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Now that many types of stories are censored, I have moved my hardcore works to WWW.SECRETEROTICA.COM view them there, it's free like LUSH. My regular stories are here, and I will continue to support LUSH as I have in the past.

25 Apr 2014 07:36

Now that censorship is in full effect, my hardcore stories are on SEXEROTICA.COM My "standard" stories will remain here of course. I still like LUSH, and will support them.

25 Apr 2014 07:24


19 Apr 2014 21:34

March 29th, Wow, 265.000 downloads of my stories! THANK YOU everyone for your support.
More new ones to come soon.

28 Mar 2014 14:02

OCT. 29th, THANK YOU, all you readers of my stories, 200,000 PLUS downloads so far. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the interest in my stories.
Love you all!

29 Oct 2013 17:25

October 26th. Brr...Fall is here, 46* this AM. Need to start writing again, and getting back to work. Boat is in Winter storage, beach is closed, Bummer! Lots of real estate inventory to redesign, redevelop and sell. Looking forward to lotsa of hot sexy guys to keep me warm those cold Winter nights.

26 Oct 2013 17:04

October 26, Brrr. fall is here. 46* this AM. Gotta start writing once again. Boat is in winter storage, beach is closed. bummer!Oh well, work time. More real estate to redevelop and sell.

26 Oct 2013 16:51

September 6th, 2013, Been a busy summer, lots of playtime, boating, flying, dating and beach days. Now back to work, I'll have some hot new stories for you soon.
Check the new CUCKOLD catagory, I've moved some of mine to there as it is a better fit.
179,000 views so far, THANKS!

06 Sep 2013 17:27

July 21- WOW. 3 1/2 months on LUSH and I have 150 THOUSAND story views. Amazing.
Please keep your comments coming, it helps me greatly to be able to provide the type of content that you all enjoy.
Visit our blog at for my real-life adventures. Summer is here and the guys are HOT.

21 Jul 2013 20:19

June 22- I've been on LUSH since April 6th,so far 125 THOUSAND views of my stories have been logged. Amazing! I write for YOUR enjoyment, your feedback and comments help me please you with stories that excite and amuse. Thank you all so much!
Bobbi Jo
My real-life adventures can be found on our blog,
My husband keeps the blog for me, this way you get both sides of the story.

21 Jun 2013 14:52

June 8th, Amazing ! I have been on LUSH for 60 days now, and i just hit 105 THOUSAND page views. Unbelievable. Please keep telling me what you like/dislike, I write stories to excite and please YOU.
Your feedback helps me greatly.
follow my real-life adventures on our family blog.
Bobbi jo

08 Jun 2013 19:23

June 04, Thanks to all my loyal fans for your support. In just 2 months, I have reached 95 THOUSAND page views. Amazing! The more comments I receive, the more I am able to tailor my stories to your liking.
if you are interested in my real-life adventures, check out my husband's and my blog.
Thanks again,
Bobbi jo

04 Jun 2013 19:16

Update, MAY31, 2013 : I have uploaded the final chapter of "The Ultimate Doll" to our blog, As LUSH would no longer post the final chapters saying that they were, "Traumatic" to readers.... The first 5 chapters are here for you to enjoy. I hope that you loyal followers of the story will enjoy them, feel free to comment on the blog .
Thank you!

31 May 2013 18:57

Hello All, I was just admonished by this sites "moderator" that my works were causing"traumatic" feelings when she read them...And that I would be terminated if I submitted more stories. So, from now on, my edgy, (read: adult) works will be on my blog.
Hope you all enjoy them.

28 May 2013 15:05

Hello again, I have been asked if the photo in my Bio. is me, YES, absolutely so. As are the others in the album, they are all little me!
I write stories that come from many years of personal experience in the fetish community.
The comments and suggestions that I get from you help me continue to write, it what an author wants, to see that her work is appreciated and enjoyed.

11 Apr 2013 15:06

Thank you, everyone for reading and enjoying my first story, your appreciation drives me on to write and post many more....all have some modicum of truth to them....
That makes it all the more fun!

07 Apr 2013 15:43

I would love to hear from and share ideas with other Cuckoldresses. Cuckolds too!

06 Apr 2013 20:30