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I am here to tell you the people who comment and score your writings are not your friends. They have been lying to you. All those fives you get are one of two things. Either, they don't want to hurt your feelings, or they want you to score their writings favorably so they score yours favorably. If you think dishonesty is going to help you are wrong.

I am not an expert. My biggest claim to fame is getting a short story published in the Harvard Summer Review. My second biggest claim to fame is getting a few stories published in my college's literary journal. I'd like to think if I hadn't suffered a debilitating tragedy in 2011 and a life of debilitating insecurity, self-loathing, and general disgust with myself, I'd have a better resume to show off here. I don't. I realize this could just be an excuse but we all have the lies we tell ourselves.

Here is a little more of my background so you know where I’m coming from. In college I double majored where one of my majors was English. I enrolled in six consecutive semesters of workshops with my writing mentor Mark Ari, a New York Times reviewed writer. Much of what I say about other people’s writings I’ve taken from him. In between those workshops, me and a group of writers got together biweekly for four years to conduct our own workshop which was every bit as advanced and strenuous as the college workshop. I helped to create my college’s quarterly literary journal which is still in publication today. I worked as an editor on the publication and as judge for our yearly contest. After I left Jacksonville and moved back to Massachusetts I attended two workshops during the Harvard summer program. This does not mean I attended Harvard. Pretty much anyone can attend them with a decent enough story and $2500. I was a long time contributing member of Chuck Palahniuk’s online workshop. I have given in excess of 1000 highly detailed written critiques in my life.

This is why I think I can speak with authority about your writing. It is simple. I have spent more hours than you listening to people smarter and more talented than I am talk about how to do writing better. Every criticism I make is one I heard someone better than me make once. You can ignore it or you can tell me to go suck a dick. If you’d like to have a calm, polite and productive private discussion about the criticisms I have I’d be open to that.

Here is the scale in which I give scores:

5- I think your work is near flawless and should probably be published.

4-I think your piece, given some more work could probably be published.

3- I think your work is worthy of being presented in a college level workshop, critiqued and discussed. But in it’s current form it is unpublishable.

2- I think your work lacks a general understanding of the fundamentals of writing (usually overly wordy cumbersome sentences), character development (one-dimensional characters), and storytelling (unexplainable gaps in the story or overly summarizing). I think it would probably be rejected if you submitted it to try and get into an advanced workshop.

1- I think your work is unredeemable and should be abandoned.

So, there it is. I feel it's a fair scale. I also judge writings based on it being literary fiction. If it is clearly genre fiction I take that into account, but I believe even genre fiction, when done extraordinarily well, can also be literary (and should try to be). I want to share that here so you understand where I am coming from. Right now, I have about 400 short stories I’ve written on a flash drive. Of those 400 I’d give three of them a 5. I’d give five-six of them a 4, and all the rest are 3s. So, before you think I think I am better than you, I can promise you, I don’t. I'd encourage all of you to create your own scale, and to really think about what makes a story a 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1. All that being said, I don't vote on most of the stories I read. If I read a writing where someone who has a good following of friends who've all given 5s I'd rather not be the one asshole who gives a three.

Critiquing people’s writings is a learned skill. You can be great at critiquing someone and not be great at writing. I don’t think you can be great at writing without being great at critiquing. I’d also encourage everyone to work harder at finding the flaws in other people’s writing. It is a lot lot easier than finding them in your own.

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Bret Easton Ellis
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Lesbian Squirt Cum Kiss

The first time Candice saw Agatha was at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert. She waited in line about fifteen people ahead of Candice, wearing a short red plaid skirt and a faded black Nine Inch Nails T-shirt cut into a crop-top. Her leather jacket, the one she owned for the better part of her life, was unzipped and the lapels were so big they almost completely obscured the breast pockets. Her...

Added 17 May 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,100 | 2 Comments

Coffee or Spanking

I got out of bed, leaving Ashlyn curled up in a ball, who still somehow occupied two thirds of the sleeping space. Sliding on my boxer-briefs I went into the kitchen, tripping over her shoes along the way. “God dammit!”  Before I flipped on the switch, I used my knuckles to rub the sleep out of my eyes. “Fuck.” On the counter was a bottle of Jameson that only had about half a shot left....

Added 15 May 2018 | Category Spanking | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 3,949 | 5 Comments

I'd Rather Be the Mayfly

I feel your cool skin against me before the friction of our bodies have covered us in a thin layer of sweat.  Your breasts press into my chest as our lips meet. Our tongues greet one another in the space between. This must be what it’s like to be a mayfly, whose life lasts less than twenty-four hours. With so little time, surely, we’d try to fit everything into one moment. But what...

Added 09 May 2018 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 581 | 4 Comments

Guided Masturbation for Women Who Enjoy Daddy/daughter Role Play

The following instructions were written for adults who enjoy Daddy/daughter role play. The main character is you, the reader. Whatever age you are is the age of the babygirl in this piece. Listen to me very carefully. I want to give you instructions on how to read this. This is not a story. You’re meant to interact with this writing. I’ll ask you questions throughout and I want you...

Added 08 May 2018 | Category Taboo | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,389 | 4 Comments

Selected Journal Entries from My Great Grandmother, Isidora Wilcox

December 11th, 1915 When I came to, I recognized where I was. I had heard stories of what this place was like in the days after the Battle of the Marne. Five hundred men bleed from their wounds, sitting outside on a pile of hay in pouring rain. They waited to have their leg or arm amputated, sometimes, too often, both. In those days there was no way to save the limbs. It was an assembly...

Added 02 May 2018 | Category Historical

Teetering on the Edge of a Flat Earth

Amidst the abstractions and vacant dwellings The cosmic overture whispers a timeless anthem, Beseeched into existence. Stretched over eons, a breathless expansion Of silent orbs in unbloodied revolution. Dimly lit laughter and Dim-witted banter ride plumes of smoke Up into their dereliction. The clatter moves in waves and flows like the tide, 1:30 AM I see the high-water mark The...

Added 04 Mar 2018 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 461 | 15 Comments


I love the fat ones best. Gretchen rubbed her ass against Tommy, some kind of electrician. He smelled a little like Doritos and a lot like sweat. Thanks to the space he occupied Gretch’s nose kept a safe distance. She loved the fat ones because their stomachs hung over their cocks, shielding her from errant erections. A lot of the girls got off from random dicks jammed into their asses,...

Added 28 Dec 2017 | Category Occupations | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 2,528 | 11 Comments

Cheating and Cleaning

What should I have done after fifteen years and five kids? I ask because I really don’t know. Should I have waited another fifteen years? What do you do when you tell your husband, “I want to be controlled. I want to be degraded and humiliated.” I begged him to go out into the world and cheat on me. “Come back and tell me she was so much better than I am. Make me suck your cock with her...

Added 05 Dec 2017 | Category Cheating | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 8,093 | 10 Comments

Dark Alley

Chelsay firmly latches onto my arm using me for balance as we leave the bar laughing, her heels clicking along the sidewalk. “I stayed up in the tree for like eight whole… freaking… hours! I was just too scared to jump down. Can you believe that?” Chelsay massages my forearm as we both chuckle. “And years later I had to laugh because when I went back to that tree it was only like three feet...

Added 20 Nov 2017 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,409 | 5 Comments


We got to the trails: blue skies, oppressive heat, gnats swarming around our heads even before we hopped out of my car. “It’s such a beautiful day. Aren’t you glad you’re out here?” she said to me, and I can’t tell if she was rubbing it in or just oblivious to my pain. She skipped off ahead, waving at me over her shoulder, “Come on! Isn’t this so exciting! Our first hike!” She wore khaki...

Added 10 Nov 2017 | Category Love Stories | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4 | Views 1,833 | 4 Comments

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