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I'm just someone who likes to write whatever stories come to mind, from time to time. You'll find my erotic stories here. I'll let you decide their value.

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The Wolf Den, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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Stories Published By Lupus
Recommended Read Flash Fairytales: The Beast of Beauty

The mansion’s pale lights flickered in the rustling leaves and swaying tree boughs, casting tendrils of sinister shadows across the garden. The clipping of heels heralded the tall, gracious figure strutting up the stone pathway. Her pace was quick, but her gait was firm and steady. Even her silhouette oozed confidence. The doors opened and bathed her flowing auburn hair in light. She...

Added 26 Apr 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 21 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 2,450 | 18 Comments

Recommended Read Flash Fairytales: Mirror's Magic

“Mirror, mirror…” A slow, clear voice intoned. A swirl of green light emerged in the centre of the mirror’s gleaming frame. It surged forth, raging like a storm. Two long shadows across the cold stone walls and floor as a theatre mask appeared through a thick, cloudy vapour. A black, high-backed chair - decorated with intricate, gothic patterns - shimmered in the strange light. Clutching...

Added 07 Apr 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 1,730 | 8 Comments

Flash Fairytales: Little Red

Red shuffled through the forest with her shoulders hunched against the wind - red skirt and hooded cloak whipping around her pale legs. In the dark, cold forest, her billowing red hair seemed aflame. With a basket hung over her crooked elbow, she approached the small door to her Grandma’s home. Quietly, she rapped on the ancient wood and waited. The door quietly swung open without the...

Added 01 Apr 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 2,296 | 11 Comments

Recommended Read Flash Fairytales: True Lust's Kiss

The princess seemed sound asleep, bathed in the sunlight streaming through the tower’s open window. In the centre of her circular walls, on a plinth decorated with fresh flowers, her bed was draped in lace and nets, hiding all but the princess’ shadow. The large door groaned slowly open, stopping with a creak as a man’s shadow cast into the room. He entered the still, silent chamber with...

Added 28 Mar 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,988 | 18 Comments

Recommended Read Smack

Bracing myself with a flinch, my cloth-bound fist punches out the small decorative pane of glass. There’s a deafening crash and a shower of tinkling glass across stone tiles. I freeze to the spot, listening for any movement inside. ‘ Fucking noise …’ I think, knocking out the broken shards as quietly as possible. The oak door’s fixed with a large iron lock some would call ‘rustic’...

Added 22 Mar 2015 | Category Anal | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 19,742 | 21 Comments

Editor's Pick Snowblind

I screamed desperately into the white veil, thrashing at the blank landscape with the least convincing punches I’d thrown in my life. The cold numbed and bit into my skin, forbidding me from forming feasible fists while my stiff, unwilling arms couldn’t wait to hug me once more. My club-like mittens uselessly tucked under my armpits, seeking any modicum of warmth. Turning back towards...

Added 01 Jan 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 34 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,170 | 27 Comments

Editor's Pick Not A Word To Grace

Pressure was the first thing that hit me – literally – as I groaned reluctantly back to the waking world. Rolling over under the familiar duvet, my forearm draped over my eyes and shielded me from the world that seemed so harsh. My head throbbed so painfully I almost feared my skull might pop like an over-stretched novelty balloon. Cautiously, I opened my eyes and winced, whining as the...

Added 21 Oct 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 23 | Avg Score 5 | Views 23,984 | 22 Comments

Recommended Read You Came To Me

You came to me,  Through that oblivion, Of hopelessness. You came to me, When I did not know, I needed you most. You came to me, Bringing light, hope, Happiness and love. You came to me, Giving me confidence, Strength, desire and passion. You came to me. You raised me up, Not to mountains and clouds, But to my own two feet. You raised me up, To hold my head up high, ...

Added 09 Aug 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,107 | 21 Comments

Recommended Read Appraisal

So close, you and I To the moment I've been waiting for So long Since we said goodbye. Since I saw your face last While we held hands And cried Our kisses fell like rain Surged like storms Lingered as snow. You kissed my wet cheeks With flowing tears Now flecked red Bleeding from the cuts on my face Shaking hands clutch the razor's edge. Trying to look my best for you...

Added 02 Aug 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 832 | 22 Comments

Editor's Pick London's Burning

From inside the pressurised, air-conditioned solitude and comfort of the black cab, my feet alighted at last on the wet street. Damp was something London did well. My bones shivered in their skin to feel the heavy weight of the city's gloom on them once more; it was not a feeling I relished. I looked up, casting my eyes about the grey and ominous sky with trepidation. There was a large...

Added 16 Jun 2014 | Category Supernatural | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 9,043 | 29 Comments

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