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You know it was a good morning when you are sitting at work and you feel the cum leaking from your pussy!

18 Oct 2016 06:32

Best feeling in the world having a big cock filling my pussy.

01 Jun 2016 06:53

Couple of new pictures check them out comment please!

16 Jun 2015 07:49

Going to be a great day. When the alarm went off this morning, I rolled over to shut it off and to my surprise their was Allen my wife's boyfriend. He had his cock out and ready right at my mouth level. So I sucked him off, and he treated me to a beautiful load of cum.

12 May 2015 07:12

My wife told me this past weekend she thinks I should have sexual reassignment surgery. When this all started it never crossed my mind but since it has been over 2 years since I have had a erection, maybe she is right. Would love your input. What do you think? The more I think about it the more I like the idea. Drop me a line with your thoughts.

31 Mar 2015 07:19

Valentines day gang bang was a success, the wife was out with her boyfriend, and 4 of his friends came over and had there way with me. Almost 6 hours of my man pussy being pounded, and more cum then I ever had in one day. Took 4 days for my pussy to feel normal again. I am such a cum dumpster now days.

18 Feb 2015 07:32

What a Saturday! My wife fisted me for the first time it was great, It felt absolutely amazing, totally different than a cock in me. Also uploaded some new photos take a look and comment please.

11 Aug 2014 06:15

I am so horny today! My wife put 2 of the biggest steel ben wa balls I have ever seen in a condom, and stuck them in my man pussy before I left for work this morning. Now all I can think about is having a big fat cock pound it as hard as he can. Every time I get up to do something they move around and hit against each other.

29 Jul 2014 11:15

My first black cock last night. The wife's boyfriend brought 2 of his black buddies over for dinner, while he and the wife got busy in the bedroom the other 2 got busy with me. At one point I had a giant black cock in my mouth and 1 in my man pussy, they both unloaded their cum in me and then my wife's boyfriend unloaded his load in my mouth. What a great night probably one of the best ever. I am hooked on bbc and can't wait to do this again.

01 Jul 2014 06:31

The wife her boyfriend and I went to florida for 8 days was great. Rented a house with a pool the pool guy showed up and serviced the pool, then came back and serviced me later that day while wife and her boyfriend were gone. The pool guy came back on sast. and had a threesome with the wife and her boyfriend while I did cleanup on all of them. I LOVE cum!

07 May 2014 06:41

couple new pictures check them out

20 May 2013 08:02

hormone progress report I love my boobs!

24 Apr 2013 16:38

Went to Victorias Secret over the weekend and was fitted for a bra, what a turn on! The little girl that helped me was great.

10 Dec 2012 08:39

Added a couple new pictures let me know what u think!

16 Aug 2012 17:54

Would love for some girl to go shopping at Victoris Secret with me! Any Takers!

19 Jul 2012 11:02

Love to dominated by women, forced to dress in female clothing, feminized, I am so wanting to be sissified right now!

21 Mar 2012 11:10