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Topic How easy are you?
Posted 12 Oct 2015 05:58

How do you define 'easy'? If a guy standing next to me at the bus stop asks me for a fuck; I'm not easy. ( I'd ask his name first). If a guy rolls onto me and shoves it in at a swingers party; I'm still not easy. I'm just doing what I came for. Seriously, being easy is a male concept. Whoever would ask if a guy is 'easy'? You're all sluts by that definition.

Topic How many girls have performed oral on another girl.
Posted 12 Oct 2015 05:47

An early adopter. Keep myself in tune with regular practice.

Topic Semen Swallowing
Posted 12 Oct 2015 05:36

Yep. Always been a swallower. Just did it first time because I didn't think about it and kept going. I always.......just liked it. Now, just the smell of it sends me dirty crazy. Agree that heavy smokers taste funky; not the most pleasant. I just think it's rude to spit it out. I would feel so bad if a guy turned and spat my stuff out of his mouth like it was poison. I wouldn't be going back there if he thought I tasted that repugnant.

Topic does sex feel better without a condom?
Posted 12 Oct 2015 05:09

This category is "Ask the gals". Why are you guys posting here? We know you are all going to say it's better without.

Topic Male performance enhancers
Posted 08 May 2015 15:16

Tell him you want to try group sex. That'll enhance him.

Topic Ladies do you like having your ass fingered during sex or is that a no no?????
Posted 08 May 2015 15:11

Yes, it's hot. Sets off a lot of extra nerve endings. Makes me feel fuller which is big turn on. Must be wet or a dab of lube so I'm not dry and the finger can slide easily.

Topic opions of facesitting
Posted 08 May 2015 14:52

Love it. Especially if you poke your tongue out. Lie down. Quick.

Topic Wives would you love for your husband to share you with another man?
Posted 26 Feb 2015 05:46

Ha ha ha & lol. Would I? We have been active swingers and group sex fiends for a long time. Sharing is THE purest sex possible. There is nothing more erotic than watching my partner in the act of passion and having him watch me while another man is buried in me. Our sex afterwards is at another level.

Topic Taste of cum
Posted 26 Feb 2015 05:33

Can I say I love the stuff? Yes there are taste variations and texture differences; thicker v thinner; smooth v globby; I've never been able to liken it to other foods, it has its own taste, through a taste spectrum if that makes sense. The smell also varies a lot in strength. Mild to really strong ammonia smell. Might depend on how long since the guy last unloaded? Or diet.

Topic swinging stories
Posted 26 Feb 2015 05:18

My life story should interest you. 18 chapters so far.

Topic The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted 19 Apr 2014 18:38

I don't like censorship. And that's what this is, just because some don't like the subject matter. I don't make any judgement on the category theme. It's the thin edge of a very wide wedge. Once you've headed down that slippery slope...... Which category will be the next to go?

Topic O.K. Ladies, let us know, would you lick your pussy if you could?
Posted 11 Apr 2014 04:24

I have found a clip on a site of a girl doing this. She looks double jointed in the hips. Wish I could.

Topic Have you ever used anything else other than sex toys?
Posted 11 Apr 2014 04:10

Anything's a toy if it fits. Most of the above and tried lots of bottles. Wine, champagne, beer, Coke etc. Tapered necks seem to work best.

Topic Sluttiest thing you have Done
Posted 04 Apr 2014 06:12

please don't get me wrong I did not mean offence. im glad you like to fuck your a good sport:)
No offence taken. I'm just mystified why women who like to fuck a lot of people get a label, but men don't.

Topic Sluttiest thing you have Done
Posted 04 Apr 2014 06:08


I do not really understand why you are upset by the term. If woman like you and me did not want to be thought of like we are, then we would change our behavior. I know neither of us plan to reduce our Fucking in the near term.

Is it really less offensive if a guy say "She will Fuck almost anyone, rather than she is such a Slut?" So we have Morals of a man!!!

Then of course I am not completely sure just what you mean by "Sluttiest thing you have done?"

Does that mean, Public Sex or Doing more than one person at a time, or at a party taking on all cumers. Just what does it mean?.Embarassed

I do not really understand why you are upset by the term. If woman like you and me did not want to be thought of like we are, then we would change our behavior.

You see? Right there is the rub. I don't want to have to change my behaviour so I am not referred to as a Slut. And neither should you. We just like to have a lot of sex with a lot of people. I fuck a lot of men who like to do the same thing and we don't call them sluts.

Topic Girls, do you carry condoms?
Posted 30 Mar 2014 05:08

Always. Have a few in the inside pocket of each bag I use. You don't know the history of your next stiff one.

Topic Sluttiest thing you have Done
Posted 21 Mar 2014 19:51

What is slutty anyway? I don't like the term. It's a mans word. Why do women who like sex have their behaviour branded slutty? I fuck a lot. Does that make me a slut?

Topic Upskirt Photos & Videos Discussion
Posted 21 Mar 2014 19:29

I think it's because the photos don't identify the person that the guys think it's harmless. In black and white terms, that's correct, BUT SHE DIDNT GIVE YOU PERMISSION! That is the issue. Women have a choice of who gets to see under their skirt and they might not choose you.

Topic we vibe
Posted 17 Mar 2014 07:51

My We Vibe is my favourite, but didn't know there was a remote controlled version. Would be great to use.

Topic brushing your breasts against someone
Posted 13 Mar 2014 06:07

Difficult, this one. Sometimes tits just get in the way. I would use length of time as a guide to reading any meaning. A casual brush could be accidental, a tease or a testing of the waters. If I was resting them on your arm for a 'lengthy' time, I'm trying to attract attention. If I'm feeling dirty- flirty, I'll brush them on guys where there is close proximity by circumstance; leaving a lift, pushing through a crowd etc. The same thing happens in reverse a lot. Guys press past you and rub an arm or their chest against your tits. Are they just having a free 'feel' or trying to attract our attention?

Topic Can anyone recommend a good vibrator pleeeeaaase...?
Posted 13 Mar 2014 05:53

My fave is called the We Vibe. It is a U shaped vibe, wider and thicker at each end, quite small with 2 vibe rating intensities. Waterproof and rechargeable . Designed to be inserted in the vag and the other end then runs between your lips with the wide end resting on your clit. The inside pad is resting against your G spot. You can make your own intensity by slipping a finger in and squeezing the vibe into your G spot and clit. Class AAA results. It can also be inserted into your arse and vag while you do the handiwork on your clit. The beauty of this little unit is it is small enough to leave in while you're having sex with your man and he gets a buzz on as well. If it's in vag and arse, he get his balls and cock buzzed. A win-win device this one and small enough to be purse sized, go anywhere.

Topic Sex and food : ever tried anything new to spice up things?
Posted 12 Mar 2014 05:32

Isn't that painful for u???????

Not at all. It actually melts quite quickly

Topic Older Men
Posted 12 Mar 2014 05:21

No. 4 every time. I have had some wonderful lovers / playmates in this category. Almost without fail they are considerate, skilled, sexy minded and Giving. I like giving pleasure, so I appreciate their desire to give pleasure to me. And they are usually VERY GOOD. Tongues always get hard.

Topic Cunnilingus and men
Posted 07 Mar 2014 17:47

Women are usually better. My take on it is that because we have the vag/ clit/ flaps, we know how they work better. We understand the slow build, the light touch, the rhythm. We know what we like and can do it in return. Same reason we're probably not as good at BJ's. Bi men friends tell me that guys give better blowies for the same reason.

Topic Cunnilingus and men
Posted 07 Mar 2014 17:46

Women are usually better. My take on it is that because we have the vag/ clit/ flaps, we know how they work better. We understand the slow build, the light touch, the rhythm. We know what we like and can do it in return. Same reason we're probably not as good at BJ's. Bi men friends tell me that guys give better blowies for the same reason.

Topic Which way do you like your pussy eatten
Posted 28 Feb 2014 17:40

Anything is good so long as the guy is REALLY INTO IT. Not just a bit of casual licking, I mean really animal want to swallow the whole damn thing type of sucking. The best for me is when the guy puts his whole mouth over it sideways and sucks the whole labia into his mouth. The amount of tongue work that can go on then? Bliss!

Topic Sex is still painful for me
Posted 24 Feb 2014 00:29

It sounds to me that you're apprehensive about it hurting and tensing up which makes you tighter. I would practice on yourself as often as possible. Buy a vibe or dildo and a big tube of lube. Learn to move it in and around at your own pace and pleasure. You will stretch the muscles and learn to relax on it. Or try this exercise. Put both forefingers in and pull sideways away from each other, and then hold it while you breath deeply and concentrate on relaxing your muscles down there. You should feel loose in the pelvis. Bearing down; a pushing outwards from the vagina feeling, can also help while you're doing this. When you're able to do yourself pretty easy, you'll likely not worry about taking him in.

Topic Favorite sex position...and go!
Posted 22 Feb 2014 18:08

Any position where I'm under a bunch of other people2407_group_hug

Topic Best tips when giving a guy head?
Posted 22 Feb 2014 17:55

Most important thing I've been told by guys is...let him finish! That is, don't stop sucking until he's finished cumming and is starting to go soft. This requires swallowing to do it properly so practice that first, you won't die. Apparently there's no bigger turnoff than having his cock pushed away while he's blowing, or you gagging and barfing when he squirts in your mouth.

Topic Viagra For Ladies
Posted 19 Feb 2014 06:50

Have had lots of experience with Viagra use in the swinging scene.

It is not an instant erection medication as suggested in Dani's post above. All Viagra does is allow the blood flow into the penis more easily, so that when it is stimulated it can become erect. It is definitely not an instant boner. You still need to play with the cock /man to stimulate it to erection.

There are other drugs that create the fairly instant erection but these are injected into the side of the penis. It is very effective and an erection lasts a couple of hours, even after the guy has cum, even multiple times. It subsides only slightly and then gets hard again really quickly. Great for use in the orgy / group sex parties. But you need a Doctors prescription as it's for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Have tried Viagra myself as a 'why not give it a go', but didn't make any difference that I could discern. It gave me a headache behind the eyes though, which is a common side effect of the drug apparently. Switches out the lights on sex pretty quickly.