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I'm the one who taught Dr. Dre how to play Cocks and Quarters. Can you believe he'd never played Cocks and Quarters?

10 Apr 2011 10:14

I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge...

06 Apr 2011 07:03

You! You fight that fight, and when you're fightin' you feel all right!

29 Mar 2011 08:46

The devil is in the details... Even angels know that deep down in their hearts... And their asses.

14 Mar 2011 20:06

There's only one thing I know how to do.

10 Mar 2011 22:28

Anus Nin? I'll have to look her up! Sounds like a fun girl!

08 Mar 2011 19:07

Candy makes you dandy...

06 Mar 2011 21:54

Even when my bar is empty I can always count on my regular to keep me afloat.

03 Mar 2011 14:03

Aqua velva motherfucker? I'll take that as a compliment.

26 Feb 2011 14:08

I eat the pussy, I eat the ass, I eat every damn thing!

22 Feb 2011 13:04

Yeah... I realize do you?

19 Feb 2011 14:51

You're so fucking creepy it's unbelievable...

19 Feb 2011 14:46