Straight Sex(5)

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A Winter Phantom

A widow is haunted by a phantom who feels very, very real.

  She stands near the window, watching the snowstorm come in.   Clouds darken the sky, and snow lightning, a rare phenomenon, splinters the inky blackness.   Sleep has eluded her once again, and she is restless.   Snow covers the ground and frost creeps into the corners of the window pane.   She stirs the embers in the fireplace and lays an armful of logs on the grate.   In her sheer,...Read On


Feels Like Rain

There's something about a rainstorm that floods me with passion.

    We stand together on your porch, looking out across the prairie.  Green signs of spring are just beginning to show in the late afternoon light of this March day.   I sigh as your arms settle around mine, and you breathe into my hair.   It has been too long since I was able to relax in your embrace, share a bottle of wine, and just listen to the sound of your voice.   I can feel the...Read On


Fire Escape

We finally give in to the fires of passion as the rain whispers against the window.

  The week has been long and draining, but the rain on the window has a soothing rhythm and standing here in front of the fire, I can feel the stress melting away.   Shadows climb the walls, cast by the dancing flames; and smoke rises into the chimney in slow, curling tendrils.   I wander around the room, gazing at photos, checking the books on the shelf, and humming along with the soft...Read On

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Lazy Sunday Morning

The early March wind awakens us from sleep to sensuality, then lulls us back to sleep once again.

A cool breeze floats through the open window on this early March morning, and with it come the glorious sounds of birds, the neighbor’s dog and the distant laughter of a child. Sundays are infinitely slower when we play hooky and lie in bed together. The wind lifts the window curtain, and your fingers brush the hair from my cheek with a feather-like touch. I slowly drift into...Read On


We Found Our Thrills

The risk of being caught is hotter than we remember it being when we were younger.

Remember those high-school Friday nights? Sitting in the car in the driveway, the radio playing on low---the conversation faltering as you tried to prolong the pleasure of your date’s company.   Remember wondering when the kiss would happen?   How did those days disappear so quickly?   If you’re like me, and high-school was more than half your life ago, then you might enjoy a little...Read On