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How nerdy is it to put on a glow in the dark condom and make lightsaber sound?

05 Sep 2012 12:48

Some Big stuff happened in my life but now I am back

12 Jul 2012 00:49

I am back yaaaaaa..............Time for sleep

03 Jun 2012 18:42

Gone for the weekend miss you lush and friends

01 Jun 2012 05:09

Lunch on lush hellz yes

31 May 2012 10:56

Back to work le sigh

30 May 2012 00:50

Got the day off YES any one want to chat just give me a poke :P

29 May 2012 00:08

Lace or Leather, for me Lace on a woman is just to sexy

26 May 2012 13:01

Yes a night off time for Lush and Diablo 3, but any one wants to talk I am all ears

23 May 2012 23:40

I would only kick you out of bed only to fuck you on the floor.

14 May 2012 10:53

to much work not enough sex GRRRR

08 May 2012 11:00

Ever have one of those days were you just want bend some one over and fuck them till they can't form words anymore!

29 Apr 2012 16:14

Just came back, just on my phone for now, I will try to have a pic up soon

24 Apr 2012 21:38