My Always Perfect Family

The story of a family far from perfect whose daughter finally gets the love she needs

We had the perfect family, or so everyone thought. Mom was a tall, buxom blonde with the help of Clairol and breast augmentation, an LPN at the time of my birth. She worked so dad could become a CPA and then dad worked nights so she could become an RN. Mom wanted everything 'just so' and was not at all embarrassed about dad working long hours so she could buy 'only the best.' I came along...Read On


My Always Perfect Family - Part 3

Kitten finally realizes her first dream

My Always Perfect Family-- Part 3 The summer was upon us as I prepared for my senior year in high school then, and with it warm, long nights and less clothing. I enjoyed showing off my new body, with its curves and perky nipples. Things were great between Daddy and me, his Kitten, and becoming more adventurous with each month. My mother had begun to miss work days due to “sickness” and...Read On


My Always Perfect Family, Part 2

Kitten and her father experience new pleasures and break some new taboos.

My Always Perfect Family, Part 2 As Daddy and I found out secret bliss, my days in school were spent working as hard as I could so I could have time at home with him when he arrived. He was intelligent about his arrival home, first going to see my mother, taking care of her needs, eating dinner, licking her to orgasm if necessary, and seeing her off to sleep. My mother’s drinking...Read On


My Always Perfect Family, Part 4

Kitten develops her skill at fellatio while discovering the surprises of a bisexual enounter

The whole rest of the week after he broke my hymen and set me free to enjoy him, Daddy and I met each night for our rendevous in my bedroom, learning each other‘s bodies totally, likes and dislikes, positions and fantasies. It was truly like a honeymoon period of long sessions of sexual pleasure and experimentation, new discoveries and using toys he carefully chose to excite me. When it...Read On


My Always Perfect Family, Part 5

Kitten finally finds a boyfriend and her father-lover reacts in a strange way

Kitten finally finds a boyfriend and her father-lover reacts in a strange way After the encounter with her mother’s nurse, Kitten learned of her father’s fetish for milk. Initially the little nurse stayed away from Kitten for a few days, but Kitten was able to watch her use the breast pump when her mother was sleeping. Kitten asked her if she could nurse her again, and the little nurse...Read On