, as I grew up or developed what tastes I felt and thought were best for me as far as women were concerned, I’ve learned more about them in life. The first thing about a woman is, I think,...Read On


Arduer: Part 1: New Beginnings (I)

A twisted tale of friendship, loss and love...or not?

This was going to be a good weekend, Violet thought to herself. Her parents were out and she had the house all to herself. Her mom was away visiting an aunt with her younger brother, her dad on some business trip. She liked it like this, no nagging parents or irritating little brother. Why couldn’t they do this more often? Finally, peace at last. Smiling, she headed up the stairs towards...Read On

Airgasms Induce Orgasms

A woman's new relationship rearranges her life.

This is a sequel to Airgasms Between Orgasms and you will miss much if you haven't read that. As he turf-surfs at high speed a mere few inches above the ground under his parachute, he looks so graceful and confident that I suddenly see him as the master of the sky that he is. He hits the ground running and slows to a stop right next to me. "Hotdog." "Don't try this at home. We're...Read On