Kristin's Encounter Begins Anew

Kristin begins her journey, or is the ending?

The ad seemed innocent enough. She had been reading the want ads for some time now, seeking something different to do. Years at the same job had taken its toll, boredom, and a feeling of dread that came with every new day. This ad was different though. It caught her eye, and after dismissing it as either nonsense, or a joke of some kind, she kept going back to the same paper and rereading...Read On


The Encounter

I return to where I have always belonged.

Luxuriating in what would be an otherwise horrible experience for most, she kneeled on her hard wooden perch, bound, tied, and gagged. Her only clothing was a severe leather waist-cincher that had a strap running from front to rear, firmly holding a pair of very large dildos in her ass and pussy. Her muscles screamed from lactation caused by the arm-binder that stretched her shoulders to...Read On



First Time Cuckoldress - Part One

Cuckolding, a new twist on an old idea, and how I became an avid devotee.

Bobby Jo Tina and I had been friends since college, more years than I cared to count. She had gone through marriage, two children, a burgeoning business, and finally divorce. Unfortunately, her ex had run afoul of some guys that don’t play nice. One night they came to their door with baseball bats looking for her husband. That was enough for her. Since divorce she had a few relationships,...Read On


Friday Night's Date: A Cuckoldress Gets Her Just Desserts

A Cuckoldress Gets Hers....

Bobbi Jo had checked her emails on her favourite dating site for hot wives and swingers when she saw one from a local man named Paul. He professed to be a strict Dominant, knowledgeable in the finer arts of BDSM and fetish play, and he loved to date married ladies. A brief flurry of correspondence ensued, and a date for Friday night was set. She eagerly told her husband, Lance about the...Read On


How To Cuckold Your Husband: A Practical Guide

A guide for the modern, and horny, housewife to become a Hotwife

I am very fortunate to live a life of permitted sexual abandon, thanks to a wonderful husband. I have been asked many times how I have accomplished this, so here are some guidelines and ideas. First, and of paramount importance, your relationship with your husband MUST be 100% rock solid. Any jealousy, insecurity, or lack of total trust, and this is NOT for you. We have both been very...Read On


Modern Cuckolding Works - Chapter One

I give my husband the Cuckold treatment he begged for.

My wife and I were avid Internet fans; always looking something up, checking out new places, things, and activities. One day, while cruising the web I came across a Yahoo group called “Cuckoldry Couples”. Interesting, I thought. Investigating further, I found out that this once shameful, humiliating practice had become the newest rage in couple’s sexual play. The object is for the wife to...Read On


My Wife Takes Another Lover - A Cuckold's Tale

My dream of being a cuckold husband becomes reality

The phone rings. I get up from my easy chair and answer it. A male voice is on the other end. “Hi, this is Tom. Have your wife ready for me, I’ll be at your house at 8PM tonight. I am super horny and am going to fuck every hole that she has until she begs for mercy.” Another day...My wife calls me to dinner as usual, only this time she is wearing a white vinyl pleated and flared school...Read On



A Conservative Lady, or A Latex Fuck Bunny?

Beware of What You Ask For, You May Just Get it!

I had dated Diane for about three months, all was well, and we had an exciting and intimate relationship, as any basically vanilla one would be. She was an educated, 42 year-old professional woman, 5'3" tall, 110 pounds, bright blue eyes, and long silky blonde hair, a rock hard stomach, and beautiful tight 34 “B” cup breasts of a teenager and a 22-inch waist. She dressed impeccably; but with...Read On



Chicken Shit

A Sexy Grrl Gets Her Just Deserts, or Does She?...

“What a beautiful evening to be out! ” Lynn thought to herself as she cruised through the streets of NYC in her new red BMW convertible. She had looked forward to seeing her old friend from school for quite a while, and now she was on her way. She had chosen her favorite crimson latex pleated cheerleader’s skirt, a white satin tie top, and white platform knee boots to finish off the outfit. ...Read On


The Penile Colony, Keeper of The Keys

Suzi becomes the keeper of the keys.

She lived a life of privilege, excitement, and wild abandon. Little was beyond her ability to control, especially her cuckold husband, Ted. Suzi and Ted had been married for many happy years: they worked together, played together and occasionally even had sex together. You see, Ted is a Cuckolded husband. Suzi has, for the last four years, kept his cock securely encased in a...Read On



Erika, Cindi, Ken and Eddie, a Modern Family?- Chapter # 1

Erika and her two children all find a new lover.

Well, I thought it time to write about myself. My name is Erika, I’m currently 38 years old, divorced and the mother of two brats, one a girl age 16, the other ostensibly a boy, age 17, but possibly a creature from another world. Just kidding, I love him dearly. Their names are Cindi and Ken, but you figure out which is which. Me? I’m 5'6" tall, and I have long chestnut colored straight...Read On


It's A Family Affair

Kim and Ken's take new lovers- Their son and daughters.

As Wendi and Amanda rode off with Debbi and Michelle, Kim took her newfound lover, Kylie, by the hand and walked toward her car. The night had been a wonder of lustful abandon. She had experienced sensations that she had only dreamed about in her darkest fantasies. She had seen her two 16-year-old daughters used as sex toys by her best girlfriend, and her transgendered son, Michelle. Her...Read On


Keeping it in The Family

Movie night will never be the same.

A tale of a loving family . . . maybe too loving? My wife Tina and I moved to California right after college. We were married two weeks after our graduation, and with blessings, we had a pair of twins the next year. Our daughter, Kelli, has just turned seventeen, along with her brother Dave. Let me tell you a bit about each of us. I’m an ex-jock: B- ball, tennis, and swimming are my...Read On


Keeping It In The Family - Chapter 3

Kelli gains the upper hand.

I followed Kelli up the stairs to the bedroom my wife and I share, this time however, it would be my daughter Kelli and I sleeping in our bed. As spent as I was from our evening of wildly erotic, forbidden sex, I still wanted to pop her tight, beautiful ass's cherry. She entered the bedroom, I placed my hands on her shoulders as we stood still for a few seconds. "This is weird. We...Read On


Keeping it In The Family, Chapter four

Kelli gets a new sister, Sort of . . .

Tina walked into the bedroom quietly, as not to awaken Kelli and her husband. She saw that the schoolgirl outfit which he so loved to wear when they had sex was strewn on the floor. 'Kelli must have done her job well as Domme,' she thought to herself. They were still sleeping soundly, her husband spooning tightly with his daughter, Kelli, his arms still wound tightly around her waist. Tina...Read On


Summer Camp- I Come of Age.

Wendy comes of age at summer camp

I guess it all started three years ago. It was our annual family summer vacation, a ritual of my parents that I had already grown to dislike. That year's vacation would turn out to be very, very different. But I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Wendy, I’m twenty years old, and live at home with my parents while I attend college. I’m 5’4” tall, and weigh about 110 pounds. I have...Read On


The Ride, A Saga of Motorcycle Love - Chapter 1

Two sisters swap husbands and become intimate lovers.

It was another perfect day for a ride. Ashley and I had gotten up extra early to clean and polish our new Harley. This was to be the first time out for the new bike. We were meeting our best friends, Bill and his wife Roni, whom we usually rode with. They were a great couple: young, very friendly, and both had that sexy air about them. Not only were they our best friends, but my wife Ashley...Read On


The Ride, A Saga of Motorcycle Love - Chapter 2

The ride begins as sisters find new horizons of depravity.

As Ashley stood there in front of me, I marveled at how beautiful she looked. Perhaps I never saw her in the light that I was now seeing her in. I was more in love with her than I had ever been before. She smiled at me as she turned and walked toward Bill, who was sitting on his bike, awaiting her. Ashley put her hand on his shoulder and swung her leg over the idling Harley. Her pink...Read On


The Ride, A Saga Of Motorcycle Love - Chapter 3

Roni and her sister Ashley finally get their dreams of wanton sexuality realized.

Ashley Recounts her ride… Bill opened the throttle all the way, I held on for dear life as we accelerated to nearly 100 mph. I wasn’t sure exactly why I was so alive with anticipation, nor why this ride, which should have normally scared the hell out of me, wasn’t frightening me. Yes, I do have a love of the unknown, and edgy things do get me excited, but racing down a country road with...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #5

Lynn, Lisa, and Don return to Master's farm for their final transformations.

Friday finally arrived, like a slow train ... it seemed to Lynn that the day would never pass. Lynn checked the kitchen clock over and over, it never seemed to move. Finally it was time to get ready to go. Her husband Don did not seem terribly unnerved, and was sitting by the TV waiting for Lynn to get ready. She packed a few naughty, new outfits, boots, and assorted BDSM items in her bag....Read On


Two Mothers, With Benefits

A continuation of Two Sisters, With Benefits

Hi, my name is Kim. I thought that you might like to hear about a recent encounter that I had. I just love a good, hard, sweaty work out. At 5- feet, 10-inches tall, and 140 pounds, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, I have what is called by my dates a "Smokin’ Hot" body. Not too bad for 41 years old and three kids. You see, I am a HOTWIFE. My husband is my Cuckold, he allows me to...Read On


Two Mothers, With Benefits

The continuation of, Two Sisters, With Benefits

Hi, my name is Kim. I thought that you might like to hear about a recent encounter that I had. I just love a good, hard, sweaty workout. At 5'10" inches tall, 140 pounds, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, I have what is called by my dates, a "smokin’ hot" body. Not too bad for 41 years old and three kids; you see, I am a hotwife. My husband is my cuckold, he allows me to date other...Read On


Two Sisters, With Benefits

Amanda and Wendi discover that having a brother can be beneficial.

Kyle always idolized his twin sisters, and not without reason. Amanda and Wendi were two gorgeous foxes- the kind of girls that made boys’ cocks stand straight up whenever they were around. At 16 years of age, they looked and acted much older. Amanda was a typical blonde cheerleader type: tall, thin (with all the curves in exactly the right places), and having a face that would soften rock,...Read On



A Hudson Valley Sunday

A Couple Encounter Aliens, and Live to Enjoy it!

Living in the New York metropolitan area for many years, and attaining an age where we are comfortable enough to do as we please, my wife Tanya and I decided to find a place away from the smog, congestion, and hustle of the city. We looked for a few years at homes and farms in the Hudson Valley of NY. This area is very old, being first settled by the colonial settlers from England in...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #4

The plot thickens, so does Lynn's latex! Transgendered Space Aliens!

Shock was an understatement. Lynn stood there unable to believe what her husband Don was telling her. Could it be: that her meeting was an accident, and that the tormentor she spent the weekend with, and gave her future life to was a total stranger? “What will happen now,” she thought. How would she complete her transformation, and indeed, would her husband even allow it to continue? What...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter 3-A

Lynn undergoes a willing transformation at the hand of her tormentor.

Arriving home, Master drove his Harley directly up to the barn, opened the door and took her inside by her leash. She was anticipating being allowed to wash herself, to clean the piss off her body, and to be dressed for more play or dinner. It was not to happen. He took her to an old-fashioned medical table in the far corner of the chamber. He placed her legs into the stirrups of the...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter 3-B

Lynn continues her conditioning, and loves it! She returns home to a huge surprise.

Walking to the house after her treatments, Lynn was so sexually charged that she felt like a fire-cracker ready to go off. She had hundreds of questions for her master, and tried to ask them all in an array of disconnected thoughts. Master stopped her abruptly and said, “We can talk more later on, but now, let’s celebrate your new life.” “What about my hair,” she asked, “It is...Read On



Everyone Has A First Time, I Surely Did!

Two friends come of age as trans lovers

Everyone has a first time, I certainly did. I guess that I was about 16 or so; it was a wonderful summer off from school. Being that I lived near the water, I tended to spend much of my free time at the beach. It was a very secluded, private beach that required a quarter mile walk through wet-lands on a dirt and gravel road. From the beach, all that could be seen was trees and water;...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #2

Lynn meets Mai-Lin and becomes Master's pet slave

Lynn ’s shock at seeing the interior of the seemingly innocent looking barn was immediate and unmistakable. “What have I gotten myself into, this time?” she thought to herself. The walls and floor were carved out of large cobble stones, the ceiling was made of large hand- hewn beams and rough timbers, as it would have been done in the middle ages. Looking around the room, she saw item...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #3

Master realizes that he may not be the one in full control.

Lynn stood next to Master’s Harley. She admired both the man and the machine, in her book, any man that can handle both a bike and her has to be exceptional. Looking at her Master in depth for the first time, and noticing the details of his attire, she saw a gleam on his face that gave away the same feelings of lust and excitement that she was feeling. The crotch of his skin-tight leathers...Read On


The Ultimate Doll, Chapter 1

Lynn begins her journey into the world of the unknown.

The add was deceptively simple. "Female, blonde, blue eyes, tall and sexy. Owned by a loving husband and Master is now available for weekend use by those desiring a fully compliant, service-oriented slave with no limits, an unbelievable sexual appetite, and a huge pain tolerance." "Apply to this add with proof of your abilities and references that are checkable." She had no idea that...Read On


Transgender Latex Lust, Samantha's Story

Love blooms in latex with a beautiful transgendered lady and her first date.

Several years ago, I was asked by a major latex clothing designer, to model for her latex- wear catalog. I had done it once before, with my then girlfriend, Karen, so I had no reluctance to doing it again. This time, I again agreed to do it, as it was so much fun wearing all those hot, skin-tight outfits, especially under the blazing studio lights. Teamed with me this time was Samantha, a...Read On

Wife Lovers(4)


You Can Have Mine, If I Can Have Yours

We explore a local swinger's club.

It was early in our dating, Karen and I had read several articles about the "new" swinging lifestyle that was becoming so popular in New York City: several new clubs had recently opened, and with some research, we found that right here in our village was a very large and famous club called "Michael’s Lounge." Our first trip out was a bit of sensory overload: the entire club was filled...Read On


You Should Always Be Nice to Your Neighbours

I Rediscover The Girl Next-Door

Several months ago, my wife DeeDee, told me that she wanted a separation. Her new life goals didn’t include me. She was determined to find a good genteman that shared her new values. Since we had been drifting apart for some time, this was no big shocker. It was one of those sultry summer nights. The heat and humidity could be cut with a spoon. I was home alone with the TV on for company. ...Read On


You Should Always Be Nice To Your Neighbours, Chapter #2

The girl next door, turns out to be the vixen next door.

Friday night came so slowly, it seemed like an eternity. I had planned what I was going to do, to wear, and how to treat the special occasion that was coming. It was only one day, 24 hours, but time seemed to crawl. Then, it was time! DeeDee and I sat across from each other at the supper table. She had prepared my favorite meal, and had treated me like we were a newly dating couple all...Read On


You Should Always Be Nice To Your Neighbours, Chapter three

I become Lisa, Debbi's lover, and all with my wife's help!

I left Debbi soundly asleep in her bed. Our night of lust had taken its toll on us both. I dressed quickly and walked across the yard and into my own house next door. As I climbed to the top of the stairs, I looked into our bedroom and saw DeeDee still bound, gagged, and tied to our bed. The only difference from last evening was that she was lying in a huge wet spot, with a gushing, white...Read On