A mothers love (part 1)

When all it takes is a mothers love

She sneaks a look out of the window to the car where her boy is saying goodnight to his latest girlfriend. He looks awkward, unsure of how to hold her, but the adoration in his eyes, tugs at Su’s heart. She smiles to herself, as she remembers the pleasure of young lust. The delight a simple kiss could invoke by awakening previously unfelt stirrings in virginal and inexperienced bodies. ...Read On


A mothers love (part 2)

His initiation continues

She reaches out to him, gently cupping his face between her hands and pulls him in for another kiss. He has kissed mum almost every day of his life, always a brief peck but this is the first time he has ever kissed her as a lover. He delights in her soft, velvety lips, warm and moist, pressed into his. She parts his lips, dipping her tongue into his mouth and exploring it. He kisses her...Read On


A mothers love (part 3)

He can't quite believe what is happening

Once in the room Su settles herself centrally on the freshly made double bed. She reclines and spreads her legs giving her son Steven an unrestricted view of her pussy. Her smooth lips glisten with juices which are flowing, her expectation of sex obvious even to her very inexperienced son. Steven gazes at this real, live pussy, with its pink lips framing the hole he can’t wait to explore....Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Afternoon Delight

Much better than the quickies we usually managed to snatch

We are in the hotel bedroom, on the bed, relaxing in dressing gowns in each others arms with a full bodied red that is smooth to drink and is loosening my remaining inhibitions. I slide out from your embrace and head to the bathroom, dropping the dressing gown as I go. You get up and follow, your dressing gown joining mine in a heap on the floor. The shower beckons and I set the...Read On


Lessons in pleasure 2

My second lesson in pleasure

After my first pleasure lesson, I was hungry for more so the following week I suggested we get together again. As you can imagine he was more than happy to oblige, so we arranged for me to spend Sunday afternoon at his house. I was under strict instructions what to wear and how to prepare myself. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was as I got ready. I must have spent an hour in the...Read On


Lessons in pleasure

My introduction to the pleasure of sex

It started back when I was just legal, 16 that is. I was seeing a boy who was 19, but he was a typical 19 year old. He knew how to fuck, but had no clue how to pleasure a woman. Sex was boring, just him on top rubbing in and out, in and out until he shuddered and came. I knew how to make myself damp but I was far to self conscious to do that while he rammed into me. After all, girls didn't...Read On



The debt collector

He allowed her to be used

Jon’s at work, there’s nothing new there. It’s got so bad lately that the only time May gets to see him, is at the office in that little gap between finishing work and going home. The long luxurious afternoons in motel rooms are a dim and distant memory. When she gets there, the production line is still in full swing. He’s sat at his desk looking as gorgeous as ever, but it’s obvious from...Read On