madbadpenguin's Blog Entries

10 May 2013 21:43

Honestly can't thank my friends and visitors enough, my story has had 5550 views!

That simply amazes me

21 Jan 2013 13:58

Officially Worst Monday EVER!

16 Jan 2013 16:38

Wow! I just noticed my story has been viewed over 4000 times! I think one person must really like it!

01 Jan 2013 08:06

Well I'm dreading heading back to work, the only bright side is, I still have a week off until I do.

03 Dec 2012 11:38

Turns out I have a chest infection, so the next 3 days will be spent sleeping!

29 Sep 2012 22:30

Well that is my story now published, I have to thank the Lushies who have read and commented on it, I am glad there are people who have enjoyed it, and I am extremely thankful

20 Aug 2012 20:39

Well that is my first story written, I have no idea how long they take to come through though. Oh well I guess I will just have to wait.