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This is my personal life story. I am a woman in my early forties who has a fulfilling sex life that has developed from my teenage years into adulthood. I am sharing this so that other women may be open enough to explore the life of pleasure I have found.

I have tried practically everthing in the sexual spectrum, some of which I can't write about here. I have had many, many men and enjoyed many women in all varieties of group and singular sex.

I have had the good fortune of making some very close life long friends from my sexual encounters, and the partnership of loving men and a husband who have understood my needs and allowed me to pursue them, and also assisted me in pushing my boundaries.

The hardest part of writing my story, apart from finding the time, is choosing which parts of my life to include and what to leave out. I am concentrating on the episodes that were new experiences, major events, or changed my mind or orientation on certain acts or aspects of sex.

My hope is that others who read this will open their minds to new experiences, be adventurous and learn to enjoy their bodies and the pleasures it can provide, free of guilt and inhibition.



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Topic: Suck after fuck?
Posted: 07 Mar 2017 06:10

Yep. It's all part of the slop and clean up. I love it and it's respect to the guy who let me use his cock and gave me his load to enjoy.

Topic: How do you feel about being fucked in row?
Posted: 07 Mar 2017 05:58

I'm an exhibitionist in my heart and I like riding the train too.
I love to watch all the guys jacking their cocks, waiting to get some.
Knowing I have so many hard young cocks that's gonna fuck me good,
and fill me full...oh yes of course...smiles

One of the most sexy things I could see is when a guy shoves his hard cock in my loose cunt,
and cum runs out from the previous donors, feeling warm cum between my ass cheeks...sooo yummy
Gets me wet thinking of it. Let the cream pie train keep rollin' all night long...giggles

But maybe that's just me?.......I know that isn't so.

Seien Sie süß und schauen Sie nie einen Geschenk-Hahn in den Mund,
greifen Sie ihn einfach, und saugen ihn in Ihr. ...giggles

You and me could run the railroads! Count me in. The queue starts on the left. I'll count by tens.

Topic: How do you feel about being fucked in row?
Posted: 07 Mar 2017 05:52

That is my wish to be fucked by multiple men and be gifted Urinary Tract Infection and be pissing blood out of my burning pee hole. Real Goals there!
Glass half empty much? Why worry about what hasn't happened?

Topic: being shared
Posted: 06 Dec 2016 00:48

The best fun ever. Would have missed out on so much without this.

Topic: How do I deal with my fiancées anger outbreaks
Posted: 07 Nov 2016 12:42

Would you want this person raising your kids? Dump her!

Topic: true stories
Posted: 13 Sep 2016 15:53

My story is my true life story. It's still unfolding. I'll catch up eventually, but there are 21 instalments so far.

Topic: First Time / Early Sex
Posted: 13 Sep 2016 15:48

Look up my story from the beginning.
My first chapter was rejected until I stated that I was over sixteen. Kind of ruined the flow of the early part but that's the site rules. Must be for legal reasons, but there are plenty of other sites that don't have this requirement so perhaps it's a jurisdiction thing. There seems to be an irrational hysteria about age generally, which is completely at odds with what's actually happening in the world.

Topic: Multi-part stories?? Good or Bad??
Posted: 13 Sep 2016 15:35

I get irritated by authors who write multi-part stories 600-700 words at a time. A lot of authors on this site seem to do this, and it just creates a lot of clutter in my opinion. Maybe they get impatient and want to publish what they've written right away before they've finished it. But there's a 10,000 word limit for most stories, so if your story is going to run that long, then just write the damned thing to the end and publish it as a single piece. There's no point in dragging it out over 10-12 installments, which I've said elsewhere is literary equivalent of giving a blowjob 30 seconds at a time, and then making the reader wait a day or two for the next 30 seconds of pleasure. It's beyond frustrating, so I rarely read anything that contains the words "Part 1" or "Chapter 1." If you do feel the need to write a multi-part story, then each episode should more or less be able to stand on it's own.

i don't understand why you would be dismissive of a story because it is long and posted in chapters. All books have chapters. My story is a life journey and up to chapter 21 to date. Each instalment stands alone even though it's a continuing story. Agree with others that the votes and comments seem to tail off, but I have had massive spikes in some chapters. The votes and comments are only a fraction of the times viewed. Not sure if readers don't want to leave an opinion or are just lazy.
With linking, I do go back and forward link my previous chapter. I used to mention in the chapter intro that this is a continuing story but one moderator rejected my last chapter and told me off for doing it. It seems to me that a reader would appreciate being pointed to the beginning of the story.

Topic: During an innocent massage..
Posted: 24 Aug 2016 07:59

Never had this accidently, but have had massages where the masseuse swipes the labia while doing inside upper thigh. Have had a proper labia massage in Thailand. Very popular in the north in Chiang Mai. It's a normal thing up there and is listed in the hotel massage menus. Very nice oily stretchy rub on it's own or as part of your full body massage. The Thais are very body aware and treated my orgasm as a normal part of proceedings.

Topic: Net pants underneath panties...
Posted: 24 Aug 2016 07:49

WTF?? Dude; you are a seriously weird unit.
I'm not sure what net pants are. I have fishnet underwear if that's what you mean, but I'm a tampon girl mostly.

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CH 21. I teach another virgin

While I was heavily engaged in immersing myself in the swinging scene, the other part of my life continued as usual with my ever rotating ‘phone a fuck’ list. This provided me with a regular outlet for when I just needed to bang one out. There were also the random pickups and opportunist events that arose through work or social contacts. Some were memorable for being different from the norm. ...

Added 03 Aug 2016 | Category First Time | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,920 | 19 Comments

Chapter 20. My personal gangbang and pulling a train!

My journey from a sex obsessed teen to a group sex loving swinger was blossoming. I was now firmly fixed on becoming a gangbang queen. The recent wonderful threesome had elevated my sexual tension. My goal of a properly organised gangbang was now within reach, provided my new friends passed on my phone number as promised. They were as good as their word and a couple of days later I received...

Added 25 Jun 2016 | Category Group Sex | Votes 31 | Avg Score 5 | Views 20,491 | 12 Comments

My Introduction to Group Sex Ch 19

Please read Chapters 1 - 18 first. This is a continuing story. The afternoon lesbian sex experience kept me high and horny in the following days. Although I had shared many sex experiences with my girlfriend, being with my second ever girl gave me an extra buzz that had me rubbing myself more often and with a special vigour. Vivid images of her great body would flash into my head...

Added 13 Oct 2015 | Category Group Sex | Votes 33 | Avg Score 5 | Views 16,369 | 24 Comments

My Introduction to swinging sex. CH 18

My continuing journey into swinging sex. Please read Chapters 1 - 17 first. In the days following that first swinger’s party, I was as horny as hell. I was determined to explore this as far as I could. I think what impressed me the most was that all the guests seemed so much like me. Just ordinary people who loved open sex as much as I did. Seeing some of them dressed in their street...

Added 01 Sep 2014 | Category Lesbian | Votes 30 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,211 | 20 Comments

My introduction to swinging group sex - Part 17

Please read parts 1 - 16 first which are posted as My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex. I have changed the title to Swinging Group Sex as it more accurately describes my life from this point on. During my first couple of years working, I was getting plenty of sex from guys on my road trips, plus the occasional woman I met. I was still seeing my best girlfriend from Uni every week and...

Added 13 Jan 2010 | Category Group Sex | Votes 89 | Avg Score 4.99 | Views 63,045 | 36 Comments

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 16

Please read Parts 1 -15 first.   After graduating, I got a job with a company that delivered staff training programs.   They trained me and then sent me to client companies to train their staff.   During this time, I was still fucking many of the guys I had met during the Uni years plus weekend pick-ups and the occasional guy from work or clients.     About a year into the job I...

Added 08 Oct 2009 | Category Group Sex | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 24,986 | 11 Comments

My beginning and pathway to group sex. - Part 15

Please read Parts 1 – 14 first. My three University years were a rolling fuck festival for me.   My best friend and I became compatriots in planning and executing sex parties with many guys and I also introduced her to the Friday night beach parties where some of the new boys were younger.   It was fun for me to still go there and see a new guy invited who was a few years behind me...

Added 01 Oct 2009 | Category Group Sex | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 18,187 | 5 Comments

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 14

  Please read Parts 1 -13 first.  It will put this story into context.   We had a new level of openness in the morning after the gang bang party in her room. I woke before her and pushed the sheet down off us.   I looked at her tits while she was sleeping.   They were fuller and rounder with puffier nipples. I liked my pointy nipples but definitely had an urge to feel hers.   I...

Added 25 Sep 2009 | Category Group Sex | Votes 37 | Avg Score 5 | Views 29,405 | 11 Comments

My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex - Part 13

  Part 13 of my life story.  Please read Parts 1-12 first.  This covers my University years where I became wildly sexually active and progressed from just being a gang bang queen to actively organising my own group sex parties.   Despite two hectic years of fucking as often as I could, I managed to scrape through my final school year with enough scores to get me into University in a...

Added 07 Jun 2009 | Category Group Sex | Votes 46 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 30,626 | 12 Comments

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 12

My continuing story.  Please read parts 1 - 11 first to understand where I am in my sexual development   That Friday night party lifted my sexual awareness and energy to a new level.   The next two weeks had me on high rotation with my ‘at school’ guy, my boyfriend, and his brother when I could get him.   There was a new buzz around me at school as the stories from the Friday...

Added 05 Jun 2009 | Category Group Sex | Votes 46 | Avg Score 5 | Views 33,578 | 12 Comments

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