Easy Jet Job

I'm not a big fan of air travel, but last week I experienced something a bit different and thought I would share it with you. Flying Easyjet is sort of OK. You get what you pay for. Delays are the norm, and the scramble to get on the plane brings out the worst in everyone. I arrived at my departure gate with a little time to spare and noticed the Easyjet staff arrive to begin boarding. A...Read On


One lucky summer

Summer Holiday and the unexpected

It was the summer of 1999 and it was one to remember. For one I had just finished all my exams, two it was hot and sunny and third, I was about to go abroad on holiday for the first time ever! I came from a family that didn’t have much money, so holidays abroad were something that we just couldn’t afford. 6 months earlier my best friend asked if I would like to go on holiday with him and...Read On