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Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 19 Feb 2017 20:12

kiss vivien until she forgets all about Mr Bond

Topic Why was the thread about whether people felt Donald Trump is mentally ill locked with no explanation
Posted 19 Feb 2017 19:59

some of y'all need to get out more, its just another Trump thread...I credit the Think Tank and a few commentators here for broadening my thoughts but at the end of the day Trump's character has been beaten to death on here...
I'd welcome a respite...but please DO get involved in positive change.

Topic Roses are Red
Posted 19 Feb 2017 17:57

Roses are red
heidi lusts after Ping
she can pretend
But we know he's her thing

For talented G
she has such a yen
Its no longer "if"
But only the "When"


Topic Talk in song titles
Posted 17 Feb 2017 21:20

Man! I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain

Topic That Perfect Someone..
Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:54

Oh man...four years of effortless magic...perfection at an imperfect time...and I keep wondering can lightning strike twice...then this Valentine's Day...something began, that leap of a spark when you suddenly connect...and you know anything, everything is possible....

Topic Post a Quote
Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:23

Topic I AM
Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:10

I AM burnt out, 12 straight days of work madness.

Topic Insomnia
Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:08

I just decided to embrace my mind just wanders all over the place and sometimes these little gems emerge from the darkness...2AM Wow Syndrome....

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:05

I'm going below, I hate golf!

Topic Spank Or Be Spanked!
Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:04

spank honey

Topic lets go for a 1000 pages
Posted 17 Feb 2017 19:11

I know what I'd like to go for....L16

Topic Would You Strip Search the Member Above you?
Posted 17 Feb 2017 19:10

mmmmm yes and very slowly

Topic U.S. Markets climb steadily since Inauguration.
Posted 17 Feb 2017 19:01

As a few have noted the rise in stock market indices has very little relationship to job creation. The DJ more accurately reflects that big investors (corporations, investment funds, bankers) are betting on increased profits...BUT P/E ratios are at historic highs, similar to the conditions that existed before the meltdown. The average Joe does benefit if they hold investments in their 401k or a pension fund which is likely invested in the market. Also the DJ is manipulated to include certain companies so that it is slanted toward upward growth, if a company performs poorly it is often dropped from the index. Unless you are selling at the high its all only gains on paper and it can be frittered away in a very short time frame.
Job creation is far more likely to come from small and mid-cap companies or startups.
My advice: get in on the action, especially right after the next crash. Invest a monthly amount into a good Index fund and just let it ride until you retire. The banks, insurance companies and oil companies (and a pile more) all hose us. I figure may as well get a piece of the action. At least that way when I gas up my car a tiny fraction goes back in my pocket.
If Trump's presidency makes me some money that's great but he is still a belligerent dolt. And I can take some of that money and donate it to civil rights, anti-gun organizations, pro-choice activists, Greenpeace, Sierra Club or some similar worthwhile cause and then his own actions are funding the movement against him. LOL
Yes I guess that makes me a whore. So be it.

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:21

Thoughts of spanking the lovely Miss geek

Topic date, fuck buddies or pass?
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:19

Fuck Buddies

Topic Alphabetical Adjectives
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:18


Topic I AM
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:16

I am off on another business trip....grrr

Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:15

Extraordinarily beautiful and a delicious wit

Topic Using one word describe the person above you
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:14


Topic What would do with the avatar above you in the shower?
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:10

YouTube L16

Topic Kiss, Lick, Fuck, or Pass?
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:09

chaste kiss on cheek, seems like a lovely woman

Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:08


Topic Post a Quote
Posted 05 Feb 2017 16:07

Topic Spank Or Be Spanked!
Posted 05 Feb 2017 02:17

Spank Amy!

Posted 05 Feb 2017 02:16

Face down, ass up, Ginger waits
Not really caring how many mates
All she can think of is fingers and licks

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 05 Feb 2017 02:13

Sweet kiss though I'm wondering if I can pull off a Wonder Woman costume Lfunny

Topic date, fuck buddies or pass?
Posted 05 Feb 2017 02:02

date, in a fine upscale restaurant, the lovely angel absolutely stunning in a little black dress, I enjoy the envious stares from other tables... then later...

Topic Smooch, Screw or Slap?
Posted 05 Feb 2017 01:56

slap her sexy butt, smooch her hard then screw until sunrise

Topic you meet a girl/man in a rainy day at the bus halt? what would you do?
Posted 04 Feb 2017 23:29

take her hand and lead her away on a life of adventure...a little rain never hurt anyone...