Love Poems(3)


Anniversary promise

Celebrating our love

I-n this life and the next you are and always will be my one true love L-ove like this dreamt by all yet experienced by few others O-thers want it; others search for it, in vain V-ain might be the search but with patience you can expect E-xpect that love will finally arrive and last for endless years Y-ears have passed; years will come, and our love will keep going on and on O-n this day...Read On


Sunday afternoon musings

To the love of my life, my Eternal Lover

Sunday afternoon musing Here I am at home thinking of you and what you might be doing. Are you thinking of me as much as I'm thinking of you? In my waking moments and even asleep you are always on my mind. Did you go to bed with a smile on your face just as I always do when I go to bed? It's because of you that there is so much joy in my life nowadays. Did you think when we said that...Read On


The Path of Love

Dedicated to the man who has shown me the true meaning of love

Each and every morning I wake up With thoughts of you in my mind Memories of the night before Bring a smile and a blush to my face Each and every day is a journey of discovery You bring my unknown desires out of me You fulfill my every fantasy You and only you complement me Each and every night I thank God For bringing you to my life For giving us this most precious of gifts ...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Love Confession

Online friends meeting and falling in love.

To Frank, he who is my inspiration and the man I love. β€œHey Linda! How are you?”, Frank asked me over the phone. He was calling me to let me know that he was coming to my town for his work project. It was a not a very long project but he still was going to be in my town for 3 months at this stage. I and Frank knew each other from a dating site, we did not frequent it a lot but...Read On



Cumeekend 2 - Time on your hand

After a night of passion, the lovers have an early start

The morning after.... (continuation to "Starting our cumeekend) I come into our room and I see you there standing, waiting for me. You are wearing nothing but your pajamas pants. The morning sun washing over you and giving you a warm embrace. You look at me intently, reaching out with your hand beckoning me. I walk up to you, our eyes never breaking contact and you take my...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Lushing our neighbor – Part I

Having some hot sex after work is the best way to spend an evening

First part of a series in which our neighbor becomes part of our Lush fun time Lushing our neighbor – Part I I was driving in the slow traffic, listening to music to drown all the annoying sounds of a busy city, when all of a sudden, I realized I had this huge smile on my face. From the moment I left the office I could not think of anything else but you. I was so eager to arrive home...Read On


Starting our cumeekend

After a long week the lovers finally have their weekend for themselves.

It is Friday night and we are in your car going home after having dinner and a walk in our favorite park holding hands in the dark. All the way home we are talking and laughing, it has been a rough week with work and not having enough time for each other but now we are finally free and we know what awaits this weekend. It is a weekend for just the two of us, our retreat, our time alone,...Read On