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02 Aug 2013 19:13

I have a photo album for you guys, check it out.

02 Aug 2013 11:50

May make some anal gifs of myself.
I'll probably make an album on my profile, I'll let everyone know.

31 Jul 2013 20:18

Feel free to kik me anyone, I'm rarely on here.
Kik name: GermanDollx

25 Mar 2013 18:50

I love these.

24 Mar 2013 17:02

14 Oct 2012 18:38

Inbox me. I'm having dirty thoughts.

07 May 2012 12:48

So, My fiance' will be back in possibly a little over a week.
I might not be on lushstories after that

24 Apr 2012 20:24

Get to know me?
My be uploading a picture or two soon.

17 Nov 2010 08:04

Is it terrible to say, that I may possibably have two lovers? Is is so terrible that, I don't know which I feel for the most? Is it so terrible, dispite the fact of having two lovers, that I have my true love in mind? It isn't so terrible, that in my dreams, their's a soldier.. And so terribly true, that I'm in love with him..?

17 Nov 2010 07:59

In my dreams, their's a soldier..

17 Nov 2010 07:05

Hm, More pills?

16 Nov 2010 10:48

Men, Why are you all so confusing? Why didn't I just stick to women.

16 Nov 2010 10:41

Naughty Thoughts, Naughty Thoughts, Naughty Thoughts..!

16 Nov 2010 09:18

Marijuana Legalization..?

16 Nov 2010 09:02

Not feeling well;;

15 Nov 2010 07:13

I'm so not updated on pop culture...xD

15 Nov 2010 05:04

Hmm, Good morning < 3