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Topic Tanlines?
Posted 21 Dec 2007 06:53

Thank you, bshaddow, I will run with that. I have actually been thinking about doing some fiction and maybe weaving this into a story will be fun!
Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to All

Topic Tanlines?
Posted 20 Dec 2007 14:10

Thank you Lush and Sugarshirl. Actually, this isn't my thing, I was in a discussion with a group and one woman brought it up (her guy saves this type of picture) and none of us had heard of it. The woman that told of her boyfriend said he called it something, but she couldn't remember what. Like you, Lush, I thought I'd heard them all...

In general, I would hope must women would react like Sugarshirl and go with what didn't cause a problem, but I am not sure. As to others seeing tanlines.. my wife and I are nudists and so others see her whole body and I enjoy that, but it isn't a straight turn-on, just enjoyable. (Hey! She has a great body!)


Topic Tanlines?
Posted 17 Dec 2007 23:54

Does your significant other want you to (and forgive me if this has a title, I don't know what to call it) get tanlines that go across your nipples so that it looks like you where a bikini top with your nipple or part of it exposed?

My questions are; if your SO desires this, would you do it? And, how do you feel about your SO desiring this?

I first posed this under the top 'Clothes', but after re-thinking, I don't think that was the place to put it. I will try to remove the other post.
Thank you, Gus