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Married BiWM bottom who LOVES kissing men and tasting & touching & spreading my legs for & SATISFYING my men! Over & over again ...!! enjoy cyber-sex, PHONE sex, and would like to meet gay or bi TOP (or even other bottom men who love to play!) men in my area for mutual enjoyment ... long, luxurious sessions of endless man-to-man intimacies! Also, LOVE to MASTURBATE!! especially to lesbian, mother-son & mother-daughter INCEST stories, especially with the foxy lady MOTHERS who write them ... let's chat and DO IT together!

damon weeks
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Macon, Georgia, United States
fucking (women, pussy & ass), getting fucked (men, in my ass & in my mouth), getting tongue-fucked in the ass (men & women), tongue-fucking a tight, clean, sexy ass (women only), jerking (edging deliciously for hours, when I can), cumming (over & over again, 'til the spasms & contractions start to really hurt and I have to stop for a while), sucking dick, eating pussy, finger-fucking a hot woman until she passes out, KISSING ...
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For all you hot, hard, horny men I meet in the Men's Room: I get so excited when I learn that you want to fuck me, and it's your wanting me that way that gets me so hot for you! But before you get into fucking me, I would very much like for you to take complete & total possession of me & make me your mistress (with deep respect for my letting you come into my body .. I won't be your slut or your bitch unless I offer myself in that way!) Like this: when we first lay together, and we're both ready to join our hungry, naked bodies together, get very close behind me in the 'spoon' position, lube us both generously (love to feel your amorous fingers between my buttocks, but, please, do not put your finger inside me!), place the head of you cock in my soft, succulent 'sweet spot', and let me impale myself upon your rigid shaft! I'll stop to catch my breath when your cockhead snaps thru and up into me, then keep pushing back against you until I've got the full length of you up inside me, stopping again here for the same reason, except that this time I'm losing my breath because of the emotional (almost spiritual!) high I get by being completely filled there by another man! At this point, I'll ask you (softly & quietly) to grip my hips and push yourself as hard against and as deep as you can reach up into me while I each back and stretch my buttocks apart for you, until your pelvic bone is pressing against the tip of my spine, and you're in as far as you can be; please, hold yourself there for a long moment, still and quiet, while I open my very soul for your gently probing presence .... when I feel that soft, warm, sacred glow of you entering into me there, and can feel your pulse where I'm so tightly stretched around the base of your hard dick, then and only then will I be your mistress, and then is when you may begin to fuck me any way you want me, in any position you want it, because then I'll be yours forverer to do with as you please!
Favorite Music:
the wet, provocative, urgent sound of a man's hard, naked body slapping mine as he fucks me hard & fast & deep; his moaning & gasping & grunting as he pours himself out deep inside me; the sound of a woman cumming over & over beneath my tongue (how many electrifying big O's can you endure before the pleasure becomes unbearable and you start trying to 'get away' from the strong fingers gripping your soft, luscious female buttocks and the relentless onslaught of my hot, slithering, probing, plunging, pussy-plundering asp between your legs?)


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Topic: Straight guys anal masturbation
Posted: 13 Oct 2011 05:25

I was straight into my forties, but curious about anal, which I finally tried (taking it up myself) -- I was blown away; it was so intense, and awakened a feminine sexuality lurking deep within me I never knew about! I indulge, bottom only (though I do love oral, too!), at every opportunity -- it's beautiful to let/have another man enter my body & fuck me & cum inside me!

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Craving You in the Night II

Sobbing softly, I bury my face into my pillow, unable to bear The breathless wonder, excruciating ecstasy Of having a man such as you, not just fucking me, but with Each breath and beat of his heart, oh! dear God, fucking me! What makes another man feast his feverish eyes upon my body, As though I were a wanton woman just for the taking, Coming for me, know how willing I am to have and feel...

Added 29 Jan 2013 | Category Gay Male | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,711 | 1 Comment

Craving You In The Night

In the dark, forbidden night, my wanton, feverish flesh Craves your hardness, reaching in and violating, Even as my greedy fingers curl around and clutch my own, Pursuing the carnal joys of getting fucked while masturbating. I hold my breath as your darling, searching knob quickly finds me, And your fingers sink deep into my willing hips; Your stiffly-jutting ardor, asserting itself, begins...

Added 25 Jun 2012 | Category Gay Male | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,552 | 4 Comments

Men I've Had: Dereck

Author's note: As with all the other stories in this 'Men I've Had' series, this is based on a true experience of mine. I was sorely disappointed. In an almost un-heard-of coincidence, my new-found fuck-buddy's family and my wife and the two remaining kids at home were going away for the same weekend, and I'd been all a-shiver with anticipation of spending the entire weekend in bed...

Added 13 May 2012 | Category Bisexual | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 11,314 | 1 Comment

Masturbation Marathon II

Part II   When I'd caught my breath, and could move without ending it all, I held the watermelon firmly and began to slowly push myself deeper into the hole the broom handle had made for me. It was so warm! And tight, but really slick; I kept on pushing, easing in -- just as my furry mound pressed against its entrance, I felt the head of my dick barely touch the bottom of the hole ......

Added 02 Mar 2012 | Category Masturbation | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 8,444 | 3 Comments

Marathon Masturbation

  It was during the mid-eighties, I was in my late thirties; early that week, my wife made plans to take a trip (with all the kids) to see her folks about 200 miles distant, and it would be the first time in many years that I would be home alone for a full weekend! It has always seemed to me that being able to plan a session of self-pleasuring heightened its alure & pleasure immensely, and...

Added 29 Feb 2012 | Category Masturbation | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.14 | Views 17,433 | 3 Comments

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Suck ya Fuck ya and clean ya up.
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