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It's my birthday and I'll do as I please!!!

22 Jun 2013 23:58

In search of a text buddy, a pal, a friend. Someone to chat with during the day, talk dirty with at night...or even during the day.

27 May 2013 21:18

Looking for a new love...

20 May 2013 22:43

People make me laugh. Men, if you don't want a girl to follow, don't bullshit her and ask her to. Be straight with the people you communicate with. Quit playing freakin' games!

16 May 2013 21:26

Learning about the sexual side of me is fascinating!! Thanks for the Lesson C!!

01 Oct 2012 22:25

Just as you think you understand, why does the rug get pulled from underneath?

18 Aug 2012 23:59