An Ass Can Stretch for Miles

Loyalty never dies

A visual voice mail alert rang through the dining room area. I had grabbed my phone from the charger and see the message I had missed. It was the little piece of shit, Charles, the slave. I had not heard from him in two years since my last encounter with him. Charles is 41 years old. He is an anti-social man with an asshole which can stretch for hours. He loves to be a cum slut and eats his...Read On



Afternoon Delight

The sexual appetite has the need to feed.

Thesmile on Jake’s face was devious; his freckles were prominent. The whitening of his teeth shined. I was driving from class with Jake. I had offered to take him to the park and bus ride on the way home. “I would like that very much, Lyric. I have no payment though to reciprocate the gesture.” “I will think of something,” I uttered with my mischievous smile. Traffic was horrible on...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Birthday Surprise Gone Awry

There's always room for one more.

The room was booked, and I was anticipating getting things prepared for Jake’s birthday surprise. The room was nicely kept; I had removed the roses in the bag and placed rose petals over the hot bath water. Jake deserved a nice hot bath. I removed my accessories from by bag and removed “Blue” aka the bunny vibrator with a clitoral bullet simulator and a special sleeve. I placed it on the...Read On



I'm Hot For Teacher, Part II

An Apt Pupil

The sound of my stiletto patented leather high heel shoes echoed in the foyer of the five story building. Dressed to kill in a black corset with a black pencil skirt, (the one I wore on Monday, with a long slit in the back,) I was walking faster than the speed of light since I was running five minutes late for my office appointment with Mr. Diaz. Mr Diaz... reminiscing of Monday, where...Read On


I'm Hot For Teacher

An Apt Pupil

Going on four weeks in the semester, I am enrolled in a Multicultural Studies Course. I am a student with a 3.7 GPA, I work hard for my grades. I work over 60 hours a week with being a highly requested phone lady helping clientele with phone sex. I LOVE MY FUCKINGJOB!!! I also am crushing hard over my teaching assistant professor not knowing how I am going to approach him with, "Hi, I am...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Lick, Taste, and Drink

Once you taste cum; you can never have enough.

The night seemed so short. I wished it would not have ended. Jake and I had attended a school function dinner. We had many aphrodisiacs to set the mood for the night: Orange Glazed Salmon and shrimp cocktail was one of the many appetizers offered to us. “You look exceptionally well with your red laced corset and pencil skirt, Lyric,” stated Jake. I acknowledged him with a silent...Read On