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Topic: Announcing: "Jenna and Celeste in the Movies", by Jake Malden (Jaymal)
Posted: 23 Sep 2014 20:44

Jenna Clarkeson and Celeste Du Pont were high school rivals, but at college, fate has thrown them into a shaky alliance. Both need information on a crucial test paper and Tony Jensen, son of the department head, can supply it.

However, Tony has a price. Party-time with him and his buddies in Tony’s Surf Shack – plus an anything-goes policy and a camera to capture it all. Will the girls run the gauntlet of these horny surfer dudes? And just what can they expect as reward?


Get your copy here.

It has been met with 5 star reviews, and certainly entertains the reader, inciting a variety of emotions as the tale progresses.

"This story took me by surprise. I was honestly expecting it to go in a completely different direction.

I must admit, this one was a little bit more uncomfortable for me - to get through some parts. But I give the author credit for being able to ignite feelings in me, especially from a short story.

This author is beyond talented - truly a gift to us readers. His stories always push the envelope, our morals, and our deepest desires. His writing is impeccable and I look forward to many many more stories to come."

Topic: Announcing: West Coast Games, by Ashleigh Lake (Dancing_Doll)
Posted: 30 Aug 2014 08:11

If you missed out on reading this series during it's highly successful Lush tour, then be sure to pick up a copy of West Coast Games by Ashleigh Lake ( Dancing_Doll ), now available for download on Amazon Kindle.



Leo is a jaded California boy that’s used to shredding the big waves, both on the beach and on the social scene. The girls are beautiful, the fast hook-ups are easy, and life is good. While his surfing buddies are still avid game players, too restless to settle down, Leo secretly dreams of meeting a girl worth changing his ways for.

When a sexy blonde surfer girl moves to the coast and begins to haunt Surfrider Beach in Malibu, she quickly becomes a larger than life fantasy. Holding her own with the guys, she’s a seafoam-bikini beauty queen on her faded board, nudging his interest along with coy glances and flirtatious smiles, despite her ever-present boyfriend looming in the background. Although his friends warn him that she’s trouble, Leo is determined to have her.

When their worlds finally collide one afternoon on the beach, passions ignite and the mind games begin. With a penchant for rough sex and wild partying, Roxy possesses a hypnotic sexuality that he can’t turn away from. Leo finds himself diving head first into the power-struggles, jealousies, and the undeniable heat of trying to tame an unapologetic bad girl that challenges him, almost to his breaking point.

Set against California’s sun-drenched beaches and trendy nightclubs, Leo and Roxy embark on a thrilling yet destructive relationship that tests the boundaries of commitment, fidelity, friendship, and the ruthless pursuit of pleasure at all costs.

Click here to read a preview of West Coast Games on Amazon.

The recipient of two Editor's Pick awards on Lush Stories and an Outstanding Series Award, this is a dark and edgy erotic novella with a side serving of sun-soaked California surf culture. Love her or hate her, surfer girl Roxy is sure to get under your skin. The sequel is in the works, but until then, be sure to download your copy today!

Topic: Announcing: "Little Black Dress", by Jake Malden (Jaymal)
Posted: 21 Jun 2014 05:58

This is another sizzling hot and twisted tale by award-winning author, Jake Malden! ( Jaymal )



Aaron and Carly are a model couple – young, loving, sexy and on the point of moving in together. But Carly harbours a secret – a single rash act at the fashion company for which she works. Her boss Miranda, ruthless and sexually voracious, has knowledge of Carly’s crime and has been biding her time.

The trap she’s about to spring will put the couple through a crazy erotic ordeal, which will shake their relationship to its foundations. A high price to pay, for a Little Black Dress.

Click here to read the preview of Little Black Dress on Amazon.

This is a highly entertaining and intensely erotic tale with plenty of twists and turns! Download your copy today for only .99 cents!

Topic: Announcing: "Skin", by Frank Lee
Posted: 03 Mar 2014 20:34

The inspirational Frank Lee has done it again, with another hot novel, entitled, "Skin".



Every artist loves their work, but what happens when one falls in love with his subject? Poised on the brink of success, Rey has been creating revealing prints of Teal, his former protege and daughter of the university chancellor, where he teaches life drawing classes. The only problem is that Teal doesn't know she's the subject of the most erotically stunning creations of his entire career. Revealing photos taken in her sleep, then transformed into sexually charged lithographic prints.

When samples of his sensuous vision of the woman he has secretly loved for years fall into the hands of a top European architect who wants to commission an entire series for a new performance center in Munich, Rey faces an impossible choice. Either give up the biggest opportunity he's ever had as an artist, or risk destroying the trust of the most important woman in his life.

Rey braces himself to make the confession of his life, but how much does Teal already know?

Click here to read the preview of "Skin" on Amazon.

Topic: Announcing: A Sailor's Tales, by J.E. Wiseman (Sisyphus)
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 04:35

We are pleased to announce the publication of 'A Sailor's Tales' by J.E. Wiseman, the third book published by Sisyphus.

These three tales tell the story of a young sailor in search of adventure and passion along his voyages on the high seas.


Click here to read the preview of 'A Sailor's Tales'.

These three tales tell the erotic adventures of a sailor who leaves Brooklyn on a Norwegian freighter with twenty dollars to his name and plans to go to Paris and Copenhagen. His plans fall apart when, instead of stopping in Lisbon, the ship heads to the Middle East and he stays aboard, working as a galley boy.

Three months later, the ship stops for emergency repairs on the Island of Rhodes, where he meets Annika, and the story, “Lust on the Island of Rhodes,” takes place. She is a reluctant young prostitute, and their attraction becomes more than just physical as they get to know each other. She wants Peter to stay with her on Rhodes and he is tempted to abandon his plans and live there with her, resulting in an intense and emotionally charged conclusion as he makes his final choice.

His adventures continue in Copenhagen, where he arrives with a dollar in his pocket. The story, “Meeting Anna,” tells the tale of how he meets a beautiful college student who also works as a maid in a seedy hotel where he crashes in a friend's room. She is a free spirit and they have a wild romance. He finds himself once again faced with the difficult decision of leaving Anna behind to get on a ship back to the United States.

The final story of this trilogy, “One Night in Copenhagen,” recounts an unexpected chance encounter with Birgit. He first notices her in a cafe, where she sees him finishing another person's meal. Intrigued, she buys him a meal and invites him back to her apartment for a passionate one-night stand. As Peter lets his guard down, sparks fly. This leaves him with more decisions to make, as he’s ultimately forced to reflect on his loves and losses along his sea voyages and the lure of all the adventure and possibilities that are part of a Sailor’s life.

Topic: Announcing: "Secrets", by J.E. Wiseman (Sisyphus)
Posted: 04 Nov 2013 21:54

The three stories in Secrets reveal the hidden selves of three women who keep their true sexual yearnings submerged behind a façade of propriety.


Click here to read the preview of "Secrets".

In “Hannah’s Secret,” Hannah confesses to a stranger she meets in a café that she loves her wonderful boyfriend, but he doesn’t have a clue about her intense cyber sex life. A strange sexual relationship develops between them that explores the question is Cyber Sex cheating?

In “Lust and Love,” Tanya, a professor of Women’s Studies at NYU and a strident feminist, has a need to sneak off where she is not known and let her wild, sexual desires loose. With Peter, she learns the difference between lust and love.

In “Midnight Snack,” Tanya, a poet, hides her free spirit behind her quiet, aloof manner. While visiting friends at a beach house, she meets Peter, who is also a poet and has a room across the hall. She is dressed seductively when they meet on the third floor and arrange to have a midnight snack where they will satisfy their hunger for each other, but when downstairs with the others, she is aloof and ignores him. Their wild, hot “midnight snacks” are secret. Why does she keep her free spirit hidden? How does she keep her two selves contained?

Topic: Announcing: 'Toy Stories: Sensual Fantasies Inspired by LELO' by Ashleigh Lake (Dancing_Doll
Posted: 22 Oct 2013 17:42

This is Ashleigh Lake’s third publication, a brand new collection of short stories inspired by LELO’s most highly coveted toys.

Not just for solo play, this book also incorporates toys into stories with couples connecting in creative ways, unexpected encounters, phone sex, blindfolds and restraints, public teasing games, girl on girl, office affairs, steamy shower sex and a range of sensual fantasies written to tempt, titillate and inspire new ideas on how to spice up your sex life.

This project was overseen by LELO throughout the stages of development and was published with their official consent.

Length: 206 pages (approx. 60,000 words)
Author: Ashleigh Lake (aka Dancing_Doll )


Click here to preview Toy Stories


This is a collection of eight short stories featuring unique women that are based on Lelo’s range of pleasure objects. As they explore new ways to take their love, relationships, passions and friendships to the next level, each woman is brought more deeply in touch with her own sensuality.

An international model struggles between her desire for security and commitment and a passing infatuation with a rogue photographer on a photoshoot in South Beach.

Still caught up in the emotional cobwebs of a bad break-up, Mia finds the courage to reassert herself on the social scene, which leads to a chance encounter with a famous musician.

The Bride:
A southern belle and her mischievous husband find creative new ways to connect on their wedding night.

The Office Girl:
A bored marketing assistant has her world turned upside down when a dynamic business executive with an unscrupulous reputation is transferred to her office and becomes her boss in more ways than one.

An exotic ‘It Girl’ on the London fashion scene meets an intriguing stranger in the VIP of her favorite nightclub and decides to make a bold move.

A beautiful hotelier gets caught up in an ongoing series of trysts with an important client that leads to a night of games that will push Lyla’s boundaries to the edge.

Gigi and Elise:
Best friends from college reconnect on a girl’s weekend, where a late night shopping trip leads to an unexpected adventure for Gigi and Elise.

Whitney’s Massage:
The stresses of being a career girl, wife and mother catch up to Whitney as she looks for a way to relieve the tension one night at the gym.

Get inspired with new ideas on how to spice things up in your own relationship with this playful collection of Toy Stories.

Topic: Announcing: "Pussy Ownership", by Sophie Croft
Posted: 30 Sep 2013 02:58

This is the third short story Sophie has published with us, and it turns up the kink another notch.


Click here to preview "Pussy Ownership".

Wild and uninhibited Lara Parker wakes up one Friday morning feeling the need to do something filthy and dangerous. All that stands in her way is a day at the office, fulfilling her position as working drudge.

Idle hands make for the devil's playground and she finds herself in the women's restroom, getting the party started early. This doesn't go unnoticed by one of her female co-workers. Pussy Ownership follows Lara's adventure as she lets herself be led down a dark and dirty rabbit hole, dragging along a naive coed, Emily, in the process, as she breaks one cherry after another.

Bondage sessions, water sports, figging and other bdsm games make this a filthy tale of sexual exploration. Life will never be the same for either Lara or Emily after this.

Topic: Announcing: "Taming Amy", by Sophie Croft
Posted: 05 Sep 2013 21:27

This second short story from Sophie, breaks the taboo of sex between a teacher and a pupil.

The thrill of potentially getting caught adds to the excitement, as these two women embark upon an illicit relationship. This is very much a D/s story, with power play at the core.


Click here to preview "Taming Amy".

Amy Morgan is young, pretty, and not afraid to use her charms to skate through her college courses. Time after time she disrupts Professor Carver's classroom with her thoughtlessness, until one day, after turning in a late paper, the tables are reversed and Miss Carver exacts her revenge behind closed doors.

Amy undergoes a transformation from unruly student to willing submissive, as Miss Carver doles out punishment after punishment in her office. The heat gets turned up to full, when one day, she invites her over to her home and pushes Amy to the very edge of her sexual limits.

Topic: Announcing: "The Bargain with Lucifer", by J.E. Wiseman (Sisyphus)
Posted: 15 Aug 2013 23:06

We are pleased to announce the publication of "The Bargain with Lucifer", the first book we've published by Sisyphus .

We all know it's not such a great idea, making a pact with the devil! This book has shades of "Angel Heart" about it:


Click here to read the preview Chapter of The Bargain with Lucifer.

When aging English professor and poet, Paul Cantor realizes he no longer attracts the admiring glances of women, his anguished despair causes him to drive off into the night with destination unknown, seeking escape from his mundane reality.

When he sees a biker’s bar in the middle of nowhere called Luke’s Bar and Grill, he feels compelled to stop. Though completely out of his comfort zone, he ingratiates himself with a bartender and is eventually introduced to the owner, Luke, or Lucifer, who tells him that he can solve Paul’s problem. As long as he’s willing to make a bargain...

Though skeptical that drinking the ancient potion will do anything, he decides to make a deal in a desperate attempt to change the hands of fate: his soul and spirit in exchange for becoming sexually appealing to those he desires. Within days, he is feeling younger and more vital and finds himself being seduced and overwhelmed by seductive women. While indulging his carnal libido, he finds himself especially drawn to Wendy, a pretty young artist with an angel’s smile.

Despite his exciting new lifestyle, Paul is still haunted by the thoughts of what might really have been responsible for the sudden surge in his sexual energies and his ability to turn the head of any woman he wants. At first, he clings to his own skepticism but when Luke returns to collect on his bargain, the risk of his world being turned upside down yet again suddenly becomes very real.

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