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"There is no cure for insanity, for the sane know they are insane. As for those we label as 'insane,' well, they are the ones that truly see the benefit of our world of Insanity." Lynara Silveria, Lady of Crendorshire.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my page, where you will get a glimpse of who and what I am. It goes without saying that Lynara, pronounces as lie-NAR-uh, is a unique name that you probably have never even heard of before now. Well that is for two very good reasons: first and foremost, the name is not actually a name, but a title given to a noble with darkness as part of their soul, and second, it is also a fictitious title, first came up with by a dear and best friend who is in the process of writing a Novel with the title in it. And for those who are curious, I do not have any knowledge of what is in the novel for what he puts into its pages are secrets that he holds from everyone. But I can tell you that Lynara is in fact a word in High Elven Language called Trênfridæd, in which the translation of Lynara is, 'Lady of the Night' or, to be more literal to the grammar of Trênfridæd, 'Daughter of Night.'

So now a little about me:

Obviously with the title such as Lynara, it goes without saying that darkness is deep within my soul. But just because I have darkness does not mean that I am evil. The darkness within me are fears, tragic memories, and the reality that people are not whom they think they are. And as life have gone on I found that my darkness grows with each new tragic experience that I have dealt with. But out of these tragedies, with the aide of people that I cannot give voice to without having to open wounds best left untouched, I have been able to claim who I am and what I like and don't like.

I am very much into the bondage scene. As part of my darkness that I have embraced, I accept the responsibility that comes with this lifestyle, and of course the challenges set upon me by those that are ignorant of the lifestyle that I chose and are arrogant to say that I am a heartless bitch for forcing my girls to pleasure me in ways that are uncouth. I have been attacked and have seen many others attacked for their lifestyle but I can say it no longer phases me. I am very much a Domme, female dominant partner in BDSM. And as a Domme, I know that there are many opportunities that I could take that I don't because I do love my subs very, very much. Being a in a dominant/submissive relationship, like any relationship, takes trust of both partners to give the pleasure that each other craves. I do like to say that the trust level is much higher in a dominant/submissive relationship for the fact that we are now dealing with both the willingness to give up the essence of who they are to that of their partner. Both parties give something of themselves up in the relationship, but it is often mistaken for being forced to submit to authority. It is not for the submissive party willingly gives up control for the pleasure of his/her dominant partner. Some goes as far as in everything they do must be approved by the dominant, but others still hold the free will to do what they wish to do so long as they submit to keeping the image of their dominant clean.

Above all, I am a human female who has her needs and desires. I have been in Darkness so long that Light has a way of surprising me when it shows up. Just because I live in the Dark does not mean I do not want Light. I have learned that for every cast of Light there is a cast of Shadow. It is within these shadows that I have learned to protect myself and my loved ones. Be careful because you will never know when I will strike back at you. This is who I am.

I have learned many things in the last few months about myself and about those I care about. If you have proven yourself to me that you can be trusted then you are worthy of being around me and know who I truly am. I will not hide who I am from everyone, but I will not let everyone see the hurt that I suffer through. I have learned that sometimes the best way to get over a pain is to move on as fast as you can. My previous partner has hurt me so much that I cannot trust her anymore, with that I have let her walk free of my love. I have also found that I love others more than I had ever loved her. Through this dark time I have fought the shadows of despair and worthlessness to find that I am stronger and more willful to those that decide to bow their knee to me. I am in the process of setting up my pack and in doing so creating bonds to those I trust to protect what is mine. This is the New and Improved Lynara. This is the me that will take the world by storm.

Dark Oak Tavern Rules and Regulations:

1. Absolutely NO unsolicited whispers. It is a room for polite conversations and not for crude remarks.

2. Open Sex Chat and Role Play forum. All members are permitted to perform open sexual cybersex and role plays that are in regulations with Lush's terms.

3. Be Respectful. Any person that shows disrespect to another member will be dealt with swiftly. My room is for people to get together and have fun.

4. NO DRAMA. Life is too short. If you are going to cause drama you will be kicked and banned from entering my room for the night.

5. Last of all, be civil. you can have many things in life if you speak properly to others.

Levels of Discipline:

1. You will receive a warning on all 1st offenses.

2. You will be asked to speak to someone else.

3. You will be gagged for the next 5 minutes.

4. You will be kicked from the room for the rest of the night.

5. You are permanently prohibited from joining any members in my room.

Rules of Engagement:

It is very much unpleasant that I have to put this category on my page, and over half the time what I put on this will probably never be read... But that is not my problem. If I am called a bitch so be it. But I will tell you to reference my page for my rules to see how one should approach me with the respect and dignity that is required.

1. Absolutely no whispering to me in a chat room without my explicit agreement. If you whisper to me without my permission I will either ignore you as is probably the course of action that I will take, or I will publicly tell you to read my profile and contact me again in more appropriate methods of contact. (i.e. public chat or lushmail.)

2. Respect me and those I have sworn to protect. This goes without saying. If you cannot respect me or my friends, and loved ones. then block us and let us be. I am tired of being dragged into fights because of disrespect of those I care about.

3. Friend requests are a good thing, but I am very particular about who I will allow on my friends list from now on. If I haven't talked to you for a while and you send me a friend request, just know that I will look at it and consider if you are worthy to have me as a friend. It goes without saying that friendship is about getting to know others, so if you just say 'hi, how are you?' then most likely I will just ignore you.

Lists of My DEAREST friends:

This list is for those that I can trust, no matter what may happen, to stand by me and help shield me when I am weak.

DNA: one of the worlds most beautiful woman, she loves and brings happiness to my heart.

Velvettongue: Though a new friend and lover, I know I can go to her to help me in moral support.

Vivien: Wise and caring I know I can go to her for compassion and guidance

Blue_Eyed_Lady: a person with a big heart and sweet disposition even if her name is ironic

nataliebrown8112: one of my longest friends and among my first subs online. I love you baby girl

Sharoncva: welcome to my little family. I am sure you will fit in just fine with us all.

Master_Dragon883: a new honorable friend who I know will protect those that are mine. I thank you for showing me how much I can trust others.

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Open Relationship
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25 Jun 2018 12:09
roleplaying, chatting with my family, spending time with my love and life, and helping other people
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um... too many to count
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read the favorite books
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not really a movie person
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anything but rap and hiphop


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