Bella continues on her journey (Part 2)

Bella never thought it would ever come to this!

Part 2 of Bella's journey of discovery, at the request of her husband Fernando.   If you read part 1 you know that Bella is a beautiful young woman, married, with a husband who would love to have her act out his fantasies of her having sex with other men. It's finally happened, and now Bella has found that she loves it, loves having sex with her new lover, Rico, but she still loves...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Bella meets some of Rico's friends

Rico thinks he'll shock Bella but she loves it, all of it, and so does her husband.

After her night with Rico Bella had gone home and, no surprise, found Fernando there, waiting somewhat impatiently. He wanted to hear the details; who had she been with?, what had she done?, had she enjoyed it?, would she do it again? He was bursting with questions but he kept his silence, waiting for her to come forward.   Bella told him that she had met Rico...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Bella decides to live out some of her fantasies.

Her husband has given permission but can she actually do it? Probably.

Bella was anxious. Nervous didn't quite cover it. She was outwardly calm but inside the beautiful exterior her emotions and body were raging. Let me explain. Consider a beautiful woman, with some experience in life, by no means a virgin and certainly not a prude. In fact, Bella had prided herself on being able to live life to its fullest, until tonight. For as long as Bella and...Read On