Group Sex(3)


Everything is not Black and White - Part One

I learn what a cock tastes like

It had been a couple months since I had seen Ellie. We had talked and texted each other, flirting and sharing ideas, etc like normal. She was excited about our last visit and wanting to know if that had stirred any thoughts or desires for me. Of course it had and I was honest with her about that. I had a lot of thoughts running through my head about what might lie ahead for us. We had...Read On


Vegas Adventure

Two people find a whole new world of sex and adventure.

My name is Keith, and my friend Ellie and I have a lot in common. We are married….but not to each other and we have an incredible sexual attraction to each other. We also like to explore new things and just go with what feels good. We are both much more adventurous than our partners and have, over the years, explored that side of ourselves. Recently I found myself in Vegas for a week...Read On


Vegas Adventure Part 2

Conclusion of the most incredible night Ellie and I have ever had

This is part 2 of Vegas Adventure…. We partially dressed and decided to have a couple drinks and recover a bit from what had just happened. I could see the look of lust and satisfaction in Ellie’s eyes and I knew this would be a night to make fantasies come true, for both of us. As we drank and talked about what had just happened, Bill and my mystery woman (I will call her Kate to make...Read On



Ellie's First Real Lesbian Experience

Ellie gets her first real taste of another woman.

Please refer to my previous story(s), VegasAdventure Part 1-2, for a description of myself and Ellie. When we returned from Vegas, Ellie and I went back to our normal lives, but we could not help but relive the events of the trip and discuss what was next for us. Since we are each married to other people, our chances to make these things come true only come around so often. We love to...Read On