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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.


Stories from my youth Chapter 3 – Carol

Carol tells me know how she feels

I was feeling down for quite a few weeks after Janice gave me the shove. I may even have been depressed but being a country lad in those days I didn’t even know what depression was. In the country, there was only happy and sad. If you were happy then that was fine. If you were sad you spent time alone, focused on work and you recovered and of course, in time I recovered. As I came out of...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning - Chapter 2

Will they or won't they?

Luke Sunday morning was always my day for getting breakfast. I had frying pans on three rings: a dozen eggs in one, bacon and sausages in another, mushrooms and onions in the third. Finally, I had a couple of tins of beans cooking in the saucepan. The grill was full with bread being toasted and four mugs of coffee were ready. “Aww, Luke, I love you man, please marry me.” This was Andy,...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning - Chapter 1

The start of their story.

Luke My first year at university was a mix of crazy, hard work and realising maybe I wasn’t quite as good at rugby as I had thought. That first day was weird, fear of being away from home and excitement about being away from home. Mum and dad gave me a hug and kiss along with the usual, ‘be good, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,’ and such. My sister hugged me, which was unusual and...Read On

Recommended Read

The Right Truck For Linda

Trucker rescues young lady from abuse

  She was the first one I noticed as I entered the cafe. Sitting in a booth by the window she looked up briefly from contemplating her coffee cup. A pale, pretty face, no make-up, vivid blue eyes, that I thought, in that brief moment, may have been crying. A full, but not oversize bosom, emphasised by the short-sleeved blue summer dress she was wearing. Taking a seat at a table in the...Read On


A Morning After Stroll

A brief sensuous encounter leads to eager reflection

Mark stood in the hotel foyer willing Louise to appear. The time was 7.05am. He had checked the outside temperature and finding it surprisingly balmy, given that the sun was barely over the trees on the other side of the river, he had relayed that fact to Louise, the lady he had just spent a wildly sensuous night with. Since 8.30pm on the previous evening, this last twenty minutes had been...Read On


Genevieve Goes Back to School

Genevieve' first love and her graduation are threatened by a predatory teacher.

“The fat pig attacked me!” The girl’s voice was firm but her tone flat. Her eyes stared blankly across the water to where the grey horizon was blurring the sea and sky. The boy started, turned towards her sharply, eyes focused on her, questioning. “What do you mean? Who did?” The words tumbled out anxiously, his concern etched across his features. “Chapoutier, the math prof.” “What!?...Read On


Tina And Luke - Girls' Night Out - Chapter 3

Tina and Luke try and clear up some issues

I rolled over to snuggle against Tina and was greeted with an empty bed. I lifted my head and there was no light coming from the bathroom and looking at the clock I saw I had overslept a touch. I usually had my alarm set for seven am, it was now eight-thirty, I was really tempted to put my head back down again but knew I would never get up if I did. Up and into the loo for a pee and a...Read On


A Venetian Story

The night was rich, full of scents and stars. The canals shone strangely under a pale moon. He waited for her as every night, hidden in the shadows. He knew she would come into his arms, eager for his touch. He felt himself harden at the thought of her, all rosy and soft under her clothes. They had been meeting in secrecy for some time, defying the surveillance of her Father and the...Read On


Loving Yelitza

It's carnival time in the tropics.

Yelitza had a tiny beauty salon right by the water in the yacht marina. Her customers were a combination of shaggy-haired yachties who had been out in the sun too much and expats who lived in condos in this affluent part of the island. That included me, an itinerant English teacher, rubbing shoulders with people who had fuel bills for their boats bigger than my rent on a studio apartment....Read On


Warm Electric Velvet

My new lover gives a new dimension to the word "fit"

Normally the well-built blonde with the ponytail had a jogging partner as she pounded around the park on the outskirts of Salzburg. I had seen her a dozen times, although not up close, as she powered along the path looking determined. I was doing an altogether feebler bit of keeping fit, passing the time doing something constructive while I waited for some business to be done here in...Read On

Recommended Read

Am Not Averse To Anal

Dear Judith, It was good to have that brief chat together in the interval at the concert the other evening. I would certainly like to know more about you, but 'breaking the ice' in a noisy and crowded theatre crush bar is not the best place to do it! I've only been a member of the local Singles Society for about three months and you are the first person I've really had a chance to...Read On


Second Chance

Thank you JWren for your wonderful editing, and art work.

Like most high school sweethearts, Gail and I had dreams and plans. We would go to the same college, settle down, get married, and have kids.  Things just didn't work out that way.  For a start, we were approved for different colleges. Of course, we pledged to stay together and continue our relationship and we did that for several months. But, little by little, the calls and texts dwindled...Read On


Someone Was There #10

True romance.

 Consciousness comes to me in hazy waves. It is dark. As my eyes adjust to the gloom, I see unfamiliar surroundings. Then I see a shadow moving. This spectre glides closer to where I lie. Because I am awake, I know this is no nightmare.  The figure stands over me, shrouded in mystery.  "Who are you?" I ask.  "Amshe," a haunting whisper answers.  "It's you. You have arrived," I say to...Read On


Dr. Sherri

A retired pro football player falls helplessly in love with his attractive lady dentist.

I was on the deck of my town home eating a juicy rib eye I had just taken off the grill. I had no specific plans for the evening, just have a nice dinner, then watch TV or read. The sun was setting over the horizon. It was a Friday night, about 6 pm. The city was still noisy, everyone bustling home for the weekend. As I was biting the last ribbon of meat along the bone, something snapped on...Read On

Recommended Read

Fog and Rain, Rain and Fog

Can a man live 37 years without realizing what he really wants until the right person happens along?

  There was only one town on this, one of the smaller islands in the northernmost reaches of Puget Sound, hard by the Canadian border. There were no beaches on this side of the island and the town sat above the huge rocks on which the waves crashed below. The town had one store and a small restaurant to serve the fewer than five hundred people who lived on the island year round, most of...Read On

Recommended Read

Another Encounter

By Popular Demand....A Sequel

I was sitting in my home office, working on the laptop that I use only for work, when suddenly my personal computer dinged indicating that I had a new email. I was not in the middle of anything too involved, so I slid my chair back over to the desk where my personal computer sits and moved the mouse to wake up the screen. Sure enough, the top listing in my Inbox was in bold, indicating that...Read On

Recommended Read

Key West

A down on his luck young man moves to the tropics to start over.

His butt was getting numb. Squirming around for relief had become an impossible endeavor. It had been hours since he left Miami in the bed of that rickety, vibrating pick-up truck. Brad’s legs ached and he desperately needed to stretch and walk around. Twisting around to look forward through the cab windows only frustrated him more. “Shit! I can’t even see the next island.” In despair,...Read On


The Return

She receives a warm welcome home.

Jolene looked at herself closely in the mirror, She hoped Danny liked the silky pink bra and panty set that she bought for her return home. Blushing, she thought of when he might first see them. She wondered if it would be at their new house or perhaps before they left the airport. Thankful for the two-hour layover before the final leg of the flight home, she stood examining herself from...Read On


How Far Would I Go For Love 2

Love is complicated

Chapter 2   JERRY-   “Just by talking with us about it, you’ll make us happy," Julie said as she walked over to me and took my hands in hers. “Tell us about the first time you saw the bruises on Hanna. I remember very well the look on your face. Please tell us not only what you saw but what you felt and thought. Look at us as you do. Can you do that?” “Yes.” I looked at both of them...Read On


The Flame of Vengeance Is Red Part 2

Abby and Vince get closer as his return to college nears.

Martin Martin had done everything that Tammy told him to do. He did admit that calling Abby a slut wasn’t very smart. He liked Abby more than most of the girls he dated. If she didn’t have any kids he might have considered actually dating her. He liked kids and hers were okay but single mothers were looking for a father more than a relationship. He agreed that he’d change, at least to...Read On


The Flame of Vengeance is Red

Time flies before Vince goes back to school.

The weeks before Vince went back to college were busy. It took three days and some encouragement, as Vince helped Abby register for classes. All of her previous credits were still current, so she only needed two semesters to get her degree. She was approved for tuition reimbursement, provided she got a 3.0 average. He met her for lunch twice a week, her inquisitive friends no longer a problem....Read On


My Galway Girl (reimagined)

Meeting the one

One day, I was in a chat room on an erotic story website when a username caught my eye: galwaygirl123. I clicked on the profile page and her biography details interested me so much that I decided to message her when I returned to the chat room. Happily, she was still there and the first thing I typed was, ‘Hi, how are you?’  Not sparkling, I know, but it was all I could think of in that...Read On


How Much of a Coincidence?

Attracted to a lovely lady, Frank finds her again in unexpected circumstances

For Frank Grayton, twenty-seven-year-old journalist and hopeful author, the idea of coincidence was something that he might cover in a news story, but he would swear it never happened to him. He was no great believer in fate either, but sometimes circumstance can turn beliefs upside down. The circumstance of him being at a horse race meeting was a rare one. It was not a sport that...Read On


Acting Out Patience

Ex-soldier becomes infatuated with inaccessible lady but persists...

Invalided from the army and the dry heat and horrors of Afghanistan, Dan Mason wondered how many times life was going to kick him in the teeth. First, Janet, his wife, he found had run off to Belgium with a rich businessman. Having to surrender the army house, Dan found a basement flat, two rooms with shower and toilet. A dump really, but weeks of scrubbing and painting made it acceptable. ...Read On


Orange Is Desire's Flame Ch. 4

Martin shows up and a day together.

Martin’s Place “Sure you don’t want to take a drive, Verity?” “Martin, you know I’d love to but I do need to get home. Justin has a scheduled time to call me at 2pm,” she replied. “Oh well, can’t blame me for trying.” “I’ll never blame you for trying and greatly enjoy how you finish.” She leaned across the table and kissed him. “Now, we’ll be together again in two days, so nothing...Read On

Recommended Read

Time Out, Time In

Young man on writing course is troubled by the image of an unknown woman

Perhaps the spectre of her had always been lodged deep in my brain, waiting, knowing. Maybe that image, misread by me, had lured me into triple pointless love affairs, and two failed marriages. Failed, because of my uncertainty, my inability to give everything. When Carol left six months earlier, her words had hurt but I could not fathom the truth in them, “Even when you're inside me, I...Read On


Orange is Desire's Flame Ch. 3

Abby and Vince have their VFT

Once they were inside the door, Abby tossed her purse on the end table. She turned around, grabbing Vince's face as she pushed him against the front door, and sucked his tongue into her mouth. A hand tantalized his cock as one leg rose up and wrapped itself around his. Her arms pulled his blazer down to his elbows as she continued to kiss and lick his lips. His breathing was fast and shallow....Read On


Once Upon A Time

How do you know if it is love ... a love story.

  The world where I live is in my imagination.   Ever since I was a teenager, I always liked being alone lying on our house's rooftop covered by the tree branches. The swaying leaves gave me shade from the harsh burning rays of the sun while talking to my favorite tree and eating my manzanitas with the birds, or sleeping after all of my house chores were done. Hiding at the...Read On


That Magic Moment

She got that damn knowing smile that all women hold in reserve.

Kelly: In July of that year, when I first started chatting with Dave, I felt a connection. That connection grew deeper the more we chatted.  The first day I met Dave face to face, I fell hard. Dave was absolutely amazing in every way. But, the telltale was a while back when Dave still wanted to see me even though my monthly visitor was here. Over the last few years, I have grown to...Read On


Love in the Time of Tacos

“I love your pussy, your clit, your bush, all of it.”

“I love you.” Kevin squeezed my hands. “I need time to be able to say it back.” I wrested my fingers away. “How lon--” Before I could register the tears burning my eyes, my voice caught in my throat. “Jax, don't cr--” I scooted away from the linoleum table that was bolted to the tile floor. “I knew I shouldn't--” Kevin steadied the half-full cups of horchata on our table. “Yes, you...Read On