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Topic "would you fuck me? I'd fuck me."
Posted 25 Dec 2013 20:48

"Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid." - CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

Topic How big is your ideal dick?
Posted 23 Dec 2013 20:07

The Lush average appears to be 8-9 inches.
And actual researchers with proper measuring tapes say the average is around 5.5 inches.

Or maybe... now this is just a hunch, 95% of men on Lush who say that are lying because they think it will make women talk to them Nutbag kekekegay kekekegay bs

Topic Prison Roleplay
Posted 23 Dec 2013 20:02

Guards could make Nympho prisoner watch?

Topic Is farting during sex a big deal?
Posted 23 Dec 2013 12:22

It wouldn't turn me on or off... however I'll more than likely just start laughing

Topic How big is your ideal dick?
Posted 23 Dec 2013 12:21

Id rather any over 6inchs on someone who knows what they are doing... you can have 10inchs but if you don't know what you're doing it wont help

Topic What tv/movie character did you crush on as a kid?
Posted 22 Dec 2013 18:23

Still do to this day

Topic Why are all Christmas songs all so old?!
Posted 22 Dec 2013 18:17

Because modern ones are most of the time terrible remakes of classics... Or just terrible in general

Topic Nude Photos on your phone
Posted 22 Dec 2013 07:43

In a recent survey, 9% of American men admitted to keeping naked photos of others on their phones – and 7% store naked photos of themselves. For women, the numbers are less than half as much, but still significant: 3% of women surveyed admit to storing nude photos of themselves on their phones.

Admitted - That the key word... im sure the number is higher, but alot of people wont admit they keep photos of themselves or others

Topic Do the women in porn films get turned on do you think?
Posted 20 Dec 2013 20:46

I think occasionally they are, but this is a rare thing to find

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 09 Dec 2013 19:15

I always assumed the rat-baiter is that little girl that Carol took over as a daughter-figure (can't remember her name). The one who wanted to act like the walkers were like 'pets' or still human in some way. It's possible she was trying to feed them like stray dogs because she'd humanized them in her mind.

Or maybe there's still a nutter in their midst.

I'm wondering what the major obstacle will be in this next season - like they had to overcome the walkers, then the governor, then the plague/flu. I haven't read the comics, but I read somewhere that there is some other group of survivors that become cannibals, called 'The Hunters' that factor into the comics? I'm wondering if they show up in the next season to become the new bad guys.

Oh yeah that might be a point... With the rats, they still don't know who it is, I hope they don't leave that plot hole open

I haven't read the comics either, but like 'Wilful' said I think the rest of this season may be them finding eachother, finding the rat baiter... Also the woman that The Governor was sleeping with and her daughter may try and join the group, they were the only survivors, and she didn't answer Rick when he shouted at her, they may try and say they didn't know he was like that etc, which in fairness they didn't... I don't see any other reason why they wouldn't of killed off atleast the younger one if they didnt have plans to have her in future episodes

With "the Hunters"... I have heard something's about Cannibals, seems logical there would be some when the world has ended. If they are coming into the show, I honestly reckon that one of the current group will run into them, after getting split off or something and join them.. Like Anndria with the Governor

Who knows though, can't wait till It starts up again, felt so weird not watching it this week :/

Topic Rappers That Could Actually Act; Who's Your Favorite?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 22:12

Eminem and Will Smith!!

Topic Favorite Movie of the Year so far!
Posted 06 Dec 2013 22:11

Django... And The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 06 Dec 2013 22:08

I was really surprised that Rick mentioned nothing in his speech, about how the Governor brutally murdered all of his last group in anger, only that they took in some of the survivors, or did I not hear it properly?

I knew Hershel was dead from the moment there was that close up on the sword, and the blurred shot two mins later where you see his cut off head, I was crying and angry... I could of jumped through the screen and strangled the Governor myself (Absolutely fantastic acting from him to provoke so much hate, much like Joffrey in GoT)... Moving on.. His death wasn't anywhere near satisfying enough, would of prefered Michonne to have just cut his head off or something, but he's dead now so I'm happy about that thumbup

Carols girls shooting those two people to save Tyrese was oddly satisfying kekekegay

Daryl again showing why he soo dreamy by just being him, I was soo scared that the Walker was going to bite him, till it came back from adverts and he was using it as a meat shield :D

Now that they are all split up into 5 different groups, do you think the rest of the season will be them all surviving in their own and gradually finding eachother? Or will they find eachother again and be stuck back in the same problem as season 2 when it was sooo slow with them trying to find a safe place to live?

To me, this half of the season was the best Walking dead episodes since Season 1!

Topic Which Is Your Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Movie?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 21:41

Blood Diamond, Catch me if you Can, Django.... There's too many good ones, Infact is there any bad ones?

Topic James Deen?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 21:37

Actually every guy I know like this hates James Deen - even the ones that have similar sexual styles. I'm always expecting them to be pro-Deen because of the sex style and scenes he's in, but nope - they just don't take to him well - mainly because he doesn't look the part. It still always surprises me, although at this point I can kind of see it coming.

Two of the most popular porn stars in the business are James Deen and Manuel Ferrara. Look at how into the sex they are in their scenes and how genuinely turned on and orgasmic (in a non-faking way) the women often seem. There's eye contact and connection. It's like you forget the cameras are there. The guys are intense - they're not spaced out, being thrust-robots or fucking with one hand on a hip so the cameras can get in on that angle. That's why women respond to guys like this.

It's a shame more male porn stars don't take their lead and realize what will set them apart from the usual faceless studs in the business.

ps. The critical fit guys usually have less an issue with Manuel Ferrara - probably because he more fits the traditional 'hot guy' image compared to Deen.

James Deen and Manuel Ferrara love7 *Drools*

Could of said it better myself. They both have so much passion, they are two of the very few who are capable of fucking someone to the edge of passing out, and go back to being sensual and making love, just to give maximum pleasure to whoever they are in a scene with.

Topic James Deen?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 21:23

Yes, jealous. It's written all over your reply.

Women love him and men want to be him.

Seriously! C'mon! He gets paid to get laid. I'm jealous of his partners! I can totally admit it.

His confidence is sexy as hell. Unfortunately, you've mistaken "confidence" for a superiority complex and smug cockiness. There is no comparison.

thumbup every word of this is true..

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 21:16

Massive fan of The Arsenal... Season ticket holder in the North Bank for 5 years now


Topic What do you think is the worst song ever written?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 21:10

Any song that Lil Wayne makes

Topic What did you have for breakfast?
Posted 05 Dec 2013 12:25

Weetabix and Orange Juice

Topic Bacon how do you like it?
Posted 05 Dec 2013 12:22

Crispy with think white bread

Topic Do you masturbate daily?
Posted 02 Dec 2013 07:02

If im not having sex then yes

Topic The 'Girls Getting Off' Survey
Posted 01 Dec 2013 16:30

If I can't have sex then I usually Cyber or interact with people, if the ones I like are online... After that its just Porn or Written erotica depending on my mood


Topic What do you think of this woman lying about an anti-gay note for attention?
Posted 26 Nov 2013 19:29

We in Britain find it hilarious that it is almost madatory to tip in America. The TV Pressenter Stephen Fry tells a story about how he was chased down the street by a waiter because he didn't tip. This is ludicrous. Why should we tip if we feel the service is inadequate? If someone chased me down the street, I'd deck them. If a member of waiting staff rolled their eyes at me for the tip I gave, I tell them to give me the tip back and that I want to speak to their manager to complain. When I feel I hve been given good service, I tip well, but not until then.

Also, Americans are offended if a tip is not 20%??? L O L.

If the service was terrible you should do what I do and leave 20p or something... Then if they look at you weird or anything you can say "oh I didn't want you to think I forgot to tip and I'm the rude one, your service was just appalling" ... Smile and walk out

Topic Any other guys have this fantasy:lining ladies up and tasting them all!
Posted 23 Nov 2013 15:36

dontknow Why is this just a fantasy for guys?

Topic What gets you noticed?
Posted 23 Nov 2013 15:35

I don't wear many clothes out


Topic California "Revenge Porn" law.
Posted 21 Nov 2013 15:44

Ah, the whole army high-horse thing. Got it.

Easy on the all-caps, it's a bit annoying when it's done in every post.

laughing8 3601

Topic Perfect breasts?
Posted 16 Nov 2013 18:10

Topic Deal breakers:Fashion wise
Posted 16 Nov 2013 17:50

Men in V-Necks too... Ergh just stoppppp

Topic Deal breakers:Fashion wise
Posted 16 Nov 2013 17:47

If your hair looks anything like this... Dnt even talk to me

Infact if you dress like anyone of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, or anything like that.. I automatically don't like you

Topic Favorite Sex Scenes from Movies
Posted 11 Nov 2013 17:45

Jessica Alba from The Killer Inside Me


Elizabeth Berkley from Showgirls... The scene in the pool