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Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 22 Apr 2018 19:41

You should always dread your workout, get high off it midway through, then feel absolutely euphoric afterwards.

If you don't dread your workout, you're not hitting it hard enough.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Topic What is your favorite movie so far this year? (2018)
Posted 22 Apr 2018 19:33

Or staying quiet while having sex with Emily Blunt! That's like... the fuck is that even possible?

That was one detail I was willing to suspend belief for though because the acting was brilliant, especially like by the deaf actress.

Yeah the little girl was a standout for sure.


Not sure why I got so caught with details on this particular movie, maybe because it was so visually driven, but the fact the monster went through that grain silo like butter then struggled with the truck kinda annoyed the hell out of me. Also, the resolution with the frequency fucking the monsters up was good but like, no one thought to do that before? You got a monster that has evolved in a way to have their hearing be 99% of the way they navigate and not one human before this family thought to attack it audibly? kinda annoyed me.

Nitpicking aside, it was a very good movie. Did what a movie should do, entertain, make you think, provide escapism for a bit.

Topic Could Trump be Any More Fucked?
Posted 22 Apr 2018 19:23

You do sound like one of the LBAGC (Lush Bitch and Gossip Club) here...snorting Gossip things go both ways.

Whisk Whisk...Brush you off my butt.

Topic Friend removal
Posted 22 Apr 2018 18:34

i usually abuse them until they remove themselves. Regaeman Man


Topic What is your favorite movie so far this year? (2018)
Posted 22 Apr 2018 18:21

A Quiet Place but I have admittedly not seen many movies so far this year. That’ll hange with my MoviePass subscription.

I still have plans to Isle of Dogs, Kodachrome, and Death of Stalin. So it’ll change pretty quick honestly.

They never addressed the huge plot hole of sneezing, farting, coughing, queefing, plopping, taking a leak in the woods, or anything!

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 22 Apr 2018 10:26

LMMAAOO 😂😂 passionate about Alex Jones on a sex website. This doesn't make for good mental images. We seriously need to change the subject here. Have you ever seen the AJ videos on placeboing's YouTube channel? They're gold.

I had seen the one about gay frogs before but didn't realize he had made a bunch of other ones. I can see "AHH!" coming on in the club and people actually getting down to it haha!

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 21 Apr 2018 08:07

🤷‍♀️ Thanks for the tip Felix. You seem cool asf though. Never thought I'd see politics and Alex Jones on a literotica website. I guess there's nothing else to talk about.

I know... It's definitely a little strange to come to an erotic site only to wind up seeing people getting all passionate about Alex Jones. Quite possibly the least erotic person/subject in existence.

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 20 Apr 2018 13:28

Not sure where that baseless assumption would come from but that's also none of your business lol. Maybe loosen up a little? Broaden your mind? I don't like to just believe everything I'm told. If I think its entertaining, so what?

Trinket is just projecting. She does that a lot.

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 20 Apr 2018 13:23

Unfortunately, we have you here, testing your metal errr... mettle, daily.

Dude, I have 3 editor's picks and a first place. What about you?

Right drunk edit sober cat

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 19 Apr 2018 19:07

I watched this splendid Russian model...

Are you sure it wasn’t cock?

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 19 Apr 2018 19:04

Coffee & Sprite - its kinda sweet and kickass

Topic total knee replacement
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:26

Hey good game. Ok Eodman, which shorts are mine?

Dude... call the cops because someone stole your ass and hips.

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:20

English who? you’re attacking an ESL person’s grammar. Very unbecoming of you buz.

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:14

I think it's an English joke.

.....are you implying I don’t know English?

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:59

And if God didn't mean for you to eat pussy why did he make it look like a taco? that a Mexican joke?

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:47

I thought this thread was a joke from the start. Seriously, what kind of butt waste would poll people asking them if they believe the earth is round or flat? I'd think most respondents would give them a ridiculous answer just to be fecicious.

If the earth is round then why are shoes flat?

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:43

The U. S. Government would never poison its own people. That's just nonsense.

Shut the fuck up, seax.

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:17

Say what you will be he’s right about the government putting chemicals in the water that turns you into a liberal cuck gay.

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:09

I am enjoying this new alternative-forum-personality. We've not been graced with such since the super hip dude from LA back in ... what, 2010?

Someone help me out here...what was that fellow's psuedonym then?

Are you seriously asking people about a fake lush internet personality from 8 years ago? Flatline already.

Topic Chica's Writings, Unplugged
Posted 17 Apr 2018 21:31

Thanks... Hugs...

I only take plugged in hugs, know what I’m saying...

Topic Chica's Writings, Unplugged
Posted 17 Apr 2018 21:28

Thanks for explaining... Tho some are written on paper before they are put on here...

Oh okay, then that is some unplugged shit right there.

Topic Chica's Writings, Unplugged
Posted 17 Apr 2018 21:21

Lol no... I explain what each poem or story means to me and what triggered/prompted the writing.

Then it should be chica’s writing: behind the keyboard or like chica’s writing: explained. Unplugged implies a natural non technological feel. Just saying. Don’t fake the funk.

Topic Tributes
Posted 17 Apr 2018 21:14

i want a chocolate sauce tribute!


Edit: sorry, I thought you were offering. But you’re asking. Send me a portrait and I’ll take a big shit on it for sure.

Topic Chica's Writings, Unplugged
Posted 17 Apr 2018 21:08

Does the “unplugged” mean you wrote these stories by hand on paper?

Topic Why do men try to white knight?
Posted 17 Apr 2018 20:55

I think it comes off different in person. On the internet it’s always funny. In person it’s a different story because you actually have to put your metal to the test.

Topic How wild does your "reluctance/taken" fantasy get?
Posted 17 Apr 2018 19:54

The cops know our safe word.

Topic Donal Trump... will he be able to buy his way out once again ?
Posted 17 Apr 2018 19:39

This is the deep end of the pool..

So stop leaving your floaties at home, dumb shit.

Topic Donal Trump... will he be able to buy his way out once again ?
Posted 17 Apr 2018 19:06

Need? Not even close. If you want to be more specific then go for it.

Good luck persuading Canada based Lushies to stop telling the USA how to run our political system. We'd lose about half the traffic on Think Tank alone.

And as long as were in a wishful mood, good luck finding a country that works for all its citizens. Let us know if you're successful.

If it doesn’t work for all it’s okay that it doesn’t work for any. Typical far right reasoning. Always diverting. Always justifying their own behavior by pointing fingers. Stormy Daniels??? What about Monica lewinsky??? They do that for everything.

Topic Chick Fil A in The New Yorker
Posted 17 Apr 2018 18:47

I don't eat chicken sandwiches. If I did, I wouldn't eat their chicken sandwiches. I'd prefer mine without pickles.

Pro tip: order it without pickles or pickles on the side so they have to make you a fresh one.

Topic I need your help, Lushies
Posted 11 Apr 2018 19:18

Sounds like this person lies to you for attention. I have a feeling that no matter what this person always has a sob story. What a total waste of time on your part Lafayette. Close your laptop.