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Topic Watching wife have sex
Posted 03 Mar 2013 09:10

I would not be comfortable with that. My wife with another man while I watch, nah. Now another female is desirable especially a threesome. The only thing i ever told my wife about this side of me was. "you know I like it when u caress my balls while we do doggy, it feels like its another girl here."

Topic Sex at home
Posted 02 Mar 2013 23:08

I enjoy the sofa have her stradles facing me or away and grind! I push up a lot more. And gravity pushes down

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 01 Mar 2013 21:54

i love lips sexy smiles and pussy lips the 2nd excite me more but then again nice lips giving head feels good too

Topic Public Handjobs
Posted 01 Mar 2013 21:27

That's how my wife and I did our thing when we were just going out, in public. and "hidden places" but for the sake of this thread handjob.

In a car as I drove on the parkway
beach in and out of the water
town pool
Her hand in my shorts on the train (it was late)
Her old high school auditorium, just for the sake of being freaky anywhere we picked up her younger cousin from summer school(cousin was not with us)

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 01 Mar 2013 21:16

I had some chicken!

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 01 Mar 2013 21:10

Wifes sister, she is older actually my age. Looks like my wife but smaller. Both have a great ass but sister in law is tighter. Fantasize how she could be tempting 1st with a greeting that we normally do like a kiss on a cheek "slips" and turns to a peck on the lips, though with out any shock but just a welcoming nonchalant gesture that may lead to being comfortable with hidden grabbing and fondling.

One of my co-workers shes a Milf young has her husband and I my wife. sure we've been friendly and openly talked of a lot about sex like positions and when we did. But id like to go just a lil step further. not sex yet but express fantasies by text or notes while at the office and stop and discard everything when we leave. to tell each other how turned on we are then fuck our own.

these are fantasies in small steps
after reading the thread again didnt really go with the theme of total lust sorry

Topic Cycling
Posted 01 Mar 2013 20:55

I have recently started cycling a lot more. To tell the truth it seems the better circulation gives me a harder longer erection. This post i guess is a tip for a natural harder erection. Sorry if there is a specific place for tips this is my first post!