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Love Stories


The Motel

I love my girlfriend Amber, this is one our stories.

The weather sucked. It had rained for most of the day, and now it seemed it was going to continue into the evening. I had been on my bike for almost 10 hours and had only stopped for a late breakfast. It had been a good breakfast though, the hash browns were amazing!! I was heading anywhere, I just had to get away from everything. Work had become a chore and lately things just seemed to...Read On


Coincidences In Love

An Internet relationship grows offline

A fictional story about two very real lovers I have always been skeptical about people who had online relationships. I am unsure if it is due to the inner cop in me, keeping the warning of online predators in the back of my mind or if it is because I believe that you are set up for failure from the very beginning, without that physical touch to kindle your hearts fire. Either way, I knew it...Read On


As It Was Told To Me

His story of young romance.

The other night a friend of mine needed to ‘de-stress’ so we went out on the town. When we got back to my place we talked for a while and he ended up telling me a story. It is a wonderfully sensual story so I decided to share it with everyone. I hope he doesn’t mind. Here’s the story as it was told to me: They arrived at the party a little late, they were making out in the car. It...Read On


The Funeral

A mistress attends the funeral of her lover has an encounter with his widow she didn't expect.

She stood outside the funeral home and told herself this was a mistake. She had been having this dialogue with herself since the day she saw the obituary in the paper. It was not like she read those on a regular basis. In fact, she avoided this section of the paper like the plague because she found it morbid and creepy, but she was reading an article that had “continued on page” with her...Read On


What I want

Do you know what I want from you?

I want to feel you silently sneak up behind me, catching my long wavy hair in your gentle grasp, then making it fall spill over my shoulder; your fingers massage the tense muscles of my neck as I lean back into your caress. I want you to bear down on the back of my neck with your mouth, your lips and your tongue. I want to feel your mouth petting my neck, moving down to my shoulders,...Read On


The Cabin - Part One

A true story - my dirty night away

If you’re already a friend of mine, you know I have a one track, filthy mind. So imagine my joy when my gorgeous boyfriend, booked us a luxury cabin in the woods, so that I could live out my fantasy of a dirty night away. I thought it is only fair that I write a story based on the events that night in the cabin. I have changed our names to protect our identities, but apart from that there...Read On


Secret Diary Part Three

Entries into a secret diary of love and experimentation.

You can’t believe how pretty it is here. We turned off the highway and traveled down a long dirt road to see this huge cabin nestled in the woods. I’m not sure there are enough words to describe what my eyes saw, but I’m going to try. My eyes saw what my mind could not start to believe. I’m glad I took that architecture class last year. The front is a tall a-frame peak filled with a large...Read On

The Married Man's Trial and Conviction

An unexpected sequel to The Married Man's Lament.

She was there the next day. Standing at the railing. Looking at the water. Drinking her coffee. Aware of my presence as I drank my coffee. As I also drank in her presence. I sat on the bench and admired the view, as I had the day before. It was only one day after we first melded our minds through brief eye contact. Two occurences create a pattern. Patterns signal the beginning of habits....Read On


Spent Passion

The scent of her lover has her day dreaming of their last encounter...

The heady aroma of spent passion lays thick in the air. As she breaths deeply, his musky scent surrounds her. She can smell him on her body, the taste of him still on her tongue. Her fingers are sticky with the residue of his lust. She loves the taste of him and she savours the flavour of his sex as the tip of her tongue darts out to taste. Sucking one fingertip at a time she slides her...Read On


My best friend's boyfriend

I love fucking my best friend's boyfriend

My best friend's boyfriend and I have always had this crazy chemistry. In the beginning we tried to hide it, but soon others noticed how we looked at each other. Even my friend would ask me if there was anything going on between us, and I would tell her no. It got so bad that I decided to stop coming around. One night after about six months of not seeing them, I had a dream about him....Read On


Secret Diary Part Two

Entries into a secret diary of love and experimentation.

Well I said soon. It has only been a few days and I gave Simon a part of me. We talked and I told him that I wanted him to be all my firsts not just the ‘big’ first. I let him cum inside me. I was so nervous and felt so naughty, but it was such a huge turn on. We met after school the other day and went to our usual spot. He kissed me as we fell into the back seat of his SUV. My skirt...Read On


MBF 23 - A Surprise Gift Pt. 1

Jeanette has a surprise for her friends..

Author’s Notes: Last time we saw Jay he was having sex with Amanda and Jeanette in a room full of people seeing who had the best equipment and who could use their equipment the best. Some time has passed since that night. Things has changed between Jay and Amanda because of that night. The only question has it been a good change or a bad change. The only way to find out is read and find out...Read On


Fan Crush

What a pleasant birthday surprise!

It was a chilly, October afternoon, close to Halloween. Jane was packing her things to go on a vacation with her best friend, Eriana. Eriana had planned to take her to Hollywood for her birthday since she's always wanted to go. Jane was so excited and could barely contain herself! It was boarding time and they were on their way to Hollywood! When they arrived, they immediately saw...Read On


Cash room Loving

one employees mistake lead to an adventure of a lifetime.

This is my first story. I would like some feedback on it, good or bad is appreciated This is purely fictional and names are coincidental. About the Characters: Steve is an 18 year-old male with an above average cock and is a CSM at a grocery store and a lot of the cashiers that I work with are 18 year-old female cashiers with lovely ass's and tits. Kelsey is an 18 year old cashier...Read On


KxB Idyll #2: 20 questions about love and sex

Keyes and Bree at the beginning of their relationship, getting to know each other.

. Time seemed to stand still for them as the conversation flowed. Keyes had totally blown off the movie sending his friends the text: Hanging with the future Mrs. Uiara. They had talked about movies, music, TV, comics, manga, games, sports, favorite foods and colors. Their tastes streamed along the same lines. This wasn’t really surprising to either one. She had learned most of his...Read On


Secret Diary

Entries into a secret diary of love and experimentation.

The society I grew up in is considered taboo by most because we don’t conform to the ‘norm.’ We are considered a religious organization, but we don’t live a ‘holy’ life. We live, work, go to school, and are a part of the world. We may work with you or sit by you on the bus or train, you just don’t know it. The choice to have our society secretive is just our way, you will only know about us...Read On


KxB Idyll #1: tumble

Keyes and Bree meet

I’ll be presenting a few Idylls here and there showing scenes and stories of the beginning of Keyes and Bree's relationship. . Lightening shot up his spine. It was like every cell in his body was turned to light. The laugh wafted through the air again and he immediately turned in the direction of the intoxicating sound. Before he knew it, he was walking. Just two aisles over, near the...Read On


Training a Lover

A well-off but broken young man is sent into the training of an elite school of the erotic arts

AN ENDING “My life is over! ” I yelled to my aunt the day she came to discharge me from the convalescent center. With my parents being claimed by a car crash almost eight years ago, I had striven to be a careful driver since then — despite my having bought a silver BMW convertible thanks to my folks’ insurance proceeds and estate. But I almost bought the farm, too. My fiancée...Read On


A Dream Come True

What if you suddenly realize you want to be roommates with benefits?

Tracy could not believe how good it felt to feel Eric’s breath on her cheek, the rasp of his skin against her face, the smell of his masculinity enveloping her as he dipped his head and nuzzled her neck. She ran her hands up his bare, muscular arms as he held himself over her. The sense of the strength and power she felt coursing under the tan skin gave her a tingle deep inside. She had...Read On



True love does not always mean together, just forever. I have been nervous many times in life, whether it be at a job interview or waiting for results to some test, but until today, I feel that I was not truly nervous in those moments. It was a feeling that I did not have a name for, so I called it nervousness. Today I learned the true meaning of the word nervous and it made me sick. ...Read On


Welcome Home

After months apart, a couple re-unites.

Jen soaked in her bath in eager anticipation of seeing her husband that night. He had been gone for several months over-seas. She carefully shaved her long legs, making sure they were entirely hairless. Next she shaved her pubic region. Touching herself as she did so sent chills up her spine and got her juices flowing. Once she had shaved all but a small red strip, Jen decided to lotion her...Read On



If you love someone, let them go, and see if they come back.

I take a deep drag of my 'cigarette', have a large gulp of tea. Then exhale. The sound of the vibrations of my phone on the wooden bench are familiar. A sound I subconsciously wait for. I pick up my phone and a message reads: 'I'm coming over in 5. Hope thats OK' It's from her. But she never comes over. I take one last drag and put the stub out. Pick up my still steaming mug and bring...Read On



A boyfriend and girlfriend finally give themselves to each other...

Amy and Brendan laid in bed, sleeping soundly as morning broke and Brendan held his college girlfriend tightly in his arms. They had been going out for about two years now, and both were absolutely in love. Brendan loved Amy's sweet blue eyes, her wispy blonde hair, and a smile that melted him every time he saw her. Amy loved how safe she felt with Brendan, and she loved that although she...Read On



How do you find a girlfriend in a new city? Try the American Way: Advertise.

Chapter 1 I really can't say that I invented the idea but when I moved to Chicago about a year and a half ago, I didn't know anyone, especially anyone of the opposite sex which is, in my case, female. Look, it was a new city, a very big city, I had a new job, a new apartment, a new car and now I wanted someone new to share it with. Well, okay and somebody to fuck. Yeah, I admit it....Read On


Working late

Long office hours lead to more for Robert and Juliana

This is the fifth in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love. Juliana had been at the office since 7 AM, working on a deadline. The day was not going well, as a number of clients’ issues had interfered with her making any progress. It was going to be another late night at the office. She often brought work home, but it...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 45

Someone has to make the move.

Ryan covered a yawn as she walked into the hotel lobby. The show had gone well and she was beat. Tired enough, she had decided, to head back to her room while the others hung out somewhere. Her fatigue must have shown, since none of them had made more than a token effort to convince her to go with them. She pondered that in the elevator. It was unlike Lara to leave her alone these days....Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 44

Getting back on track, from a distance.

Brody was bored. He stared up at the ceiling, wondering just how bored he could get. It was the middle of July and no one was around. Mark was gone for the summer, Bax and his family had returned to Boston and Ryan was on tour. Last he'd talked to his parents, they'd suggested he come to Michigan for a while, but he'd said no. There was no reason, he told himself. He was not going to...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 43

Try, try again.

"Did you have a good time?" Brody asked. "Yeah, I did. Thanks for taking me." Ryan smiled to cover the awkwardness she felt. It had been a nice evening, despite the undercurrent of tension between her and Brody. They'd been able to ignore it while with Bax's family but there was no hiding from it now. "Not a problem. I mean, Bax invited both of us and I don't mind driving." "Good." ...Read On


Lust of Flames

Lovers have their ways. Especially us. The romantic part of us preferred breathless phone conversations and instant messages that were just shy of a sexual invitation. The sentimental part of us tended to lounge into each other’s wavelength, fantasizing about our wonderful life ahead of us, just barley born. The perverted us, however, has a language in itself with a dialect of fetish...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 42

The tour is coming, and they talkt to their friends.

Lara looked at Ryan over the top of her latté. "You guys fought over a tour again?" "Well, we didn't exactly fight," Ryan said with a rueful smile. "I got out before it became a fight. But there was definitely a difference of opinion." "What happened?" "I already told you. Brody got upset when he realized I would be gone the rest of the summer. Then I got upset and left. I just knew if...Read On