First Time(1)


CH 21. I teach another virgin

A vignette; where I give another young man his first fuck

While I was heavily engaged in immersing myself in the swinging scene, the other part of my life continued as usual with my ever rotating ‘phone a fuck’ list. This provided me with a regular outlet for when I just needed to bang one out. There were also the random pickups and opportunist events that arose through work or social contacts. Some were memorable for being different from the norm. ...Read On

Group Sex(19)


Chapter 20. My personal gangbang and pulling a train!

I finally get the gangbang I wished for

My journey from a sex obsessed teen to a group sex loving swinger was blossoming. I was now firmly fixed on becoming a gangbang queen. The recent wonderful threesome had elevated my sexual tension. My goal of a properly organised gangbang was now within reach, provided my new friends passed on my phone number as promised. They were as good as their word and a couple of days later I received...Read On


My Introduction to Group Sex Ch 19

I move deeper into the swinging scene

Please read Chapters 1 - 18 first. This is a continuing story. The afternoon lesbian sex experience kept me high and horny in the following days. Although I had shared many sex experiences with my girlfriend, being with my second ever girl gave me an extra buzz that had me rubbing myself more often and with a special vigour. Vivid images of her great body would flash into my head...Read On


My introduction to swinging group sex - Part 17

This part relates my entry into the group sex swinging scene

Please read parts 1 - 16 first which are posted as My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex. I have changed the title to Swinging Group Sex as it more accurately describes my life from this point on. During my first couple of years working, I was getting plenty of sex from guys on my road trips, plus the occasional woman I met. I was still seeing my best girlfriend from Uni every week and...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 16

Exporing my opportunities as a young woman

Please read Parts 1 -15 first.   After graduating, I got a job with a company that delivered staff training programs.   They trained me and then sent me to client companies to train their staff.   During this time, I was still fucking many of the guys I had met during the Uni years plus weekend pick-ups and the occasional guy from work or clients.     About a year into the job I...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. - Part 15

My second episode of girl-girl sex and my first vibrator.

Please read Parts 1 – 14 first. My three University years were a rolling fuck festival for me.   My best friend and I became compatriots in planning and executing sex parties with many guys and I also introduced her to the Friday night beach parties where some of the new boys were younger.   It was fun for me to still go there and see a new guy invited who was a few years behind me...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 14

Sharing my first girl on girl experience

  Please read Parts 1 -13 first.  It will put this story into context.   We had a new level of openness in the morning after the gang bang party in her room. I woke before her and pushed the sheet down off us.   I looked at her tits while she was sleeping.   They were fuller and rounder with puffier nipples. I liked my pointy nipples but definitely had an urge to feel hers.   I...Read On


My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex - Part 13

My University years; getting a better sex education and racking up the numbers.

  Part 13 of my life story.  Please read Parts 1-12 first.  This covers my University years where I became wildly sexually active and progressed from just being a gang bang queen to actively organising my own group sex parties.   Despite two hectic years of fucking as often as I could, I managed to scrape through my final school year with enough scores to get me into University in a...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 12

My first true gang bang makes me understand what I need for the rest of my life.

My continuing story.  Please read parts 1 - 11 first to understand where I am in my sexual development   That Friday night party lifted my sexual awareness and energy to a new level.   The next two weeks had me on high rotation with my ‘at school’ guy, my boyfriend, and his brother when I could get him.   There was a new buzz around me at school as the stories from the Friday...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 11

My first experience having sex with many in a group situation. Giving myself.

Continuing my life story.   Please read Parts 1-10 first. My sex life had become very good at this time.   I had three boys on constant rotation; trying new things that I thought of or were asked of me.   I had developed a great confidence in myself.   I knew I could please boys and be appreciated by them.   I wasn’t scared to ask for what I wanted and nothing I knew of was going to scare...Read On


My inroduction and pathway to group sex. Part 10

My experience broadened with arse and bottle play.

Continuing story; Please read Parts 1-9 first My boyfriend’s brother broadens my experience and talents.   My life settled into a new routine over the next several weeks.   I was fucking my three boys regularly, rarely missing a day and often fitting two in after school. I was meeting with my boyfriend’s brother less frequently than the other two, but the sessions with him...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 9

More practice with boy 3

Continuing story. Please read Parts 1 - 8 first to understand where I am in my development.   My ‘at school’ boy responded to my challenge of finding somewhere better by inviting me to his house the next day.   Both his parents and his older sister worked, so we had a couple of clear hours after school to be alone.   He told me during the day that we could go to his house, and I was...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 8

My first day of two bareback cocks and two loads of cum

Read parts 1 - 7 first Elated by my second bareback fuck. I walked the rest of the way home with a satisfied excitement, my mind replaying what had just happened.   The quantity of his cum was the eye opener.   Two days in a row and it was huge.   I kept picturing the stream I had squeezed out onto the ground and wondered about the drips I had lost on the walk home.   On a...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 7

My third fuck boy

Must read parts 1 - 6 first. I saw my ‘travel home’ boy on the bus the next morning.   He sat next to me near the back and gave me a slightly nervous smile and a quick “Hi”.   He clearly wasn’t sure of the reaction he would get.   I was actually looking forward to seeing him again, so was very cheerful and chatty.   He turned his head towards my ear after a while and said in a low voice,...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 6

This part relates how I started opening myself to other boys and my first condom free fuck

This is Part 6 of a continuing story of how I became a lover of group sex. It has been my life.  Please read parts 1 - 5 in order first.   Going back to school after the holidays was a shock to the system.   I went from having sex every day, to juggling it in whenever I could.   My fingers were getting a workout every night and I was going my hardest to fit four fingers in so that...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex Part 5

How easily I slipped into my first threesome

This is a continuing story.  Please read Parts 1 - 4 to understand where I am in my sexual development. My boyfriend soon recovered from his tonsillitis.   It was easily apparent to him that his brother and I were more ‘familiar’ than before he was sick.   His brother just grabbed me one day when he came in and rubbed his hands over my breasts and scooped them under my arse and rubbed...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 4

This part reveals how easily I was able to switch between two boys

Read parts 1 - 3 first.  This is a continuing story. This became a new routine for the next five days; me visiting my boyfriend and then seeing his brother in their rec room.   His brother was much more forward in saying and doing what he wanted.   The first thing he wanted to do again the next day was the oral thing that had so nearly made him come the day before.   He wasted no time...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 3

The opportunity for my second boy

Chapter 3.   Read parts 1 & 2 first to understand my development.   The days rolled by that summer, mainly occupied by sexual exploration with my boyfriend and his brother, interspersed with visits to the pool and my period.   After the second oral session involving both the boys, I was determined to fuck them both.   I had done my boyfriend.   Now I wanted another.   I soon used...Read On


My beginning and pathway to groupsex. Part 2

Moving into a comfort zone with two boys

This is the second chapter of my personal story.   Readers should read the first part of my story to understand where I am at this stage of my development.   Otherwise you will not understand how I so easily moved into sharing two boys. After I had finished sucking both of them, a quiet awkwardness descended into the room. I lightened it by saying it was worth six condoms.   His...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 1

My introduction to sex gave me my love of group sex and being shared by many

My introduction to sex happened twenty-seven years ago, during the summer holidays. Holidays were usually spent at home as our family didn't have the cash to go away. I had developed a crush on a neighborhood boy who lived a couple of houses away in the street behind mine. Our houses were separated by a narrow lane way that ran behind the rear of the properties to allow access to back...Read On



My Introduction to swinging sex. CH 18

The next step in my group sex journey; opening up with women

My continuing journey into swinging sex. Please read Chapters 1 - 17 first. In the days following that first swinger’s party, I was as horny as hell. I was determined to explore this as far as I could. I think what impressed me the most was that all the guests seemed so much like me. Just ordinary people who loved open sex as much as I did. Seeing some of them dressed in their street...Read On