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Legal Intrigue - Part Two

A judge and a Crown Prosecutor must resolve a difficult dilmemma - and conduct a trial.

It was my privilege to write this story with the talented Milik Redman. It is the second part of a story of a judge and a Crown Prosecutor who face an ethical issue in the context of a precedent making trial. Their choices will have lasting impact on their lives and careers . Philippe Rannou took a deep breath before opening the door to his court. An unfamiliar turmoil had unsettled him...Read On

Editor's Pick

Dancing on Grapes

The jet black Z3 was eating up shoreline like a ravenous hawk, but Hayden decided to pull off the highway. Cutting his speed and easing onto one of the winding side roads, he stole another glance at Diva. She had the passenger’s seat reclined half way while she stared at the roadside in silence. She was close enough to reach out and touch, but the rest of her was somewhere far away from there. ...Read On


The Scar - Part 2

I get it on with my history teacher...part 2!

Unfettered waves of heat rolled through my body in a strengthening tide, and I trembled as he pressed himself harder and harder against me. Why Mr. Werner, I thought , you do know how to get a girl turned on. The clothes, though… they were beginning to get on my nerves… My mind flicked back to the memory of him locking the door, and I knew that his mind must be on the same track as...Read On


The Master in the park

Master surprised His pet at the park.

He came from the shadows, close by the tree line. His face was serious, His eyes alive with passion. In his hand He held the Collar, the leash hanging loosely into His other hand. I wasn’t expecting this – not now, not here in the middle of the afternoon, where the people could see. His smile grew as he approached me. All of my thoughts were gone in the instant I saw His eyes… bright...Read On


Chestnut Hill Romance

The Beginning, How It All Started

Scott and Cathy started work in Chestnut Hill Consulting on the same day. Scott was hired as an operations consultant. Cathy was hired as an account development consultant.  Although in very different careers they noticed each other during Chestnut Hill Consulting introductions. Scott saw Cathy go up for coffee during the introduction break. He couldn’t resist and headed over for coffee...Read On


A sin begets a son begets a sin

Desperate for a child, a woman spurns her ailing husband and secretly beds a younger, fitter man

'Klara? Where are you going, my love?' 'Out. Simply out. I need some air. This house is stifling.' My husband shakes his head. 'It is getting late. I should walk with you.' 'No, my love!' I try hard not to sound too insistent. 'Finish your meal.'  Alois nods then scrapes his spoon across his plate and shovels its captured contents beneath his untidy grizzled moustache. I know he...Read On


I Never Would Have Imagined

This story has a lot of ground to cover, so immediate sex will not occur...

Up until 30 minutes ago, I was a virgin. Yes, I said the word that is forbidden among men all around the world, but it is true. I never had sex before the girl of my dreams introduced me to it. Let me break the story down for you. My name is Andre. I'm 21 years old, a junior in College, 5'11, Puerto Rican, and according to the majority of the girls I have tried to approach, I am what they call...Read On



A man believes he is seducing his muse, only to find himself caught in her seductive web.

Lost for the moment in her own thoughts, Larissa ignored the icy wind as it teased a tendril of blonde hair from the chignon caught low on her slim neck, and sent it dancing across her cheek and into her eyes. Larissa shivered and clasped her woolen coat tighter to her slim frame, but not before the cold wind managed to work its way under the fur trimmed collar, eliciting a shiver as...Read On


A Weekend in the Blue Ridge - Part Three

Drumroll please...

Josh was a mass of pent-up, seething need as he yanked Emily in. He was done with the waiting and sneaking. His pull had propelled Emily to the center of the room. Josh leaned back against the closed door and threw the deadbolt, the sound gunshot loud in the quiet darkness. He watched Emily turn to face him, ambient light from the sheer-covered windows casting her in gradient shadow. He could...Read On

Editor's Pick

Legal Intrigue - Part One

A judge and a Crown Prosecutor face the most difficult decision imaginable in a high profile trial.

This story is a collaboration between the talented Milik Redman and myself. I am happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to write with him. Philippe gazed at the leather bound documents with a trepidation he had not felt before. Oh, Mon Dieu! What am I doing? he thought to himself. He was usually a man of intellect and analytical certainty. The growing conflict between...Read On


Lucinda Finds Love

Entering the lounge from the outside my eyes adjusted to the dimness after the bright light outside. I let my gaze travel around the room taking in the surroundings and the customers at the tables and bar. This was my first time here and I was orienting myself, not only to this lounge, but also to the city I now found myself in. After six months of job hunting I had found myself here in...Read On


Short Stay Cafe

Sometimes love is not in the first place, but sometimes it is

A street light flickered fiercely above Dean as he stood silently on the dark pebble street. He could hear a wave of cheering and the thump of bass coming from just down the road. Dating was not something he was used to, nor was he used to nightclubs. But tonight he planned to break out of his comfort zone and jump into the deep world of social gatherings and sex. He hoped. For years he'd...Read On


Club Night

Ivy has a fun night dancing.

As the door swung shut behind her, Ivy paused for a moment to let her eyes adjust to the inky shadows and flashing lights of the club's dance floor. She pushed the strap of her purse further up on her shoulder and reached down to straighten the very short skirt of her dark blue dress. There was a random splash of black sequins all over the dress, making it shimmer on her slender, but...Read On


An All Nighter

They meet in a hospital , go on a date, he spends the night giving her multiple orgsms..

I sit upright as he enters the room. Taller and darker than Brad Pitt but he has the same facial features. He takes a seat directly across from mine in the large room, opens a note book and writes as he glances around the room. Instantly aroused, I squirm in my seat of the Richland Memorial Hospital waiting room. He looks up from his writing and our eyes lock. We smile at each other. He...Read On


Giving In

A part of a story I've been working on

She sat crosslegged on my bed. Dressed conservatively but still looked so beautiful. I only snuck quick glances but I knew she knew I was admiring her. The white dress wrapped around her showed off her filled out, but gloriously curvy body, and I had a hard time stopping thoughts from coming into my mind. They shouldn't have been going into my mind but I couldn't stop. "Drew?" my...Read On


Redhead's Homecoming

A heroine, yet to have her day finds a path, born of hardship.

Homecoming I’d say I proved you wrong, Father. I’d say your expectations of me came up short. You said I could never survive without a man to define me; said I could never exist without his protection, his touch, the submission he would demand. But that was before the law brought me to task for my youthful indiscretions. Dragged from my husband by the conscription squad for service in...Read On


Unattainable Love

Whenever something feels right, it is always wrong

Have you ever been in love with the perfect person, just not at the right time? That is most definitely my situation right now, and it is the hardest problem to cope with. My name is Mark Vincent. I'm 19, a Freshman in city college. I'd say that I'm handsome, being 5'11", athletic build from basketball and track and field, light brown skin, and brown eyes. What most people don't expect from...Read On


Punish Me

fun, short story

It was a Saturday night and Dale found himself hanging out with Marybeth once again. They weren't exactly dating but they had become friendly and they enjoyed each other's company. Their friendship had developed and strengthened after spending several weeks together on a school project.Now that the assignment was completed with rave reviews and a great grade, they continued seeing each other...Read On



A couple get together for a brief reunion after many years apart

When I arrive to pick you up I notice you’re already outside in front of your place, waiting for me. I see you in the dim porch light and my butterflies only beat their wings faster at the sight of you. My memory has so many little details patched over, and seeing you there instantly fills in all the gaps. You look better than I remember. You wave, unselfconsciously, and you click down...Read On

Recommended Read

A Weekend in the Blue Ridge - Part Two

Josh closed the door to his room at the lodge then leaned back against it. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to banish the cloying desire that had possessed his body during the ride up. His bike leathers were constraining his erection uncomfortably, and had been for the better part of two hours. Shifting away from the door, he dropped his saddle bags next to the floral armchair...Read On


A Gulf Coast Welcome II

Ray and Caren get closer and even more intimate.

To recap: A lonely man with a erectile problem meets a younger vacationing divorcee on Longboat Key. Their first day together ended in extraordinarily satisfying sex. The story continues... Driving over the Skyline Bridge to St. Pete seemed dangerous to me as my mind kept veering off the road and into memories of the night before. A chance meeting on the beach led to a night of amazing...Read On


Fifteen Shades of Role Play

An older man, a beautiful young woman, and the lesson of a lifetime

I was driving cross country and had pulled off Interstate-80 in search of something more satisfying than a chain-restaurant meal. I really can't recall much about Rick's Café in New Paris, Indiana. But I will never forget the woman I met there. "I hate eating alone," she said. "Don't you?" "Why not join me?" I asked, gesturing to the empty chair. Rachel was in her mid-20s. She had...Read On


A Gulf Coast Welcome I

A mature, lonely man meets a naive young divorcee.

This was not a trip I had looked forward to taking. Mother's Day was approaching and I was due to fly out of Long Island for Tampa-St. Pete to visit my mom in the Alzheimer's wing of the residential hospital where she has had to live (if you can call it that) for the past ten years. At least my visits to her would be merciful insofar as my time with her would be relatively short. Her best,...Read On


Dear diary, I met a girl

The day I met Samantha Fox

Dear Diary, Last year, I met a girl. Actually, that's inaccurate, because she wasn't a girl. She was a woman. A lady. A goddess. The most stunning creature I had ever laid eyes upon. It was in a coffee shop, which was something that made me laugh when I thought about it, because I don't really go to coffee shops, but for some reason, that day I did. I was sitting at a table, reading The...Read On


Blondie's Midnight Snack

It's Just A Midnight Snack

I wake with a need, one I can’t explain, but it hurts. It hurts deep inside; you know the type of pain only a lover can help relieve. I watch him sleep, and he is perfectly beautiful in the moon light. I notice the time; it’s late, close to 3:00 in the morning. I can’t help it, I need him. He is sleeping on his back, wearing nothing, as he always does. He looks so peaceful; it’s a shame...Read On


Do You Think You're Beautiful Now?

first time with your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

“How can  anyone,  especially  you , find all this” — you wave your hand around, gesturing to your naked body lying before Tom on his bed — “attractive?” “You see fault where I find beauty,” he says gently, running the backs of his fingers down your cheek. The corner of his mouth turns up. “By the end of this night, you will feel as if you could tempt a saint.” “Why would I want to...Read On

Recommended Read

The French Cowboy

My homage to Louis L'Amour.

The wind was whipping the dust into tiny twirling columns that appeared and disappeared seemingly at will. It was brutally hot in the late August afternoon even though the sky was darkening and storm clouds were threatening. On the hour the Lutheran church was tolling its bell, its open door beckoning to wavering souls. John walked with the gait of a young leopard, his eyes watching...Read On


An Evening in Paris Ten Years Later Part 4

We celebrate our tenth anniversary with a very special day.

Another beautiful day dawned over the city of Paris with the sun shining brightly. In the streets below our balcony, people trudged home from working the graveyard shift or partying all night, and delivery trucks and trash pick-ups maneuvered slowly through the city. I lay in bed looking at Shelley, my lover, next to me sleeping. In the early morning sun, she looked like an angel curled...Read On


For a Friend

Just an intro...

Thirty seconds was all they had. For her it was all it took. Her mind was a whirl of alcohol and euphoria; the infectious intoxication of the evening's events to that point swirled in her consciousness to create a maelstrom of desire and unadulterated longing for the man who held her now. They had a history but that didn't matter. What mattered was the sense of urgency with which his body...Read On


The Meeting (Pilot)

A meeting between two online friends

Susie grinned, checking her reflection in the mirror. Okay she was no model, but her sea coloured eyes and her freckles made her seem like she was as sweet and as innocent as she sometimes wished she was. She tilted her head from side to side and tested the way her hair fell, her teeth closing on her lower lip as she tried to practice a seductive look. She humphed and frowned as she just...Read On