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Nothing Gets Through Ch. 05

Back at Dom's place...

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 05 © 2010 All rights reserved Dom had a quiet, neat apartment. There was very little decoration, and a bare minimum of furniture. That was all Lani got to observe before Dom took her coat, removed his own, and then pulled her into another searing kiss. He couldn’t remember at what point on the ride to his place he'd discovered he'd wanted her so much. After...Read On


My Best Friend 21 - Homecoming Pt. 2

Jay, Amanda, and Moira attend Jeanette's party and find out there will be games...can this be good?

We drove in my car towards Jeanette’s sister’s house in quiet. Well for the first few blocks it was quiet. Moira spoke first, “So who all is going to be at this party?” Amanda turned in her seat to face Moira, “Well actually there are six parties tonight. There’s the Varsity bonfire. Then there are little kick backs here and there. And then there’s Jeanette’s party.” I looked over...Read On


Nothing Gets Through Ch. 04

He talks her into spending more time together.

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 04 © 2010 All Rights Reserved They stayed at the restaurant a while longer, then split up to go home. Karl, obviously infatuated with Deanne, offered to see her home. Dee didn't hesitate to accept. "Looks like it's you and me, kid," Dom said to Lani as he helped her on with her coat. They stepped outside and Lani shivered at the cold. The wind was still light,...Read On


Nothing Gets Through Ch. 03

Getting together after the game.

Lani and Dee walked into the arena with about ten minutes to spare before the game started. "Wow, this place is huge!" Dee took in the all the seats with wide eyes. "They must fit a million people in here." "Oh, probably around eighteen thousand," Lani said as they walked through the portal. "I hope there's not a fire or anything," Deanne muttered. Lani laughed and her friend...Read On


Nothing Gets Through Ch. 02

Run up to game time.

"Don't touch me," Dom heard the woman say. Her voice was cold and matched the dark ice of her eyes. "I think you'd better do as she says," Dom suggested as he approached. His voice was calm and belied his anger. "Who the hell are you?" the man snarled, his eyes still on Lani. Karl tapped him on the shoulder from the other side and he spun around. "We're friends of hers." Karl smiled...Read On


Nothing Gets Through Ch. 01

A hockey player goes into a coffee shop...

Nothing Gets Through Ch 1 © 2009 All rights reserved. Thonk. Pahk. Clack. Dom moved smoothly from shot to shot, deflecting pucks with his blocker pad, his glove, his leg pads, his stick—whatever was in the right place. He ignored the ones that got through. He just gritted his teeth and tried harder to stop the rest. The bars of his facemask disappeared, and his teammates were...Read On


Dinner Was Served

To her, it felt good to get wet again.

In the twenty-five years that Ashlee and Greg had been married, never did Ashlee think their love could grow more. Ashlee was eighteen when she married Greg, and now that she was forty-two, going on forty-three, the love she felt for her husband had never changed. She loved him just as much as the day they got married. Greg was forty-five, still in the same physical shape as when Ashlee...Read On


Who Cares What I Wear? Ch. 02

Emily thinks about Ben on New Year's Eve.

(C) 2010 All rights reserved When the doorbell rang, Emily hurried over to open the door and smiled at Neil. "Hi. Come on in." "Thanks." He stepped inside and Emily closed the door. "I'm almost ready. Just need the shoes and earrings." "Typical woman," Neil joked and Emily rolled her eyes. "Seems to me we waited on you more than once when you couldn't find your lucky shirt and we...Read On


Who Cares What I Wear? Ch. 01

Emily thinks about Ben on New Year's Eve.

Who Cares What I Wear? © 2010 All Rights Reserved "Come on, Em. You should come to the party. Everyone's going to be there, and they miss you." Emily Pearson closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the phone. "I don't know, Sharon. I'm really not in a party mood." "Em, I know you miss him. I know it's been hard. But you can't hide forever." "I'm not, I just…I just don't know if I...Read On


Lost in the Woods Ch. 02

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

Lost in the Woods Ch. 2 © 2011 All Rights Reserved Willow woke the next morning and was disoriented by the blue-gray ceiling. Then Ivy snored and Willow looked over at her friend, wrapped in her sleeping bag, and remembered. The park. Earth Day. Lost in the woods. No, she hadn't been lost, she corrected herself. She'd been less than a hundred feet away from a dozen people and could...Read On


Lost in the Woods Ch. 01

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

Lost in the Woods Ch. 1 © 2011 All Rights Reserved "Hey, everybody! I want to tell you about a volunteer opportunity before we get started." Willow Oakton gave a mental roll of the eyes before turning her attention to the speaker. Holly Stone was hosting the book club this month, and so she had the floor. Whenever Holly had a "volunteer opportunity" to discuss, it tended to result...Read On



Colton came up to Joan and pulled her hair back, gently kissing her and pulling her tightly against him. He stroked her hair and gently nuzzled her hair, "I need you Joan... I need you right now." He whisperd against her throat. Joan moaned softly and pulled him closer, grabbing his hand pulling him up the stairs to her room. They went inside and both layed down on the bed. Joan looked at...Read On


A Fine Romance....

Two sixteen year olds meet in a cafe, and begin a long romance of love....

From the first moment I saw her, she became my obsession, the love of my life. I may have only been young, sixteen at the time, and so was she, but sometimes you just know. That beautiful feeling that turns inside your stomach when you first see that person across a room, or walking by. She did that to me when I saw her sat there in that cafe. My stomach felt like it was running around...Read On


New Employee

Guy meets young woman and dates and has sex with her

She left the office that day and for Tasha, who just began working there two days earlier, she was quiet and of course unsure of herself. Now, seeing as she just turned 18 a few months earlier, this to her was her first big job. Prior to this she was one of the country’s top gymnasts. She’d grown up and traveled all over the country. Most people still thought she was underage at this point...Read On


House Maid PT2

Young son discovers house maid, dates, has sex, and gives her marriage proposal

“I want you to come over to the office today. We need to talk about a few things, okay bud” he told his son Chad. Chad was happy to have a chance to sit down with his dad even if it meant meeting him at his office. Chad’s father, only 55 years of age, and few years older then Chad’s mother was a spry middle aged man. But he was more then ready to take an early retirement even though he...Read On


House Maid

Son and housekeeper meet and will soon get it on

She always wanted to be viewed as pretty. She always wished she had a nice figure as well. However, Catherine, who was as timid and shy as they came, had no confidence in herself whatsoever. Although she was much, much prettier then she ever gave herself credit for, and though she did have a body fit for a princess she had no idea that many people, such as her employer, felt strongly towards...Read On



They saved each other that day.

Becca lay on her side in front of the fireplace. He lay right behind her, caressing her hip, moving his chest into her back. They were both naked with the only light from the room being the flames from the flickering fire. He reached around and caressed her full breast, teasing her nipple gently between his fingers. She smiled and sighed contentedly, knowing that he wanted her. This day...Read On


Autumn's Love Story

This story starts at the end of 10th grade. I was in a new school for the 5th time in 4 years. I was never one of those quiet new kids that sits in the corner and never makes any friends. I was loud and had an opinion that you were very likely to hear. I made friends and had guys that liked me (they always go for fresh meat) but I never really dated and didn’t have a best friend. I started...Read On


Mary and jack ch. 1

Mary and Jack start something grand

This is My first story. Please let me know how you like it. Mary and Jack are lovers, but nobody knows about it. She is 32, he is 17. She is a high school english teacher that is married with two kids; he is a nerd that just so happens to have the biggest cock in the school. Jack wasn't popular until that day in the showers after his first gym class. As all the boys walked into the shower,...Read On



A couple agree to meet for a romantic weekend

I've woken up and smiled to myself. I've been anticipating this day ever since we agreed to meet at the hotel in Cornwall. Resisting the urge to do something about my erection, I get cleaned up and dress in t shirt and shorts, and quickly finish packing. I'm soon on my way and I use the solitude of the drive to think of you, of us and the good times we've had over the years. You are such...Read On



Soapy sex

If we had just one night together... The first thing I'd do is give you a sponge bath. I'd slowly undress you before letting you get into the water. I'd lift your nightgown over your head, letting my hands slowly brush their way up your body, caressing your sides and running over your breasts as they did so. Next, I'd stand in front of you and reach around to your back to unhook your bra....Read On


Down and Out (Part One)

just the beginning to what I feel will be an epic love story.

I always imagined what my first time would be like. Would it hurt? Would it be romantic? Would it be with someone that I love? Was it going to be anything at all like I imagined it to be? Well ... I never thought it would be like this... I am really not sure how to start this story. Do I tell you who I am? I guess there is no harm in telling you about myself right? Well, my name is...Read On


The Apology

An emotionally neglected wife is finally comforted by her husband...

*dedicated to coguy* You're in my bed watching TV, dressed in a long pajama bottom. I exit the bathroom wearing a dark blue teddy that's long enough to just stop at the base of my rear and a black lace g-string. You haven't seen my full attire yet, as I quickly slip under the covers with you, and drape my leg over yours. You kiss my forehead and place your arms around me. You inhale my...Read On


The Lounge Singer

I enjoyed your set

You caught my eye while you were onstage singing. A couple songs into the set, I was fairly certain you winked. I wasn't sure if you were looking at me or not, but it sure felt like it. Just the thought that the wink was for me made me feel flushed all over, and even in a short black cocktail dress, I felt overdressed for the temperature of the room. As your set wound down and you crooned...Read On


Guy at the bar

The whole journey home we can’t our hands off each other.

Sitting at the mirror, I put on my make-up, making sure my hair has that sexy bounce in the curls. I look at my figure in the mirror as I slide on the dress for the night and slip into my new Gucci heels. Looking in the mirror at this girl who is ready for another night on the town, I whisper aloud, “Will he ever come along?” The thought stays with me as I close my front door, ready to meet...Read On


1,001 Words for Love I : The Library

She spoke with her hands, letting them flutter like anxiousbirds, her lips shaping words, each as silent as the snow that settled on her shoulders, covered her bare toes, turned her dark hair white. Above her the sun stared off into the distance, its black fur swallowing its own light, its kitten face smiling as it dreamed of balls of yarn and tasseled ribbons and tasty fish, or perhaps it...Read On


The Sleepover (Part 1)

I've always loved Spencer, but never thought anything could come of it...

I suppose I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Payton. I’m about 5’3”, skinny yet curvy, and I have long dark curly hair. I’m a Capricorn, I like French fries with gravy, and I am in love with my best friend. I’m not sure when it happened… it wasn’t love at first sight. Spencer and I, were best friends ever since 3rd grade when he forgot his lunch, and I gave him half of my tuna sandwich....Read On


A Misty Holiday

Misty's holiday season is looking up.

Misty left her third department store frustrated. The advertised sales weren't really as great as she thought they would be. She hoped that this late November shopping trip would get her holiday season off on the right track, but it was beginning to look like this year was going to be another holiday disaster. To top off her miserable trip, the weather was lousy. The wind blew sheets of rain...Read On


The best of the worst

I grew up in a small town north of the river, completely surrounded by cropland as far as you could see. Life was boring as hell, with nothing to do except drink at the local taverns if you were old enough. I loved it there none the less. The peacefulness and serenity that one was garnished with made one feel welcomed and alive; nothing like in the big city. Regardless of what the city life...Read On


my quicky hubby

How I met my hubby

I met a guy and less than 3 weeks later, we were married. Crazy, huh! That's what I thought but WOW! Did he ever open my eyes to different sexual experiences. The silliest thing about him is his love of ketchup! It's a standing joke around the friends and family, but he takes it all in stride and is cool about it. I remember our first time. He said he probably wouldn't cum because he was...Read On