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Hi everyone my name is Alex,I joined this website because I like writing erotica,and reading it.I'm here to meet new people,read stories and post them when competed.

About my page,it represents my desires that I have yet to fulfill yet.

If you are interested in wanting to add me.Please make sure you have an avatar,and something on your bio about you before requesting me.At least have a little something on your bio that tells me a little about you.I won’t accept the request otherwise.

I'm getting inspired in different ways from some of these talented authors,pictures I come across,and reading some of these topic forums here on Lush.

Writing advice and tips I will ask if I see you have a lot of stories,and are skillful in the art of writing.Writing is a Art that deserves our love and respect.LOL!^_^ I write because it's a hobby,I will get better in time and post more stories,in some ways I still feel I have much to learn,but I'm willing to learn more.

I'm straight,I love all women no matter there ethnic,and those that appeal to me, i'm some what of a,Sapiosexual.I'm in love with strong women,I love a working girl.
I'm very open minded when it comes to people,and when it comes to convocation,we can talk about anything if it's interesting to talk about.I'm always willing to chat.
I’m a friendly guy,who's looking to establish a few new friendships,both online an

I'm a thinker that comes up with some great ideas for stories.I will try to write from all perspective,male,female,gay,lesbian,etc. It shouldn't be that hard.Also I will write and post some Love stories and poems when I come up with some.
Feel free to ask me anything I'm open to all any questions,if I don't feel right about what your asking i will let you know,but I doubt that will happen much.^_-

Relationship Status:
In Galaxys and Deminsions far beyond your own., Florida, United States
Movies,Gaming,laughing,food,Reading,Writing,Porn,Women, hanging with friends,Sex,Anime,
Favorite Books:
Pendragon series,Fifty Shades series,Maximum Ride series.Manga.

I will post more in time.
Favorite Authors:
Edgar Allan Poe,D.J. Machale,James Patterson, E.L James.

Will post more in time.
Favorite Movies:
Spirited Away,Princess Mononoke,Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children,Cast Away,Undertow,
The United States of Leland,Dumb and Dumber,Nymphomaniac Volume 1 and 2,Inescapable,
American Beauty,Stand By Me.

There is a hell of a lot more but I will most more later.
Favourite TV Shows:
Anime,Hero,Dollhouse,Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

I will post more later.
Favorite Music:
All types R&B,Rap,Rock,Alt Rock,JP Rock,JP pop,I can keep going with different category's.If it appeals to my ears I like it.I have a variety of different music even in different languages that I like,even if I don't understand what they are saying I still like them.Basically anything that appeals to my ears.
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19 Aug 2012
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05 May 2015
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Topic: Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted: 01 Feb 2015 16:47

I love it when a women squirts.I think that she has some skills.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 01 Feb 2015 16:23

Okay, People...


(A YOUNG member bares his soul. Whom of US was cool at 20??? Not me, for sure...)

The key word here is ATTRACTIVE.

I bat WAY FUCKING WAY outside the park, and always have. I am NOT a good-looking guy, never have been. (Evidence available on this site!!!) But I AM ATTRACTIVE... Why?

Well, I'm basically a good guy. I'm VERY VERY funny. I'm quite smart. I have opinions I can talk about. I'm kind and I care for others. I'm TALENTED in a way that others seem impressed by. (I think it's just shit I do...) I have a certain style that, to be honest, puts some people off. But I carry it. (I am BEYOND insecure...) But that don't PLAY in the real world so you adapt... I, (and this is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!) love women. My best friends, (with a few exceptions...) are women. I'm in my 50s NOW, but I've always been FASCINATED and pleased by females. I AM NOT IN ANY WAY a "man's man"... (I know FUCK ALL about cars, GOLF or FOOTBALL or MEN STUFF!!!!) I can talk about nail varnish for hours...

I'm NOT the straightest guy in the world, but I'm straight. (?)

I'm not HALF as confident as I PRETEND. (But I pretend very well...) And this is interesting, 'cos where is THAT LINE, from SEEMING confident to BEING confident? (Fucked if I know...) But WOMEN value confidence above EVERY OTHER TRAIT in a man! (NOT arrogance, as someone said above, but a quiet self-assuredness...)

We all are unsure about a lot of things. About others, about ourselves indeed. There are NO PAT ANSWERS. Except ONE...


I think it was VERY BRAVE of this young man to talk about his issue in public. He spoke HONESTLY, perhaps too honestly, but I think he sounds like a nice-if-perplexed young man.

I wish him well.


Nicola: "Since WHEN are YOU nice???"

Me: "Fuck You. I'm cunting nice..."

Thank you for the comment and the kind words,and I'm not confused,I was just ranting in the post.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 01 Feb 2015 16:07

Well, the thing is this: what exactly prevents a handsome man from being confident, fun and interesting himself too? And in the case of a gorgeous woman who gets approached by dozens of different men on a daily basis, why exactly would she choose an average-looking guy with an 'interesting personality' when she can easily pick up an handsome man whose personality is just as interesting? Get real people, attractive women won't become 'magically charmed' simply because you're a decent guy that can hold their attention in a casual conversation: they'll still have dozens of other males they can compare you to in their previous encounters. There's a strong competition in seduction.

Here's an analogy with the height of hockey players. Sure, height isn't the sole factor that will determine the talents of a hockey player, but it's still a determinant factor. You could get in a similar naive line of thinking and say: "Height isn't significant whatsoever! If you have good skills, a sharp mind and are good at reading the game, any team will sign you up!" . But the reality is that plenty of players across the world have good skills, a sharp mind and are good at reading the game. What becomes the discriminating factor then? Height and physicality (the average height of NHL players is around 6'1"-6'2", just so you know). Hell, you could motivate an aspiring 5'9" player that has good skills and tell him that height really isn't all that important (just like some people are doing here concerning looks), but the reality is that hundreds of other men will be competing against him for the same position, and that players with an average height of 5'8"-5'10" are a very thin minority in hockey leagues.

And here's another thing: interestingness, pleasantness and humor are all very good qualities, but up to a point what will get you to have sex with women is (surprise)... sex-appeal. Because frankly, you can be interesting and fun all you want, if that doesn't work toward your overall level of sexiness, you're just going to end being good friends with attractive women. Sure, these women will want you around, but why exactly would they feel the need to sleep with you when your qualities are already being fully offered to them in any friendly conversation?

That will be another subject for another time, but what will really provoke the most sex-appeal in men is their status (confidence is simply an indication of self-perceived status, in my forthright opinion). And honestly, according to my own experiences your outward appearance will have a prime role concerning the status that others will grant you. Just think about how other males gather around the tall/strong/handsome male in any group of males, and how they grant him an 'alpha' status: even before he'll approach women, that man will have a powerful status going on about him.

What you said at the bottom is about right.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 01 Feb 2015 15:59

*Yawn*.....the above is nonsense that self proclaimed "nice guys" spew. The fact is, you're not really interested in talking to these women as a means to getting to know them or just having a fun conversation...you're only interested in where the talking gets you. Hence, you get no results because women know when a guy isn't truly interested in them. Of course, I also haven't ruled out the fact that you're REALLY boring.....hope that helps. lol No it didn't at all,I know my intentions when I talk to a person,attractive or not.

Topic: Favorite Masturbation Location
Posted: 31 Jan 2015 16:37

Bedroom,haven't really had the chance to experiment in other places.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 28 Jan 2015 08:08

Good advice from Dani. My rule of thumb has always been to be polite and respectful when you're approached, but it's also how you approach people. For me, if I get a good vibe off someone and if I feel comfortable, I'll chat with you, and if I don't, I will quickly excuse myself. You said you are being forced to make changes because of something that happened to you. Change to improve yourself, not who you are. I know that what I meant when I said that,I'm always going to be me,I don't know how to be anyone else.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 28 Jan 2015 06:51

I say that women who spend time on their appearance and have standards want men who have the same values.

Your mental approach - the very core of what's driving you forward - is the exact opposite of how they're looking at things. What you say is true.I can see it that way.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 28 Jan 2015 06:49

They smell desperation and get it all the time.

There's no where for it to go. They're not going to be all over you if you just change your hairstyle. Why are you looking at it so superficially?

When was the last time you approached a women because you actually LIKED her other than 'she's hot'. Seems like you're just wanting a hot quick lay, not a relationship.

The average guys who have hot chick's for wives - it wasn't necessarily physical attraction that drew them together. Gaurantee you they have something in common and see eye to eye on things.

Other than shallow desperation and the desire to be a player - what ARE you bringing into any potential relationship? I don't see myself as being to hard and desperate,and I'm not looking for a quick lay.I know for a fact that a relationship,and a friendship takes time,it can't happen in a day.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 28 Jan 2015 06:40

If you're not hitting on them why does it even matter what they look like?

They will assume you're hitting on them because that's what men do. Women have to be guarded with what signals they give out, especially to people they don't know. All too often a woman who doesn't reciprocate an advance will be subjected to verbal abuse.

Being introduced to someone is far better than just starting a conversation cold. If that's your only strategy for meeting people you're going to having be prepared to take plenty of knock backs. If you want women as friends, develop friendships with men who have female friends. Introductions do a huge amount to instil trust and confidence - after that all you have to do is not be an asshole. I always introduce myself,that is always my first approach,I feel like if guys do that then,then women won't feel pressured,or think that they are getting hit on.

Topic: Atractive people,with always attract other attactive people,and not so much attractive people.
Posted: 28 Jan 2015 06:32

Have you tried letting the women come to you rather than you going to them? I have always been waiting doing that,and waiting for that day but, it has yet to come.I don't get approached,if I do very,very,very rarely it doesn't really happen for me,well at least at this time in my life.

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